A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Sell Feet Pics Online For $$$!

The world is a mad place. Who would have ever thought that I would be writing an article on how to sell feet pics on my blog one day? 

At first, I felt it was a silly idea because, as far as I knew, no one was earning a decent amount just by taking pictures of their feet, right? 


But oh my, was I wrong. 

Selling feet pics on the internet is a serious business, and I was pretty surprised to find out that you can earn anywhere between $5 to $500 per picture. And if you do all the steps correctly, you can comfortably make four figures each month. 

Since we have been on lockdown, many people have started to look for ways to generate more money on top of their salaries. 

Whether it’d be through side hustles, freelancing, microtasks, tutoring, or diving into some of the weirdest yet ultra profitable opportunities. 

There are literally tons of eyebrow-raising jobs that existed even before the pandemic happened that didn’t gain popularity until recently.

Some of the weirdest I found include:

  1. Being a paranormal tour guide 
  2. Becoming a rented friend 
  3. eMystery shopper 
  4. Dating ghostwriter 
  5. Professional nap reviewer 
  6. Mukbanger 

All of these are bizarre ways to make a living, but the one opportunity that caught my attention the most was the one we’ll be discussing today. 


This, my friend, is the selling body pics industry. 🖼️

I don’t mean selling vulgar, illegal nude pics, but instead, legitimate pictures from certain parts of your body. 

Here, you’re basically a body part model, and there’s no need for you to provide any personal details or a shot of your face if you don’t want to. 

One example of how it works is what Moore has been doing for the past four years. He is technically a model, but the only thing being shot are his hands holding an item. 

Can you guess what the best part about him is? He gets to earn around $4k for just a few days of work. Before you go and search for an online job related to this one, I want you to know that this is a genuinely competitive field. 

To make it big in this industry, you have to have certain features that set you apart. In today’s article, I will walk you through the best ways on how you can ride this trend and earn by selling feet pictures online. 

Unlike any other body part, the feet have recently become a big thing since several people call themselves feet worshippers. 

These people are so willing to pay for exclusive pictures to the point that some are willing to spend tons of cash just for a whole set. To learn more about this lucrative opportunity, please keep on reading below. 

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Whatever you do, just please don’t get fooled and start to believe that I’m just another guru that’s trying to lure you into a get-rich-quick scheme. 

If you bothered to read my about page, you probably know by now that I strongly dislike those types of schemes, as they’re the ones that took all of my money away when I was first starting in the online world. 

The opportunity I just shared with you works perfectly fine, but you must understand that it’s not a done-for-you system like the many you’ve seen. 

Please don’t get involved in it thinking that you’ll make money just like that, as that’s precisely what these gurus want you to believe. A real business takes time and effort, and there’s no other way around it. 

Now that that is out of the way, let’s see how this selling pics online thing works. Oh, and I nearly forgot, here’s a foot joke just for fun! 

What’s a foot’s favorite food? Shoe-shi!


Why Should You Sell Feet Pics?

Selling feet pics online has been a rising trend, and the driving reason behind that is simple: people are buying them.

Yup, there is no other reason for this industry to thrive except the fact that there are literally thousands of people from across the world who have an actual interest in collecting pictures of feet. 

And as we all know, a quick photo search on Google can quickly get you to access all the feet you’d ever want. However, “collectors” want to earn bragging rights for owning a truly exclusive collection.

Back in the day, most foot-sellers usually started by simply posting a few pictures of their foot with a blurry or watermarked background. 

After posting some, there were instances that messages would slide into their account where people would offer to pay just to see an HD pic. 

At first, the sellers were dubious about the whole idea as there are usually scams in the business too. For risk-taking individuals, they started to build a business out of this alone. Just take the case of:

  1. Jessica Gould – making an additional $90k a year
  2. Sativa – also known as “Toe-Daddy,” is making $5k a month
  3. Sweet Arches – raking in about £58,000 a year
  4. Kacey Marie – comfortably coming in at £460 a WEEK!
  5. Roxy Sykes – breaking in at least £100k a year. 

This is a lucrative business because you don’t need much capital to start. After all, all you need here is your feet, a good pose, and a camera. 

It will also help if you have a vast social media following, as the best way for you to become a star here is by having fans who would buy from you. You can also use other websites that focus on this market alone (I’ll reveal some of them later on).

Also, you do not have to worry about legalities since selling your shots online is totally up to you so long as the pictures are %100 yours. 

