How To Integrate Clickfunnels With GoToWebinar

This helpful guide will teach you how to integrate Clickfunnels with GoToWebinar so you can increase your sales and provide a remarkable experience for your prospects and customers. 

In-person meetings tend to be necessary at times, but they can get quite expensive and harm your marketing budget. Having a conversation with your customers in real-time is very valuable because it helps build trust between the two sides that are communicating. 

Webinars are an excellent way for business owners to establish a strong relationship with their prospects to whom they can promote and sell their products or services afterward. 

You can effortlessly educate, train, inform and share files with your employees or clients all around the world by hosting webinar sessions. This guide will help you to connect Clickfunnels to GoToWebinar so you can effortlessly share your funnels with webinar attendees.


What is GoToWebinar? 

GoToWebinar is a platform where users can create and share presentations and lectures with their colleagues, prospects, customers, and so forth. Users can engage with their target audience in a more meaningful way without having to interact with them physically. 

The platform has a very user-friendly dashboard and has been a go-to webinar platform for many companies and individuals. Many businesses have increased their revenue by acquiring tons of new leads and customers thanks to GoToWebinar. 


What is Clickfunnels? 

Clickfunnels is a handy and high-converting sales funnel builder that has helped many business owners and companies increase their earning by guiding their prospects into making a purchase. 

The best part about it is that it requires no-prior marketing or web-development experience and can be easily implemented into any business. Combining the features from both programs can be very powerful and can have a substantial impact on your overall business performance. 

You will need two things: 

  1. ClickFunnels Account 
  2. GoToWebinar Account 


How to Connect GoToWebinar To Clickfunnels 

The entire procedure is straightforward and requires very little time to be done. Follow these five simple steps to connect Clickfunnels to GoToWebinar: 

  1. Step #1: Access your Clickfunnels account and move the pointer over your profile picture at the top right corner of your screen. Click the second option that says “Integrations” to integrate clickfunnels with gotowebinar
  2. Step #2: Select “Integrations” from the navigation menu on the left. Click on the yellow button that says, “+Add New Integration.
  3. Step #3: You will need to find GoToWebinar by searching through the Clickfunnels integration list.
  4. Step #4: Name your integration in the “Integration Nickname” field and click on the “Connect Integration” button to join the programs.
  5. Step #5: The program will redirect you to the official GoToWebinar page, where you’ll be asked to grant access to your account. Press “Allow” to complete the integration.

You have now successfully integrated Clickfunnels with GoToWebinar.

Webinars are a flexible way to communicate with your audience because it gives members a chance to attend the webinar from anywhere in the world. Here are a few helpful tips on how to run a successful webinar session:

  1. Determine Webinar Goal: It is vital to know what the main objective of your webinar is. Are you trying to generate leads for your business or update your colleagues on the new material? Whatever the reason may be, make sure the content you provide is of top value to the attendee.

  2. Know Your Audience: It is very crucial to know who you’re speaking to. The content and tone of voice should vary from audience to audience, and this will determine the engagement rate you have from your attendees during the webinar. Getting this part right can help you earn your attendees’ trust much faster.

  3. Pick Webinar Time: It is always recommended to do a quick market analysis to determine the best time to host your webinar. It will vary from audience to audience, and this is quite expected. Promoting a product to gamers and pensioners is not the same and will probably require you to host the webinar at different times.

  4. Correct Webinar Marketing: You can have the perfect webinar created, but if you fail to send traffic to it, it’s probably going to be worthless. Promote your webinar on through various marketing channels and make sure you have active Call to Actions.

  5. Make It Seem Natural: It is never a good idea for the webinar host to seem nervous and under pressure. This will leave a wrong first impression on the webinar attendees and will result in a lousy conversion rate. Practice the speech several times before the webinar starts or choose to host the webinar in a pre-recorded video format.

The possibilities are endless thanks to the wide variety of marketing tools at disposal. Also, let me remind you Clickfunnels has an in-built feature that enables you to host webinars directly from the platform instead of having to use a third-party source like GoToWebinar. 

I find it to be less time-consuming and way easier to manage my webinar sessions from one spot. Whatever your choice may be, know that I wish you great success and many new achievements 

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