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Hi, and welcome to my Testerup review. 


Are you curious about Testerup’s claim of paying $120 per test?

Undeniably, it seems like a dream come true for those looking to earn some extra cash in their spare time by simply testing products, websites, and apps. However, there’s a dirty little secret behind this tempting offer that you need to know before signing up. In this article, we’ll examine Testerup and its business practices and uncover the truth behind their $120 per test offer. If you’re considering becoming a Testerup tester, this is a must-read before you take the plunge.

I believe it’s important to offer you a variety of options to choose from, depending on your individual needs and goals. For that reason, in addition to providing an overview of this app and my experience using it, I will also share not one but two significantly better alternatives for making money online. – one of which is the exact step-by-step platform with the help of which I currently earn over $5,000 per month. I am confident that these alternatives will provide more value and potential for earning income than Testerup, but you be the judge of that!



So, you want to learn whether Testerup is legit? 🤔

Are you tired of downloading “make-money-online” apps that promise the world but ultimately fail to deliver? You’re not alone. Many people, even me, at one point, have been burned by apps that claim to be a quick and easy way to earn money, only to find out they’re nothing more than a waste of time.

That’s why in today’s review, we’re going to take a closer look at Testerup, a relatively new app that’s been generating buzz in the online earning community, claiming that you can supposedly earn up to $120 per completed test offer.

Does Testerup deliver on its promises? Is it a legitimate, worthwhile way to make money online, or is it just another overpromising scam you should look out for? I’ll be answering all of these questions and more in this in-depth Testerup review.


Testerup was first released as…

…Testery, and while it has changed its name, the earning opportunities remain the same. But a change in name or branding is a suspicious move that any company can make because it’s a clear sign they could be hiding something unethical for which their last name is known. You see, Testerup is a user-testing platform, so they could have had issues with their first users on the Testery app.

What made me super curious about the app in the first place is its claim that you can earn $120 every time you test out a specific app, allowing you to generate thousands of dollars in earnings. Outright, I knew Testerup’s offer was a scam because if something is too good to be true, then it might be for a reason. 

While I understand why you would consider Testerup a fun side hustle, it is one of the many apps that promise fast and easy money. Let me tell you from the get-go that there is no such thing as easy money, and if you believe otherwise, you might invest a lot of time in the app and not get back your time’s worth.

In line with that, I have a much more profitable opportunity that can yield much better returns for you. Not only will I provide you with an insightful overview of this app, but I will also familiarize you with a robust and sustainable business model that has been tried, tested, and proven to work times and times again.

Additionally, I will introduce you to a well-established alternative that can enable you to establish a stable and scalable online business. If executed correctly, this alternative can evolve into a full-fledged and dependable source of passive income, allowing you to reap the benefits of your efforts for years to come.



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Hi, my name is Gorjan, and I’m making a full-time income working from home. Feel free to read my about page if you wish to learn more about my story, past experiences, and how I can help you set up your 1st passive revenue source.



Testerup Review

As a discerning consumer, you know that finding trustworthy reviews online can be one hell of a challenge. Because of this, I want to make it crystal clear that I have no connection to Testerup.com whatsoever. I’m an impartial reviewer with no hidden agendas. My sole aim is to provide you, my reader, with the most comprehensive and transparent review about any app or product so that you can make a well-informed decision about whether it’s the right fit for you.

Whatever your motives for trying out this site, I vow to deliver a fair, objective, and honest assessment of Testerup, untainted by personal bias or external pressures. So, if you’re looking for an authentic and independent review of Testerup.com, I’m happy to inform you that you’ve come to the right place. But that’s not all.

In addition to providing an impartial review of Testerup.com, I believe offering you a genuine alternative to making fast and easy money is important. While Testerup.com may be a viable option for some, I want to ensure that you have access to a range of options that suit your individual needs and preferences.

With that in mind, I will also share my recommendation, which I believe is a much better Testerup alternative. Please bear in mind that this platform will help you earn some extra money at the end of each month, but it will not make you rich.

Apps that promise fast and easy money are, in most cases, one of two things: a scam or a legit app designed to provide an additional income stream to help you buy the little things you want rather than to replace your main income source.


Is Testerup legit While some people may earn a lot more than others, depending on where they live, it’s important to approach these apps with realistic expectations and view them as a way to supplement your income rather than a get-rich-quick scheme.



Give Branded Surveys a try if you’re determined to make some easy money fast. Compared to its rivals, it pays generously and is incredibly user-friendly and convenient. Additionally, your earnings will grow over time in direct proportion to how active you are. It also has one of the best customer service teams ever.



What Is Testerup?

Testerup is a brand new user-testing platform recently launched in July 2020, where you can earn real money by testing apps and websites online. Testerup claims that their users can get 20 jobs after registration and earn up to $120 for one test, and while that sounds enticing, it also sounds too good to be true.

