Mercari Review

Is Mercari a Scam? I Made $783 in Just One Week!

When we hear the word “selling,” what usually comes to mind are popular sites like eBay and Amazon. But what if I tell you that Mercari, a 2013 e-commerce company, can help you close the deals almost instantly. 

In today’s post, we will answer whether Mercari is a scam or a legitimate marketplace where you can score some easy money. 

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So, without further ado, let’s get this Mercari review started. 😊

I know you’ll agree that cleaning the house is one of the most tiring activities, especially if you suffer from a hoarding disorder. 

Anyhow, ever since the pandemic began, many of us have found ourselves with so much spare time on our hands that the idea of cleaning has finally become something to look forward to. (or not) 

And the best part of it all? This is the perfect time to find and dispose of all the pre-loved items that we don’t really need at the moment. 

Instead of putting them all in a box and throwing them out, why not try to sell them online and see if you can still get the best prices? 


Yup, you read that right. 

Some people earn thousands of dollars just by simply taking pictures of their items and posting them on selling applications and websites.

You see, contrary to common belief, there is a lot of money to be made when you sell used items. More so if these include authentic pieces from know brands like Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Nike, Funko, and Nintendo. 

These items are selling like crazy online, and as long as you provide product descriptions (along with exciting details and the flaws of the product) and keep the price low, you will surely profit. 

But the best part of it all is that by going online, you will have more access to interested parties willing to buy your pieces. Some may even offer you a higher price than what you initially stated. 

Given the worldwide reach, it is highly possible to sell almost anything online as there will likely always be someone out there interested in collecting your items. You know what they say – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 

Mercari ReviewHave some vintage candle holders? How about some classic stickers or signed collectables? Whatever you have lying around your home, it is possible to make money out of it. 💰


Please do note, though, that most popular websites for selling used items only allow “legitimate” things, so if you’re planning on selling clones or counterfeits, know that your account might get banned.

Are you interested in diving into the world of secondhand selling? Stay tuned as I present to you one of the most innovative names out there. 

Before I continue with my review, please note that I am not connected with Mercari, nor am I sponsored to write this post. What you will find here are my honest opinions about their platform and nothing more.

At the end of this article, I will also share with you the exact step-by-step process of making a living online and let you decide whether you want to make some real money or keep on wasting your time trying to profit out of vintage undies. 


Mercari Review

Although it does not share the same popularity as PoshmarkSwappaOffer UpVintage Cash Cow, or Decluttr, the Mercari has been used by many and is actually followed by over 900k people on Facebook, 298k on Instagram, and 31k on Twitter. 

For the first time, we have finally come across a platform with great metrics and digital marketing practice on par with the current standards.

Upon checking their older posts, I find them interactive and are pretty good at allowing people of all ages to become familiar with their platform. 

They are so strong on marketing that they have a 2021 Super Bowl commercial. And we all know that if you have a prime slot on such, your company’s fan base is almost guaranteed to increase even further!

Also, it has been attracting day traders in the stock market as they’re considering the company to boost even more in the years to come. 


Could that be the case for this e-com app? 

If there is one thing that we can all agree on, the company is snowballing, and people simply love it! At this point, you probably want to know what exactly is Mercari and how does it work? 


Well, let’s talk about that.

As you can see from this video, the Mercari is a selling platform that has been popularized by the Japanese founders Shintaro Yamada, Ryo Ishizuka, and Tommy Tomishima. 

While it may not have been clear what prompted them to start this business, I can assume they have patterned it after the famous Sayonara Sales and Mottanai groups on social media.

Sayonara Sales refers to online groups where you can post your items (that are in good condition) and let interested parties buy them off of you. 

The same is true with Mottanai groups, although most items are practically free and posted by residents planning to move to another country as soon as possible. 

Seeing that only a few know about these social groups, the founders probably wanted to bridge the gap by creating an online platform accessible through desktop or mobile phones. 

The whole platform is easy to navigate and does not have advertisements, meaning that anyone can simply sell their items instantly. 

easily the best way to make money online!

best way to make money online

The Mercari marketplace was launched in 2013 and is considered one of Japan’s most successful community-driven marketplaces. 

It is so popular because it offers incredible functionalities for sellers – from a live streaming session (where viewers can buy items live) to even the popular Mercari NOW function for instant cash for items sold.

It was made available in the United States in 2014 and United Kingdom in 2016. What sets them apart from other companies is that as early as 2013, they beat the system by creating a fully functional application where you can list your stuff and have it sold immediately. 

Additionally, it allows sellers to ship anonymously so long as they send it with tied companies such as the following:

  1. USPS
  2. UPS
  3. FedEx
  4. Yamato Transport
  5. Japan Post

The app has been downloaded in Google Play by over 269k people and has been rated by over 1 million people on the App Store! 

If all of those who installed it have created listings or sold stuff, that would mean that the company has a rich number of item listings. And these listings are around categories that we all love, including:

  1. Women
  2. Men
  3. Electronics
  4. Toys
  5. Home products
  6. Beauty products
  7. Kids related items
  8. Vintage
  9. Other stuff

You can also sell or shop by brand! Some of the top names on their list are Adidas, Air Jordan, Apple, Bose, Channel, and other luxury items. 

And speaking of luxury, please note that they have the highest standards, so if you want to sell it at more than $99, the company will check for the legitimacy of the item first so that once you post it online, you will have a specific “authentication badge” to show off. 


