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Woofunnels Review – Should You Really Avoid This Plugin?

It’s highly possible that you found this article because you want to have a fully operational sales funnel system for your business, and you’re looking for an appropriate tool to help you build it. 

You finally stumbled upon Woofunnels, but does this plugin really allow you to build high-converting sales funnels, or is it just another overrated add-on that does not deliver?

woofunnels reviewI tried my best to make the most out of this Woofunnels Review and provide you with the most trustworthy information about it. I hope it helps you out, and if you happen to like it, I would very much appreciate it if you can take a minute of your time to share your opinion on the funnel builder, or even better, your personal experience.

Your point of view means the world to me since it will help me to improve this review and spice it up with testimonials from actual users and not the ones you find at their sales page. Your good gesture will be much appreciated, and as a sign of gratitude, I will share my one million dollar advice for free.



The BuildWooFunnels plugin is the newest edition to the XL Plugins family, and it can help you create a fully-functional sales funnel system for your WooCommerce store without having to reinvent the wheel or use a 3rd party SaaS platform.

The guys over at Woofunnels claim that their plugin can boost your profits and increase the amount of money you earn from each transaction with optimized checkout pages, order bumps, and one-click up-sells and down-sells, but is that the truth or?



With all sincerity, I’ve seen better funnel builders, but this doesn’t mean that you should avoid BuildWooFunnels and not use it at all. I think the tool has some great features and is more than enough to help you build your first or next WooComerce funnel.





If you’re experiencing a high cart abandonment rate, then there’s a huge possibility the fault lies in your low-converting checkout pages. If you’re sick of this issue and you want to resolve it, then you should consider swapping them with friction-free and confidence-boosting checkout templates by Aero.what is woofunnels Want to hear some bad news? 

Most funnels are not optimized to close sales on mobile, and that should make you very sad considering that half of your traffic is probably coming from mobile. If you want to leave a lot of money on the table, then forget about this issue and leave it like it is. 


Want to hear some good news? 

Luckily for you, Aero Checkout can efficiently resolve your issue and can give your customers the best checkout experience, even on mobile. This is probably going to save you plenty of money that you can re-invest somewhere else later on.


✔  Mobile-Optimized Checkout Templates

✔  One or Multistep Checkout Forms

✔  Embed Checkout Forms on Landing Pages

✔  Display Credible Proof

✔  Display Support Section

✔  Seal The Deal with Bullet Points

Aero uses six credibility boosting elements that work very well with one another and will help you to seal the deal much faster than usual. All you have to do is choose a checkout template, customize it as you like, and roll out your page within minutes.aerocheckoutThe checkout process typically happens at the end of your funnel, but that does not mean it’s less important than your previous steps. It’s the most crucial funnel step, and you should treat it as such.



Order Bumps are offer pop-ups that appear right before you click the “Buy Now” button, and they are a great way to boost your average order value and extract the most amount of money possible from each customer.

You should use them to pitch complementary items on your checkout pages and provide your customers with the most relevant products. Has a McDonald’s employee ever asked you if you want some fries with your burger? Yup, that’s an order bump.

✔  Show Customized Order Bumps

✔  Sell Different Product in The Bump Section

✔  Match The Order Bump With Your Brand

✔  Increase AOV



To make an upsell, you need to persuade your customers to buy something additional or more expensive. And NO, you shouldn’t just throw random stuff at them; instead, you need to craft an upsell that makes you money and doesn’t hurt your sales and piss off your customers.upstroke woofunnels When it comes to upselling, it’s essential to ensure that your upsell sequence adds value to your sales process as opposed to hurting it.

You can use Upstroke to create one-click upsells and pull out even more money from your customers, without making them enter their credit card details again. All they need to do is click a button once they’re on the upsell page.

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What do you think separates an e-mail that gets opened, clicked, and acted upon from one that doesn’t? And NO, it has nothing to do with how well the e-mail was written or even the subject line. What matters is – who sent the e-mail and what kind of relationship does the sender has with the reader.

That is the main difference from an e-mail opened and from one that doesn’t. Autonami will help you to build a rock-solid relationship with your customers and also chain them to open and interact with all of your future e-mails.

Autonami uses behavior-backed triggers and will likely up your marketing game by personalizing your e-mails and making them appear more personal in the eyes of your customers. If I had to be honest, this feature was my favorite, and it’s what made me give this plugin a thumbs up. 👍



BuildWooFunnels currently offers three pricing points for each one of its features – basic, pro, and business. You can buy and use each future separate or buy the entire bundle at a discounted price. Once you buy the product, you’ll have the right to use if for a whole year, and then you’ll need to renew your subscription.

  1. AeroCheckout – $79 – $99 – $129
  2. OrderBump – $39 – $59 – $79
  3. UpStroke – $79 – $139 – $199
  4. Autonami – $99 – $149 – $249
  5. Buy the Bundle – $149 – $249 – $299

I tried so hard to find a coupon that you can use but unfortunately was not able to find anything, which means you’re going to have to buy them at the usual price.



WooFunnels is a great plugin that’s developed from a legit source, but the fact you can only use it if you are a WooCommerce member is somewhat disappointing, At the end of the day, it’s only a plugin and nothing more than that.

The price is reasonable, but don’t forget the additional costs that come along with it. You still need to spend a couple of hundred dollars just subscribe to WooCommerce, which starts to add up.


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