As I’ve always said, you need to be wary of apps or companies that promise high income with little to no effort because, unfortunately, that is not how earning real money works. Trust me; I’d be the first to sign up if it were that easy.

Testerup even claims their tests are worth over $800 once you register. You will also have to complete several offers before you become one of their premium testers. A premium tester has way more benefits, including getting access to higher-paying offers which means you’ll be able to earn more money.


To become a premium tester, you must complete 5 missions.

Every stage of this mission will be more challenging as it progresses and require you to spend more money for each level. You can sign up on Testerup for free by connecting your Facebook or Google account or by manually doing so.

You have to finish the signup on the website, but you need to download their app to start making money. It is available on both Android and iOS devices.


Testerup claims that they have about 3,000,000 users.

Once signed up, you can now begin testing their apps, products, and websites. To do this, you must first download the app and complete the task before earning your reward. So, for example, one game will require you to reach a certain level for a specific number of days before you get compensated.


You really have to focus on one app at a time so you can get your reward.

While there are many available test offers, you can only commit to so many things at a time, or else you risk losing your reward. Sometimes, you even have to spend money for their premium content, which is problematic because you initially started using the app to make money, not to spend money on it. 


While playing games is not a hassle…

… some of the tasks you must complete can be impossible to achieve or just plain hard to reach, so you have no choice but to spend your money to get in-game upgrades. You will continuously devote money to power-ups until you achieve your tasks, especially if you are highly competitive as me.


Testerup pays a lot of money for one test…

…which I know is enticing but also suspicious. You see, you can be paid a hundred dollars for testing one game, but Testerup will never tell you that once you play the game, you need to spend your own money first to level up and reach the level they require you to reach before they release your rewards. There are a lot of in-app purchases you need to make before you can complete your task. As a result, you might spend far more of your own money than the actual reward.


Is Testerup a scamOf course, you will earn your money back, and a little bit more than that, but I would really appreciate it if they were more transparent about how the app works!



There are checklists per task that you need to complete.

The easy ones will pay the lowest, around $0.10 to $0.50—honestly, this is not a lot, especially considering all the work you will be doing. Of course, the tasks that require more time or seem impossible to complete will pay more, but the downside is that you’d have to spend money to finish them.

Even if you don’t tick all items on the checklist, you will still be rewarded for those you’ve completed. Albeit a little, stopping anytime you want and still receiving your earnings is good. Personally, I believe it’s not worth using since you are not actually testing its featured apps, but they’re only masking it that way!


Testerup needs to be more transparent on how their site or app works.

They never mention their users having to spend money to complete tasks or that most jobs would be nearly impossible. You will play their games, spend your hard-earned money completing their tasks, and earn little by the end. In reality, they are making all the money, when you get a small slice of the pie!


But, a reality check is that get-paid-to (GPT) apps usually work like this.

Unfortunately, you’ll never know how unethical a company or the business it is operating actually is unless you download their app or read reviews like this.

Testerup also has a referral program where you can invite your friends or anyone who might be interested in the app to download the app and register with them through your referral code, for which they will compensate you in return.

You will receive a 10% commission for every earning your referral gets. This is a passive way to earn, but you must constantly share your link with others and ensure that those you invite would be genuinely interested in using the app.

However, as noted earlier, the app will not pay much unless you spend money on in-game purchases. So, if your referral spends on the app and completes their task successfully, ticking everything on the checklist, you might earn decently.


Is Testerup worth it On the other hand, if your referral only does the minor tasks that earn less than $1 each, you’d also receive less money. As I’ve mentioned, Testerup is not the kind of app that you would be sharing with other people. You’d be wasting so much time trying to find referrals, but when it’s all said and done, you do you!



Additionally, Testerup has one of the highest payout thresholds, which is $70.

While there are tests you can do for hundred dollars, it takes time before you can earn that much. Chances are, you would quit the app before you complete all the tasks that will eventually let you make the big bucks. So, considering the high payout threshold, I’d think twice about using Testerup if I were you!


Usually, GPT apps don’t have this high of a payout threshold.

Instead, other similar apps typically require you to have at most $10 worth of points earned to be able to withdraw. Since Testerup promises to pay you a lot for each app you test, it’s a bit hard not to get suspicious of whether you’ll really get the money or not. The truth is, you probably won’t most of the time. Realistically, reaching the $70 threshold is nearly impossible without spending money.


I did not receive my $87…

… after I tried cashing out on PayPal, which is their only payout method. But I’m not the only one; many reviews on Trustpilot said they never received their payment. There’s no one to even reply to your reviews on Trustpilot, which seems odd because there are many negative reviews they need to clear up.


The worst thing is not even that you won’t receive the money you’ve worked for. 

