Is the Royal Translate app real or fake

Royal Translate App Review: 4 REASONS IT IS A SCAM!


Hi, and welcome to my Royal Translate app review. 🙂

Suppose you want to make money from translating, and you discovered Royal Translate, which offers you cash for every translation you make. While you think of all the possibilities earning this way, I suggest you first read my Royal Translate review carefully, where I assess if the app is legit based on my own experience. 

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Gorjan here, and in today’s impartial review, I will be diving deep into this brand-new translation software that claims you can supposedly earn money relatively quickly and easily. Not only is Royal Translate a new, extremely hyped program for money-making, but it is also highly suspicious and has a scammy feature.


I am highly doubtful about Royal Translate…

…since I’ve never heard of anyone making money on the app. Oversharing personal information, including bank or PayPal information, could be extremely unsafe and make you an easy target of phishing scams and malware. Not to mention that so many of these make-money-online apps end up selling your info to third parties after a while because, to use them, you do consent to share your data, which depending on the app’s legitimacy, may or may not end well for you.

Please remember that these apps collect and store sensitive personal information, including your full name, address, e-mail, phone number, browsing history, and financial details, which may lead to certain security risks in the future, including but not limited to identity theft. I’ve personally been a victim of such crimes, and trust me, although some authorities can help you out, you’d want to do your best to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Just a heads up that Royal Translate will be asking you for money in exchange for their rewards, so you need to really be wary of sharing any details about your digital wallets since there is a huge possibility of them stealing from you.


Also, to make it clear to you…

…you do not need to be a master of two languages to be able to use Royal Translate. That is one of the main problems of the app: advertising itself as a translation app that will give you money in exchange for translating with them.


In reality, Royal Translate is designed more like a game… 

… that’s filled with a ton of video ads you need to watch in exchange for their in-app coins. You can just type words or phrases in English and set it up to translate to another language. This works pretty much similarly to Google Translate, plus the scammy features I will discuss later in this Royal Translate review.

Do note that Royal Translate is a new app that was just only recently launched, but I tested out the app firsthand and want to share my experience with you. I can tell you that my gut feeling was right, and you shouldn’t trust Royal Translate.

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Royal Translate Review

As I’ve already mentioned, Royal Translate is a new platform, and it’s quite clear that it’s so poorly designed to the point that you wouldn’t even want to use it. Based on its hedious design alone, you can easily conclude that Royal Translate is a scam; therefore, you should avoid using it. From where I’m standing, it’s apparent that you have nothing to gain from this scam and would only end up wasting your time, which, I suppose, is not what you’re looking to do.

The problem with Royal Translate is that it advertises itself as a professional translation app even though it’s not. You can type in random words and phrases and tap on the Translate button, and you will earn coins for every translation. So, it is a false promotion to claim that the app works in a professional way.

Royal Translate works pretty much like Google Translate, except that the translation is mostly inaccurate. You can encode phrases from your local language and translate them to English, and the translation won’t even make sense. If you only know the English language, you can translate from English to another language, but the translations will still mostly be inaccurate.

At first, I thought that you would be required to translate an English text to another language manually, but the app will automatically translate anything you type. As you know, real professional translation apps are manual, not automatic, so this is one of the reasons why I would label Royal Translate as a scam.

This also opens the discussion on Royal Translate needing to be more transparent on what their app is actually all about. Truth be told, the central premise of the app is not translating but watching ads, which is how the app developers are getting their share of the pie. One of the main ways app developers earn through apps like these is by displaying ads to users, meaning that whoever’s behind this app gets a small portion of the profits for every ad you watch.



Is the Royal Translate app legit In most cases, the app developer collaborates with an advertising network, which matches the ads to the right audiences and pays the developer a portion of the app’s ad revenue in exchange. Although the precise revenue split between the app developer and the advertising network can vary, it typically ranges between 50 and 70 percent in favor of the app developer. – the concept behind this scam.




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Royal Translate claims to give you cash for free in three steps:

●  Step 1: Enter the game.

●  Step 2: Collect cash rewards by translating or playing games.

