Seed Invest Review

Is Seed Invest a Scam or a Great Way to Kickstart Your Business?


Is Seed Invest a scam or the real deal for aspiring entrepreneurs? 


Let me tell you this – you are not alone in this.  

Now that all the circumstances are urging us to take our finances more seriously, most of us are becoming more open to the idea of creating a business from scratch. 

Not only it’s an excellent way to generate some cash, but it also paves the way in securing a future where you can work on projects you are most passionate about.


Are you interested in cooking? 🍳

Tinkering? 🪛

Maybe designing? 🖼️

How about slime-making? 🤔


I’m sure you’d be surprised to discover that you could establish a business in just about any niche these days. 

The pandemic has somehow taught us that there is no security when it comes to our jobs, and that’s something we shouldn’t take lightly. 


I mean, if you have a stable job, then good for you. 👍

But if you are still on the first few runs in your career, you must be aware that landing your dream job just got stricter. 

The truth is that most companies are dissolving positions at this very minute. The latest reports say that most of the jobs we thought were stable enough are either disappearing or being moved online. 

With that being said, you must know that you’ll likely find it challenging to get your foot through the door if you don’t have any skills in tech. 

This means that today’s workforce must be genuinely flexible and prepared for positions that are yet to exist in the future. 


Now that must be frustrating, right? 

How exactly can you prepare for something that is not there yet?

Given that the process of being employed is complex, one of the top options for most people interested in challenging the norms is the love of idea to establish a business. 

Becoming a business owner is a liberating and truly thrilling experience because it will allow you to create a fantastic job and work environment for yourself, free up your time, and the part that I love most about it is that when it’s all said and done, the earning are yours alone. 

Depending on your effort and the people you will hire, your chances of tripling the money you invested are highly possible! 

However, you must understand kickstarting a business is not as easy as it seems, and there will be instances where you will have to use your savings to keep the company afloat during its first few years. 

Besides that, the start-up cost can be too high depending on the industry you are trying to enter. The financial barrier is too great that aspiring entrepreneurs prefer to keep their million-dollar ideas tucked somewhere in their minds instead. 

The good thing, though, is that the developments in technology have opened the door in connecting interested “funders” to help out these entrepreneurs in the form of online crowdfunding.

Today’s post will show you how Seed Invest works and whether it is really an excellent option for those looking to scale up or kick start a new brand.

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Hi, my name is Gorjan, and for the past few years, I’ve been solely focused on helping people steer clear of scams online. 

So far, I’ve reviewed well over +300 online courses, apps, and programs and helped more than a few dozen people stay safe on the web. 

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At the same time, it does require a great deal of effort and perseverance, and only then can you take advantage of the benefits it provides. 

If working hard and patiently waiting is your idea of owning a booming business online, then my most recommended platform has everything you’ll ever need to succeed in this often-puzzling online ‘biz’ industry.

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There’s one last thing I want to mention. 🙂

Before we dive into the review, let me just clarify that I am not being sponsored to write this post and what you will read here are just my honest opinion about their platform. 

I will not sugarcoat anything because my readers deserve to get transparent information before they consider signing up for this one.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s get started, shall we? 


Seed Invest Review

Have you ever wondered how some of the rags to riches stories happen in real life? More often than not, the brands that we know today have been supported and funded by other people and not just the founders themselves. 

Take the case of Oculus Rift, for example, which started as a simple project on Kickstarter and ended up having over 9k backers and a pledge amount of around $2 million! It may have started small, but the company is now one of the leaders in the VR industry.

The same story is true for Pop Sockets, a project started by a university professor. It may look a bit ridiculous at first, but it was able to gain 520 backers, and it’s currently one of the top-selling smartphone accessories. 

Seed Invest ReviewIn 2018, it was reported that their revenue reached up to 200 million dollars, and I can only imagine how massive the company is now! 😵


These brands are the best examples of the opportunities a crowdfunding platform can get you. Here, most backers and supporters are only rewarded with first dibs on the product or a limited edition version. 


And that is just it.

For the case of Seed Invest, it also works like a crowdfunding platform. Still, the backers here will actually get ownership rights to the company instead of just getting satisfaction in supporting vetted projects. 

In short, it’s like you are just picking the best apple out of all the many projects and getting to earn some shares of it. 


Amazing right? 

It is like you are participating in the stock market, only that the companies here are still yet to skyrocket and become an authentic “brand.”

It is an ideal investment for people interested in diversifying their portfolios and experiencing how it is to become an angel investor and venture capitalist. 

Before proceeding, please note that this form of investment is risky and not all of the companies listed under them will have guaranteed growth. 

SeedInvest is very strict, but it is your responsibility to do your homework before putting your money down. After all, there are no refunds here.


How Does Seed Invest Work?

There is no denying that Seed Invest is a good company because they simplify the process of fundraising on the part of the startups and put a premium on their vetting process. 

Their platform allows interested investors to be connected to many projects worldwide.

At one point in time, a company would require you to become a qualified accredited investor with at least a million dollars under your name. 

Today, they have opened the platform to the masses (non-accredited investors), which means you can now start for as low as $500. 