The authentication is about 48 hours at most! 🕐

I find the concept of Mercari innovative to the point that almost anyone can make cash whenever they want. 

I guess the profitability here lies in your photos, the quality of your description, and the seller rating you will have once you start selling stuff. 

Oh, and before I forget, you will also have to earn your seller badges to show authority. The basic badges are: 

  1. Go-Getter
  2. Fast Responder
  3. Reliable
  4. Quick Shipper
  5. Member Since

Upon checking, I also like that the sellers can also rate the buyers to know which of the accounts are not dealing correctly with sellers. 

You see, Mercari is striving to create a fully functional platform and does not have all the “paid” reviewers you can find from Amazon or eBay. 

Therefore, the reviews left on products are legit!


Also, I like the fact that it offers a win-win solution for everyone. 🏆

For instance, if you are selling a handbag for $25, you can see the number of viewers who clicked on your item, and if any of these people are using the mobile app, they can score deals by offering to buy things at a lower price. 

Let’s say someone wants to buy it at $20; you can shake hands and close the deal straight away. 


How Does Mercari Work?

There are just seven steps that you must take to experience what Mercari has to offer and how it can potentially help you out. 


Firstly, of course, is by creating an account. 

You just have to click on the sign-up button and start adding your basic information, profile picture, and set up payment methods.


Secondly, you have to verify your account. 

Contrary to the typical verification process that usually involves an e-mail address, the Mercari app actually has a secured protocol. 

You will be required to send a copy of your government-issued ID such as your passport, driving license, or birth certificate as long it shows your full name, social security number, address, and date of birth.

The third step is to take the picture and start creating a listing. Unlike in Etsy stores, you don’t have to pay to list your items. Therefore, you can go all out and create hundreds of listings! 

Each listing must have clear photos and details about the item’s condition, the brand, shipping fee, size, categories, and tags.


The fourth step is to ship items once you accept an offer. 

Under the terms and conditions of the company, it is now the seller’s responsibility to package the item correctly and have it shipped within three business days. 

The package must come with the shipping label (generated by the website). Also, do note that they charge a 10% fee for every closed deal.


The fifth step is for the buyer to hit on the “receive” button. 

Once the buyer confirms it and provides you with a rating, you can finally receive the money and transfer it to your account. 

Do note that there is no specific threshold for the money transfer, but all transactions below $10 will be charged a transfer fee. 

On the brighter side, if it’s above $10, there will be no charges, and you can see it reflected within three business days.


Is Mercari Legit?

Mercari has been praised by many multimedia companies such as CNBCTeenVogueWoman’s Day, and Brit+Co

We can pretty much see from there that it is legitimate and is actually one of the top-performing marketplaces that have almost zero complaints! It has an impressive 4.0 rating on Trustpilot and an A rating on BBB.

While it may sound like a total charm, please note that there are also some drawbacks that I can see from this platform. 

For instance, some of the sellers are not aware that aside from the 10% fee for the closed deal as commission, you will also be charged an extra $2 to transfer the money to your account, especially if the amount is not more than $10. 

But in their defence, the fee is actually in their terms and discussions, so I wonder why many people are saying they are a total scam for those fees. 

I do not want to blame anyone, but please note that our responsibility is to read and review the terms of whatever platform we are joining.


Is Mercari A Scam?

Mercari is not a scam, and it is of the best platforms out there. It is growing by the day, and it’s continuously becoming more popular as many see it on social media and advertisements.

Also, I like that their application is usable and is seller/buyer-friendly with an easy to navigate design and a streamlined process for selling items.

They are consistently trying to innovate the platform by adding new deals, discounts and are becoming more cautious about the security of the members.

Is Mercari LegitIn this way, you as a seller or buyer will know that you are dealing with a real person and not some scammy guy drinking coffee and probably laughing at you as you buy their counterfeit stuff. ☕🤣


As a buyer, you can have so much flexibility since you can pay in different modes and check the items by looking at the photos.

More importantly, you can see honest reviews from previous buyers so that you’ll have an idea of how the transaction went and the usability of the product.

I’ve known about Mercari for a while now, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to sell my two Apple iPads. Surprisingly, I was able to sell both within a week and even made a handsome profit of $783.

Not bad, considering they were iPad Pro’s 2018 model.


How I Make A Living Online?

While it’s true that you can make a lot of cash from selling used stuff, it’s unlikely that you’ll clear out all your items in just a few weeks. 

Well, what if I tell you that there is a better way to make money online that doesn’t require you to sell your old yet loved goods. 

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The business model I’ll share in just a second runs like a clock, but having said that, it does require a little bit of elbow grease, and only then can you reap the benefits it has to offer. 

Please feel free to leave this page if you think that I’m just another “guru” that’s trying to sell you on yet another crappy done-for-you system. 

If you read my about page, you know that I despise those types of systems as they’re, most often than not, filled with lies and false hopes. 

is Mercari a reliable websiteI hate to keep you waiting, so to better understand how I make a living online, I suggest you have a look at my money guide, as it does a perfect job of explaining everything there is to know about my business line. 📕


This business model has been passed around for decades since it is so profitable and virtually allows anyone to start a business online. 

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It’s about time I end this Mercari review, so hopefully, I was able to give you a clear answer of whether this marketplace is a scam or not. 

If you have any questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, and as always, I’ll give my best to reply on time. 👋



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