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Hi, and welcome to my Observa app review.

So, you discovered the Observa app, and now you’re wondering whether becoming a mystery shopper is a fun, fast and easy way to make a little bit of extra money on the side. While you think of all the possibilities of earning this way, I suggest you first read my Observa app review carefully, where I assess if the app is legit based on my and other people’s experiences. Furthermore, by the end of this post, I will also share a step-by-step guide on how I’ve successfully been making a living working from the comfort of my home for years now. 




So, you want to know whether the Observa app is legit? 🤔

Gorjan here, and in today’s impartial review, we’ll discuss and explore the Observa app. It’s an app that claims to pay its users $5 to $20 just for mystery shopping, a method used by marketing research companies and businesses to assess job performances, regulatory compliance, as well as sales and service quality. 


It can also be used to gather data on competitors’ products and services.

This work is outsourced through Observa, and this is where you come in. You’re probably curious about this app and what it offers, and you might even consider trying it out. Otherwise, you most likely wouldn’t have found my page.

Outsourcing this kind of work is exceptionally cost-effective for companies and businesses. Still, the question is, does it come at the expense of the mystery shoppers, also known as “observers”? Nowadays, more than ever, there are tons of online money-making opportunities, most of which are scams. If you’re not careful, you may be unable to distinguish which is which until it’s too late.

Observa App review Don’t worry though, because that’s why I’m here! After all, I’ve been making a living online since 2018 and have been exposing scams for years now; therefore, I feel comfortable saying that I know the difference between making peanuts and striking gold. So far, I’ve reviewed well over three hundred similar money-making apps, so it’s safe to say I know a thing or two about them. 



In this Observa app review, I will give you a detailed overview of the app, talk about its pros and cons, share my two cents, and ultimately provide you with my honest opinion on whether or not this is worth your time and effort.

Not only that, but I’ll also be introducing you to, what I’m absolutely convinced, is a much better, more reliable, and actually worthwhile alternative that will give you the opportunity, along with all the necessary pieces of training, tools, and support, to start and scale your first stable, long-term online business. If you stick to this platform’s game plan and do what they teach you, you can own a full-fledged passive income source in the nearest future. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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Please understand that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme and that giving it your utmost all is the only way you’ll come out on top. As a free starter member, you’ll get to speak to the platform’s owners and receive one-on-one support from them.

In addition, you’ll gain access and get the chance to use some of the tools and indulge in the many helpful pieces of training made by other community members.


Hi, my name is Gorjan, and I’m making a full-time income working from home. Feel free to read my about page if you wish to learn more about my story, past experiences, and how I can help you set up your 1st passive revenue source.


Observa App Review

Before I continue with this review, I am letting you know that unlike some of the other Observa app reviews you might have seen by now, I am in no way, shape, or form affiliated with the app or any of its competitors. My only intention is to provide you with a truthful review to the best of my ability, so you can determine if this is a good, rewarding side hustle or just another time-wasting app.

With that out of the way, let’s start.



What Is Observa?

Observa is a free-to-use Google Playstore crowdsourcing app that pays you to do mystery shopping tasks or “observations,” as they call it. They collaborate with well-known companies KIND and Morton & Bassett, with observers frequently working on jobs with retailers like 7-Eleven, Safeway, and Walmart, to name a few.


The “missions” seem simple enough.

All you have to do as an observer is to head to your assigned store, take pictures, and answer a couple of questions. Sometimes, you’ll be asked to speak to a store associate. In rare cases, you’ll be asked to buy an in-store item.

According to Observa’s FAQs, as of now, the majority of tasks are in the United States, although they conduct paid photo challenges you can complete from anywhere. Since its first release in 2016, the app has been downloaded over 100,000 on Google’s and Apple’s app stores and has over 400,000 users.

Observers in the US and Canada have received over $500,000 in payments, proving the app’s legitimacy. Despite the impressive number, please remember that the app has over 400,000 users, most of which (nearly %95 actually) are from these two countries alone, which comes to be $1.35 per observer.


Signing Up to Become an Observer 

To get started, all you need to do is download Observa from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and provide the app with your location. After you grant them permission to access your location, you can then see all the different ways you can earn money while using the app. You’ll also come across a sign-up screen that asks you to input your email address, PayPal or Coinbase address, and password.

The only way you’ll be able to use this app is if you’re at least 18 years old, have a PayPal or Coinbase account, and have an Android or iOS smartphone.


Completing Observations

While opportunities are available throughout the United States and Canada, most tasks are concentrated in New York and the West Coast, so you might have better options depending on where you live. Please take into account that you can only accept one task at a time. Pins mark assignments available in your area. Red pins are available tasks, while yellow pins are ongoing tasks by others. If you’re interested in taking over a yellow-pinned job, you’ll have to be waitlisted.

If you click a red pin, you’ll be shown a description of the shop as well as the details of the task you’ll be completing. But just because you see the job on your screen doesn’t mean that it’s available for you. You’ll only be able to accept and start on the task if the app can determine if you are within the vicinity of the store. This implies that you must always enable your phone’s GPS.

The most common task would involve finding a specific item in stores and taking pictures which require around 10 to 40 minutes of your time. Rarely will you be asked to make a purchase. While each task comes with a 2-hour time limit, this can pass by quickly if you don’t follow the instructions to a T. You must be highly meticulous and check everything twice before submitting the data for approval.

