Investors Underground Review: Not The Best Trading Class!

I have always believed that the only way to understand things is by taking classes and learning from other people’s experiences. 

Are you interested in getting high-quality educational content and guidance? Please find out more in my Investors Underground review!

There’s, without a doubt, no lie in saying that the pandemic has paved the way in changing different sectors of our society. 

Companies issued work-from-home positions, schools have embraced online learning and technology, companies have shifted into a totally contactless model, and side-hustles are now considered the new normal. 

Aside from all those, most of us have become more aware of other things in life in the hopes of preventing boredom.

I, for one, have started to give myself some self-care sessions where my sole focus is managing stress by detaching from all the toxic hustle and bustle of everyday life by focusing on myself, at least for a day. 

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You can practically do anything you want during that particular time as long as it makes you happy. 

For some, feeling “fulfilled” would mean spending that time upskilling, where some take language lessons, online dancing classes, while others are leveling up on skills that can give them more money

And if you are someone like me who is well determined about becoming stable in life, then perhaps you have considered learning more about what the stock market has to offer. 

You see, the stock market is undeniably an exciting field in finance, and what makes it unique is that you don’t need to have a certain degree to partake and earn from it. 


As long as you have the capital, you can start your journey into it. 👍

You might have noticed that even kids, teens, and young adults have become so interested in it, and they seem to be the very reason why this sector has continued to flourish even during the pandemic. 

More importantly, now that we have platforms like RobinhoodTD Ameritrade, and WeBull available for our mobile devices, nothing is really stopping us from diving headfirst into the stock exchange. 

While it may be easy to brush off negative thoughts by saying to yourself, “buy low, sell high,” it really is not the case. 

Oh, how I wish it were that simple, but the truth is, it’s relatively easy to lose money in the market, especially now that everything is on thin ice due to the pandemic. 

Even bluechip companies, cryptocurrencies, and forex are starting to become highly volatile. But does that mean that you should also sit on your cash at home like Buffett

Of course not! There are ways by which you can learn how to time and adequately analyze stocks like a pro. One of those resources that you can use is the Investors Underground education materials. 

Investors Underground ReviewIf you are interested in video lessons, textbook-based courses, and understanding the technical side of it all, then this could be something that you should consider seriously. 👌


However, the truth is, what we see and hear about a specific product is only a fractional part of what it really is, and somehow, I have a sense you know what I’m trying to say by that. 

Before you dive into their community and subscribe to their plans, allow me to give you an honest review of how their platform works and whether it is worth your time, money, and attention this year. 

Please note that I am not being sponsored to write this post, so you can rest assured knowing that everything I will share here is my honest opinion about it.

If you decide to subscribe with them, I will not get any commissions, nor can I offer you any discount vouchers for their service. What I have here is the truth and nothing but the truth. 

If that sits well with you, then let’s crack everything there is to know in this exclusive Investor Underground review by yours truly.


Investors Underground Review

At this point in time, I think we can all agree that everyone wants to be a trader of some sort. Nevertheless, trading is certainly not for everyone, and without proper knowledge on how it works, you might end up gambling your hard-earned money. 

To prevent this, several masterclass training sessions on stock trading have been developed by different, so-called gurus. 

You can easily find these on Udemy, edX, or even on YouTube! But please remember one thing: not all offer quality courses.

If you are looking for an education provider with a track record, then perhaps, you have already heard of the much-loved, well-known Investors Underground.

Investors Underground has been in the industry for over 13 years now. It remains popular on the internet, allowing it to gain an A+ rating on BBB with zero complaints and a resounding 4.8 customer rating on Trustpilot

Unlike other stock education services, the Investors Underground is quite a force to reckon with since it has over 47k followers on Facebook, 37k on Instagram, and 163k on Twitter. With such metrics, you can already glimpse how positively loved and cherished the whole company is.

According to InvestopediaThe Balance, and Benzinga, it has also been rated as one of the best trading courses. It has also been mentioned in The Huffington PostYahoo FinanceThe Street, and Fortune

Is Investors Underground a scamIf you are looking for one of the most popular courses currently on the market, this is definitely on top of the list. With that being said, you should also be aware that popularity is not an indication of quality. 😕


The company basically offers 100% free video lessons, how-to articles, and strategies from their website and YouTube channel. 

