Vintage Cash Cow Review

Vintage Cash Cow Review: An A+ Way to Turn Antiques Into Cash?

If you’ve had a garage sale lately or you’ve been clearing out random settled items from your house, I bet that you’ve found a few pieces that might be priced high enough to earn you some good cash. 

Are you interested in getting the best value for money without even going out of your house to sell? If you answered positively, then my recently updated Vintage Cash Cow review might as well be perfect for you. 

As we usher in the new year, I imagine that most of you have been considering throwing out a bunch of stuff from your house (some of which you did not even know exists) and are planning to commit to a whole new lifestyle. 

One of the biggest trends in the past two years has been the minimalist living style where you practically live with less to embrace more out of life. 

Minimalism is an awakening lifestyle since it allows you to have more time and freedom to focus on things that matter, embrace a different environment and ultimately become more organised! 

Vintage Cash Cow ReviewHowever, there is also one more benefit and reason as to why people love this way of life so much, and it lies is the opportunity to save money! 


By simply decluttering and spending money on the right places, you can relieve yourself from financial trouble and focus more on living the life you have always dreamt of.

Ever wanted to save money and enjoy a home without bumping into chunky furniture that you don’t even need?

Minimalism is for you. ✅


Nevertheless, changing into a new lifestyle is not as effortless as it seems, which is why I highly recommend that you start out small rather than make a sudden switch into an entirely new environment. 

And if you’ll ask me the easiest way to transition, I would unquestionably say that selling your old stuff is an excellent place, to begin with. 

Back in the days, I organised garage sales and regularly visited the recycling shop to sell my grandad’s antiques and pre-loved items. 

Nowadays, selling has become a walk in the park as you can take advantage of online technology and sell without even meeting the buyer. 👀

There are many sites that you can access today, depending on your country, of course. Some of the most well-known brands are DecluttrNextdoorOfferUp, and you already know the regulars AmazoneBay, and Etsy

But what if I tell you that there is a better, quicker, and more comfortable way of selling your antiques online? If that caught your attention, then allow me to introduce the star of our post – Vintage Cash Cow. 🐄 💸


As the company’s name suggests, they will only buy the vintage items you have lying around your home.

What sets it apart from the sites mentioned above is that you can quickly ship your item and have them evaluate it for free. 🆓

After that, they will give you the best possible offer and have it deposited to your account.


See? No need to leave the house whatsoever. 🏡

As a note, please know that I am no way, shape or form affiliated with Vintage Cash Cow. With that being said, you can rest assured that this review will not contain any upsells, but just my honest opinion on the company’s business.


Vintage Cash Cow Review

Let’s dive into its name first. 

You see, “cash cow” is a famous metaphor in the business world since it is usually related to low-maintenance assets yet very profitable in the long term – just like vintage items! 🧭

There’s a big chance that some of these antiques have been passed down to you by a family member, meaning that you probably didn’t have to pay a dime to get ahold of them. 


In this sense, this ‘asset.’ is something you didn’t even have to invest in! 💎

Some other examples of such assets include stuff like jewelry, gold, watches, war medals, badges, old currencies, cameras, or any other items that are deemed as antique. 

Now, if you’re planning to sell these types of assets, you can be confident that you’ll have value for money as long as the company where you’re planning to sell them accepts them. 


Some companies may require you to satisfy a few conditions of theirs. 

Still, for the case of Vintage Cash Cow, they are willing to tolerate your item in any state – broken, damaged, tarnished, and believe it or not, they are even willing to accept it if there are a few missing pieces on it. 

I know that some of you might be skeptical about the last part and unsure whether your items are worthy of approval. 

In that case, you should check out this latest video to find out more about Vintage Cash Cow and how their handling process works.


Vintage Cash Cow has been featured by TelegraphHistory Channel, and TechRound

It has been warmly welcomed in the industry, as reflected by its excellent 4.6 rating and almost 84% excellent customer reviews on Trustpilot. They also boast around 6k followers on Twitter, 9k on Instagram, and 43k on Facebook.

It is relatively new on the market as the whole operation started in 2017 at Leeds, West Yorkshire. The company is mainly handled by Vintage Trading Solutions LTD, which has been in the business since mid-1999.

The whole business is structured to allow people to get more value for their vintage items without ever having to think about taxes or any other additional fees, like whenever you are posting your items online. 

They are also quick on processing items so that you have plenty of time to think about the offer and decide whether you want to sell it or have your item shipped back to your address without cost. 


