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Is Empire Financial Research a Scam? The Most Honest Review!

Financial newsletters are integral since they’re a quick fix for all the stock market needs. Are you interested in signing up under Whitney Tilson? 

Please find out more as we answer whether Empire Financial Research is a scam or a platform that offers honest advice and commentary backed by complex, extensive research. 

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So, let’s get this Empire Financial Research review started. 😊

If you’re someone who has never thought of subscribing to a financial newsletter, then you probably feel that they’re not worth it at all. 

Add to that is the fact that some of the popular ones can indeed be too pricey in the long run, and you have so many reasons to evade them. 

However, let me clarify that you do not actually need to invest in one just to make the right decision in the stock market.

Contrary to common belief, you do not need much information that may overload your brain, especially if you’re investing for the long term. 

One of the most recommended ways by which you can protect your capital is by investing in some of the best blue-chip companies out there and letting them grow in value for the next five to ten years. 

Please note that investing in these does not mean you will get a guaranteed return since the market is so untamable and unpredictable. 

But, by doing so, you can get more comfort in knowing that you are investing in a solid company with a positive historical performance. 

easily the best way to make money online!

best way to make money online

On the flip side, if you’re aiming to become a full-time trader or simply want to profit instantly, no matter how small or big, then you should probably reconsider as blue-chip stocks are not the one for you. 

In my experience, you can find quicker returns when you position yourself on trading cryptocurrencies, penny stocks, forex, and options. 

Before you dive and try to acquire any of those digital assets, please know that these are highly volatile, and you can be wiped out instantly. 

How do I know this? Well, I happened to lose a few hundred pounds just by trying out options and cryptocurrencies. 

Luckily, I did not “play” with any of my life savings because I saw how easy it is to burn your capital in just a few minutes! 

As a word of advice for beginners, I encourage you to learn analysis strategies and join financial newsletters of your choice because:

  1. Strategies based on in-depth analysis can never go wrong.

  2. Financial newsletters can guide you to choose the right stocks depending on your risk appetite.

  3. Depending on the quality of the newsletters, you can also learn their strategies in identifying emerging stocks and how they forecast prices.

  4. By becoming a member of different newsletters, you get to see other points of view about the current market conditions.


In today’s post, I will present my thorough Empire Financial Research newsletter review and ultimately answer whether this company can really help manage risks for your investments. 

This post will only contain my honest thoughts about their service, and let me just clarify that I am not connected with that company, nor am I being sponsored to write this post.

Ready for it? Let’s get it on!


Empire Financial Research Review

Having yourself subscribed to financial newsletters can be worth it if you are just starting out. They are ultra unique because they do not cost much and can give you legitimate advice and warnings about the market.

Some of the most popular ones are Project ProphecyReal Wealth StrategistInvestment Opportunities, and the Motley Fool Stock Advisor.

In my experience with using those, I realized that they’re worth the price, especially if you can be easily overwhelmed by reading The Wall Street Journal every day. 

Basically, each of these paves the way in keeping you in the loop with what is hot and happening in the financial sphere. Some of these also include monthly recommendations on emerging stocks.

Another name in the industry that is quickly becoming popular today is Empire Financial Research, founded in 2019. 

While it is relatively still new in the arena, I was surprised to find out that they have over 32k followers on Facebook and 12k on Twitter. 

They still do not have a BBB or Trustpilot profile, but with that amount of social media followers, I go on to say that I am well impressed.

Empire Financial Research ReviewIn my previous reviews about other financial services, most of their competitors didn’t have an active social media page making their financial newsletter advertisements very discreet. 💡


For the case of Empire Financial Research, they even post content and videos related to investing, so you can learn more from them for free without actually having to be a member. 

Suppose you want to see excerpts of their previous seminars and tutorials like evaluating stocks. In that case, you can easily find them on their official YouTube channel, which also has around 3.98k subscribers! 

Their video contents are not as updated as their social media pages, but I still think the tutorials are evergreen and perfect for beginners.

With this being said, I applaud them for allowing everyone to understand their approach without paying a cent!

From their website, you can see that Tilson basically establishes the newsletters to offer advice, in-depth analysis, reports, and commentary ideal for investors of all levels and risk appetites. 

It offers six major products focusing on various strategies like basic investing, short selling, and many more.  As of writing, here are the products:

  1. Empire Elite Growth for $3k per year focuses on publicly traded small-mid cap stocks perfect for the long term.

  2. Empire Elite Options for $3k per year focuses on publicly traded small-large cap stocks perfect for the short term.

  3. Empire Elite Trader for $69 per month – focused on publicly traded mid-large cap stocks perfect for the long term.

  4. Empire Investment Report for $3k per year – focused on building a model portfolio from a combination of popular and emerging stocks.

  5. Empire SPAC Investor for $3k per year – focused on building a SPAC  portfolio.

  6. Empire Stock Investor for $49 for standard subscription and $799 for lifetime membership focuses on building wealth and securing capital by investing primarily in large-cap stocks.


The first thing I noticed is that they priced their publications on a higher spectrum than average. Usually, financial newsletters are just around $100 below per month, which is quite a reasonable price to pay. 

Still, upon checking, I was surprised that they offer more value since each purchase comes with unique types and numbers of freebies like a special trading masterclass, ebooks, and additional primer and reports.

If you want to try out their services, please know that they also offer a 30-day program where you can cancel and get a refund if you find yourself disappointed with their quality. 

