How To Integrate Clickfunnels With EverWebinar 

Are you wondering how to integrate Clickfunnels with EverWebinar? If yes, this is the right guide for you. Connecting the two platforms can make the entire lead generation process run a lot smoother, and it will outline a more narrow path to the end-product.  


What is EverWebinar? 

EverWebinar is an online platform for creating automated webinars that help businesses promote and sell their products or services. Automated webinars are a great way to engage customers and build brand awareness 24/7/365. 

But why automated webinars? They are an excellent choice to connect with larger audiences and promote products. They stimulate live events and are filled with active Call to Actions that help increase conversion rates. 

The platform has tons of pre-made webinar templates to choose from alongside the other excellent features it provides its users with. 


What is Clickfunnels? 

Clickfunnels is a first-class sales funnel builder that has helped many business owners improve their marketing game by implementing sales funnels into their daily routine. It has a very user-friendly dashboard and is packed with many pre-made templates that have been previously tested to match industry standards. 

It is much easier for the customers to find and purchase the products if they have a laid-out path to them. Sales funnels do just that, guide the prospect to the product through a series of funnel steps that represent the customer journey. 

You will need two things: 

  1. ClickFunnels Account 
  2. EverWebinar Account

Note: You need to have a live webinar set inside EverWebinar if you wish to connect the platforms. If you don’t have access to a live webinar, you won’t be able to extract the API key. 


How to Connect Clickfunnels to EverWebinar 

The entire integration procedure is very simple and requires no more than five minutes to be complete. Follow these seven steps to connect Clickfunnels to EverWebinar:

  1. Step #1: Log into your EverWebinar account and select the “My Webinars” option to access your created to integrate clickfunnels with everwebinar
  2. Step #2: Click on the “Advanced Settings” tab and select the “API Custom Integration” option. Find and copy the API key. The key is necessary to establish a successful connection between the two platforms.
  3. Step #3: Access your Clickfunnels account. Once inside the dashboard, hover the cursor over your account profile picture and select the second option that says “Integrations
  4. Step #4: Select “Integrations” from the navigation menu on the left side of your screen. Click on the yellow “+Add New Integration” button.
  5. Step #5: Browse through the entire Clickfunnels integration list until you find EverWebinar. Once you locate it, click on it to proceed to the next step.
  6. Step #6: This step is all about naming your integration. Paste the API key that you copied from EverWebinar and click the “Add Integration” button.
  7. Step #7: You should be redirected to an EverWebinar page where you’ll be asked to grant access to your EverWebinar account. You need to approve this and enter the required login credentials to proceed.
  8. Step #8: A green pop-up message should appear in your Clickfunnels account that will tell you the integration was a success.

You have now successfully connected Clickfunnels to EverWebinar. 

Connecting the two programs will allow for a more smooth journey for the prospects and will result in seamless data sharing between the two platforms. 

The beauty of automated webinars lies in the fact that you only have to record it once, and after that, it becomes evergreen content. The attendees’ number is higher because the webinar can be viewed throughout the entire year, and it won’t be interrupted by any scheduling conflicts. 

It gives the webinar host enough space to prepare correctly and make the entire webinar seem absolutely perfect. The last thing a webinar attendee wants is a stressed and worried presenter. Proper preparation will eventually lead to higher conversion rates and boosted sales. 

By integrating Clickfunnels with EverWebinar, you can easily add webinars to your funnel pages and gain more subscribers from your Clickfunnels account. Hopefully, you found this guide helpful, and it put you on the right path to having success online.  

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