The Palm Beach Letter Review

Is The Palm Beach Letter a Scam? By No Means, But Listen to This.

We have finally come to an age where investments are not just about the essential stocks and bonds. Today, we are witnessing the rise of digital assets that involve sophisticated forms of currencies such as BitcoinEtherXRP, and many others. 

And from the way I see it, this is probably the primary reason you landed on this page. You want to know the answer to whether the Palm Beach Letter is a scam or a reliable $199 financial newsletter. 


I know what you’re thinking. 😊

I can sense that what intrigued you about this flagship newsletter is that it does not only exist to recommend the basic stock picks of the month but also encourage people to invest in unconventional investments such as cryptocurrencies.


But here’s the thing – just because the crypto world has been trending non-stop lately online doesn’t mean you should jump off the bandwagon of your traditional investments and join the craze right away.

While investors like you and me see a consistent uptrend on the prices of various cryptocurrencies, it does not mean that we should immediately ride the trend, especially if we’re unaware of the risks. 

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Unlike other forms of investments, the risks associated with cryptocurrencies are generally higher, meaning that the chances of hitting it big or losing it all are at 50-50!

There are different risks involved, but my experience in the crypto world allows me to share these top five problematic things that I learned about these coins:

  1. Cryptocurrencies are unregulated  since any government agencies do not back them, the trading values can sharply spike up and down almost instantly. With such an unstable market, this form of investment is suitable ONLY for those who want to make it big and are willing to take huge risks.

  2. Cryptocurrencies are prone to hacking – making it almost impossible to guarantee whether your investments are safe. Additionally, I have come across several fraudulent faucet wallet scams which usually target newbies by asking them to key in their bitcoin wallets and complete tasks or download malicious software in exchange for coins. But once you finished the job, you cannot withdraw the coins.

  3. Cryptocurrency volatility is on steroids – the value of the coins can quickly rise and drop in a matter of minutes, which means you can lose or gain a few hundred and even thousands in an instant! In this context, I only recommend this for those who have time to check the charts every minute.

  4. Cryptocurrencies know no manual – you see, other people may claim that they have the blueprint for the pricing trends. However, the truth is, since cryptocurrencies are not regulated and still under constant development, no one knows what the future holds. Since they are relatively new, there is not much historical data that you can use for research.

  5. No consumer protection – or any guarantee about these digital coins. If you’ve ever been robbed of your precious Trons or BNBs, you cannot report it to the police. All you can do is avail of a coin recovery service or trace it on your own (which is almost impossible, btw).


You probably have seen some friends bragging on social media about their incredible returns in such a short time, which is perhaps the main reason why you are thinking of investing or trading on specific coins too. 

Before I continue with my Palm Beach Letter review, I want to congratulate you for taking the time in doing your research first. You see, I have seen lots of people who have lost a lot because of two reasons:

  1. They don’t have a specific strategy for their cryptocurrencies.
  2. Nor do they have the slightest idea what to get.


And if you honestly do not have any background about this, then this is where financial guides and newsletters can be of value. 

As already stated, this article will walk you through a specific newsletter popularized by Teeka Tiwari that goes by the name Palm Beach Letter. 

In the spirit of full transparency, note that I am not in any way affiliated with Teeka or the Palm Beach Research Group. 

You can rest assured that I will provide only my honest opinions about the service and nothing more. This article is for you, all the aspiring investors and newbies in the crypto world. 


The Men Behind The Palm Beach Letter

Trading and investing, in general, is not as easy as some think. You cannot just pick a stock because the value is at its lowest price, and hope and pray that the price will rise soon.  

Also, you cannot just blindly follow the recommendations of ever-increasing self-proclaimed “gurus” online. 

Your positions should be backed up by some scientific research or historical information to maximize your potential for earning safely.

Since it is impossible to become an investment genius overnight, some of us are availing specific newsletters and stock alerts with the hopes of being guided on how to navigate the market correctly. 

Like Agora FinancialMotley Fool Stock Advisor, and Banyan Hill, the Palm Beach Letter (PBL) promises to provide an easy-to-understand newsletter filled with recommendations from their research. 

The Palm Beach Letter FoundersFrom this point of view, the success of these highly depends on the skills of the editors. For the case of the Palm Beach Letter, we have Teeka Tiwari and Grant Wasylik. 👇


Teeka Tiwari, also known by his real name as Teekachand Richard Tiwari, is best known as an expert in cryptocurrency trading and analysis. 