In this sense, you have nothing to lose since everything is for free! 🙂

All you have to do is to find an old box, carefully bubble wrap your items, and include a “fragile” sticker that you can easily get from the company’s “selling pack.” 

This selling pack is available for free so long as you order it online on their site and book for the delivery using their very own Parcelforce home collection.

From the way I see it, Vintage Cash Cow indeed seems to be one of the best ways to earn an extra income by putting your antiques to fair use. 

The company doesn’t limit you on the number of items you’re allowed to sell, and you can dispose of them even if they’re not pawnable, like gold or silver. 

Is Vintage Cash Cow a scamIn the olden days, I experimented with trying to be a seller on Etsy, but I was quite surprised with the fees associated with it. 


Aside from the $.20 per item listed on your store, you also need to pay an additional 5% transaction fee, 5% shipping fee cost, and a 2.5% fee for a currency conversion (if the payment is made in another currency). 

And to top it all off, you even have the option to set up an auto-renewal for your listings if ever they are not yet sold within four months. The fee for this service is around $.20. 


At first, you might think it’s cheap, but if you plan to sell a lot of things online, then it will quickly add up, mainly if the items you’ve listed are not sold immediately! 


The same story will repeat itself if you plan to sell on Amazon, where you’ll need to pay around $.99 per sold item and additional referral fees that range anywhere between 8% to 15%. 

With this being said, I highly recommend Vintage Cash Cow for those thinking of downsizing or for those who have recently found out that they have a few outmoded items lying around the house. ( with no intention of using, of course) 

By selling it on Vintage Cash Cow, you’ll be able to profit greatly and prolong the lifespan of these items by allowing them to become property of the company whose primary goal is to restore their beauty and ultimately flip them for a better price. 


How Does Vintage Cash Cow Work?

Basically, the whole business just wants you, the seller, to be stress-free. 

They have a reliable operation where you have to order their free selling pack online, pack your antiques, book the items for a pickup, and lastly, receive an offer from them in the following 3-5 days. 

You also have the advantage here since you can decline the offer and let the company deliver the items back to you for free!

If you’ll ask me, this is a win-win for the clients since you will not lose or spend on anything. 

Unlike other online companies, they do not get commissions or hidden fees out of your transaction. Whatever is offered to you via email, that is precisely the amount you can expect on your bank account.

You might want to check out their official welcoming video for a more concise explanation of how they work and what you should expect. 

If you ask me, there are two crucial things that I like the most about their operation – their sending and returning policy for items and that they are compliant to buy almost anything!

If you have tried pawning some gold jewelry before, you know for a fact that not all items will be accepted since most companies have restrictions and expect your items to be clean, unstained, and not ruined.

However, the case is different with Vintage Cash Cow. With them, you’ll be able to put up your goods for sale and turn them into money quickly

They allow you to sell many diverse items from collectibles, old cameras, cameo jewelry, old toys, and other things. Allow me to reveal more details on what they accept down below:


Sending and Returning your items

Let’s say you want to sell a vintage handbag. As we all know, such a piece can be amounting to fortunes depending on its quality.

If you are interested in selling it on Vintage Cash Cow, then you should know that you can get insurance worth £300 or higher depending on the item’s value.

To get an even better feel of whether they will accept your item or not, you can also contact them online or via their Facebook page.

They are very much active online, and they can give you an instant answer on whether they can accept your item or not.

Please note, though, that they cannot give you estimates online but what they can assure you is the insurance amount if your item ever gets lost or damaged during shipping.

Also, please consider that they do not accept fine china items as they are considered too delicate for travel.


Items that Vintage Cash Cow Buys

They practically buy a lot of old stuff, and you can check whether your item is eligible for purchase just by merely connecting with them online through Facebook or the chatbot feature on their site. 

Generally, their offer depends on your item’s condition but worry not because they still give reasonable price offers even for broken items.