If you don’t own the pictures and you’re earning from them, you’ll likely be sued, and some photo websites may even close your account. 

In the case of religion, it’s entirely up to you if you would be willing to expose yourself since it is not deemed ethical in some countries. If you decide to sign up for foot-selling apps and websites, they will need you to be 18 years old and above.

Aside from all those, another reason you should consider selling feet pictures is that this line of business doesn’t require you to have any qualifications, nor do you have to fit any standards. 

This is not like an actual modeling job, where you have to pose in a legitimate photo studio or possess some modeling skills. As long as you visit the pedicure salon and your feet don’t stink, you’re good to go. 

Who buys foot picsIf you feel a bit insecure thinking that your feet are a bit big or so, you don’t have to as there are niche-specific categories you can be part of. 


In fact, if you have very unique feet features, you can still get numerous clients who might be interested. After all, everyone is unique, and you just don’t know who might find your precious toes a masterpiece.

Lastly, the best reason why I think people are interested in this business is that this is one of the few where you can stay anonymous. 

As part of your transaction, you can immediately say that you are only open to sending body part pictures (with specific polish, jewelry, or theme) but will not include your face. 

Also, you can have the payment transferred to other platforms, not just PayPal since it gives out your information. The exclusivity of this will surely make your customers even more interested.


Who Should You Sell Feet Pics To?

Selling feet pics online can be pretty challenging, especially now that the field has become so competitive. 

However, you can still make money by targeting specific groups willing to pay a hefty amount just for a few shots. This includes:

  1. Stock Photo websites  you’ll get paid whenever someone downloads a full image copy of your photo. You can expect to earn at least 50% out of every sale.

  2. Modeling agencies  there are literally tones of agencies recruiting based on different body parts like the Closeupmodel Agency. Depending on the brand that you will model, you can expect to earn anywhere between $100 per hour to even $10k per day on average.

  3. Production companies  there are also instances where movie directors or commercials will need to bring out some sort of fetishism. This makes them hire body part models or contact you directly to request video footage in exchange for almost hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the brand/production.

  4. Artists – if you have great features, your feet can be sold to artists who might need a good reference photo for their creative projects. Instead of using images on the internet, artists usually prefer these.

  5. Feet worshipers – what more can we say than to admit that there really are people with a fetish for feet! If looking at pictures of your feet makes them happy, who are we to judge? 


How To Sell Feet Pics: The Basics

Are you finding yourself interested? Let me walk you through the exact steps that you need to take before you start diving into this business.

Just like any other opportunity, you have to get in with a plan, or you might end up not being able to sell a single shot.


Step 1: Prepare Feet

I often come across comments online saying that some people are scared that they just might be bashed online since they don’t have slender feet.

Contrary to common belief, you can still increase your earnings by ensuring that you take care of your feet properly. Nothing beats an aesthetically pleasing one that looks healthy and clean.


Who would ever want to look at feet that look dirty or crusty, right?

Paying customers expect you to have pictures of your feet in the best condition possible since the photo will serve as a visual object.

As part of your preparation, you have to make it a point to have pedicures, foot scrub sessions and visit the spa every now and then.

Depending on the client’s requests, they might pay you an additional sum if you add specific nail polish color, so it would be wise for you to always keep a good set of high-quality polish (and nail designs) on your rack.

where to sell feet pics onlineAs a rule of thumb, always make it a point to make sure you don’t have chipped polish, rough skin, or untrimmed toenails.


If needed, you might want to invest in a foot soak machine, pumice stone, and good-quality lotion so that your feet will never feel dry. Based on my research, dermatologists suggest that you moisturize the feet at least three times a day.

If you have some blemishes, intruding veins, or birthmarks here and there, it would be great if you could practice adding concealer or a bit of makeup if needed. Another major tip is for you to use socks to reduce friction and irritation.

Finally, if you are planning to go outside, it is recommended that you invest in good-fitting shoes with no heels to avoid common issues such as corns, infections, or bloody ingrown nails.

In case you have sudden pain because of those, you need to see a qualified podiatrist right away. Just please don’t try to fix it yourself and use blades to remove dry skin or ingrown nails.


Step 2: Invest in A Good Camera Or Photographer

A suitable camera can upgrade the quality of your photos as it will look professional. In contrast, others might tell you that you can simply use a mobile phone, but it kind of limits you on where you can sell your photos.

