8 Sales Funnel Examples That You Can Replicate With Just a Few Clicks

These are my eight best sales funnel examples that should give you a sense of what a real funnel should look like. I will break down each funnel step separately and make sure that you understand all the tips and tricks that I’ve included so you can go out there and replicate what already works with high confidence and a winner’s mindset.

You may need to add a little twist to your funnel because every business is different, and it requires special attention if you wish to get the best possible results from it. best sales funnel examples I’ve also shared a funnel template that has proven to work for me in the past, and it almost guarantees to bring you high-quality leads, and more importantly, filter the ones that are not interested and provide you with false data.

I wrote this post in the assumption that you’re a complete beginner, and that’s why I’ve explained everything jargon-free, so it’s crystal clear and easy to understand.


What Exactly is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is the path that your visitor goes through to find or purchase a particular product or service that you’ve listed on your website. It’s a proven method in the online selling game that can help your business to generate more sales, customers, and money in the bank.

Before we dive deeper into the upcoming sales funnel examples, and before you get a ton of ideas on how to use them, I want you to know and take into consideration that not every single person that gets drawn into your funnel will reach the end of it. what exactly is a sales funnelSome may leave sooner than others, and you shouldn’t stress about this because it’s entirely reasonable, and it happens all the time. It’s the same thing when people walk into a store, some of them might buy a ton of stuff, while others may leave without even spending a cent on groceries.

And just to let you know, your funnel doesn’t have to be perfect to work. The most important thing to do is fill it out with enough visitors so you gather as much data as possible that you can later analyze and use to tweak it to ‘perfection.’


Why should you use sales funnels for your business? 

Funnels are an essential part of every online business, and I even dare to say that they’ve become a necessity, especially if you wish to reach the significant figures and extract as much money from your customers as possible.

If you have a product or a service to sell, you’re going to need a reliable sales funnel strategy. Without a concrete plan, you’re swinging blindly in hopes of hitting the jackpot, and that’s not the way to do it.why use sales funnels The truth is, selling stuff online isn’t as easy and straightforward as it used to be. Everyday consumers have become more sophisticated than ever before, and they demand greater attention if you wish to convert them into longtime paying customers.

How can you provide them with the much-desired attention? By nurturing them through your funnel and giving your best to establish a long-lasting and meaningful relationship with them.


How to avoid getting into debt 

Hiring someone to create a funnel for you can get quite expensive and can be a massive burden on your marketing budget. A simple sales funnel that consists of an opt-in page, a lead magnet form, and an autoresponder series on the backend can cost you anywhere from $2000 to $5000.

There are tons of alternatives out there that can give you similar if not better results, and the one I recommend the most is called Clickfunnels. It’s currently one of the top funnel builders in the industry and a slightly pricier option than Systeme.iohow to avoid getting into debtYou also might want to give Autofunnels by GetResponse a try since it’s a software that makes it possible for you to create funnels and e-mail marketing campaigns without having to jump from one platform to another and waste your precious time.

And if you have used some of them before, then I would be highly appreciative if you can share your experience with me and other fellow readers of this blog in the comment section below.

I honestly try to provide my readers with the most valuable information, and that’s why your opinion means the world to me. It will help me to edit my reviews and present my readers with the most trustworthy content.


My Personal Best Sales Funnel Examples

The following funnels that I’m about to show you are my personal top picks, and they truly are a great representation of what a real, functional, and appealing sales funnel should look like. My advice is to take notes and try to replicate some of the strategies that I’m about to show you if you wish to see the best possible outcome for your business.



Everyone knows what Netflix is, but if you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years and you’ve never heard of it, then I’d be happy to introduce it to you. I’m pretty sure you’ll like it, and I keep my fingers crossed that you won’t get addicted to it.

Netflix is a streaming platform that allows you to watch all types of award-winning movies, series, TV-shows, and documentaries online, and it’s currently one of the leading streaming platforms where brand new content gets added daily. netflixI encourage you to visit their official website so you can experience their user-friendly dashboard first hand and see their funnel with your own eyes. Their sales funnel consists of four steps, and I’m going to break down each step separately and give my opinion on why I think they for work.


