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Angels and Entrepreneurs Review: a Scam by Neil Patel?

Are you interested in piggyback riding on some of the businesses that can change the course of history? What if I told you that you could become an angel investor without spending much? 


Please find out more about this in my Angels and Entrepreneurs review. 😊

Aside from setting up businesses, investing in the stock market, and getting some side hustles done, one of the most popular ways of earning a handsome amount of cash is by becoming an angel investor. 

Since you’ll be dealing with small startups, this type of business ticks all the boxes when it comes to being risky, so it is because if any of these businesses fail, you’ll have no choice but to lose your hard-earned capital. 

In this sense, you must only invest your money in business ideas that have the greatest potential of expanding and becoming successful. 

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If we look back in history, J.P Morgan invested in Thomas Edison, and Thomas used that money to launch the company nowadays known as General Electric. If he did not have that financial backing, then light bulbs might not have even existed today. 

The same is true for the case of Arthur Rock becoming an “angel” to Intel, and this move allowed him to become a billionaire in such a short period. 

This is where the magic of angel investing lies, and as dubbed by Forbes, this type of investment is considered rich people’s favorite playground. 


And perhaps this is the exact reason why you’re here. 🙂

You probably want to know how it works and how you can secure shares in startup companies even before their initial public offering, even if you don’t have that much cash lying around. 

Well, look no further because today, I will be sharing with you all there is to know about Neil Patel’s Angels + Entrepreneurs network and ultimately reveal whether it is a scam and a complete waste of time or not. 

Angels and Entrepreneurs ReviewPatel launched this unique network to make the playing field visible to everyone interested in the concept of angel investing. 😇📈


Do you want to unlock a list of companies that you can invest in? The Angels and Entrepreneurs network might just have you covered. 

Before we dive into the review, let me just say with full transparency that I’m not affiliated with this company in any way, shape, or form, nor am I compensated to write this post. 


You will read here my honest opinions about the platform. 💯

By the end, I will also be sharing my most recommended way of earning online with you to have more buying power and establish a digital business that can become passive over time.

Are you ready to see whether angel investing can be a life-changing opportunity that can get your money to work for you? Let’s get started with our Angels and Entrepreneurs review. 


Angels and Entrepreneurs Review

Contrary to common belief, angel investing is not just for the wealthy. 

With all the developments today and the trends in equity financing, you can now start providing seed money to new and small business ventures no matter where you are in life. 

Depending on the business you want to invest in, you can start with as little as a few hundred dollars. Simultaneously, if you’re more comfortable investing lower than a thousand, I highly suggest that you check out crowdfunding instead. 

I’m saying that because you must be willing to invest more than a hundred since you are practically investing in a business to get a “share” of it when it comes to angel investing. 

When it comes to crowdfunding, your goal is not to get a share but to get back your capital along with some interest. Regardless of whether the company grows or fails, they are required to pay you back.

From this perspective, while considering which one you want to sign up with, I suggest that you check precisely what the motivating factor for your decision is. 


     •  Are you in there for the long haul and not afraid to risk your capital? Angel investing is probably a wiser choice.

     •  Are you looking to invest in real estate or businesses without getting your hands dirty? Crowdfunding is a clear choice.


Now that I have already given you a brief discussion on the differences, let’s now move into the world of Angels and Entrepreneurs. 

You see, this company has been launched in early 2019 by the prevalent internet personality, Neil Patel. 

If you’ve been researching SEO and digital marketing lately, then there is a big chance that you have landed on his blog or stumbled upon any of his YouTube videos.

He’s been active in the industry for quite a long time now and has created tons of different content about business, consulting, marketing, success, growth hacking, and career development. 


He also co-founded Crazy EggHello Bar, and KISSmetrics. 👈

Along with Shark Tank personality Robert Herjavec, Neil has been stirring the pot with this new platform by showing advertisements reminding everyone that angel investing is the way to go.

However, before you go and sign up for the membership upon hearing Robert Herjavec’s name, please note that he’s just being paid to promote the platform, which makes him a bit untrustworthy. 

Is ANGELS AND ENTREPRENEURS a scamYou will not see him giving personal tips on how to do angel investing, but once you sign up, all the vetted opportunities are called by Patel alone. Here what they say about Robert’s role on their website. 🔍


By joining Angels And Entrepreneurs, you are working as a shark in Shark Tank, where you can pick which of the pitches interest you the most. 

Depending on the company’s type and fund requirements, Angels and Entrepreneurs advertise that you can start with as little as $50. 

You can directly ask the start-up company about their plans during the live interview session from the website.

Regardless of the type of membership, you will get a monthly updated list of the companies you can invest in. However, it’s still your responsibility to review the suggestions and do your homework as a rule of thumb. 

Additionally, as long as you have the budget, you can invest in as many companies as you would like to increase your earning potential.

