Can I Use Clickfunnels For Clients?

 It’s no secret that many companies have vanished due to the fast-growing marketing industry. But aren’t you curious and wish to find out how many others have managed to stay ahead of the vanishing business wave? 

Having a stable and lasting marketing strategy can make all the difference in the world. Planning every business move can give you an advantage over your competitors and can most definitely result in an enlarged revenue. A good plan can separate your business from the pack and can help you achieve success much faster and in a more efficient way.

Your marketing efforts are going to waste if you’re not using the right tools for your business. Marketing tools are designed to improve customer engagement and increase the overall revenue of the company by nurturing the customer over a more extended time period. Trust takes time, and time makes sales.

And if I had to choose one tool that is necessary for your business success, it would be Clickfunnels. The market-leading sales funnel builder was explicitly designed to suit all your marketing needs and was created to fit the requirements of the new marketing era.

“Can I use Clickfunnels for Clients?” – It is a question that gets asked a lot. My advice is to keep reading this article to find out why this notorious tool may be the only needed solution for all your business problems.



The short answer to this question is YES, but let me explain why and how to do it the correct way. For those that have stumbled upon this article by mistake, I will give you a quick update about what the program is and what it can do for you.

Clickfunnels is an all-in-one marketing tool that is helping tons of business worldwide, no matter the size, to achieve better business results through the use of sales funnels. It allows them to quickly implement funnels into their daily marketing routine to capture leads and make more sales.

People love it because the platform is very straightforward and requires no-prior marketing experience to be used. Simply sign-up and pick a template from the vast collection of funnel templates that you can effortlessly apply to your own business in a matter of seconds. The pre-made sales funnel templates have been previously tested to match and surpass industry standards.

If you’re reading this particular article, then you must be a business owner yourself, or you’re probably offering your marketing services to third-party companies. Whatever the case may be, this article should satisfy your curiosity and answer some of the questions that you might have about the program.can i use clickfunnels for clients

Every business needs clients to function! Clickfunnels was made with that thought in mind, not just to help companies to acquire new clients, but to nurture existing ones as well. The client attraction process has become a hustle and a burden for many business owners, and it’s fair to say that it has brought stress to their everyday lives.

If you’re not familiar with sales funnels and how they can benefit your business, then you should spend some time wandering around this blog to inform yourself on how to make good use of them and apply them to your daily marketing routine.

Sales funnels draw a path for the customer to the end-goal, which is making a purchase. They can set your marketing on autopilot and will provide your business with consistent leads. And remember, where consistency is present, there is growth.

You can easily impress your clients and delight their needs with the remarkable features that Clickfunnels provides you with. Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in your business success, and I’m pretty sure that Clickfunnels can help you achieve it, as it did for me.



Instead of using a collection of 3rd party applications and tools to market, promote, list, and sell your products or services online, you can easily do it all from one spot. Clickfunnels is packed with plenty of helpful features that can help you get more clients and close more deals.

As mentioned before, the primary purpose of Clickfunnels is to capture leads and turn them into loyal, paying customers with the use of sales funnels. This may sound simple at first, but Clickfunnels has a lot more to offer to its users. Let’s mention and discuss some of these features and how they can bump up your marketing game and assist you in the customer acquisition process.


Clickfunnels is filled with tons of pre-made funnel templates that allow you to choose a winning sales funnel in a matter of seconds. The four main funnel template types include event, sales page, lead capture, and membership funnels.

The templates are quite helpful because can they can save you tons of time and will save you from the hustle of having to design a sales tube from scratch. Always remember that you want to use different types of funnels depending on your goals.


Clickfunnels integrates with most third-party applications, which is a good thing. You can easily connect your current platforms with Clickfunnels and continue the work instead of having to start from scratch.

Integrating Clickfunnels with other platforms will equip your marketing arsenal with accurate and more in-depth data reports that you can use to make wiser business decisions later on. Just imagine how much time you would waste if you had to jump from one platform to another consistently.


Having precise data reports are fundamental for your business success and can make the entire difference in the world. There is a famous saying amongst marketers: “I spent half of my money, but I don’t know which half.” The last thing you want to do is to make critical business decisions based on assumptions instead of facts.

