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Jumpcut Academy Review: Should You Stay Away?

You name it, and there’s a big chance that Youtube already has it. From making money online hacks to fitness routines to everyday life tips, this platform has a massive collection of videos just for you. 


But here’s the thing – why settle as an everyday viewer when you can make a name for yourself on the platform too? 

In today’s post, I will share my Jumpcut Academy Review with you to give you a glimpse of whether you should try this popular training provider or continue your search somewhere else until you come across something better instead. 

You see, we are fortunate to be born in a time where we can innovate, thrive, and create opportunities for ourselves. 🙂 

Most often than not, the profits from these opportunities are beyond our 9-5 job or the confines of our work cubicle. 

Recent surveys have shown that many people are experiencing significant shifts in terms of how they perceive future careers. 

I bet it is safe to say that some of us had limited our dreams to the most common ones, such as becoming a doctor, astronaut, lawyer, professor, and such when we were younger. 

Today, technology and social media opened new career paths that are far different and much more entertaining than the traditional ones. 

For all the passionate and skilled people out there, there is nothing to be shy about admitting that becoming a YouTube star has somehow crossed your mind.

If you are someone who: 👇

  1. Is motivated to follow and share your passion online ✓
  2. Does not want to feel pressured to work ✓
  3. Is excited about the idea of becoming a local celebrity ✓
  4. Doesn’t have an issue with producing high-quality content ✓
  5. Wants to get huge paychecks ✓


Then a social media career is perhaps what fits you the most. 😊

There is no denying that YouTube is a goldmine that offers tons of opportunities for you to go viral, and what’s even better about it is that the platform keeps on growing. 

Today, some kids and teens have written that they aspire to become vloggers or influencers of particular niches when they grow up. 

I do not know if Ryan Kaji influenced them or not, but this led me to wonder if this trend could really spark a professional career? 

Posting on social media or uploading a video may be easy, but driving traffic and growing your community follows some intricately designed game plan. 

Some significant companies or self-made celebrities even have to hire experts on the field who can help them optimize their posts, edit their videos and graphics professionally, and get members who will create viral content for them. Jumpcut Academy ReviewWithout even doing the math, we both know that if you hire for every aspect of your digital journey as a beginner, you might end up losing more money than gaining, right? 

In this sense, the Jumpcut Academy was established by cult-favorite content creators to motivate and support aspiring content makers through specific training courses. 

Before I dive into the review, I want to be completely transparent with you by letting you know that I have no connections with the Jumpcut Academy, nor am I a follower of any of the YouTube instructors. 

With this being said, you can rest assured knowing that this post will not contain any upsells but just my main honest opinion about the quality of the service and whether I would recommend it to you or not.

Now that that is already out of the way – let’s get the ball rolling! ⚽ 


Jumpcut Academy Review

There are two ways by which you should look at YouTube. The first one is as a platform to market your products, and the second as a way to share your content. 

With its incredible reach, you can get any local product or person to become a worldwide internet sensation in as fast as a few hours! 


Personally, I believe that all roads lead to YouTube today. 🤠

If you think about it, having your product or service hyped up by a social influencer is probably worth a thousand dollars less than what you need to pay to hire a real celebrity. 

Influencers are considered the total package since they can easily expose your products in front of huge audiences, and that is something that you should take note of. 

On the other hand, if you’re capable of making unique and entertaining content, you can bank colossal company deals and earn tens of thousands of dollars (or even millions, if you go viral). 

What’s great about this business line is that you do not need to hit a certain age or talk about things that you are not interested in because, with YouTube, authentic content is king! 

•  Want to make a video series about Bonsai tree care? ✂️

•  Are you interested in providing helpful tips about plasticine art? 🎨

•  Why not do a review about every supercar in the world? 🏎️


Regardless of what topic you want to get your hands into, YouTube has a place for you, and you can earn from it as long as you grow your watch hours and subscribers. 


Now, the critical question is – how exactly can you make it big? 🤔


Well, Kong Pham, along with his group of YouTube friends, founded Jumpcut Academy in 2014 to provide very specific online courses for everyone.


What is Jumpcut Academy All About?

Backed and funded by Y Combinator, this training platform has been around for quite a long time now. It continues to be one of the most recommended training pieces today due to its unparalleled cinematic take on online education. 

Take note that I used the word “cinematic” because their video pieces of training are well thought of, and they look like they came straight out of a movie or a commercial. 

In terms of legitimacy, it is accredited by the BBB, and it enjoys a resounding A+ rating with about 18 total complaints. It also has an average rating on Trustpilot with nearly 60 reviews. 

They have a considerable following on all of their social media channels. They have around 57k followers on Facebook, 32k on Instagram, 2k on Twitter, and an additional 5k on LinkedIn. 

If you want to get a glimpse of their courses, they offer free presentational content on the leading site of Jumpcut Academy. 

As of writing, they are also offering free YouTube training called YouTube Influencer 101. 

If you check out their courses yourself, you will agree with my statement that the magic of this training platform lies in the fantastic team of content trainers and course developers behind it, such as:

  1. Jesse and Kong (of Kong Pham with about 2.53 million subscribers) ✓
  2. Joe and Bart (Just Kidding Films with 1.59 million subscribers) ✓
  3. Ariya (Simple Sexy Stupid with 1.09 million subscribers) ✓
  4. David So (David So with 1.44 million subscribers) ✓


Quite the numbers, don’t you agree? 😃

One thing is for sure – this set of instructors know what they are talking about since they have been apart of the YouTube industry for the past ten years now.


