is the stansberry investment advisory a scam

What is The Stansberry Investment Advisory About? $199 Scam?

To future-proof your market portfolio, choosing the right stock should be your highest priority.

If you are new to the stock market, I am sure you know how confusing it is to pick your first stock. Perhaps, that is also one of the reasons why you wanted to learn more about the legitimacy of this investment advisory. 

So, what is the Stansberry Investment Advisory about, and is it something you should consider subscribing to? 

The key to winning big in the stock market is for you to outperform the market itself by purchasing diversified stocks.

The number of possible returns will depend on how these individual companies perform, and this is the tricky part. How exactly can a beginning investor get the best of the best?


Let me share a quick story of my journey. 🙂

You see, just like you, I have found myself drawn to the idea of diving head-first into the market with the hopes of being on the “green” for a lifetime.

I did not study the candlestick patterns, historical data, and even the companies itself. Simply put, I did not have the faintest idea back then. I was just simply motivated to earn quick cash. ( and that’s the wrong approach) 

A few months after, I checked back on my portfolio with complete dismay. I found out that my investment has been sitting on the “red” for a very long time. 

Since I am a beginner, I decided to cut my losses right away and vowed never to invest again.


But alas! With the market being bullish, I was back in the game. 🕹️ 

This time, I decided to subscribe to investment newsletters. For me, investment newsletters are best for those who would rather invest based on recommendations than learn the analysis themselves.

These monthly “prophecies,” as I’d like to call them, contain advice on when to hold and buy and the specific stock recommendations based on my risk appetite.


Do they work? 🧐


The answer is yes, they do work sometimes. There were months when these newsletters could help me to maximize my earnings exponentially, but there are also times in which I took extreme losses.


So, what did I learn from this experience? 😏

I realize that you should never blindly take investment recommendations for you to earn from the market. Although it is good that you have stock suggestions, it is still your responsibility to do your OWN research.

With that being said, this article will delve into the efficacy of one of the most popular investment newsletters from the Stansberry Research Advisory.

I have decided to write on this one since I find it timely, given that more and more people are turning into the stock market due to the pandemic. 

To save you time, money, and effort, I will comprehensively discuss this subject to the best of my ability.

However, before I start, let me be completely transparent with you.

I am in no way, shape, or form connected to Stansberry Research, which means this article is solely crafted to help you make an informed decision.

I do not intend to persuade you to subscribe to their products. Instead, I will simply discuss the facts about this company and let you decide for yourself! 

So, with that out of the way, let us head on to our review. 🚀


Who is Frank Porter Stansberry?

Frank Porter Stansberry is the man behind the Stansberry Research. He holds under his belt a degree in Political Science and Government from the University of Florida. 

He founded and co-founded multiple companies across industries, one of which is Stansberry Research (SR).

Based on his profile from the SR’s website, Porter brought the company to life in 1999 from a borrowed computer at his humble kitchen table. 

Since then, the company has grown massively with its direct approach to providing market forecasts through its publication.

Besides being a highly sought after financial guru, he is also best known for his editorial writing skills.

He was the first American editor of the “Fleet Street Letter,” the world’s longest-running English language financial newsletter. 

He is also a frequent contributor to the American-based news website called the WorldNet Daily.

Frank Porter also wrote five major financial books available on Amazon: The American Jubilee (2017), America 2020 (2017), America 2020 Vol. 2 (2016), The Pirate Investor’s Bible (2004), and the America 2020 Survival Blueprint (bundled version of the America 2020).


What is Stansberry Research?

Stansberry Research is a subscription-based publishing company best known for its world-class investment research. It is privately held and is based in Baltimore, Maryland, where Frank also founded it. 

The company offers various financial products services from macro-level services, specialized level research to complete portfolio solutions.

It basically helps in promoting optimized investment opportunities with a continuous commitment to risk management. 

In simple words, they aim to provide you investment advice that is tailored-fit to (1) maximize your earning potential and (2) promote the limited risk of losing hard earner investment.

It also provides free resources such as:

  1. The Daily Wealth
  2. Health and Wealth Bulletin (living the millionaire lifestyle)
  3. Stansberry Digest (real-time access for paid subscribers)
  4. Stansberry Investor Hour (podcast)
  5. Stansberry NewsWire

All of the services and products mentioned above are available for everyone interested in investing. On the other hand, the lifetime bundled memberships are exclusive and are only available by invitation.

It includes three major services: (1) the Stansberry Alliance, (2) Stansberry Choice, (3) Permanent Wealth Program.