1. Lead Capture Form – Homepage

Their homepage displays an apparent offer where Netflix asks you to give them your e-mail address so they can put you on their monthly subscription plan. They bait you in by offering you a thirty day trial period with a cancelation notice of just three days.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, right? Wrong. netflix sales funnelNetflix are masters when it comes to keeping their users on the platform. By the time your thirty-day trial ends, you’ll love the platform so much that you won’t want to leave, and I’m pretty sure you’ll spend a couple of hundred dollars in the next couple of years.

The first step of their funnel has an evident and concise Call to Action button that lures you to try out the platform for an entire month without paying a dime.

When you click on it, you’ll be taken to another page where Netflix displays all of the perks that you’ll be getting if you decide to subscribe as a free member.best sales funnel examples They also remind you that you don’t have any commitment to the platform and that you won’t get charged if you cancel on time. This is another marketing psychological trick that is used by many entrepreneurs and dozens of leading corporations worldwide.

Once you click on the shiny red button, you’ll be taken to their pricing page where the second stage of their funnel begins.


2. Select a Subscription Plan – Pricing 

This is the second stage of their funnel, where Netflix will try to offer you the best deal and get you to jump on some of their pricing plans. They have listed all of the prices and benefits that you’ll be getting in a board table so that it’s more visually appealing, and it converts better.best sales funnel examples

3. Sign-Up Form  

This is the part where Netflix asks you to enter some of your personal information and try to attain your e-mail address. Once you do, they will establish a private communication channel and ‘bombard’ you with content and promotions until you decide to unsubscribe from their list.

You can expect to receive different types of exclusive offers and bonuses that will likely ‘force’ you stay and use the platform for a more extended period or even come back and re-sign if you ever left in the first place.


4. Billing Information – Order Form 

This is the last step of the funnel, where they ask you to enter all of your sensitive account details and become a paying customer. You’ll have several payment methods to choose from, and the payment processor should look something like this 

best sales funnel

What Makes This Funnel Effective? 

As you can see for yourself, the Netflix funnel is quite effective and not as complicated as you would have thought. They try to ‘funnel’ you and get you to sign-up for their platform with you investing as little effort as possible.

Their ‘minimalistic’ approach for funneling their customers is what places Netflix at the top of the list and amongst other top-grade streaming platforms.


The Clickfunnels Sales Page 

Clickfunnels represents a funnel building and e-mail automation platform that has truly mastered the art of funneling. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you since their team is stacked with many high-end funnel builders, including Russel Brunson himself.

I’m not sure if you know, but Russel has launched a couple of bestselling sales funnel books like Expert Secrets and Dotcom Secrets, and he’s one of the leading entrepreneurs in the funnel building community. Ideally, this is the funnel builder that you would want to use to replicate some of the funnels that I’m showing you right now.

the clickfunnels sales pageHe created Clickfunnels to help fellow entrepreneurs and other business owners, to better promote and sell their products online with the help of sales funnels. Since they are one of the leading corporations in that field, it’s only expected for them to deliver the highest-converting sales funnels.

Their funnel consists of the next couple of steps:

  1. Sales Page
  2. Pricing Plan
  3. Account Sign-up Form 

What makes their sales page so high-converting? 

This is the first thing you will see when you visit their official homepage. You’ll be welcomed by explainer video that brings to light all of the benefits you’ll gain if you decide to become a member.

These guys don’t mess around and jump straight to the point. Their sales page is filled with tons of Call to Actions that try hard to convert every single visitor into a longtime paying customer. clickfunnelsBesides the CTA’s, you’ll find a lot of other cool looking buttons, testimonials, explainer videos, success stories, and they have even included a FAQ section at the bottom of the page.

They have indeed figured out the anatomy of a successful sales page, and their funnel proves that simplicity is the key to success. That’s one of the reasons why their funnel is so high-converting and deserves a spot in my top eight funnels list. Visit their official website to see what I’m talking about.



This company was founded in 1996 and is the global leader for website analytical insights. Their machine is fed by tons of new data from millions of users worldwide, and it becomes smarter and better informed with each new site that it goes through. alexa.comI encourage you to visit their website and experience their funnel from a close range. It’s consisted of just a few steps and is very similar to some of the funnels that I had just mentioned seconds ago.


Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is also an analytical platform that enables webmasters to tracks visitor’s behavior on their sites and make data-driven decisions based on specific metrics.

They made their breakthrough when they launched the Heatmap, and A/B Split Testing features. If you’re a webmaster and you want to improve the average time that you readers spent on your pages, then you should check out some of the services that they have to offer.crazy egg official website Their funnel consists of the next couple of steps:

  1. Lead Capture Page
  2. Account Sign-up Form 
  3. Choose a Subscription Plan 
  4. Account Order Form 


Their Lead Capture Page

Their homepage also serves as a lead-generation page, and you’ll soon realize out that it’s one of the most straightforward pages that you’ll ever find online.

All they have on their page is a concise Call to Action button, which invites you to create an account on their platform and start your thirty-day free trial. The lure you inside their funnel by offering you a free website scan, which you’ll likely take advantage of if you are a website owner yourself. crazy eggAfter you’ve given them your e-mail, there is a strong chance that they will segment you in one of their mailing lists and bombard you with heaps of content and promotional materials until they’ve converted you into a steady customer.


Why Does This Funnel Convert? 

The average person’s attention span is somewhere around the eight-second mark, meaning that if you don’t manage to grab their attention in that short time, then they’ll probably leave and never come back.

Fortunately, the guys over at CrazyEgg.com know this, and that’s why they tried so hard to get their message across, so you know exactly what to do as soon as you land on their homepage.

They played it smart and removed all of the unnecessary text from their website and got straight to the point. That’s the main reason why their funnel is so effective and converts at such a high rate.



Harry’s is an online store that sells high-quality grooming and shaving supplies for men, and they pride themselves on maintaining a high standard at each stage of their sales funnel.

The company was founded in 2013, and it’s a subscription-based service where people can get razors and other shaving goods delivered at their home for a modest sum at the beginning of each month.high converting sales page I’m not going to get into the details since their homepage has been changing quite a lot recently, and it’s probably because they’ve been running split tests, which is another thing that you should do if you wish to see optimal results from your sales funnel. The best thing to do it to go ahead and visit their homepage and go through the entire funnel yourself.


Pro Hack: 

You can even opt-in for their newsletter and wait for a couple of months until you’ve gathered enough e-mails that you can study by seeing what kind of promotions they have been sending you since you’ve become a subscriber.

You can do the same trick for your competition as well. Find your top 100 competitors and sign-up for their newsletters, and you should have heaps of content and mailing ideas that you can model and implement in your business.



If you’re looking to get your team organized and manage all communications’ and company’s project from one spot, then Basecamp is the way to go.

They represent one of the best project management tools on the market today, and they’re widely recognized for their friendly, respectful, and humorous ton of voice, which has proved to work brilliantly in the past.

What I like the most about their homepage is the fact it has a great deal of social proof on it, which helps their potential customers to feel confident about their choice.

basecamp sales page

It’s is a very appealing invitation that lets their visitors know that they are not the only ones that want to sign-up for the platform and that many others have done it before them who don’t regret it.

The only downfall of this funnel step is the lack of images from actual users. People love to see other people, and that’s why images with real people in them tend to convert better in most cases.



Instapage is a platform that’s on a mission to deliver you the best possible results for your advertising costs, and you should consider using it if you want to run more profitable ad-campaigns and get the best bang for your buck.

It’s a company that was founded back in 2012 and can help you to maximize your conversions by adding automation to the post-click stages of your sales funnel.instapage homepage The platform is very similar to Clickfunnels and Leadpages, and it equips you with all the necessary tools to go out there and crush it with paid advertising.

What truly sets them apart is their vivid selection of colors that they use for branding purposes. Once again, the best way to see their sales funnel is to go through it.



Leadpages is one of the leading page builders in the industry, and it’s a tool that I use daily. It’s an online instrument that allows you to create cool-looking landing pages and grow your e-mail list faster. What makes their funnel unique is the fact it will enable you to test the product itself within just a couple of seconds upon visiting their site.leadpages homepage The first thing you’ll see is a bright purple button that asks you if you want to take the software for a spin and another ‘not-so-bright’ button that will show you how the software works.

