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Andrew Tate’s Real World Review: Slightly Better Than HU, But…


Hi, and welcome to my The Real World Review. 👋

Suppose you are thinking of buying Andrew Tates’ course. In that case, you must read this review, in which I not only list too a few good reasons why you should avoid it but also recommend a much better, more reliable alternative, which, by the way, is the same one that helped me start a successful business at just 19 years old and that continuously helps me to generate over $4,000 each month.


With all the recent hype around Andrew Tates’ new course, The Real World, I’m sure you think it’s a good idea to invest your time learning on that platform.

If I am correct, please read this review in which I explain why you should not even consider this somewhat controversial program created by a controversial figure. 

Before you go on to say that I’m just another Tate-basher, I want to let you know that that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, despite being canceled on all social media platforms after expressing “misogynistic” views about women and recently being detained on charges of human trafficking and rape, I still believe he’s quite a witty individual, somewhat of an alpha male, who’s done an excellent job of empowering young men to be the best versions of themselves. 


Quite frankly…

I have nothing against his fast rise to fame, the greater part due to promoting an ultra-masculine, ultra-luxurious lifestyle, often appearing in videos with a fleet of expensive supercars, supermodels, and enjoying expensive holidays. 


However, what bothers me the most…

…has nothing to do with him but with the fact that so people, young kids especially, trust him implicitly to the point that they have no concerns about paying a monthly fee of $49 just to be a part of his “secret” society. 

Just because Andrew is a polarizing hotshot doesn’t mean he’s also a good teacher, and that’s what most people, young, naive kids especially, fail to realize.

By some logic, you would think that you could learn a lot about business from a multi-millionaire, but in reality, transferring knowledge is more challenging than starting the company itself. Trust me; as unbelievable as it seems, this comes from someone who’s built several successful six-figure online businesses.

I’m still not convinced that Andrew’s competence and appearance in some of the lessons will significantly impact your progress. This is because the things Andrew teaches are more of general financial culture, which will likely change your perception of money but won’t show you a step-by-step plan on how to build a rock-solid online business. Andrew and his brother, Tristan, are experts at using webcam girls to ‘sob’ stories, but that’s not what this course is focused on.

Andrew isn’t a specialist in any of the business models taught in the Real World, and he even admitted it himself. He’s just the guy behind the curtains, devising the business & sales strategy and spending a reasonable amount of time researching and developing not just the product itself but also the vision and mission statements. While there’s nothing wrong with this since it’s what all business owners usually do, I don’t see how this benefits you considering that you’re thinking of signing up for a course only because of someone’s charisma.


I don’t want there to be a misunderstanding. 

I’m not saying that Tates’ course is totally useless. If you filter some of the bullshit his supposedly millionaire tutors say, you might take some value. Still, what I personally dislike about it is that it doesn’t follow a clear step-by-step format, meaning there aren’t any specific steps, plans, or instructions on how to create and scale a successful online business, which is what you really need.

Andrew Tate’s Real World Review Yes, you might learn a thing or two as a beginner who has never had the chance to dip his toes into this rather wicked online world. Yet, despite learning all the pros and cons of each business model taught in the Real World, I’m still not convinced it will be enough to put you on the right track to success. 


No start here, then do this and make sure you avoid this. 

You will surely come across many words of wisdom, but because the lessons are in random order, you will most likely have difficulty implementing them in real life, which is what you should aim for once you finish any course. 

As with all the courses I reviewed, I bought the relatively upgraded, rebranded extension of Andrew Tates’ Hustlers University course. I spent at least a few good weeks in there just to get used to the new platform, the new server and to be able to tell what differences they made, ultimately helping me decide whether I should recommend this course to you, my readers, or not. 

The first significant change I noticed is that they no longer host their hustlers’ school on “matrix” controlled platforms; instead, the server is entirely theirs, meaning they have complete control of the app and the payment processors. 

Because of this, the “matrix” cannot attack and cancel it so quickly, which I consider a relief, given that their last course, the Hustlers University, was taken down within the first 3 months after it launched. Overall, the upgraded version feels slightly different, and you can most certainly sense the added exclusivity.