Please note that the deals you will see on your end will depend on your qualifications. Of course, if you are an accredited investor, you can unlock a broad assortment of companies.

Once you are ready, you can simply hit the INVEST button, and the money will be transferred to an escrow account. 

easily the best way to make money online!

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Once the fundraising closes, Seed Invest will directly transfer the money to the startups, and you will have to complete the legal documents sent to you. 

From then on, all you have to do is wait for the “big exit,” which can take months to even years. Once the company is acquired or debuts as an IPO, you can expect to receive a huge payout.

Before you dive and create an account, let me just clarify that the ROI can literally take you years (5+ according to Seed Invest), so please bear in mind that this is not something that can give you money right away. 

Also, please note that the company holds no warranty or insurance for your investments, meaning that your capital can go up in flames too. 

With this being said, you must only invest what you can afford to lose.


Is It Popular For The Right Reasons?

Seed Invest is popular and has been featured in The New York TimesFox BusinessCNBCRockstar Insider, and Fox 5. The company was also mentioned in ForbesPinkbike, and Motley Fool

It has good social media metrics with around 8k followers on Facebook, 20k on Twitter, and 1.3k on Instagram. BBB does not accredit it, and it has a dismally low 2.8-star rating on Trustpilot.

As of writing this post, the company has no legal cases against them, and it remains to be hyped up online by legitimate sources. Despite its popularity, I still have my reservations against it. 

You see, equity crowdfunding is popular since it is perceived as one of the best ways to keep your money working for you. 

Is Seed Invest Legit However, I sincerely disagree that non-accredited investors should consider these since the risks are just way too much for my appetite.


It is impossible to grasp how much money you can make from your capital here. In addition, almost ALL startups fail in the first three years, and it doesn’t sound fun to think that you might lose your money too.

So, to answer the question – yes, it is popular but not for the right reasons. I agree that this is the perfect opportunity for those who already have enough money to spare, but if you are still working towards financial freedom, this is something you should consider skipping.  

Instead, I highly recommend that you look for crowdfunding platforms that offer rewards (get returns for their donation) or debt (get your money back with interest) facilities instead.


Can You Make Money on Seed Invest?

Yes, you can make money on Seed Invest if you are willing to stay invested in the long term on a company that you actually believe in. 

What worries me the most about this form of investment is that I can’t give you a range of how much you can earn as this is really dependent on how big the exit will be. 

Technically, there are three types of exits where you expect to make money:

  1. The company becomes strong enough to have an IPO status, taking more than five years.

  2. The company will give you dividends – almost impossible, especially for non-accredited investors.

  3. A more prominent brand will buy the company, which is the only legitimate way to earn here.


If you ask me, equity crowdfunding has no stability, and I’d rather try my chances and invest in the stock market. 

While both forms are risky, at least you have some guarantee that seasoned professionals are running the stock market companies. 

Also, you can easily track down the performance of every company and have liquidity where you can sell your shares instantly. 

No questions asked!


Is Seed Invest a Scam?

Seed Investment is not a scam, but it is not for everyone. 

It’s widely recognized online, and I think it’s better for those who already have money lying around or risk-takers who firmly believe in the capacity of their selected projects. 

I know that most people will say that this is a wise step to diversify your portfolio, but please note that you can seriously lose your invested capital here as there is no guarantee that the money will be paid back to you.

There are different types of crowdfunding out there, and if you’re somewhat cautious like me, I’d highly recommend P2P lending platforms. 

At least here, the startup companies are legally given a contract to return their loans along with the predetermined interest. Just consider Lending ClubProsperFunding Circle, or UpStart.


How I Make A Living Online

As you reach this part of the post, I bet you wonder if other legitimate opportunities exist that offer safer investments. 

Perhaps you have searched far and wide and read many things about cryptocurrencies, freelance gigs, dropshipping, and whatnot, and honestly, I can’t blame you for feeling lost. 

If you bothered to read my about page, then you know for a fact that I know how you feel, and this is why I want to introduce you to the business model to whom I owe my success and share with you the exact step-by-step blueprint of how I make a living online. 

Aside from investing, one of the things that you should look into is the types of businesses that you can start entirely online. 

My business line enables you to do just that, and I’d love nothing more than to be the first to tell you how it works. 

Is Seed Invest Safe So, to better understand how I put food on the table, I suggest you go through my money guide, as it does a perfect job of explaining everything there is to know about my line of business. 💸💸💸


But before you do that, I just want to let you know that this is a real business you’ll be building, so please don’t expect to make thousands of dollars in the first few weeks of starting and understand that this takes time and a little bit of elbow grease. 

Also, please don’t hesitate to leave this page if you think that I’m just another “guru” that’s trying to sell you on yet another shit*y, overpromising, underdelivering, done-for-you system. 

If you’re somewhat familiar with me, you know that I despise those types of systems as they’re nothing more than well-thought-of lies. 

I believe it’s time to end this Seed Invest review, so hopefully, I did a hell of a job of providing you with a clear answer of whether it’s a scam or not. 

If there’s anything you want to ask me, feel comfortable to leave a comment down below, and as always, I’ll give my best to reply to it timely. 👋👋👋



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