From the way I see it, angel investing does have its own set of charms and can potentially allow you to experience a massive potential return. 

As much as I would like to try my chances as an angel investor through this network, I find it a bit problematic considering that the risks involved are described as at their highest during this interview

It’s not like the stock market, where you can predict possible outcomes based on historical data. Angel investing has a speculative nature, and no one really knows what will happen to your chosen company. 


So, with this in view, I believe it’s not for everyone. ❌ ❌ ❌



How does Angels and Entrepreneurs Work? 


Joining the Angels and Entrepreneurs network is pretty straightforward. ✅

You don’t even have to be an accredited investor, which means that you do not have to worry about the ruling that you need an annual income exceeding $200k. 

To become a member, you simply have to go over to their website and apply to become one. From there, you will have to choose from the following membership levels: 


  Gold ($39/year)with one-year membership and two monthly startup recommendations

  Diamond ($79/year)with 2-year membership, two monthly startup recommendations, and two monthly bonus investment options

  Platinum ($129/year)with 2-year membership, two monthly startup recommendations, two monthly bonus investment options, and a bonus report on angel investing


But that is not all – each purchase will also unlock the following: 👇

  1. Due Diligence Packages – comprehensive explanation regarding the monthly startup recommendations
  2. Deep Dive Videos – a video training series related to how to analyze the risks of each deal
  3. Angel Investor Action Plan
  4. Hot Seat Session – where you can listen to pitches live and send in your questions
  5. Investor Updates– a briefing regarding news on previously recommended startups
  6. The Momentum Report – an email report about the latest announcements about the new startups
  7. Boardroom Meetings – monthly online sessions where Neil will answer questions and share updates and even rumors about the angel investing community
  8. The State of Angel Investing Report – A quarterly comprehensive report where they discuss the lucrative trends and the startups to watch out for
  9. The Network ­– a members-only forum
  10. The Angel Investor’s Boot camp – eight-part video series about angel investing by Neil Patel
  11. The Angel Investor’s Cheat Sheet – containing questions one should answer before investing
  12. Angel Investor’s Master Classes – A monthly Master Class taught by different angel investing enthusiasts
  13. Annual Invitation to the Angels & Entrepreneurs Retreat


That sounds like a lot to take in, right? Please note that the bonuses change from time to time, but those are offered as of writing this review.

If you are still unsure whether this is something for you, simply try it out for the next 60 days and receive a full refund if you find yourself dissatisfied. 

I think that $39 is an excellent price to pay since you get a fantastic set of bonuses (the master class and videos alone are worth it!) along with a filtered list of startup recommendations with comprehensive information about them.


Angels and Entrepreneurs Reviews

While the company does not have many members, I find it a bit disturbing to see that the reviews are mixed. 

For instance, they only have one review on Trustpilot, and this review states that the company is just milking users for money. 

In one Twitter post, American entrepreneur Jason Calacanis even called them out, labeling them as “clowns.”


The reviews are all over the place. 🤪

Some are firm believers, while others are calling it a waste of time. Based on my thorough analysis of online sentiments, the emerging themes from the reviews online revolve around: 


 •  Some of the investment opportunities are around $50-$100, but most of the time, the recommendations are beyond that! Some are demand more prominent positions that are worth thousands of dollars.

 •   If you invest thousands, you are giving away a more significant equity position than you initially planned. Come on! We can agree that what charms us in the Angel and Entrepreneurs network is the fact that you can start with $50, right?

 •   The return of investment may take you some time since no business will just be grown overnight! This means that you might have to wait 5 to 10 years to see your seed money grow! With this in mind, this is not for those looking to score quick cash.

 •   Based on members’ experiences, they are bombarded with emails suggesting that if you want better startup lists, you must upgrade. The upgrade prices change from time to time, but the median is at $5k!

 •   Some of the startup recommendations are available already at SeedInvest, WeFunder, and Angel Co.

 •   Neil Patel makes the whole platform, and people really look up to him that much!


Is Angels and Entrepreneurs a Scam?

With all honesty, I believe that Angels and Entrepreneurs Network is not a scam, and it has most certainly lived up to its primary goals: provide a list of startup companies and networking opportunities. 

More importantly, the prices for the membership are just on the right level and are affordable to anyone interested in getting their hands on a list of companies with the highest probability of succeeding. 


In other words – you don’t have to research! 👌

The membership fee also comes with some bonuses that are helpful for those who are just starting. 

As a fan of Neil Patel, I know that his educational videos are of the highest quality, so I think the included master class videos in the membership are well worth it. 

IS ANGELS AND ENTREPRENEURS legitimateAt the same time, if you are already knowledgeable about angel investing, I suggest that you sign up directly to websites like SeedInvest and WeFunder so you can start in an instant. 👍


I guess, at the end of the day, joining the Angels and Entrepreneurs Network depends on your level. 

