is Inbox Blueprint a scam

What Is Inbox Blueprint About? Is It a Scam or The Real Deal?

If you see this post, then you are probably doing a bit of research on the notoriously popular marketing course by Anik Singal that goes by the name of Inbox Blueprint and asking yourself: 


What is Inbox Blueprint about, and how can it help my business?


Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the field of marketing, you can constantly expect fast-paced change.

You see, today’s marketers are in a tricky situation wherein consumer behaviours are known to shift any minute rapidly.

In fact, the studies of Accenture and McKinsey & Company recorded significant changes in the online sentiments and behaviour across nations. 

The studies reflect radical changes and realities about how much the pandemic has disrupted major businesses globally…


But remember, with threats come opportunities. 😊

You might be surprised to know that the online industry is very much alive despite these challenges and is currently experiencing a remarkable increase in the customer base!

The shocking numbers presented in both studies firmly suggests that businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs should take this as an opportunity to develop their brand and visibility online. 

To ensure a competitive advantage, keeping oneself up to date with the latest trends, software, and online technologies can surely help online marketing.

Perhaps one of the reasons you clicked on this article is that you search for high-quality email marketing courses or digital marketing certifications.

I know for a fact that there are several of these online (some are paid and some are totally free!) and choosing the best one is your highest priority.

Before I proceed with my Inbox Blueprint review, let me be completely transparent with you.

I am not in any way associated with Anik Singal, Lurn Incorporated, or the Inbox Blueprint. You can rest assured that I won’t try to pitch or sell you on their courses. 

Instead, I will help you decide whether you should invest your time and hard-earned money or steer away from this course by showing you all the realities and the less-known facts.

So, if you are ready to begin, then buckle up as we start by getting to know the man behind the training empire.


Who is Anik Singal?

If you have encountered his name during your online searches about marketing and mentorship, then you are on the right track!

Anik Singal is one of the most followed personalities by young online entrepreneurs worldwide due to his industry recognitions. 

Not only is he a motivational speaker and coach, but he is also a bestselling author for four of his major books: eSCAPEThe Email LifelinePassion to Profit, and The Circle of Profit.who is Anik SignalAnik reflects his passion for educating young minds by developing an educational website made by entrepreneurs FOR entrepreneurs.

This transformational company, called the Lurn Inc., was established back in October 2004 with the primary aim of supporting, empowering, and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Lurn is basically an educational platform (online and offline) that offers relevant tools, training, and resources tailored-fit for every entrepreneur’s needs. 

It allows you to access over a hundred premium and free courses for a lifetime once you are registered to the site.

What’s great about the platform is that Anik made sure that users can instantly take advantage of the lessons without forking out loads of cash, making it possible for one to LURN and GROW. 🙂

This is because the website is also packed with FREE digital courses taught by industry experts such as Robert Kiyosaki (finance), Ty Cohen (digital marketing), Kevin David (funnels), Laura Noel (personal development), Rosalie Maquinay (digital marketing), and Anik, himself (digital marketing).

There are about five free digital advertising and eight digital marketing courses available on the platform as of writing.

Aside from the fact that it has over 420k enrolled students; it appears that the student community is so rich that the company has over 47k followers on Facebook, 9k on Instagram, 3k on Twitter, and a massive 41k on YouTube!

Apart from his educational ventures, Anik was also best known for his humanitarian projects. Through the Singal Foundation, he built schools around the world with the hopes of providing opportunities to those who are less fortunate.


What is Inbox Blueprint about?

Unlike other email marketing courses online, Inbox Blueprint shares a comprehensive discussion on how to go about building your own list of email subscribers, and more importantly, how to earn from it.

What I like about the course is that it comes with essential tools and resources which can help as a springboard in launching your business online.

You have probably raised an eyebrow when you read the word “email marketing” above. But here’s the thing, sending out emails with marketing hooks and earning from it is not exactly easy. 

In fact, even the idea of setting up your own list can be daunting too! Fortunately, online courses like Inbox Blueprint exists to teach us how we can set up, customize, and earn from the emails we craft. (see Anik’s video below).


In the simplest sense, email marketing is just one of the sure-fire ways by which you can grow and spread your brand online.

From the way I see it, the totality of the course can be viewed as a system itself. 

I mean, upon checking the content and inclusions, you’ll be delighted to know that it has several training videos, unlimited support, and access to important tools (like Sendlane, an email autoresponder).

Looking into the Lurn platform, you might be confused about where to find the Inbox Blueprint course (see the picture below).

If you are really keen on purchasing it, what you should look for is the one entitled “Email Startup Incubator: The Complete Email Marketing Package.” 👈

Once you click on that course, you will see that the Inbox Blueprint is actually a part of the course package.Inbox Blueprint Review As seen in the picture, the course comes with a hefty $997 price tag. What I love about this course though is that there are no upsells on this one unlike the previous versions – Inbox Blueprint 1.0 and Inbox Blueprint 2.0.



What is included in the Inbox Blueprint course? 🤔

The course is basically marketed as a quick, easy, and cheap way to learn the secrets of building a profitable business with the help of Inbox Blueprints’ tested and proven email marketing system.

From the way I see it, the Email Startup Incubator (featuring Inbox Blueprint) is one meaty course!

The whole course packs with it at least 768 hours worth of video content on eight specific areas – the addiction meter, the bait, TYP method, email machine, emails and list relationship, payday secrets, easy traffic, and unlimited success.


Module 1: Addiction Meter 

The module basically allows users to understand that not all niches are suitable for email marketing. 

Personally, I find it very limiting because it outright tells you that there is a possibility that you will not earn from the niche that you are passionate about. 