The Clickfunnels metrics such as web traffic, visitor numbers, conversion tracking, campaign success rate, and user activity monitoring will help you to make fully informed decisions. They will optimize your online marketing campaigns in the correct way.


Clickfunnels has an in-built e-mail automation tool known as Actionetics. E-mail marketing is the perfect way to build credibility and to form stronger customer relationships. It offers a reliable form of communication between your brand and your customers.

Bait your funnel visitors to leave you their e-mail, which you can later on use to promote your products or services to boost your sales. On top of that, you can track your e-mail performance with robust tracking metrics and stats.


I saved the best for last! This is probably one of the coolest features that Clickfunnels offers its users. Clickfunnels came up with this feature to help business owners to share their successful funnels with their clients.

You can make small or big adjustments to the sales pipes that are shared with you, and this alone will result in higher conversion rates. This is Clickfunnels’ most valuable asset and confirms the saying: “Sharing is caring.”



If you’re having a hard time making up your mind about whether to use Clickfunnels or not, these reasons should help you decide if the program is right for you. Clickfunnels is easily adaptable to any business model, and I personally use it. Here are some of the reasons why you should too: 


Things have changed over the past couple of years, and business owners need to realize that if they wish to stay in the game. Customers are behaving differently, and they have become needier and aware of their influence that ever before. The competition is at an all-time high, and you need to stand out if you wish to see success in today’s time.

Applying Clickfunnels to your daily routine will make your entire sales process run much smoother. Your visitors are going to be nurtured, and their needs will be satisfied during the entire buying journey, from start to finish.


On average, it takes around eight times for the visitors to see the product before they are ready to purchase it. Trust me; it doesn’t matter if the product or service you’re offering is far superior to any other, the fact is people take a long time to make up their minds, especially when it comes to buying and pulling money out of their pockets.

With Clickfunnels, you can bait your visitors in leaving you their e-mail address, which you can later on use to build trust and promote your products or services in a more meaningful way. Your conversion rates are almost guaranteed to go up if you spend some time connecting with your potential customers.  


The customers are every business’s biggest asset. Without them, everything you do is pointless and won’t work. But acquiring customers is simply not enough. You will need to find a way to form a long-lasting bond and maintain a healthy relationship.

By doing so, you will extract the most amount of value from them, and when I say value, I mean money. Luckily, Clickfunnels is packed with many helpful tools that will help you gain your customers’ trust and turn them into long-paying ambassadors.

It’s a foolish idea to promise excellence to your customers and under deliver on that promise. The last thing you want to do is create repulsion. Customers seek credibility, and consistency is the way to go when you’re trying to build trust and run a stable business.


There is a famous saying amongst marketers that says: “The money’s in the list.” This is entirely true and for a good reason. It can be used thoughtfully to build loyalty, represent your brand, and put trust in your customers’ eyes. It is a private communication channel that can help you build a steady relationship with your prospects, leads, current, and even past customers.

Clickfunnels allows you to send e-mail directly from the platform without having to use a third-party autoresponder tool. This is a pretty cool feature because it saves you from the hustle to have to jump from one platform to another. The in-built e-mail automation is known as Actionetics and is available if you sign-up through the Etison Suite Plan.


The beauty of the program is that it lets you sell to your customers over and over again. The first purchase is just the begging of a durable business relationship. The more value you add for your customers, the more money you will make in the long run. Don’t be greedy and focus only on new and up incoming customers. Clickfunnels allows you to make more money by upselling current customers, and this alone is enough for your business to see success with this platform.

clickfunnels for ADVICE: Test it out to see if it’s the right tool for your business.



If you’re looking for a way to experience real growth and increase conversions, then I highly recommend you try Clickfunnels. Leads are the lifeline of every business, and many business owners are struggling to attract them in today’s competitive markets.

The co-founder of Clickfunnels, Russel Brunson, realized this problem ages ago and decided to create Clickfunnels to assist the average Joe’s around the world in their lead generation efforts. Clickfunnels was explicitly designed to serve any business as a lead generation machine that can outline the customers’ journey and guide the prospect to the end-goal, which is making a sale.

Hopefully, this article answered your question: “Can I use Clickfunnels for Clients?” and put your business on the right path to having success online. My advice is to test out the program and see if it fits your business needs. You can always cancel before the 14 Day Trial period ends, and you won’t be billed. In simple terms, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

To Your Success! 

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