As of writing, I checked their video uploads and was surprised to find out that a few of their videos have even reached 1.3 million views

What makes them even more remarkable is the fact that they provide high-quality lesson guides for free, and I guess this is the primary driver for why they have a massive following on their media profiles.

If you are a total beginner, one of the things you will love about their informative website is that they offer a day trading encyclopedia which means that you can get a comprehensive explanation of the terminologies used in navigating the markets. 

I do not mean like this is just a dictionary, but it is actually pretty much packed with all the information you will ever need. 

For instance, if you want to understand technical analysis, you will see the explanation, the formula, and how to use/apply it.

If you want to get yourself inspired on how to do day trading, the website also has day trader interviews with some of the most prominent trading wizards in the field. 

You can watch more than ten interviews directly from their website. If you subscribe with them, you can get instant access to toolkits such as:

  1. A wide range of video lessons, guides, and trading recaps. 
  2. Daily watch list of the hippiest stocks to trade.
  3. The list comes with the game plan analysis on the prices. 
  4. 20+ hours of premium trading course content.
  5. Active chat rooms with real-time trade alerts.
  6. Group webinars with Q&A sessions. 

The active chat room is where users can share their opinions and ask questions to the professional moderators and users, who are also traders themselves. 

On the other hand, the group webinars act as an interactive over-the-shoulder type of student groups and recaps. 

In short, they are promising that if you subscribe to their content, you can come to the market prepared and confident that you understand how it works (therefore, allowing you to have an increased potential to earn more out of your hard-earned tax dollars). 


Also, some of the best traders in the world will support you. 🗺️

What do I mean when I say “the best traders” in the world? Well, I know what you might be thinking – how exactly do we know if these people are pros, right?

Upon checking, I was pretty surprised to know that they actually are worthy, and you can see a trail of how good they are. 

One example of that is its founder, Nathan Michaud, who has been featured time and time again as one of the top penny stock traders.


I also had some inside scoop you won’t believe. 😯

As much as I want to drag the name of Nate and describe to you all his outstanding achievements in the field, let me focus more on the red flag I found out about him. 

Apparently, in 2011, the SEC sued Nathan because of the classic pump and dump scheme or the manipulation of different stocks.

According to the SEC summary, our guy Nathan has worked with Dynkowski in pumping up the price of Asia Global by using fraudulent advertisements and misleading press releases. 

And if you have been following this site and reading my posts for some time now, you must know that I really do not recommend companies with tainted pasts such as this one. 

While I do understand that the quality of their resources may be “good,” I find it hard to believe that they have entirely put a stop to the pump and dump scheme.

Is Investors Underground worth it As I always say, where there’s smoke, there must be fire. And given that Nathan is still one of the top dogs in this field, the remnants of the fire will always follow him around. 🔥


So, this is how I weigh in on all of this. If you are hell-bent on learning from him directly, then Investors Underground is for you. 

On the flip side, if you are keen on improving, I suggest that you go for other stock trading courses that do not have such a negative past. 

The choice is yours at the end of the day, and I just want to make sure you’re comfortable with whatever you choose. 


Investors Underground V.S. Warrior Trading

Let’s try to compare it with Warrior Trading, one of the most recommended stock trading courses globally that is almost similar to Investors Underground. 

Let’s start with the founders: The Warrior Trading was developed by Ross Cameron, and upon rigorous cross-checking, I find that there are no SEC cases against him or his company. I even find it cute that on LinkedIn, Ross even endorsed Nathan in his skill in trading!

Categories Warrior Trading Investors Underground
Focus Momentum Trading Momentum Trading
Trading style Day Trading Day Trading
Educational Facility Premium online course, chat room, daily watchlists, streaming stock scanners, and commentary from the moderators Premium course content, chat rooms, webinars, watch lists updated daily, mentorship program (elite)
Notable award Benzinga Fintech Awards (2016, 2017) None
# of Students 500k 1k
BBB rating A rating (accredited) with 4.98- star customer review A+ rating (not accredited and has no customer reviews)
Free Trial Available for 7 days None
Refunds Strictly no refunds available Strictly no refunds available
Pricing range $997 to $5,997 $297 to $2697

If you ask me, both companies offer premium content, and it all boils down to how much content you are willing to consume. 