●  Step 3: Redeem your cash rewards to your account within 1 minute.



But, there are many things that they could improve with Royal Translate.

You will not be required to sign up when you first open the app. This implies that your earnings on the app on that device will not be synced to other devices. You can also lose your progress, which is problematic, mainly because this means you can also lose your earnings. It’s far from ideal, to say the least.

While it is great knowing that Royal Translate rewards you with 1000 coins simply for downloading the app, it’s highly suspicious to award users that much when you only need 5000 coins to redeem your earnings. 5000 coins are supposedly equivalent to $500 in PayPal money on the app, which is absolutely absurd.

If you go to translation sites, they offer less than $1 for every translated sentence you write. The process will also require you to do the translation independently rather than automatically generating it. Moreover, the initial sign-up reward is unreal, so it’s difficult not to have doubts about this app right away.


But there is even a better explanation for why Royal Translate is a scam.

You see, when you’re just about to reach the 5000 coin threshold, the app slows down and starts rewarding you with fewer and fewer coins. This typically happens with scammy apps because the developers deliberately want you to spend more time toward the end so they can display even more ads and milk you as much as possible before you finally realize your efforts were in vain.

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You can also gain diamonds if you play games, giving you more cash rewards. Moreover, translating 50 times can get you $300, redeemable through PayPal.

As mentioned earlier, the developers behind Royal Translate make money by forcing you to watch a video ad, usually 30 seconds to 1 minute long, before receiving your coins. If all that time adds up, you actually end up spending more time watching than translating. Because Royal Translate is a free app, unfortunately, you will have to watch the ads to proceed with using it.


I’m not sure about you, but I consider this time-wasting.

To earn more coins, you must always watch the ads all the way through. Moreover, there are times when you don’t have a choice but to watch the promotions. The app featured in the video may occasionally redirect you to Google Play, which is very inconvenient and time-consuming. It bugged the hell out of me!


Here’s where things get good. 

It’s absolutely hilarious that Royal Translate has this offer that says you can get a Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro worth $199 if you clock in for three days straight. I find this ridiculous because the offer does not state that you can get a “chance” to win but that you can get that buds for free just by clocking in.

The comedy doesn’t stop there, though. To make things even funnier, Royal Translate has a limited-time activity offer where you can get a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra if you watch 30 videos within 24 hours. They will tell you that you are selected as a lucky user, but both of us know that’s not happening.


Is the Royal Translate app a scamIn reality, this is not a limited-time offer, nor will you be selected as a lucky winner. Instead, it is a recurring offer that they often post after the timer expires. I also downloaded the app on another device, and the same offer stands. So, from where I’m standing, every one of their users is lucky. In reality, no one is either lucky or special, for that matter. Truly unfortunate!


So, Royal Translate’s Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra offers are deceitful. They won’t ship you these, so don’t fall for it because you will end up paying the shipping fee if you decide to claim these rewards. You will also be asked to pay to claim the prize, which makes my eyes roll.

Aside from translating, you can also play on their Lottery section. How it works is you will be basically collecting a certain item which, once you reach the specific amount, you can redeem that item. You get two spins daily, and your progress is documented below the Spin button. You can also play games to earn more coins.


To add more to the suspicions…

…Royal Translate has this VIP system where you can withdraw $1000 through PayPal if you pay them $3.99 per week, which doesn’t make sense at all.


Be wise and protect yourself from financial fraud.

That is why I suggest you refrain from providing Royal Translate with any bank details or digital wallet information to avoid being hacked by their system and losing all your hard-earned money. You might actually end up paying them $3.99 per week even if you stop using the app for as long as you have it installed. 

What I hate the most about this app is that you cannot request Royal Translate to delete any data you provide them with. They also do not have a secure site, meaning the developers can share your info with anyone or other companies.

Now, this is the biggest reason why I had to categorize Royal Translate as a scam. After finally reaching the 5000 coins threshold, I became eligible to redeem my points through PayPal. However, when I tried, I was politely asked to pay Royal Translate $1.99. There was a freakin’ paywall! Can you believe that?