Is the Observa app legit Observations can be submitted through the task’s details page. However, Observa only pays if you do their jobs PERFECTLY!


Observa claims only to provide its clients with high-quality data, so all rejected observations are discarded. They also continue to say that over 90% of observations are accepted. But that isn’t the case, according to the many comments I’ve read from other observers. Their main gripe is getting their observations rejected over a slightly off-center photo or one taken at an angle.


Referral Program

Observa’s referral program is also another way to earn money. All you have to do is share your invite code with others and get them to sign up for the app.

When your referrals complete a job, you receive a 25% commission valid for the first four observations. I’d have to say that the commission rate is decent. However, you’d need to keep inviting people to maximize earnings.



Completing tasks pays around $5 to $20. Once Observa has reviewed your task, they will transfer your payment to your account within 24 to 72 hours. It goes without saying that transfers may take longer during weekends and holidays.

There is no cash-out threshold you have to reach since payments are directly transferred to your PayPal or Coinbase account. Through Coinbase, you can get paid in your preferred cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and more. – good news for the crypto bros out there!


Pros and Cons

The thing I like the most about Observa is that it’s pretty easy to sign up for. Also, there isn’t a minimum threshold you have to reach to receive your payment. Fund transfers to PayPal or Coinbase are also quick and hassle-free.


Is the Observa app safe I’d have to say that the number one con Observa has is that your opportunity to earn is highly dependent on your location. So if you aren’t from Canada or the US, specifically around New York or the West Coast, I’d say you shouldn’t even bother.



I would also like to point out that to accept and start working on a task, you must be within a specific area. That means potentially having to spend money or gas on transportation, and in many cases, users report that they arrived at the location, but the task was still not assigned to them, or the app rejected them.

Although the tasks are simple on paper, I think the pay could be much higher. When they ask you for photos, it isn’t the usual point-and-shoot, and you’re done. Taking “decent” photos would mean getting the angle right, taking wide shots of entire shelves, taking detail shots of specific products without glare from the fluorescents, or making sure text on products isn’t blocked by anything.


Apart from that…

…you will also sometimes be asked to talk to employees and assess their inventories. I’m not sure if Observa has taken the entire task into consideration when deciding the pay since a lot of observers say that the tasks are those of a full-time merchandiser, which I suppose is not what you’re looking for! This would be a much better app if the rewards-to-effort ratio were increased.

The app is slightly buggy and sometimes crashes, which is very annoying. The GPS can sometimes place you in a different area which greatly affects the availability of tasks. If you’re lucky enough not to run into bugs, you’ll surely have trouble keeping your data connection active throughout the whole job. The concrete and steel in warehouses or stores block or, at the very least, slow down signal.

I think Observa can be a good fit for someone who has plenty of spare time, enjoys being out and about, and is comfortable talking to employees. But personally, I find being an observer will only be worthwhile if the $20 opportunities are littered close to where you are. Other than that, no thanks!



Is The Observa App Legit?

The Observa app offers a legitimate way to make money, but you can’t entirely rely on this to make rent. It has the potential to be a good side hustle, especially on the weekends or if you don’t have anything planned. I say that because it can be time-consuming to get your observations approved, so keep that in mind.


I doubt you’ll make $100 a month, let alone something more.

If you do find a method of taking pictures that gets your tasks approved by Observa’s team, then this could be a fun gig that can help pay off small transactions and subscriptions. Overall, I believe there are far more productive ways to use your time than running around the city and taking pictures all day.

What are your thoughts? I’m quite curious.


How I Make a Living Online

As mentioned earlier in this review, I’ll gladly introduce you to what I believe is a far better alternative for making money online that, unlike the Observa app, is much more cost-effective while still providing you with twice as much value.

Not only that, but it also has the potential to transform from your side hustle to becoming your primary source of income. Understandably, it requires more action than taking a few snaps here and there, but at the same time, the greater the effort, the sweeter the reward. Before I came upon the business model that this platform teaches, I was pretty much clueless about how this money-making online thing works, not to mention that I got scammed multiple times. 


Is the Observa app worth it Thanks to the scalable business model that this program teaches, I left my job in 2018, and since then, I’ve been comfortably earning a full-time income working not just from home, but from wherever I feel like it. I had no prior experience before I started, and as unbelievable as it may seem, I was just 19.


While this method of making money online is super beginner-friendly, I just want to reiterate that there’s no such thing as overnight success. As with all legit, worthwhile opportunities, it requires effort, and I just want to make sure you’re aware of and okay with that. Quite frankly, please don’t even consider this if you think you’ll drive a Lambo by the end of next month because, as you may know, good things take time, and great things take even longer.

So, basically, this step-by-step training program, which, by the way, happens to be the world’s most popular and uncontroversial marketing training course, is like an all-in-one platform that teaches you how to make a living online by promoting other people’s products in exchange for commissions. – it’s free to start with. 

It has a helpful and supportive community with nearly two million active members designed to take complete beginners from absolute newbies to profitable money-earners by providing them with all the pieces of training and tools, including a functional website and 24/7 support. Here’s my full review of the platform!

I’ve been a member of this unique, amazing community for years now, and I bless the day I came upon this platform. If it weren’t for these guys, I wouldn’t be where I am today, nor would I know how to get you on this page and have you read my Observa app review, which is a clear sign that what they teach works.

It’s one of those rare platforms that offer a forever free trial membership, so if you ever feel like giving it a chance, please know that there are no risks involved!





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