How To Integrate ClickFunnels With Constant Contact 

Use this article to find out how to integrate Clickfunnels with Constant Contact to achieve even higher business goals. Establishing a meaningful connection with your customers is vital for your marketing and business success.

Failing to connect the two platforms the correct way can lead to inefficient data management and unclear and confusing data reports. Not being able to analyze data properly can harm your employees’ productivity and can result in the loss of clients.

Connecting and using the two platforms together can have a substantial impact on your business and will likely put you on the right path to increase your overall earning.


What is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is an e-mail marketing platform established in 1995. It has one of the most popular e-mail automation tools in the game and has helped many business owners expand their customer base to over +500.000 customers.

It is filled with tons of beneficial tools and separates itself from the competition, thanks to the helpful surveys and event management features. Their deliverability rate is one of the highest in the industry today and is consistently improving.


What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is an efficient sales funnel builder that lets business owners create a fantastic funnel with no-prior marketing or coding experience.

Choose from the hundred previously tested funnel templates and apply them to your business to increase product awareness and boost sales. The software is an all-in-one tool that helps with the entire lead generation process and automates %90 of the whole work.

The software has an in-built e-mail marketing automation feature known as Actionetics. It’s going to be easier to handle all of your e-mail campaigns from one spot, but it comes at a higher price. This is one of the main reasons why users choose to integrate third-party automation tools to their Clickfunnels account.


You will need two things for the integration to work:

  1. ClickFunnels Account
  2. Constant Contact Account


Integrate Constant Contact with Clickfunnels 

Integrating your Clickfunnels account with Constant Contact is a very straightforward task and requires very little time to do. I’ve divided the entire procedure into seven simple steps.

This is what you need to do:

  1. Step #1: Access your Clickfunnels account, hover over your profile picture, and select the second option that says “Integrations
  2. Step #2: Select the “Integration” tab from the sidebar menu that is located on the left part of your screen. Click on the yellow “Add New Integration” button.
    how to integrate clickfunnels with constant contact
  3. Step #3: Browse the entire integration list and find the software that you wish to connect your Clickfunnels account to (in this case, Constant Contact).
  4. Step #4: Name your integration in the “Integration Nickname” field and confirm it by clicking on the yellow button that says “Connect Integration.
  5. Step #5: The Constant Contact page should pop-up and will tell you to enter your login credentials. Enter your account details and click “Log-In.” Constant Contact will display a message that asks for your permission to connect the two platforms. Confirm it, and you’re pretty much done.


You have now successfully integrated the two platforms and should receive a confirmation message.

The two platforms should be working seamlessly to help you achieve better marketing results. You can now effortlessly integrate an automation sequence into your Clickfunnels funnel.


Why Connect the Two Platforms 

Integrations are essential, and they can make your business life much more manageable by not having to worry about entering data manually.

With an integrated system in place, you will receive accurate data that can be analyzed and used to improve your marketing leaks. The end objective is to have an improved client and seller experience.

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