IMPORTANT UPDATE: On February 03, 2023, Royal Translate was taken down from Google’s Playstore, clearly proving that this app is indeed a scam. It took them ages, but hey, better late than never. There are still options for downloading the APK, but I would highly advise you not to do it. 



Is Royal Translate a Scam? 

The Royal Translate app is a scam that promises to pay you a tremendous amount of money in just a few minutes. A good rule of thumb is that any app, business, or platform that promises easy money is a scam. If your intuition tells you it is too good to be true, then it likely is, so please, dodge it while you can.

Many things contribute to why I have come up with the conclusion that Royal Translate is a scam. I would love to hear your thoughts on the app. If you did try it out, I would appreciate it if you shared your experience in the comment section for the rest of my readers to see. So, in a few words, here’s what I think:


Reason #1:

Royal Translate has a very sketchy user interface. There are so many elements that show that the app is new and was not designed properly. It also shows that a comfortable user experience is not the main priority of Royal Translate.


Reason #2:

It was highly suspicious that Royal Translate rewards you with many coins at the start of the game. Still, when you near the withdrawal threshold, Royal Translate gradually decreases your coin rewards from thousands to hundreds to two coins.


Reason #3:

Royal Translate needs to be more transparent about its main earning premise. It is not a translation, so they cannot claim they are a professional translation platform. Royal Translate users make money by watching video ads that pop up now and then and not by translating a few words as they want you to believe.


Reason #4:

You have to pay them before you can withdraw your earnings. Protect yourself from financial scams and do not provide Royal Translate your financial details, including bank or digital wallet accounts. Royal Translate is an unsafe platform; they do not erase your data once shared with them. They also have the power to share your information with third-party apps, which can hack your system.


Overall, Royal Translate is not a legit app and you should avoid! 

Reconsider withdrawing money from the app even if you are already making a lot of coins with them. You will not earn anything, so don’t get your hopes up. Instead, you will most likely lose all your actual hard-earned real-world money.


How I Make a Living Online?

In conclusion, it’s important to be cautious when exploring online apps and platforms that promise overnight riches. While there are certainly some scammy options, it’s important to remember that not all platforms are created equal. 

With the proper research and due diligence, you can find reliable and trustworthy platforms to teach you everything you need to know about starting a successful online business and making money in general. By focusing on reputable options and avoiding these “earn-a-few-hundred-bucks” in just a few seconds type of apps, you can set yourself up for long-term success and achieve goals similar to, if not better than mine. You just haven’t had the proper guidance so far, that’s all.

So don’t be discouraged by the shady apps out there, as there are plenty of legitimate resources available to help you build a thriving online business.

While earning $300 per day from home is possible, I wouldn’t say that it is simple and anyone can do it. It requires time, persistence, hard work, and, most importantly, a desire to learn and advance because only that will keep you moving forward when things are difficult. – trust me, I know because I’ve been there.

You can read my review of the platform that helped me achieve this monthly income to learn more about it. I currently make well over $5,000 per month. It provides a free membership, which will be more than enough for you to decide if the business model I’m dealing with is best for you at this particular time.


Royal Translate app review I urge you to stop trusting websites like Royal Translate that promise easy money right away because, I can assure you, they will lead you nowhere. I used to waste time on such pointless websites before finally discovering a community genuinely interested in helping you out. I suggest you check out; you have nothing to lose! 




You are free to do whatever you want with your time.

Who am I, in the end, to say what’s right and wrong? I’ve only had over seven years of experience and built a few lucrative online businesses during that time. Nothing incredible or credible about that, right? You have the final say when it’s all said and done, so choose wisely. I’m just the guy that makes sure you feel comfortable with whatever path you take, so as long as you’re happy, so am I.

It’s time to end my Royal Translate review, so hopefully, my review has helped you assess whether you should spend time on this site or pursue a more worthwhile opportunity. If you’ve missed something or there’s anything you’d like to ask, feel free to comment below. I usually reply within 24 hours.





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