Even though the dashboard looks pretty much the same, I’m optimistic that they have done themselves a big favour by moving their platform away from Discord. 

Hosting their course on Discord might have saved them a tiny bit of money, but it came with a lot of downsides, such as the inability to express themselves transparently due to the endless policies set by the app owners. Now, things are a bit different, considering they can talk about additional ways to make money online, which they previously couldn’t on a “matrix-owned” infrastructure. 


You’re probably wondering if Andrew Tates’ Real World is a scam. 

Gorjan here, and in today’s unbiased review, I will share my research and findings with The Real World and list down all the reasons why I believe this course is not worth your time and money—there are quite a lot of these, so get ready. 

Not long ago, Andrew and his younger brother Tristan were banned from, more or less, all social media platforms (except Rumble) for sharing their unconventional beliefs that many disagreed with for being “out-of-touch” in this world.

Months later, in November 2022, Andrew emerged with his new course, The Real World, which is still connected to his previous course, Hustlers University

I reviewed Hustlers University before and explained why that course is a big scam. Moreover, I am still giving TRW a red flag, similar to Hustlers University. 


I needed more than minor changes for me to change my mind.

In TRW, Andrew promises to provide his followers “the portal to escape the matrix—” which is a reference to the movie The Matrix. In this escape, the lessons taught in the Real World will be about living a fulfilling life by escaping the matrix.


If you are wondering whether Andrew or Tristan teach these lessons themselves

… the answer is no, they don’t. 


Instead, Andrew has employed a team of experts to teach his students high-impact skills that will serve as a foundation for generating abundant wealth. However, these “experts” are not well-known nor accomplished as Andrew wants you to believe, so you don’t know whether you can depend on their teachings. 

Andrew really wants to give people a chance to live the laptop lifestyle and get rich with greater productivity and efficiency, which is completely fine. Having said that, he really should have invested more time and effort into the course because, from what I could see, the course is not one-tenth of what it could be.

Even if you learn something, which you will most likely will as a beginner, once you enter the overcrowded business world, you will find fierce competition between you and your fellow students, and you will need to stand out.

Is the Real World a scam? Unfortunately, after countless hours of thoroughly digging through this program, I couldn’t find anything to suggest you could achieve this with Andrews’ program.


So, in the end, you will have a hard time standing out. 


Hey, but what do I know? 🙂

I’ve only been reviewing all types of money-making systems and models for years, so I am confident in my ability to recognize a masked hoax when I see one.

Surprisingly, what caught my attention even more was the program’s reference to The Matrix—a movie about a simulation called a matrix that has ensnared the human race. The plot centers around Neo, who has always questioned reality and believes the truth is well beyond his comprehension. 


Later, he discovers that…

…the life he knows is a lie perpetrated by an evil cyber-intelligence. Morpheus appears in the novel as a legendary computer hacker who wishes to release Neo from the matrix so that Neo might lead an entire human race in a rebellion. Still, Morpheus is labelled a terrorist by the computers that run the matrix.

TRW’s landing page opens with a video with people who became part of Hustlers University talking about how much money they made after taking the program.

Then, the video transitions to all the criticisms of Andrew Tate and his methods, including video clips of a news anchor’s report about his social media bans and pieces of him being investigated for human trafficking and fraud. 

There are also clips of famous influencers like Logan Paul, who called out Hustlers University 2.0 for being a pyramid scheme, and some students who cancelled their subscriptions calling the program a complete scam. The video then transitions to a scene in The Matrix franchise where Morpheus says, “This attack is an act of desperation,” referring to how Andrew Tate views the troubles he’s made.

You, the student, are the Neo in this program, and Andrew Tate is Morpheus, supposedly someone who will save you from your gruesome 9-to-5. Andrew compares escaping the matrix to joining his program by taking the red pill.

Red pilling is a concept popularized by The Matrix, where you reject cultural norms and embrace a life full of freedom. In the movie, Neo was to choose between a blue pill (that will keep him trapped in the simulation) and a red pill (that will allow him to escape the Matrix and experience reality). 