Some of the categories that they accept are:

•  Costume jewelry (pendants, earrings, bangles, art deco brooches, trinket boxes, brooches, rings, florals, enamel brooches, vintage crates, sunglasses, and cameo)

•  Silver and Gold items (silver and gold jewelry, cutlery, tableware, silver and gold-plated items, watch chains, trays, frames, trophies, candlesticks, tankards, coin holders, napkin rings, thimbles, goblets, and stamp cases)

•  Medals (princess mary tins, military brooches, military uniforms and caps, compasses, collar and cap badges, red cross medals, flying logbooks, telescopes and binoculars, awards and papers, World War plaques, medallions, sashes and ribbons, military radio, and vintage military helmets)

•  Watches and old clocks (pocket watch, motoring watch, evening watches, ladies purse watches, watch heads, and broken/spare faces)

•  Writing instruments (fountain pens, propelling pens, ink wells, cartridge pens, bridge card pencils, and presentation sets)

•  Old toys (peg dolls, train sets, die-cast vehicles, character toys, corgi vehicles, clockwork toys, windup toys, Scalextric, vintage jigsaw puzzles, vintage legos, tin plate toys, skateboards, and action man)

•  Old cameras and other electronics

•  Old currency

•  Masonic regalia

•  Diamonds, amber, and brass

•  Musical instruments

•  Vintage tools and instruments

•  Vintage handbags and luggage

•  Vintage posters and collectibles


Is Vintage Cash Cow A Scam?

I am happy to report that Vintage Cash Cow is not a scam. It is a legitimate company that can pay you well for your old items.

Besides earning money, I appreciate that they are a sustainable company since all items go under the following categories:

sold to collectors ✓
sold to repair markets ✓
repurposed for something new ✓


This allows anyone to contribute to a more responsible economy and, ultimately, support the environment.

While it may have lots of positive reviews online, one drawback is that they are still not expanding their business.

They only cater to those from the UK, but imagine the growth potential if they can get items shipped from all over the world?

Another significant reality for me is that you can never live off of your profits from this alone. In this sense, I invite you to consider a more viable online opportunity.

An opportunity that can snowball into a source of passive income in the future and provide you with the finances you’ve been striving for.

Please find out more about my most recommended way of earning below. 👇


How I Make A Living Online (and how you too can!

Now, if you’re interested in making money for real and you don’t want to depend on other people’s offers, then I think that my most recommended way of earning online might suit you well.

The opportunity that I’ll be speaking of is unquestionably one of the best out there, as I and many other success stories are a living testament to how possible it is to break free from your 9 to 5 and earn a substantial and consistent income writing on various topics you’re passionate about.

Is Vintage Cash Cow Legitimate The opportunity comes in the form of an online business that is widely recognized as affiliate marketing.


It’s a business model that allows you to earn by promoting and selling other people’s products and services in exchange for a predetermined commission.


The concept of how it works is quite simple. 😊

You create a website (it’s easier than you think). You strategically place your affiliate links on it. You drive targeted traffic to your pages, and it’s more than obvious as to why the last part is my favourite – you watch the commissions roll in.


However, it’s easier said than done! 🙃

You must understand that affiliate marketing is the same as any other business – it entails a lot of effort, consistency, and perseverance. 


I’m not talking about a magic-push-button system that can easily resolve your financial worries, okay? 🪄🖱️


Instead, I’m introducing you to a platform that can provide you with all the pieces of training, tools, and support to innovate, grow, and establish yourself as an authority in the AM field. 

It’s the very same platform represented by the very same community to which I owe my success to. 

Without their continuous support, I wouldn’t have reached the level where I’m now(I still have a long way to go), nor would I be sitting here and writing this Vintage Cash Cow review. 


The affiliate platform I encourage you to visit is called Wealthy Affiliate. 👈

It’s an online educational platform whose main goal is to teach newcomers like yourself everything there is to know about building a real, sustainable online business. 

The ultimate blueprint for success will welcome you, and you’ll be taught all sorts of different things like

  1. How to build your first (Or next) niche website ✓
  2. How to set it up properly so it converts better (you make more $$$)
  3. How to prepare it to appear on Google’s first page ✓
  4. How to monetize it ✓
  5. How to optimize it ✓
  6. And how to turn it into your very own passive income source ✓


WA currently offers a free trial, and if you sign up for it, you’ll be able to chat to some of the world’s top affiliates and see what the platform is all about. 

You can take full advantage of the first few lessons, and that should give you plenty of time to decide whether a career in affiliate marketing is something you want to pursue. 

I’ll personally welcome you on the other side and help you with the onboarding process. I’ll even share my guide to success with you, but only if you promise me that you’re serious about making this happen. 

As I end this article, I hope that I was able to give you a complete look at whether you should do business with Vintage Cash Cow.

If you enjoyed this post, please share it on social media and help me spread the truth about this company. 

Lastly, feel free to share your thoughts with me down below, and I’ll make sure to give my best to get back to you in a very timely manner. 👋


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