What’s my on the Jumpcut Academy? 

I was surprised with their videos’ quality, and I think they made a further effort to make it look as professional and entertaining as possible. 

If you have been a consistent follower of this site, you know that I have had my fair share of reviews on training courses and can attest to how true they are when they come with claims such as “like business school, only 100,000x better…

For instance, I love the fact that they are not just giving you the over the shoulder type of training or the regular screen record videos. 

They went beyond that by ensuring that each video course is short, easy to understand, and shows precisely what they want their students to do.is Jumpcut Academy a scamHowever, do note that there were reports from customers saying that the company had a billing issue back in April 2020. 

They were suddenly invoiced at $470 after watching some of the free courses on the Jumpcut Academy site. 

The company released an official response to all the complaints on BBB, where they explained that their email provider was hacked and that everyone on the email list received that same message. 

As of today, issues related to this complaint are already solved.


How Does Jumpcut Academy Work?

Joining their community is super easy. All you have to do is go to their site and sign up for the free YouTube Influencer training program.

Once you have successfully registered, you will instantly access the four videos in the series, which talk about channel idea and niche, remix strategy, psychological triggers for viral content, and the influencer economy.

If you enjoyed the free course, you could finally choose among the four hot paid courses such as:

  1. Viral Academy – 5 modules related to creating a successful YouTube channel
  2. Automated Income Machine – 12-week program for advanced marketing strategies 
  3. Video Ads Bootcamp – how to create ads that can generate millions of dollars
  4. Contagious Content – 7 hours of video about the science and psychology of viral content


Out of all the courses out there, the Jumpcut Academy offers some of the most updated content as they even have a unique method for creating viral videos. 

Their modules are comprehensive and of premium quality, making it easy to follow, especially if you are just new to the game.

Additionally, I appreciate the fact that they offer a full refund within the first year of purchase if you ever start to feel like their content is not suitable for you.

Whenever I see a money-back guarantee like this, it somehow reflects how confident the company is with their service, and that alone speaks for itself.


Is Jumpcut Academy Worth It?

In terms of quality (good training), legitimacy (good BBB rating), and marketing (no bold or misleading claims), the Jumpcut Academy is the real deal, and I cannot find any dirt regarding their training courses. 👍

You can even consult on Reddit, Quora, or even Google and see for yourself that there is nothing wrong you can say about the company aside from the previously mentioned mishap.


However, it all comes at a price. 🥲  


You see, while the content is highly recommended and of top quality, I have to give you a heads up now and inform you that the paid courses are priced on a premium level too.

Each course costs $997 and can be paid all at once or through a six-month scheme of just $197 per month. 😯

In this sense, it can become a considerable investment, so please consider how much you are willing to risk to succeed in this business line.

If you’re really passionate about becoming an influencer, I recommend that you venture into this, and even wish you the best of luck.

However, if you’re planning on just signing up for the sake of learning how to promote a business or service, then I’m sure that you will find my number one recommendation for making money online more appealing.

In my opinion, it’s much better, and it comes at a significantly lower cost. 👇


Why Not Try Something Better Instead? 

Yep, you read it well. If you want to earn a stable income, similar to what you can get from YouTube, I recommend looking at my number one recommendation as an alternative.


My recommendation holds the number one spot for a reason. 🏆 🥇


It will teach you how to establish a successful affiliate marketing business and create your very own passive income source online.

In case this is the first time you hear about this business model, it would be my pleasure to be the person that will walk you through it.

Affiliate marketing is a very straightforward way of earning money online, where you make a commission every time someone clicks through your link and buys a specific product or service that you’re recommending.

It’s a business that enables you to unleash your creativity, talent, and skills by establishing a sustainable independent authority blog on a topic you’re passionate about.


However, please don’t get it confused. 😃


I’m not talking about some magic button scheme where you can cash out thousands of dollars within the first two or three months of starting.

Behind my recommendation stands the very same platform that taught me everything I know of today and that gave me the knowledge to get you to land on this page and read my Jumpcut Academy review.Jumpcut Academy reviewThe platform I’m referring to goes by the name of Wealthy Affiliate and is the exact same platform that helped me catch my footing at the beginning of my journey.

Wealthy Affiliate is backed by a fantastic community that unselfishly shared with me all the training, tools, and support to go out and absolutely dominate the affiliate marketing sphere with full confidence.


Do you know what the best thing about it is? 😊

It can help you do the same. 💯


I’ve been a premium member for quite some time now, and without them, I wouldn’t have been able to create the very same blog you’re on now, nor would I able to live life on my terms.

If it wasn’t for them, I’d probably be stuck inside a 9-5 job, giving my time to fulfil someone else’s dreams.

Their starter membership is free of cost (and forever will be), and that means that you can take advantage of it by taking the platform for a test drive and figuring out whether it’s something you want to be apart of.

Also, feel free to ask any questions because same as you, I’m also an easygoing person that would love nothing more than to help you out.

Just type em’ down below, and I’ll make sure to answer them as soon as possible. As always, stay safe and keep on thriving!


Want me to review a certain product/service for you?

Life is filled with quick dips and turns, and perhaps this is what makes it exciting.

If ever you find yourself stuck on the pit with no information on sight regarding a specific online product or service, allow me to lend a hand and give you all the latest, most truthful information about it.

Just drop the name below, and I’m on it. ✓ 🙂





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