Just recently, he has been making a lot of noise as London Real consistently featured him on the show about five times already!

Before joining the Palm Beach Research Group, he was affiliated with Conversion Coaching and Tycoon Publishing. 

Besides his managerial skills, he started his career in teaching specialized investment methodologies related to ETFs through an interactive eight-part education program.

He finally joined Palm Beach Research Group in 2013 as he wanted to have a wider reach and help people transform their lives through investing. 

While taking the lead editor position for the Palm Beach Confidential, Palm Beach Letter, Alpha Edge, and Crypto Income Quarterly, he also published a 190-page book entitled New World Money.

During my research, though, I found a little incomplete information about this guru. It appears that Teeka was involved in a disclosure event back in 2005 where he was barred for life from being a financial broker based on the report of FINRA

Is The Palm Beach Letter a scamWhile it may be a thing of the past, I personally would not want to take the advice of someone who has been convicted of something. 😕


On the other side of the coin, we have Grant Wasylik, who holds a degree in economics from Juniata College under his belt. 

Unlike Teeka, he actually provides a more transparent account of his experiences in the field of finance. 

Based on his LinkedIn, he started his career as a trading supervisor back in 1998 and moved to different positions as an analyst.

In 2013, he found his voice as an editor and investment analyst under Agora Publishing. At that time, he was finally able to team up with Teeka at the Palm Beach Research Group. 

Presently he is the investment director of Legacy Research Group, a financial newsletter publisher under the Agora Publishing umbrella.


What Is The Palm Beach Letter All About?

The Palm Beach Letter is just one of the many products under the Palm Beach Research Group (PBRG).

This group is basically under Agora Publishing, where it earns from distributing subscription-based newsletters for various investment vehicles.

For the PBRGs case, the prominent editors and researchers are Teeka, Grant, Jason Bodner, Greg Wilson, William Mikula, and Bob Irish.

The Palm Beach Letter is marketed as the ultimate guide for understanding different forms of investments and building a retirement fund.

With this being said, the target audience is professionals who have no time to learn about the complexities of the “unique” ideas and recommendations of Teeka.

Since the company wants to promote opportunities that are on the safe side, it makes sense that the newsletters and stock picks are pretty divided into different segments – publicly traded companies, pre-IPO investments, and cryptocurrencies.

PBRG ensures that the level of risk will be much lower through this technique since the capital is distributed.


What Comes With The Palm Beach Letter Subscription?

Upon signing up and paying the $199 subscription fee, you will instantly be greeted by a beginner guide in a PDF form that explains the basics of investing as well as the answers to the frequently asked questions. 

Additionally, you will also get your hands on the PDF copy of the Big Black Book of Income Secrets written by Tom Dyson, which retails at $14.42 at Amazon.

Is Teeka Tiwari a scammer Despite being the flagship newsletter, let me say right away that it is not worth the hype. Unlike most financial newsletters, there are not many items included in this subscription. ❌😓


Aside from the 12 monthly issues of the Palm Beach Letter, the only thing you’ll have is access to the members-only portal. 

This portal holds the bonus research reports, videos, and exclusive access to the Palm Beach Letter portfolio.


That’s pretty much it. 😄

I am not expecting much for that price, but it isn’t very reassuring to know that it does not come with any e-books related to cryptocurrencies or even basic stock investing guides. 


And suppose we are going to look clearly at its so-called “bundle”. 🙃

In that case, I do not think that the Palm Beach Letter should even call the bonus research reports a “bonus” since financial newsletters should ALWAYS come with backed up reports for their investment recommendations.

If you are genuinely interested in signing up for newsletters that are worthy of your time, I suggest that you invest in something more deserving of the cost. 

I am not saying that the stock suggestions of this newsletter are not competitive. I am pointing out that you can get more information services for that price in other online institutions.


Is The Palm Beach Letter A Scam?

Cryptocurrency and traditional stock investing is a fine combination that can help you build wealth over time.

I appreciate that the Palm Beach Letter is structured in a way where the investment is diversified, which means that the customer can take advantage of the lows and highs of these vehicles.

In this regard, I sincerely believe that as a financial newsletter, the Palm Beach Letter is not a scam, but I do not recommend it for the following reasons: 🔽


Reason 1: It does not offer value for money

Others might say that $199 is not that much, but you are better off doing your own research or subscribing to other financial advisory programs judging from the membership bundle. 