For instance, if you are interested in creating a profitable business here and starting some type of portfolio, posting it on stock photo websites can seriously help out. One of the primary requirements of stock photo sites is to have HD-quality images.

To do this, you can teach yourself photography and perhaps, invest in lighting devices, lightboxes, green screens to evoke certain feelings.

You should get a few props, accessories, or some fake tattoo stickers to help rock out a look. As much as the clients want a realistic picture, you still have to overdeliver so that they won’t be disappointed.

Additionally, your clients can quickly become bored if you keep sending pictures taken from the same angle or theme.


Want to have better chances of expanding your fan base? 🙂

I highly recommend setting up an actual monthly or weekly plan that includes varying themes and backgrounds.

During summer, you can take photos on the sand, snow, or whatever floats the boat of your fans. If you directly engage with them, you can set up polls and ask them what they would like the next theme to be.

As part of your marketing, it would be great to invest in dolly sliders or stabilizers in creating video teasers for your feet business.

I know that people will always say that you can just post pictures, but since this is a competitive field, I suggest you go above and beyond and create professional-looking ads that actually convert.


Step 3: Practice Different Feet Poses

Like starting any other business, you must understand that there is competition, and you have to create an advantage like no other.

To convert interested customers and keep them, you must always be on the move and learn different posts and techniques to make every shot worth their money.

Since they expect you to offer good pictures, make sure that you pose in a flattering way, and please know that you’re free to reject doing poses you are uncomfortable with.

sell body pics for moneyThe best way to find striking poses is by looking at social media (searching your competitors) and reviewing those on Pinterest boards.


It might take you some time to get used to these poses but always try to mix and match shots, especially if you plan to sell photos on a package.

The most common poses include crossed, uncrossed, stacked, scrunched, or spread out toes. Be unique and think of something.


Step 4: Set Up Your Branding

Part of the reason why some feet sellers are not earning as much online is that they are not focusing on helpful marketing strategies.

Ever since the boom of this industry, almost everyone has been posting online and is always on the hunt for clients. This makes it competitive.


My best recommendation for this one? Focus on digital marketing. 👈

You can boost your fan base by creating a solid social media marketing plan with digital marketing. You see, posting is not just about “having something” online. Instead, it’s about providing relevant and exciting updates for audience engagement.

This means that you must post images and videos with suitable captions and hashtags that are always consistent with your brand. Do not confuse your clients by trying to stay in one niche only.

As part of securing your identity online, you must create a separate e-mail for your business and a social media account or page for it. Of course, you have to do this, especially if you really want to be known in this industry and use your name.

However, we cannot deny that there is a stigma in this field where it is usually thought that selling pictures can be equated to sex work.

If you have a professional career that might get affected, I suggest creating a dupe account to avoid any problems in the future.


Step 5: Create A Standard Pricing Guide And Payment Method

As of today, there is no standard pricing guide in this field, and it can be dependent on how good your photos are.

If I were you, I’d consider factors such as the price of props used, the difficulty of the shot, and the device you used for taking the photo, whether that’d be a professional camera or a mobile phone.

If you’re a beginner, it would be great for you to set the price at $5 to $30 or even run a promo for packages. To collect your payment, you can use trusted systems such as PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, and Transferwise.

If you want to keep your information a secret, you can also have them send the funds as an Amazon gift card, as you will never have to give out your specific details. Also, before you send a picture, always make them pay first (or at least half the price) so that you will not get scammed.

best feet selling apps and websitesJust like with any business, you will have to keep track of your income as you might need to pay taxes depending on your country.


Governments assume that pictures sold online are considered business income for some countries, so they might require you to pay taxes.


Step 6: Create Your Selling Strategy

The last thing you want is to become a seller like any other online. If you’re going to make some strong call to action, I highly recommend that you try to embed some exclusivity by making solid comments on every post. 

The comments can revolve around setting urgency (with words similar to “get exclusive photos for 50% off today”) or a limited edition marketing approach (get access to the first-ever behind-the-scenes video of the pictorial…”).

As part of your strategy, you must have some sort of portfolio or samples of your feet. Instead of sending them right away, you should put a watermark or blurry parts so that your clients cannot steal your photos. 

You can also create an impact by making online portfolios from popular websites such as DeviantArt, your own website, or social media.

If you create your own website, having some sort of knowledge in SEO will boost your page and help you get more customers. 

To explain it simply, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic by tweaking your website’s performance to ensure it appears on Google’s first page. 