If you are just a total beginner and are still processing how exactly this works, this is the best opportunity. Add to that because you can start with just a few dollars, and you have a remarkable opportunity. 

However, if you want to “feel” the returns, it is still suggested that you invest more considerable amounts.  

If you are interested in creating an additional source of income, then I guess it’s time for you to learn how I make a living online and finance my passions. 


How I Make A Living Online

You see, there is nothing wrong with angel investing, and it can change your financial situation, but despite all the glamour around it, the whole concept remains a risky one. You may end up not profiting at all (the worst case is that you lose all your invested cash). 

Suppose you’re looking for more sustainability and something that offers an opportunity to become a full-blown business and a source of passive income. In that case, my career path might just suit you well. 


What career is that? 😃 

I’m not sure if this is the first time you hear about it, but what I do is called affiliate marketing, and as an affiliate, I promote and sell other’s peoples products or services in exchange for a commission. 

It’s one of the most legit and common ways to earn online without developing a product from scratch or having high startup costs. 

As unbelievable it may sound, and as said in my money guide, you can get started with less than $1.38 per day, officially making my investment a low-risk-high-return one. 

Unlike other industries that got negatively impacted by the pandemic, this one remained profitable, and I can vouch personally for the traffic numbers I’ve been getting during these last months of quarantine. 

With such huge numbers, my earning have gone up as well, because as I said, it genuinely is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to make a living online. 

As I mentioned, I’m an affiliate marketer myself, and here are some of the practical reasons why you consider becoming one too: 

  1. AM is one of the most beginner-friendly business models you’ll find.
  2. You don’t have to have any previous knowledge and expertise. 
  3. 2 out of 3 online earners are affiliates. 
  4. It has the potential to become passive – if done correctly. 
  5. It’s pretty convenient and flexible. 
  6. AM can be a very creative way to earn online. 
  7. It’s set to explode in the upcoming years. 
  8. If I and thousands of others are doing it, so can you.  🏆


Like any other online business, this one will also require you to make a small investment in a course to learn a thing or two about the process and better understand how things go in this business line. 

If you would ask me what course I would recommend, then that would, without a doubt, be Wealthy Affiliate, the same one I got started with. 

Without the valuable info I picked up from there, the site you’re on now wouldn’t have existed, nor would I know to get you on this page and have you read my Angels and Entrepreneurs review. 


A clear indication that what they teach works. 🙂

Let’s just assume that you knew what AM was and that you did your fair share of research about it before finding my site.

In that case, there’s a good chance that you already knew about WA, but just in case you didn’t, know that I’ll be more than happy to introduce you to it and give my views on why I think it’s one of the best places to get started as a newcomer.

In a nutshell, WA is like an all-in-one package for those looking to get started online. 

It enables you to create your first or next successful affiliate marketing business by teaching you how to build simple yet very functional, beautiful, profit-ready websites. 


Sites like the one you’re on now. 

It’s been active for more than sixteen years now and was created as an initiative to help others succeed in the same way that its owners experienced success. 

As with any other online course, the platform is far from perfect, but I can personally vouch for how much it has improved throughout the years, making it one of those educational centers that innovate at a pace that’s faster than the industry. 

I love it because the community behind WA puts a great deal of effort to simplify the learning process for all of you interested in taking advantage of the task-oriented training that it offers. 

From the very second you become a member, WA will walk you through the entire platform and show you its most up-to-date step-by-step training that has been leading the industry for such a long time now. 

Angels and Entrepreneurs Alternative It doesn’t matter if this is the first time you hear about AM or if you’ve been doing this for years. As they did for me, WA can also help you out by teaching you how to create a successful, long-lasting business within the online space. 🆒


As reflected by its 1.6 million active members, it’s one of the fastest-growing business platforms in the world, and as you might guess, there are some compelling reasons behind that. 

I can go on and on for days to get you to understand how valuable this platform is, but it might be best to save us both some time and have you join their free starter membership instead. 

I’m a premium member of this platform, but there’s no need for you to rush things as you can take full advantage of the freemium membership that allows you to participate in the first few lessons of the course and finish all of the tasks at your pace.

It’s absolutely free to start with, and it should give you more than what you need to decide whether such a career is one worthy of pursuing.  

When you hang around successful people and interact with those, who have done it before you, the chances of succeeding drastically increase. 


Thousands of others are posting their success stories every day. ⭐

That alone should be more than enough to convince you that WA might just be the ideal place for you to capitalize on a particular idea, interest, or passion that you have. 

It’s about time for me to end this Angels and Entrepreneurs review, so hopefully, I was able to give an appropriate response of whether the network is a scam and a complete waste of time and money or not. 

If you have any questions regarding the two platforms I discussed, feel free to ask them in the comment section down below, and I promise to give my best to reply to them promptly. 👋



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