Is Andrew Tate's Real World legit Similarly, Andrew gives you the same pills as a choice—the blue pill takes you to Netflix, and the red pill lets you join the Real World.


There are already 150,000 people subscribed on this platform for their “discounted monthly membership price,” but remember that this is just a marketing strategy to entice you into a program that is marketed as expensive. 

If you know that this is expensive and they offer you a discount, you would think that you got it for a good deal when the truth is that you would still pay the high price for the remaining months since this platform is subscription-based. 

Also, remember that many students will be your competitors; you must outshine them. All 150,000 of you aim to get rich online, so once you start your business, at least 100 will be your direct competitors. I really couldn’t find any lecture that taught you how to stand out from the competition, so please add this to your list of pros and cons and have it in mind when making the final decision.


Hi, my name is Gorjan, and I’m making a full-time income working from home. Feel free to read my about page if you wish to learn more about my story, past experiences, and how I can help you set up your 1st passive revenue source. 

Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate is a former professional kickboxer and a 2016 Big Brother contestant. He and his brother, Tristan, are well-known for striking it rich after creating a web cam business where men can call and chat with women online for $4 a minute.

They made a lot of money with this business model, especially because many men are willing to pay more to talk to women a lot longer. Actually, one of the first courses they sold online aimed to help men become better at dating, and they sold each course for $500—there were 11, but all were removed from the website and can no longer be purchased. – not really sure how good they were. 

Moreover, Andrew also sold access to The War Room, a group chat on Telegram framed as “a global network in which exemplars of individualism work to free the modern man from socially induced incarceration,” for $4,497.

With that, he is noted as a controversial man who loves to ostentatiously display his wealth and speak up about complex and “high-stake” topics—and people seem to love it because Andrew became famous on social media as evidence.

But, of course, many influential people got tired of it, mainly because Andrew loves to post “hateful rhetoric” about women and discuss the new world order on social media platforms that he eventually got banned. Unfortunately, that’s what usually happens when you piss off the wrong people, proving the matrix is real.

He blew up on FB, IG, YT, TikTok, and just about any social media platform you can think of for saying how he thinks the world operates on women and money. He shared what he thought was sexual harassment during the #MeToo movement, where he said that sexual assault victims should hold some responsibility for what they experienced, and many people disagreed with his views.


Remember that half, if not more, of the videos are fabricated.

He also received criticism for saying that depression is not an actual illness, resulting in a suspension from Twitter. When Andrew moved to Romania, he suggested that getting rape charges dropped in that part of Europe was far easier, which many people found disturbing and even blamed him as it was his fault.

While in Romania, Andrew and his brother were accused of being involved in human trafficking after Romanian police raided their house on suspicion that they were holding an American woman there against her will. They got arrested and are currently under detention by Romanian police for an investigation into the rape and human trafficking as of writing. (it’s expected that they’ll be out soon)

By now, we can all agree that Andrew Tates’ comments have split the masses, probably because many of the things he talks about are related to finances, improving personal effectiveness, and mental health. (all of which are topics anyone can relate to, which is the reason for his never-seen-before virality.)


But don’t get me wrong.

Honestly, despite everything people say about him, I can see the bigger picture and understand the goal behind the Real World, all while appreciating the efforts to teach growth-minded individuals. Not recommending the course has nothing to do with what others think of the Tates but my personal experience with this course. It just didn’t tick the boxes of what a good course should be.

Is the Real World worth it If you put some effort into it, you can find similar content courses for a significantly lower price on Google and Youtube, or even for free. Truth be told, I have a hard time believing that the courses’ quality attracted you. In fact, I would even argue that you wouldn’t even have bothered to research the Real World if Andrew Tate hadn’t created it. At least, I know I wouldn’t. 


The content of this course is not even mind-blowing, and you do not learn something worth your subscription. Like Hustlers University, this course will also milk out money from you without you even noticing how much you’ve spent on a platform where you’re barely learning something valuable and worthwhile.


