Clickfunnels is Fake? 

Users around the world claim that Clickfunnels is fake! But why would they even say that? Well, it is because of the way the program is promoted, it gives you a “promise” to help you to make more sales, which at first sounds something like “too good to be true.

Thousands of active users use the platform every day, and some of them don’t see success with it, which is entirely reasonable and understandable. This is one of the main reasons why they say the funnel building software is fake and non-functional. This can’t be further from the truth. The fact the software didn’t work out for some of them has nothing to do with the efficiency and functionality of the program. clickfunnels is fake

If you’re considering subscribing to Clickfunnels because you think the program will magically solve all of your business problems, then don’t even bother. The truth is the program works and can be an all-in-one solution to your lead generation problems, if used correctly of course. Clickfunnels don’t force anybody in using their program, and that’s why they offer a 14-Day Free Trial, so people can test it out and decide if it’s the right choice for their business.


Let’s take things step-by-step and tell you the story behind Clickfunnels…


What is Clickfunnels?

This is a question that gets asked regularly. Honestly, we could talk on what Clickfunnels is for days. The simple answer is that it’s a tool that helps users sell and promote a particular product online faster and easier by letting them create and design Sales Funnels, Landing Pages, Webinars, Membership Sites, and so much more. 

As starters, you might be puzzled by the concept. Still, you will be impressed to learn that this is a software whose primary purpose is to help solo-business owners and big-time companies to understand better the buying cycle and the platform on which their product is being marketed and sold.

It is quite beneficial to have such a program because it makes the entire lead generation and nurturing process seem like a walk in the park. We love the fact that it is an “all-in-one” spot type of platform where you don’t waste precious time jumping from one platform to another to figure out if the campaign is performing well. You can quickly analyze data reports and make tweaks, all from one place. 

Currently, there are about 100K + users, which makes it one of the most used marketing software on the market. With simply creating your landing page, webinar page, or an email subscription page, you get to communicate with your potential customers by getting your product or service in front of their eyes within a couple of clicks. 

Is ClickFunnels a scam?

For whatever reason, people that aren’t currently subscribed to the program are wondering is Clickfunnels a scam. Let us remind you the program is not a get-rich-quick scheme and requires work to be put in if you wish to see results. 

We’ll solve the illusion once and for all by verifying that Clickfunnels is not a scam and is actually a legitimate program used by many. Honestly, we find the platform to be a good investment since it can act as an alternative to your marketing department, which at times can be a significant burden on your budget.

Even better, you can view it as a very reasonable investment or cost management. It ensures the highest level of quality, reliability, and productivity at a very justified price. Yet it is not about the cost in the way of saving. Instead, it’s about optimizing performance.


What is Clickfunnels not about? 

Let us clear up some misunderstandings that are spreading out there. Often time’s people are confused and are wondering what the program is really about, and more importantly, what it’s not about… 

ClickFunnels is not a:

  1. Online Store: It is very different from an e-commerce store website where you can post your products for sale, and it does not equip you with the tools to build one either. It can work completely fine if you’re running a one-product store since you get to build funnels that guide your visitors through to the end-product.

  2. Blog: You can insert a link that links to your own page or blog post, but it is different from a content management system like WordPress where you can post articles daily. It’s more like a “set-and-forget” type of platform where you put in the initial work up front, and you rip the rewards later on. It’s fair to say Clickfunnels automates the lead generation process.

  3. Web-creator: Although you can use it as an alternative to a website, the program wasn’t designed to be a website builder. Instead, it allows its users to create multiple layers of pages where they get to convince the funnel visitor to do a specific action, like buy a particular product.

We understand that for a price of $97 per month, people expect the program to be a lot more than what it is, considering that it is higher-priced than its competition. As mentioned earlier, we justify the price since it offers us way more options to market our products and services, and it’s fair to say the program has suite us well so far.
is clickfunnels a scam

What are the benefits of using Clickfunnels? 

Let us be real here. Clickfunnels is a very successful platform. What makes it exceptionally helpful is the simplicity of its use and its design to help businessmen in all stages of growth. Solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, or wantrepreneurs can easily design and create their funnel pages without having any previous programming or website creation knowledge. 

No matter if you’re only trying to advertise your business or wish to list your products online, Clickfunnels can help. In other words, if you are looking to earn more money online, you will need to use a funnel.

Further down, we took our liberty to list the benefits and features:

●      Optin Pages – The program allows you to create stunning opt-in pages where you can collect your visitors’ e-mail address and used it to remarket your products or services later on. 

●       E-mail Integrations – It connects with most of the e-mail automation software present on the market today. It even has an in-built e-mail automation feature called Actionetics. 

●       Sales Funnels – They simplify the entire buying process because they inform your visitors about the products or services you’re offering. Funnels are very efficient because they guide the prospect to the final destination, which is purchasing from you.

●       SMTP Integration – This feature allows you to send e-mail through the follow-up funnels. Use Clickfunnels e-mail SMTP to directly send e-mail from Actionetics. This way, the chances of a particular e-mail arriving at the right computer/user are extensively higher. 

●       Membership Funnels – Create funnels that provide secure access to your content. This way, you can connect with your audience in a more meaningful way. Building trust is a long-lasting process that almost guarantees sales. 

●       Unlimited Members – You’re not limited to the number of members you are allowed to have within your membership funnels.  

●       Upsell Pages – Upsell plays a crucial role in covering your advertising costs. With Clickfunnels, you can create upsell pages with less than three clicks. This way, you can “extract” more money from your customers.

●       Basic Subscription Plan – This plan is more than enough if you’re running a smaller company or doing most of the things on your own. The Start-Up Plan limits you to 20 funnels and 100 pages in total. 

●       Etison Suite Subscription Plan – This plan is pricier and is often used by agencies for their clients’ needs. This plan comes with an unlimited number of funnels and pages. 

●       A/B Split Testing – If you are not testing your marketing campaigns’ and funnels, chances are you’re losing money. Luckily Clickfunnels knows this, and that is why they decided to add A/B split testing. 

●       Pop-Ups – They are quite useful because they can capture the attention of your funnel visitor at any given moment. Pop-ups can grow your e-mail list and fuel lead generation.

●       Auto Webinar Funnels – This is one of the coolest features that Clickfunnels provides its users with. It allows users to host automated webinars, which are proven to be a gold-mine for leads. This is one of the features that made us use the program in the first place and is one of the reasons why we justify the higher price.

●       Payment Gateways – Is a funnel any good to you if you can’t take your prospects’ money? The short answer is NO. The platform integrates with most of the payment processors out there, like PayPal and Stripe. 

●       Easily Adaptable – What do we mean by that? The program is easily adaptable to any business. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a law firm or an e-commerce store, you will need leads and clients to succeed. 

As we go along, it becomes more and more apparent what a powerful marketing tool Clickfunnels is. Becoming a member opens the door to new possibilities, such as becoming an affiliate. You can help in promoting the product while earning %40 commissions when somebody decides to subscribe to the platform through your affiliate link. 



Clickfunnels doesn’t work” – is a phrase used by users that did not see success with the platform. It’s like having a lousy driver behind a high-speed and highly efficient sports car. It doesn’t make any difference in how the car performs; they are still going to crush it. The problem lies with the driver, not with the vehicle. 

Is Clickfunnels a Scam? Definitely NOT. The program is legitimate and works. How do we know that? Because we personally use the program, and it helps us in our lead generation efforts. Our recommendation is to test it out and see if it works for you. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. 

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