As you might know, being on the first page will allow you to get more clicks, more traffic, and more chances of getting new customers. 

Here’s a course that teaches you how to do just that. It’s free to start with, and there’s no need for you to pull out a credit card. 



Where To Sell Feet Pics?

Now that we already understand why selling feet pics can be a great opportunity and the steps you need to prepare before you jump into it, it is now the best time to clearly define where you will reach your customers and gauge their sentiments.

It is crucial to calculate their sentiments so that you can quickly navigate what they would like to see the next time you send them pics. Also, they can leave comments and direct messages, which can help you customize your photos.

seel feet pictures online for moneyAt present, there are four best ways for you to sell your feet pics, including social media (where almost everyone is), standard photo websites, and creating your own website.


Among all these, the most popular remains the social media-based option since there are more people on these platforms, and just by tweaking your posts and advertisements, you can get guaranteed views.


But as always, remember to keep your details private.

If I were you, I’d create an entirely different persona online, with a whole new name, and stick to that story so that none of your customers can track you down or prevent stalkers altogether.


Option 1: Social Media

Social media is not just a place where you can interact with potential customers but a place where you can make tons of sales. 

Here, you will get more features and be able to customize the shopping experience of your customers since you can directly message them and set their expectations right away. There is also real-time exchange which means that transactions can be smoother for both parties.

Based on research, sellers were able to open 45% more opportunities ever since they started to leverage its use. More importantly, they consistently engaged old customers and persuaded them to buy again. 

You can also run cheap advertisements using embedded tools so that you can reach your target customers no matter where they are in the world. 



With Facebook, you can simply join foot-related groups, directly reach out to people looking for pics, or post in the marketplace.

Since the internet is also full of scams, it would be wise to connect with fellow feet sellers and learn from their experiences.

Sometimes, they might even post about the top profiles that they could sell most of their pics to, and you can reach out to those people too.

easily the best way to make money online!

best way to make money online


To find interested clients on your own, remember to use the search bar on Facebook and also try to add common hashtags because you’ll never know who might see your posts one day.

Also, if you are really interested in making it huge in this space, create your own Facebook business page and try to engage with your likes by sending them some picture teasers with their names on your feet.

It may sound weird and intruding, but it works!



Since you sell feet pictures, what better platform to showcase them than Instagram, right? This is by far the best option for you out there as it helps in getting your business seen by the world, especially if you use common hashtags like the following:

  1. #Feet
  2. #FeetPics
  3. #FeetLove
  4. #FeetWorship
  5. #FeetFetishWorld
  6. #FeetPicsforSale
  7. #FeetLovers
  8. #FeetFetishWorld

Since there are so many competitors out there, make sure you post consistent, stunning pictures that are hard to replicate. 

This is the best time for you to use professional cameras and color grading software to make your lovely feet stand out from the rest. 

sell feet pics on instagramAs a word of advice, try to stay as natural as possible and not add lots of filters since clients are more into authentic-looking pictures.


Try to make your Instagram your portfolio and always, ALWAYS add watermarks to your pictures. Remember that your goal here is to excite people and not give your photographs for free. 

You can also do a carousel, and the last photo may include words like “want to see more? Slide a message today” or something along those lines. 



If you want to use Snapchat, it would be great to invest in a premium account where customers will pay a monthly fee to view your pics.

Try to connect with many people first and share videos and snapshots of your feet to gain more followers. Also, you need to constantly engage your followers since Snapchat is also the home of other high-flying feet pics sellers.



Twitter is best for the content format, but it doesn’t mean that 280 characters should stop you from leveraging on this platform.

You can use this by using hashtags like the one you can use from Instagram and try connecting with many other potential customers.

The plan is to reach out and promote a link to your Facebook or Insta page where they can see your portfolio and the services you can offer.

To boost your followers, remember to interact daily by posting regularly, staying on brand, and occasionally adding some polls and questions.


Option 2: Feet Selling Photo Websites

Want something that is almost guaranteed? Selling on photo websites can be the best option out there. Check out our list of the top-performing websites where professional feet sellers get most of their money from.



Craiglist has always been the go-to site for most of us since it offers a simple interface similar to the classic classified ads on newspapers.

While this is still popular in many countries, you have to provide ads here, but make sure your descriptions are on point and spark interest. You do not want to blatantly copy/repurpose from other ads as you want to stay distinct with your offers.