For those of you that have experienced trading, let me warn you that there is nothing new that you can learn from any of their reports. 

By “new”, I mean that most of what is discussed on the bonus videos, reports, and essays are things that are already considered “common knowledge” for beginner traders.

You can check out my reviews on Warrior Trading, the Day Trading Academy, and Strategic Intelligence for more value for money.


Reason 2: Remember that Teeka has a history

One of the primary deal breakers for me here is that the main editor has been flagged by Finra, and based on the resolution, Teek remained silent and did not admit nor deny the allegations.

If you were wrongly accused, it is a common character to protect yourself and establish the truth, but could Teeka’s silence signify a resounding admittance? I’ll leave that one up to you.


How I Make A Living Online

As much as I want to recommend cryptocurrency trading and investing, I cannot force myself since I know how volatile the market is. 

Like you, I only want to invest time, effort, and money in things that can provide a more steady flow of income, so I decided to make my fortune by going after a more sustainable, overall better online opportunity. 

It might not be the first time that you hear about it, but in case it is, know that you’ve been missing out on a lot, considering that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to get started online and the most common one that people make a living out of. 

Regardless of your dispositions and skills in life, AM makes it possible for you to build a career and reach a comfortable income even in your first year of starting. 

It indeed can be a rewarding business model, but only if you put in the time and effort to make that happen. 

As I said earlier, I’m an affiliate marketer myself, and here are some of the reasons why I think you should consider becoming one too: 

  1.  It’s the most beginner-friendly model of business you’ll find.
  2. Opposite of trading, AM is purely performance-based. 
  3. It’s pretty flexible and convenient. 
  4. It turns into a source of passive income as time passes by. 
  5. It’s an evergreen way of earning and certainly here to stay. 
  6. 2 out of 3 online earners are affiliates. 
  7. AM is considered a low-risk-high-return investment. 
  8. You can get started with nearly one dollar a day. 
  9. I and many others are doing it, so can you. 🏆


I don’t want to make it seem like it’s a guaranteed way of earning without any cons, but having said that, the positives comfortably outweigh the negatives. 

I can go on for days about its practical nature and the benefits surrounding it, but it might be best if I save us both some time and have you read my money guide instead. 

Inside it, I’ve explained everything there is to know about AM, including what it is in detail, how it works, the passive potential that it has, and how you, too, can get started with less than $1.38 per day. 

Just like your online trading, you must make an initial investment in an online training course. However, do note that this investment is not as significant as what you will have to pay for other top online institutions. 

There are undoubtedly some worthy mentions, but the one I recommend you get cracking with is the same platform that I go started with

The Palm Beach Letter Review As they did for me and thousands of other aspiring affiliates, the platform that I’m about to introduce you to can help you transform your ideas into profits by teaching you how to build beautiful, profit-ready websites. 💸👍


I know that building a website may seem overwhelming to some of you, but I assure you that the process can be pretty enjoyable and not as technical as it may seem at first. 

In the last ten years or so, Wealthy Affiliate has been the go-to place for people looking to create a successful business online. 

They gave me all the pieces of training, tools, and support and unselfishly shared all the strategies that I use to this very day to attract thousands of visitors to my site and therefore earn commissions 24/7. 

It’s no secret that the most challenging aspect of building an online business is getting support when you need it. 

At WA, you’ll quickly get all of your queries answered as it is genuinely a community that cares about its members. 

It’s been active for more than sixteen years now, it’s worldwide, infinitely big, and the fact that it has more than +1800 coaches on it and nearly two million active members speaks for itself. 

I have no clue what your idea of success is, but you can certainly reach ten, twenty, hundred, and even surpass the thousands of dollars a day marks if you take full advantage of the training lessons that WA offers

Newcomers are posting their success stories on any given day, and there isn’t any upper limit to what can be achieved if you just grease your elbows and put in the work. 

Wealthy Affiliate is the home of the best affiliate marketers in the world, and they are more than eager to provide consistent support and training for aspiring rookies like you. 

WA’s freemium membership is genuinely one of a kind, and when you sign up for it, you’ll be greeted by me, but even better, get the chance to speak to some of the world’s top affiliates without paying a dime. 

It’s about time that I end this Palm Beach Letter review, so I sincerely hope that I was able to answer the question of whether the Palm Beach Letter is a scam and a complete waste of time or not. 

If there’s something else you want to know or have any questions about the platforms discussed, please feel free to leave a comment down below, and I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as I can. 👋



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