So if you are in a lookout for building a business in an area that you actually love, feel free to read my number one recommendation for making money online instead. 


Module 2: The Bait

The second module focuses on how to build an effective yet stylish opt-in page from scratch easily. What I love about this part is that it made me realize that I can grow my email list by giving out free yet informative downloadable such as short pdf files, calendars, and such.


Module 3: TYP Method

This third module is an eye-opener as it teaches the basics on how to design your “Thank you page” to generate revenue. Out of all the modules, I think that this is one of the most critical lessons since it discloses how an email marketer can significantly affect the branding and earning potential of a business.


Module 4: Email Machine

This module relies heavily on introducing automation for your online business. It basically recommends specific auto-responder services like GetResponse and Aweber.


Module 5: List Relationship

This module briefly points out how marketers can craft personalized and effective emails which can help in building trust between the prospective customers and the entrepreneur. For me, Anik could have expanded this module by actually giving editable templates as part of the course bundle.


Module 6: Payday Secrets

The sixth module walks users through the ways on how they can monetize an earn up to 7 figures from their existing email list. It basically provides time tested methods and certain “tweaks” that can totally level-up your game.


Module 7: Easy Traffic

This module primarily focuses on the importance of generating targeted traffic to the created opt-in page. It introduces learners to the concepts of traffic from guest posts, social media, and community forums.


Module 8: Unlimited Success

The last module deals with the importance of metrics to scale business in the future. What I love about this one is that it also educates you on how to make sure that your emails are NOT on the spam filter.


You think that’s it? Nope, there’s more!

The bulk of the video resources is on the bonuses, replays, and resources. 643 hours are dedicated to the replays of live pieces of training and interviews from industry experts and previous students who have generated 6 to 7 figures out of their email marketing journey.

The courses also come with the LaunchPad. This automation tool allows users to build effective opt-in pages, autoresponder messages, and lead magnets all from its huge library of templates.

Experienced marketers may find this similar to other popular tools such as Clickfunnels and LeadPages.


Lastly, enrolling in the course will allow you to experience its 12-month unlimited support from a team of professionals and the Lurn’s student community.


😈 Inbox Blueprint: Ugly Truths Revealed! 😈


Truth 1: Top quality training, but not for beginners.

While Anik himself markets this highest rated course, do note that Anik Singal does not develop the training videos in Email Startup Incubator. For its high price, it is no surprise that the coverage is quite detailed and comprehensive.

Despite easy to understand explanations, the concepts may still be hard to grasp especially for those who have no foundational ideas on online marketing. With that being said, I do not recommend this for complete beginners.


Truth 2: What exactly did I pay for?

Don’t get me wrong. The course is great and equips you with relevant information and video tutorials on their suggested tools. The overall course content runs around 768 hours and 39 minutes, but the bulk of the videos are for the bonuses and replays than the training itself 😕


Truth 3: Seriously, how much is it?

You might have read other reviews about the pricing of the course, and it seems that it changes from time to time!

I mean, I understand that courses like these are supposed to be restructured and revisited every once in a while, but what I find weird though is that the changes in prices are actually quite shocking from the regular $997 to even $1500.


Is Inbox Blueprint a scam or a game changer? 🧐

Let me say it right away – Inbox Blueprint is a legitimate educational course for learning email marketing. The real question here is whether we should consider Inbox Blueprint as a “game-changer” for your business.

Well, I’ll leave that one to you.

You see, if you are someone who has zero knowledge on how to make money online, this pricey investment may not be the one for you.

As a recommendation, you might want to arm yourself by expanding your knowledge and experience in online marketing for yourself first. You may simply do this by watching video tutorials, reading books, or joining communities with like-minded individuals. (all for free)

But if you are experienced, you will appreciate the content of this course.

With that being said, I firmly recommend beginners to consider trying out alternatives to this educational platform. And don’t worry about searching for them because I might have the perfect one for you already.


Why Not Try Something Better Instead? 💯 💯 💯

If you are still unsure of how you can earn from email marketing, then it might be best to drop it altogether and try something better instead.

The business model I’m talking about is called affiliate marketing and perhaps one of the best ways that you can earn passive income online.

I’m an affiliate myself, and my journey is somewhat similar to the everyday adventure of an online marketer. However, what sets my business apart is the fact that I can comfortably earn from a niche I’m passionate about.

No ifs or buts about it.

Affiliate marketing has a proven track record of helping many people in earning their four figures of passive income online, and many of them have even done it in their first year of starting.

It’s far from a get-rich-quick scheme, meaning that you actually need to invest yourself in it to see success. Fortunately for you, I am more than happy to guide you every step of the way.

You see, the blog you’re currently on is an affiliate marketing blog, and I managed to build it from the ground up thanks to one of best and most supportive affiliate marketing communities the world has ever seen.

The platform I’m referring to is called Wealthy Affiliate is undoubtedly one of the leading all-in-one packages for all upcoming affiliates.

I myself am a premium member of this community, and words can’t express how thankful I am for the support they have been giving me.

Without them, would not exist, and I would still be surfing the web in hopes of finding the next big thing.what is inbox blueprint aboutThey gave me all the training and tools I need to flourish, and that’s why I’m expressing my gratitude by referring online marketing novices (you) that might also feel lost and don’t know what to look for.

Wealthy Affiliate is free to sign up with, meaning that you can consume the content without the fear of being scammed. So if you think you’ve got what it takes, create your free account, and let’s get ready to rumble.

As I conclude this article, I sincerely hope that I was able to provide information on what Inbox Blueprint is about and whether it’s suited for beginners like yourself.

If there’s something else you are interested in or if you have any additional questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as I can.

As always, stay safe and know that I wish you the best of luck!


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