But after hours and hours of research on Quora and Reddit reviews about the company, there are no posts directly saying that the service is terrible or somewhat sketchy.

As of writing, the company also features four editors under their belt, including Whitney Tilson (CEO of Empire Financial Research), Enrique Abeyta, Berna Barshay, and Gabriel Marshank. 

is Whitney Tilson a scammerWhat makes their team different is the fact that they are all renowned experts in the field of finance. They are not shady people without an online footprint. ❌


Unlike other editors we know, they are well known in the field and have no pending or previous cases against them.

Based on their website, I was pretty surprised to see that they have popular names (Bill AckmanJoel Greenblatt, and Leon Cooperman) under their belt as subscribers. 

While there really is no way to check this out if this is real, please note that this is the first time I am reviewing a financial newsletter that seems to have the right assortment of people in the field. 

And if you will ask me, this makes it immensely more reputable than its competitors like Agora Financials and Stansberry Research.


Is Whitney Tilson a scammer?

The CEO and founder of this company is Whitney Tilson, and he is definitely not a scammer.  I can say this with confidence since, compared to other editors, he is the only one you can easily track online to see the quality of his advice. 

He has been featured and was considered the go-top expert of some big media companies like: 

  1. Yahoo Finance 
  2. CNBC 
  3. Forbes 
  4. London Real 
  5. Talks at Google

On top of that, he has an impeccable profile starting with a degree from Harvard University and Harvard Business School, and as a founder of Kase Learning and Empire Financial Research. 

He also had an 18-year stint as a managing partner for Kase Capital Management. Additionally, he has co-authored books entitled Art of Value Investing (2013) and More Mortgage Meltdown (2009).

Aside from being in finance for a long time, he is also very visible in philanthropic activities. In 2008, he was awarded by the Harvard Business School Club the John C Whitehead Social Enterprise Award

As much as I’d like to find anything wrong about this guy to balance out this review, I have to be honest in saying that he seems like a good guy and has no past or current cases.


Is Empire Financial Research  A Scam?

Empire Financial Research is not a scam, and it indeed offers advice about the financial market. The only drawback for me is that their products are pretty pricey.

My suggestion is that if they want to expand their reach, they must make it affordable and maybe just offer the freebies as an add-on.

Additionally, since they are still new on the scene, we cannot really comment on how good their investment calls are.

Whitney Tilson ReviewIt will be unfair to gauge the quality of their recommendations now that the stock market is pretty unstable due to the pandemic.


Once everything goes back to normal (or at least a wee bit normal), I’d gladly walk you through their stock investor newsletter.

As for the legitimacy of the company’s owner, it is true that he is really well known in his field and boasts a good track record.

With this being said, I highly recommend him and his company to the newsletters published under Agora Financials.


How I Make A living Online

I understand why there is a buzz around the idea of investing. 

Of course, it’s exciting as it lends a sense of drama as you can finally say – “hey, I am an investor of Tesla and Google.” 

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is Empire Financial Research legitimateYou’ve probably heard of it before, but just in case you haven’t, I don’t have a problem with giving you a quick walkthrough. 


In a nutshell, what I do is called affiliate marketing, and as an affiliate, my ‘job’ is to promote and sell other people’s products and services. 

Many advantages come with being an affiliate, and now, I’d like to share a few of the reasons that got me to do this in the first place: 

  1. It’s significantly less risky than investing. 
  2. It doesn’t require a lot of start-up capital. 
  3. You don’t need any newsletters to time the market. 
  4. There’s no need to follow other people’s sentiments. 
  5. What’s hot and what’s not doesn’t concern you. 
  6. Your earnings aren’t dependent on external factors. 
  7. You impact people’s lives positively. 
  8. You provide solutions for people’s pain points. 


Affiliate marketing is not a new thing. 

I see it as a revamped version of the “finders fee” system since you’re tasked to find interested buyers and have them purchase a product. 


You’re basically acting as the middleman. 

It genuinely is one of the best ways to make a living online, and you might not believe me when I say that because of the ever-increasing number of internet users, now is the best time to jump in on the bandwagon. 

I am living proof that it’s pretty possible to achieve personal and financial freedom within two to three years.  Still, first off, you must understand that the journey begins with you putting your utmost effort into bringing this to fruition. 

As I mentioned a few times before, I’m an affiliate marketer myself, and here are my top ten reasons why you should consider becoming one too: 

  1. It’s seen as a low-risk-high-return-investment. 
  2. It’s a pretty creative and flexible way of earning online. 
  3. You can get started with less than two bucks a day. 
  4. It’s one of the best business models for newbies. 
  5. It’s set to become an $8.2 million industry by 2022. 
  6. It matures into a source of passive income with time.
  7. You don’t need to be an expert, nor have any previous knowledge. 
  8. 2 out of 3 online earners are affiliates. 
  9. Anyone from anywhere can do it. 
  10. And these success stories are proof of that. 

As I end this Empire Financial Research review, I hope that I was able to shed light on this platform, and hopefully, I did an excellent job of providing you with a clear answer of whether it’s a complete scam or not.

If you enjoyed my post, please send it to your friends by sharing it on social media to help spread the news on all things financial. 

And lastly, if you happen to have any inquiries about this, please feel free to leave a comment down below, and as usual, I promise to give my best to reply to it on time. 





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