They have one of the most uncomplicated funnels that you’ll ever find and also one of the most significant client base, which ones again proves that you can never go wrong with simplicity.


Use This Free Marketing Sales Funnel Template 

Study and try to replicate some of the sales funnel examples that I mentioned above, and I promise you will see a significant increase in numbers for your business. You can even combine it with my sales funnel template that I’m about to share with you for even greater results.

I know this funnel may seem quite simple at first, but that doesn’t mean it’s inefficient. You’ll be amazed to find out that funnel is used by some of the top affiliate marketing gurus in this day and age, and you’ll be even more surprised by the fact that it’s making them millions of dollars of revenue each year.  FREE MARKETING SALES FUNNEL TEMPLATE

1. The Traffic Source 

You can have everything set correctly, but if you fail to fail to flood your funnel with visitors, there is a huge possibility that it won’t work. This is the most crucial step of each funnel, and that’s why I will start with it first.

Every single visitor that you bring inside your funnel represents a potential customer that you can make a lot of money from, and that’s why you need to dedicate yourself fully to this stage. The higher the amounts of traffic that you fill your funnel with, the higher the chances of conversion happening.

You also need to take into consideration the quality of the traffic you are sending to your funnel and understand that not every visitor that lands on your page will end up buying from you, and that’s just facts.best traffic source Once you have found your ideal customer, you need to focus on scaling and increasing the volume of visitors that you bring back to your funnel by adding more funds to your Facebook or Google Ads account.

If you want to learn how you can build a list of buyers and followers in record time by following an evergreen strategy for long term success than I suggest you grab a free book copy of Russel Brunson’s Traffic Secrets.

Inside Russel shares the same strategies that he used to take Clickfunnels and transform it into a $100M company in just three years. You will get the same formulas, scripts, and blueprints that he shares with his Inner Circle, Clickfunnels Collective students, and Two Comma Club members.


2. The Landing Page 

Ideally, you would want to have a nicely structured sales page that converts at a high rate and has a decent copywriting on it at least, since this is where you’ll be sending all of the traffic.

If you have to struggle to create one yourself, it’s always a good idea to see what your competitors are doing and try to model the same thing, but try to improve it, of course.

I said model, not duplicate.the landing page The landing page is used so you can collect data, generate leads, offer to clarify and purpose, and, most importantly, force your visitors to make a purchasing decision by adding active Call to Action buttons.

You can use different tools like Leadpages, Unbounce, and some of the other page builders that I mentioned above. And if you’re having a hard time writing a sales page yourself, then you can use Funnel Scripts as your personal sales letter generator.

Last but not least, you would want to run split tests consistently since they will help you to determine which page is profitable and which one you should leave out. Use the data that you’ve gathered from the split testing to tweak and optimize your page to funnel to perfection.


3. The Thank You Page 

The best thing to do after you’ve collected your visitors’ e-mail address is to redirect them to another one-time offer where you have the chance to make a sale and cover for your advertising costs.

You probably won’t make a ton of sales, but at least you got your visitors’ e-mail address that you can use later on for re-marketing purposes.


4. The E-Mail Automation Sequence on the Backend 

E-mail automation tools are a great way to reach your potential customers, gain your visitors’ trust, and make a lot of money on the backend.

There’s a reason why e-mail marketing has taken the industry by storm, and I guarantee that you will see an increase in web traffic, conversions, and customer retention if you decide to use e-mail automation for your campaigns.email backend sequence There are tons of great e-mail auto-responders out there, but the one that I use and recommend is called GetResponse.

I have messed with a ton of autoresponders in the past, and this is by far one of the best e-mail tools I’ve come across. You have my word that with a little practice, you’ll make more money than you ever thought possible.


How to Benefit From this Funnel Template? 

A simple funnel goes a long way and that’s why I want to encourage you to try and replicate the above-mentioned funnels and combine them with some of the tips I mentioned just a little while ago.

And if you’re still struggling with your first funnel and don’t know where to start, I strongly suggest you check up on your competition and see what they’re doing and what works for them.

It’s time to wrap this up and I sincerely hope that this article has given you the knowledge to go out there and build your next winning funnel with great confidence. If you need any help, feel free to leave me a comment down below and I will give my best to respond in a timely manner.



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