Andrew Tate’s Real World Review

After spending long hours researching this course in detail, I will tell you immediately that Andrew Tates’ Real World is nothing more than a cleverly-designed, somewhat valuable, well-advertised pyramid scheme in disguise.

Once you sign up for the Real World, you will have access to one of the five business models known for their efficiency in generating profits and scaling to six-figure income after a while—all while operating online. The five business models include e-commerce, Amazon FBA, Copywriting, Cryptos, and stocks. 

The course offers lessons on how to start and succeed in your chosen business model, and once thriving, they teach you how to invest in crypto or stock. 

While from personal experience, stock market investments have been an excellent way to grow long-term wealth and multiply your profits, in the Real World, you will most likely lose more money than learn something since a great part of the stock investment lessons (%99) focus on the basics such as choosing an investing account and understanding the difference between investing in stocks and funds. 

If you’re dead set on investing in the stock market, I suggest buying a course specific to and only to stock market investing. It doesn’t have to be an expensive course either. I’ve seen a lot of introductory lectures on Udemy for less than $15. 


Most of the courses I saw also have advanced versions as well. 

Despite my firmly believing that the contents of this course are not enough for you to succeed, I still feel like each business model’s lessons give you enough information to see the bigger picture and all the possibilities that lie ahead.

I also like that the professors, although very obscure, will provide you with guidance since you have direct access to them. Even though I wouldn’t recommend this course to you, it still outperforms half, if not more, of the make-money-online methods out there information-wise. Other courses out there will cost you thousands of dollars to teach you only one of the business models. Aside from that, you will also learn over 18 methods of making money online.

According to Andrew, the Real World will help you generate a six-figure income every month, and once you join their global community, you will get a chance to support and share your experience with your fellow students and receive support from them. While there is nothing wrong with giving statistical figures to boost the student’s confidence, no data or evidence supports this claim. 

Your coaches are called Professors and are marketed as experts in their field. It is believed that you will never learn outdated stuff because it is reflected in their training content whenever something huge happens in the industry. 

is Tristan Tate a scammer Andrew also claims that these professors have already earned over $1M in profits using the same methods they teach inside the Real World, which makes them qualified to mentor you throughout your business journey. However, if that is true, these professors should just create their own courses and not work for a paycheck. (and I know you’ll agree on this) 


But here’s the thing that probably bugs me the most. All of the videos are prerecorded, and even though that’s how most online courses work, I would have really appreciated it if they at least added one live session a month. The fact that they didn’t implies that the Real World doesn’t really have any exclusive content. 

Essentially, Andrew Tates’ Real World tries to mimic how a legit university operates where you have a dedicated teacher (professor) to teach you the steps to their business model on different campuses (Telegram channels).

The monthly membership fee is $149, but you can also purchase the golden ticket at $19, which will allow you to pay a discounted price of $49—this is the same price you pay if you are already enrolled at Hustlers University.


How is the Real World different from Hustlers University?

The Real World is simply Hustlers University 3.0—a rebranded version of a controversial university that teaches students primarily how to create passive income online. On the other hand, the Real World runs on Telegram, an encrypted chat service that provides producers greater creative freedom than Discord, where Hustlers University is streamed. This is one of the main differences. 

In their promotional video for TRW, Hustlers University was referred to as Step 1 of a 3-Step plan—meaning that TRW is Step 2. TRW will have a “self-reliant infrastructure,” where it will not rely on mainstream tech platforms that had been unsupportive of him so that they will not be able to cancel him easily. 

Moreover, there will be no payment processors referred to as “matrix-controlled servers” because the Real World will use alternative banking systems instead. Apparently, when Andrew got banned from social media, his bank partners also backed out from working with him further. – it’s not easy at the top.

This is actually a very interesting take on Andrew, so he could probably be flirting with the idea of using cryptocurrencies because every transaction is irreversible, meaning you cannot ask for a refund once a purchase has been made. Besides, he has already claimed multiple times how much of a Bitcoin fan he is.