Instead, it’s their lousy customer service. If you contact them and ask any query, you will not receive any reply—not even when you spam them with hundreds of emails asking for an answer. You will only receive generated emails that pretty much speak volumes on why you should stay away from this app.


Is Testerup Legit?

No, Testerup is not a legit GPT site, and I highly suggest avoiding it before it exploits you out of your money. I wouldn’t classify it as a complete scam either because many users claim to have been able to withdraw their earnings. Yet, from personal experience, you’ll likely won’t get your money because they’ll either find a stupid enough reason not to give it to you or ignore your queries completely.

You will need to complete tasks that will be impossible to achieve and pay for in-app purchases to level up. Testerup will never tell you this, though, which is what genuinely bothers me about it. They want to lure in as many users as possible so they can earn more too. Not only will you be lied to, but their payout threshold is also very high. Even if they claim Testerup will pay you $120 per test offer, that is untrue. There are checklists you need to complete for every test you take; unless you tick all the boxes in the list, you won’t earn that much.

easily the best way to make money online!

best way to make money online


Otherwise, you can complete mini-tasks from the checklist for more or less $1. Moreover, you will still need to spend on the test to complete the list. So, by the end, you don’t actually earn as much as $120 if you minus the amount you spend for in-game purchases. The sad reality is that Testerup needs to be more transparent about what they are actually paying you for. So, it is more challenging than you think, and they portray it to be. If they require you to “test” a game, you will also be given a time frame to reach a certain level. In other words, it’s BS.

But, as said, that’s not the worst part about Testerup; it’s the site’s unresponsive customer support. I tried reaching out several times when I couldn’t cash out, and even after sending them +10 e-mails, all I ever received were templated responses, which I still have no choice but to categorize as no response.


Testerup says it will reimburse in-game purchases…

…but that’s also false in many cases. Not me personally, but a lot of users have been complaining, claiming that they couldn’t get back the money they invested in-app purchases. However, others also say that if you contacted Apple Support, they would refund you for everything you paid “testing” their game.

Truthfully, there are better ways for you to spend your time (or money, for that matter) on platforms that will give you a much better return on investment. There are also GPT apps that do not require you to spend money to complete their tests, so those alone are a much better alternative. When it’s all said and done, I have no choice but to classify Testerup as a scam!


How I Make a Living Online

As previously stated, more effective avenues are available for earning money online that are both legitimate and rewarding, contingent upon your work ethic and level of commitment. Even if Testerup were legit, there are more viable long-term solutions to securing your financial future. There are superior alternatives that enable you to work from home while still enjoying the perks, ensuring your financial stability, which I suppose is what you’re genuinely looking for, right?

If you’re looking for an opportunity to create a reliable and scalable online business that allows you to work from just about anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection, consider exploring this much better earning model.


Not only can you run this type of business…

…entirely on your own, but as soon as you get the ball rolling, you can automate up to 90% of the process by outsourcing tasks. This is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past few years, and it’s enabled me to generate a monthly income exceeding $5,000, all without ever stepping a foot out my front door.

While it requires considerable effort, it’s a venture that’s well worth the investment. The returns are twofold: You will create a consistent stream of revenue and establish a source of passive income. Also, you’ll only need to put in a lot of effort at the very start. After that, things get much easier since you’ll have others doing all the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus more on the things you’re genuinely passionate about. At least, that’s what got me into it!

Creating simple, beautiful, yet profit-ready websites that promote other people’s goods and services in exchange for predetermined, most often than not, recurring commissions is one of the best ways to generate a steady online income.


Is Testerup a real or fake website Suppose you would like to learn how to do all of this. In that case, I suggest you read my step-by-step guide, where I not only break down the whole process in detail but also share the very same platform that taught me how to do all of this, which is also responsible for all my achievements so far. It’s free to start with, meaning there’s no risk involved, nor is a credit card required.



Remember that just like any other legitimate way to earn money, there is no guarantee that you will come out on top. Whether you succeed in making money with this opportunity depends on your work ethic and ability to execute the tasks involved effectively. In other words, while the opportunity itself may be legitimate and potentially profitable, the outcome depends on YOU and YOU only.

Although no previous experience is needed, you’ll most likely achieve your financial goals quicker if you’re willing to work hard and consistently put in the effort to succeed compared to someone who’s lazy or lacks motivation. Please understand that success is not always immediate; therefore, it’s crucial to approach any earning opportunity with a realistic mindset, a willingness to learn and grow, and a strong work ethic to increase the likelihood of success.

It’s time to end my Testerup review, so hopefully, my article has helped you assess whether you should spend time on this site or pursue a more worthwhile opportunity. If you think I’ve left out something, or if there’s anything you’d like to ask, feel free to comment below. I usually reply within 24 hours.






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