How To Integrate Clickfunnels With Mailchimp

Connecting the two programs will enable smooth data sharing that will lead to more accurate data reports. The seamless transition of data and insights from one platform to another will assist you in making smarter business decisions in the future. 

In this article, I will show you how to integrate Clickfunnels with Mailchimp. Bringing the features from both platforms together will give you the ability to create even better marketing campaigns. Joining the two platforms will work to your advantage as you will get the best from both worlds. Hopefully, this helpful step-by-step guide will have a positive impact on the business performance of your firm and will result in increased profits. 

For a successful joining process, you will need two things: 

  1. ClickFunnels Account 
  2. MailChimp Account 

Note: Before doing all the necessary steps inside your Clickfunnels account, you will need to retrieve your Mailchimp API key. The key is specific to your Mailchimp account and connects both platforms while allowing them to share data and information directly. Without the API, you won’t be able to join the programs. 


How to connect Clickfunnels to Mailchimp 

The entire joining procedure is simple and requires very little time to be done. As mentioned earlier, you will need to obtain the API key first. Follow these steps to get it done: 

  1. Step #1: In your Mailchimp account, click on the profile name to expand the Account Panel and choose the option that says “Account to integrate clickfunnels with mailchimp
  2. Step #2: Open the “Extras” dropdown menu and pick “API Keys.
  3. Step #3: You have the option to copy an existing API key or generate a new one (different for every user). If you have previously made the key, click on “Copy,” if not, click on “Create A Key.” Copy the API key and keep it safe for further use.
  4. Step #4: Access your Clickfunnels account and hover over the profile picture at the top right corner of your screen to reveal the dropdown menu. Choose the first option that says, “Account Settings.
  5. Step #5: Select “Integrations” from the left navigation menu and click on the yellow “+Add New Integration” button to proceed to the next step.
  6. Step #6: Select an integration from the list below to get started. In this case, you will need “Mailchimp.” To make things faster, type the name of the program in the search bar.
  7. Step #7: Once on the Add New Integration page, you will need to name your integration and paste the API code that you copied previously from your Mailchimp account. Fill out the details in the appropriate fields and click “Add Integration” to move on to the final step.
  8. Step #8: If you’re not signed in already, you will be redirected to a Mailchimp login page where you’ll be asked to enter your login credentials. After logging in, you will need to click “Allow” to grant Clickfunnels access to your Mailchimp account.

You have now successfully connected Clickfunnels with Mailchimp. 

The platforms will now effortlessly communicate with one another, and this alone will save you tons of time by not having to jump from one platform to another. I can reassure you that joining the programs was a smart move because it will add more tools to your marketing arsenal. 

If you stumbled on this article by mistake and you’re looking for a way to introduce new contacts to your business, then this is the thing to do. Nowadays, business owners are going through a crisis in attracting prospects and turning them into loyal customers that don’t have a problem with pulling money from their pockets. That’s where Clickfunnels and Mailchimp can help. 

Clickfunnels allows business owners to create sales funnels that guide the prospect into making a purchase. The best part about the program is the fact that they don’t have to be experienced marketers, nor need them to have previous coding skills. 

Mailchimp, on the other hand, is a market-leading automation tool, and it is fair to say it has everything you ever wanted in an e-mail marketing platform. Use all the gathered leads from your Clickfunnels account and combine them with the powerful features that Mailchimp has to send highly-targeted and individually crafted messages that almost guarantee super-high conversion rates. At last, I wish you great success in your online marketing journey! 

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