Finally, don’t forget to add a link to your portfolio platform so that you can be sure that interested people can view your services and sample shots.


Stock Photo Companies

Stock photo companies can also be used for your feet pics, but remember that the goal here is to focus on good quality pictures. 

This means that you must have high-quality shots (maybe done by a professional) and get a certain percentage from every download. 

The top companies include:

  1. Shutterstock 
  2. Fotolia 
  3. Getty Images 
  4. iStockPhoto.

Suppose you are more interested in just promoting your photos on these websites. In that case, I highly suggest that you start by adding a few free ones at Pexels or Pixabay since these platforms will show your name (that can be clicked and redirected to your portfolio) and trigger a donate button. 

Whether they donate or not doesn’t matter as much. At least they can remember your name and hopefully find you online one day. 



This platform is solely for posting feet pics for a distinct online community from the name itself. This is basically like Instagram and Snapchat since you can gain followers and have them subscribed to your package.

One thing I have noticed in this platform, though, is that most of the models are posting along with their faces and a few shots of their bodies.


With this being said, be wary of your privacy on this one.

If you gain many subscribers, the website will add you as a featured member, gaining more opportunities to earn.

Featured members are always on the top of the list, and this list is updated constantly based on the number of subscribers, ratings, and comments of the users. You do not want anyone to post negative things on the review section, as it will harm your chances right away.



Etsy is also a fantastic way to earn online, and you can practically sell anything on their online marketplace.

However, please note that every post will have a listing fee dependent on your country (usually around $0.20). Also, every successful purchase will be deducted 5%, going to Etsy themselves.

However, the good thing is that you can price your photos and sell these in bulk. You are free to set your prices, but please note that the competition is fierce on this platform, and you might need to have some SEO tactics in place.

One way to boost sales is by connecting your shop to different platforms like social media websites, Pinterest, or your website.



Foap is practically like a photo selling marketplace, but it has lower standards than traditional stock photo websites. You do not have to pay subscription fees just to get your account ready here.

All you have to do is go to their site, create an account, and start uploading your photos.

Once someone is interested, they can purchase the picture at $10, where $5 is for you and $5 for the company. Given its pricing scheme, it may not be easy to earn much, but it is perfect for beginners.


Only Fans

OnlyFans is a social media app perfect for these types of things. It paves the way for you to open a seller account and have your own subscribers for a flat monthly subscription fee.

how to earn money by selling pictures of your feet on the internetPlease note that while this is legal, you must be ready for your competitors here who might be part of the adult content industry.


This means that while tons of creators are here, most are putting out x-rated materials, and it might be challenging to get attention here.

Imagine competing against Riley Reid, Demi Rose, and Larsa Pippen!


Option 3: Start Your Own Website

Starting your website is not as hard as it seems. What makes it different from all the other listed platforms is that this looks truly professional. 

As we all know, enhancing the presence of your business can only be guaranteed if you have verified social media accounts and real websites that have an excellent, recommended .com extension.

By having one, you’ll have control over the photos you upload, you can connect them to your social media posts, and you can protect the content through encryption. You can design it the way you want and create a sales funnel that converts visitors into sales. 


Another Way To Earn Online…

As I mentioned multiple times throughout this post, selling feet pics online can be an excellent opportunity for anyone that’s looking to make some bucks without a significant upfront investment. 

However, we can’t deny that there are privacy issues here that may cause models to get unsolicited messages or be stalked by millions of people. If you do not protect your information, you might even be blackmailed or harassed.

Additionally, there is nothing wrong with selling feet pics online, but it is somehow being misinterpreted by the younger generations, making them susceptible to the idea of easy money here. 

So, as a reminder, only do this if you are confident that you have a secured plan and fully understand the risks. 

However, if you think that being stalked crosses the line, I’d be glad to share with you an online opportunity that is more promising than this one. 

I’ll be showing you the exact step-by-step process of how I make a living online and let you decide whether it’s something worth pursuing. 


Please don’t expect to make a thousand bucks upon the first week since this is a real business I’ll be teaching you how to build. 

So, to better understand what I’m dealing with, I suggest you take a look at my money guide as it clearly explains everything there is to know about my business line. I’ve made a lot of money by doing this, so nothing stops you from doing the same. 

It’s about time I wrap this up, so hopefully, you liked my guide on how to sell feet pics online. If you have any questions or simply want to reach out to me, please feel free to do so by commenting down below. 👋



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