The company seems to have a strong following online. As of writing, the Stansberry Research has around 295k followers on Facebook, 23.4k on Twitter, 5k on LinkedIn, and a whopping 89k on YouTube.

Checking at BBB, the company has gained over 60+ total complaints (28 were closed within the last 12 months).


What is the Stansberry Investment Advisory About?

The Stansberry Research specializes in financial newsletters, publishing, and marketing. Its top of the line service is what we call the Stansberry Investment Advisory (SIA).

This newsletter is available every month and is mainly lead by Alan Gula, chief financial analyst, and editor of SR’s advisory. The advisory issues industry-specific news about target stocks, stock picks, and hold and selling prices.What is the Stansberry Investment Advisory About It is mainly targeted for beginning investors who are still testing the water on buying profitable stocks for their portfolio.

The picks are available on an international scale, which means that investors from other countries can also benefit from the monthly contents aside from the USA.

According to their website, the SIA is designed with the following in mind:


Promise 1: Generate safe gains 💸💸💸

What I like about the portfolio position is that it is perfect for those with conservative risk appetite. I can already sense that blue-chip companies mainly populate the stock recommendations.

Also, to reduce the chances of losing money, the advisory clearly states that the holding period for the diversified recommendations should be at least one year or longer.


Promise 2: Take advantage of the trends in every sector 📈

Again, this is a good thing! Diversification of stocks allows you to spread gains and losses. Depending on the event or current situation, specific sectors in the economy may take serious hits instantly.

To ensure maximum protection of assets, it seems to me that SIA actively holds to this promise by recommending a mixture of stocks and commodities.


Promise 3: Know which stocks to avoid 📉 😡

The SIA can play a huge role in an investors’ projected portfolio. I like it because it offers news and evidence as to why their subscribers should steer away from a common stock.

They do this by compiling current news about the company and the projected price by which you should sell it (if ever it is in your portfolio).


Is the Stansberry Investment Advisory Worth the Price?

There are two ways by which I can answer this one. If you are a complete beginner, then the annual $199 price tag for 12 issues is worth the price.

In totality, the SIA provides comprehensive information regarding market conditions, stock recommendations, and the current price of a stock (or previously recommended stocks).

But then again, you should not follow these stock predictions and recommendations as it is. As an investor, it is still up to you whether you would like to invest in a specific stock or not.

Additionally, remember that despite the extensive research and analysis of Stansberry, there are still factors that can significantly affect these predictions.

On the other hand, if you are a professional investor, I recommend that you go for other newsletters that offer more technical explanations on how they arrived at their recommended stocks.

Unlike other newsletters, I find SIA’s explanations and charts to be a little bit inadequate, but I cannot blame the company as their target audience are beginners.

Also, as someone who has experienced the stock market first hand, I believe that the technical charts available at Bloomberg and Market Watch are already powerful enough for analysis.

There are also readily available apps that can serve as a news aggregator for specific companies. So, if you are someone who can handle research on your own, then no. The SIA is not worth the price.


Is the Stansberry Investment Advisory a Scam?

And now for the ultimate question, is the Stansberry Investment Advisory a scam? No, Stansberry Investment Advisory is not a Scam. 

The Wall Street Survivor even recognizes it as one of the best investment newsletters of 2020


Here’s the thing. 😎

I realize that there are many people online saying that the company is a total scam, but the truth is that the problem is not with the company but with the subscribers.

Some subscribers say that they invested in a specific recommendation, which turned out as a failure. 

You see, if you are going to follow their advice with complete faith blindly, then there is a fat chance that you will certainly lose your hard-earned investment.

As I have said time and time again, aspiring investors are accountable for their own decisions.

If your sole purpose for picking a stock is because it was hyped in SIA, then believe me when I tell you that that is not enough. Consistent personal research is still the way to go.

As a word of advice, I recommend that if you’re ever going to subscribe to SIA, make sure that you will just use the stock picks as a springboard in finding your stocks. 

Remember that the SIA is just a guide at the end of the day and does not guarantee that you will be on the “green” forever.


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It’s time for me to end this review, and with that being said, I sincerely hope that I was able to shed light on the realities I found about Stansberry Investment Advisory. 

If you enjoyed this article, I would sincerely appreciate it if you can share it on some of the social media platforms you are using. It is going to help my blog to rank higher, meaning that my income will likely increase. 

Also, comment down below your realizations and your decisions on whether you will push through with subscribing to the SIA, and if yes, why so. 

Take care my friend, and know that I wish you the best of luck. If you happen to need anything, you know where to find me. 👋 


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