They are pretty much alike in terms of services except that Warrior Trading also offers simulators and proprietary stock scanners, making it a bit on the pricier side than Investors Underground. 

Therefore, if you want to learn and use technical tools, Warrior Trading is the way to go. Additionally, I find Warrior Trading a better option because you can see directly how well the portfolio of the company is doing as they regularly upload the broker statements on the site. 


This is something that Investors Underground does not offer. ❌

So from the way I see it, there are two questions that you need to ask yourself when choosing the course that fits your goals. 


Question 1: How much is my budget? 

I guess this is the classic example of “you get what you pay for” since the Investors Underground may be cheaper, but it sure as hell can’t compete with the services of Warrior Trading. 


Question 2: Who am I going to trust? 

Both Ross and Nathan are well-known and respected in the industry. The only difference for me here is the fact Nathan’s past is tainted. 


Is Investors Underground Worth It?

For the price, it is somewhat similar to Bulls on Wall Street and The Skyview Trading, but perhaps you are wondering what the services are under the company and whether it is worth it. 

Allow me to answer the second question right away: their content is undeniably good to its core. However, given that Nathan has been part of a pump and dump scheme, I find his company a bit on the sketchier side. 


With this being said, I still do not recommend it. ⛔🙃

As of writing, there are three membership types, and once you choose any of these, you will instantly get access to the Investors Underground community. 

You can choose to pay for a monthly membership worth $297, quarterly at $697, or an annual fee worth $1897. Whatever you will pick, you will be guaranteed the following:

  1. Educational materials with over 1000 video lessons 
  2. Various day trading resources 
  3. Software packages, market activity recaps, and watch lists 
  4. Community support – active chat moderated by 11 pro traders 
  5. Daily watch lists with game plans and trading recaps 
  6. A list of top stocks to watch out for 
  7. Monthly Q&A webinars 

Now, if you are interested in getting education and membership services, the Investors Underground offers three types of pricing: $1296 (monthly), $1697 (quarterly), and $2697 (annual). 

Regardless of what you will choose, you will instantly get all the services from the listed benefits above, along with a textbook trading course, tandem trader course, and swing trading course with around 20 hours of content.


Is Investors Underground a Scam?

Investors Underground is not a scam, and it indeed provides first-rate services that will support your learning journey in the theories and the concepts behind day trading. 

For me, it is better to have some sort of guidance like this one than just diving headfirst into the abyss (trust me, I learned this the hard way).

Additionally, we can all see here that its pricing range is perfect for total beginners, making it a possible choice for anyone interested in learning from some professionals. 

Investors Underground vs Warrior TradingHowever, I personally will stay away from it since I do not trust its founder. Seeing such a fraudulent case is definitely a deal-breaker, which makes me more interested in looking for other online courses instead. ⭐


If you ask me, I still think that beginners will find it better to just go to Coursera and sign up for a free course under them. 

At least, the courses there are not made by some gurus but actual professionals from prestigious universities. 

It may not be as comprehensive as what Investors Underground provides, but the academe checked the course content (some can even be audited).


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While I totally understand that spending two dollars per day isn’t that much, I’m also well aware that it can be quite a burden for some.

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If you’ve been looking for ways to make money online, then I’m absolutely sure that you’ve come across my business line at least once.

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I also like the fact that you’re merely acting as a middleman, meaning that you will never ever have to worry about the handling of stock, the logistics of orders, nor stress about packaging and delivery.

All you need to get started is a laptop, a stable internet connection, and the willingness to put some effort to get to where you want to be.

Many ‘digital nomads’ travel the world nowadays, and affiliate marketing makes it possible for you to become one of them.

Lastly, I absolutely adore being an affiliate because, unlike many, I have a healthy work-life balance.

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That’s pretty much it, plus I don’t want to keep you up late, so I think it’s about time I finish this Investors Underground review.

I genuinely hope that I was able to give you a clear picture of what the platform is really about and whether it’s a complete scam or not.

If you happen to have any inquiries about the platform or my way of earning, then feel free to drop a comment down below, and as always, I promise to give my best to reply to it promptly. 👋



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