Also, note that Hustlers University members are “free” to access the Real World as long as their Hustlers University subscription is still active. But in actuality, it’s not really free because, as mentioned earlier, TRW is just a rebranded HU.

In the end, Andrew Tates’ Real World is a lot like Hustlers University in that they both are online business platforms that provide mentorship and coaching services to members that subscribe to their program. So, like Hustlers University, I have no choice but to label the Real World by Andrew Tate as a scam in disguise for all the above reasons. When it’s all said and done, you have the final say!

All information they supply will be used for educational purposes only. However, unlike a traditional university, TRW will not issue you a certificate of completion or other accreditation; thus, you will not receive credit for studying with them.


Is Andrew Tate’s Real World a Scam?

After countless hours researching both this university and his last one, I have no choice but to place the Real World in the gray zone, meaning it’s neither legit nor a complete scam. I have to admit that there are many improvements, but still, I don’t believe that this course is enough for you to start your dream business.

The Real World offers far more than Hustlers University ever did, but you could get a lot more for such a price. This course is still in its early stages, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it unfolds in the next few months. I’ll keep this review updated regularly, so if you don’t buy Tates’ course straight away, you can always come back to this review and see if any changes have been made.

From what I could see, the Real World is founded on cheap entry tickets and meaningless promises of getting rich. Still, the learning materials and coaching that you get will be a complete waste of your time because you will not be learning anything valuable. (at least not enough to start a rock-solid business)

easily the best way to make money online!

best way to make money online


Now, understand that Andrew is a powerful speaker because he is charismatic and knows how to deliver his ideas verbally. He marketed himself as a motivational speaker and a self-help advocate, so he can quickly motivate you to jump a building. Trust me; he knows how to play with words.

Ever since Andrew started this coaching journey, he has promised anyone who listens that if they would only listen to him and do exactly what he says, they might be rich and successful one day, just as he is. But that is not the reality. In fact, Andrew is not the honest businessman he likes to portray himself.


Remember the webcam business that he and his brother started before?

That was the biggest reason why they became rich. Therefore, he is not afraid to use others for his financial gain. He is not scared to use you and, in a way, legally steal more money from you. Yes, as mentioned earlier, you might learn a thing or two, but you’re still not getting your money’s worth. – you have better options than Andrew Tate’s courses, and as promised, I’ll introduce you to my favorite one.


How I Make a Living Online

If you really want to escape the Matrix, live an overall better life, and achieve financial and location freedom, then this all-inclusive platform might be the best alternative for you. Trust me when I say it is possible to earn four, even six figures monthly while only working from home anytime you want to from just about anywhere in the world. I’m living proof of this, and so are all the hundreds of success stories you can find inside this platform. – the first few lessons are free. 

Believe me, because I’ve done it for years already, and I can assure you that you’d achieve the same level of success as I do if you put in the right amount of effort.

Before becoming a member of this community, I wasted my money joining other online courses that robbed me in exchange for worthless promises they never fulfilled. I kept hoping that someday I’d escape my gruesome minimum-wage job.


Lucky for me…

…I found this well-structured step-by-step program that allowed me to now make 4 to 6 grand a month online by promoting other people’s products online and earning a commission for it. Affiliate marketing is the name of the business model that this platform teaches, but I’m assuming you already knew that. 

How to escape the matrix My life truly changed for the better, and I now have an excellent work-life balance. I am not special or anything like that; it’s just that I happened to come across this platform with a supportive community, and I grabbed the opportunity. So, I am sharing this with you because if I can do it, then so can you!


It does take time to be successful, but this goes for every business model out there too! You can never trust someone who claims to help you earn money on a fast whim because that person is a liar. What I am telling you about the business model I am currently in is a real, scalable, long-term business that will require time and effort from your end, and that’s the only way you can come out on top.

I believe it’s about time I end this Hustlers University review, so hopefully, my facts and arguments were enough to convince you that there are much better alternatives for making money online than CobraTates’ course. 

If you feel like I’ve missed out on something or want to ask me anything, please feel free to comment below. I’m a busy guy, but I usually reply within 24 hours.





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