Apex Focus Group Review

Apex Focus Group Review: Easiest $1053 a Month Ever?

If you are interested in helping shape industries and the consumer products around you, then what better way to do that than by joining some of the most legitimate online survey sites of today! 

In this Apex Focus Group review, I will thoroughly discuss and give my honest thoughts on this research center and ultimately disclose whether it’s something you should sign up with or not. 


Let’s be clear on one thing – survey sites have always been one of the go-to online opportunities, especially for rookie online earners. 

From a flexibility standpoint, they are a foolproof approach to earn quickly and without investing in any items or doing some weird (most often than not, sketchy) online activities. 

As a participant, you capitalize on your experiences on something or with a specific brand. Some of the top examples of sites operating like this are  Prize RebelInbox DollarsLifepointsBigspot, and Swagbucks.

easily the best way to make money online!

best way to make money online


Contrary to common belief, survey sites are not too good to be true. 😊

While your earnings here can never be consistent nor allow you to purchase a car or an island, you can expect some additional income just from this alone.

You can make good money just by spending 5 to 20 minutes completing questionnaires, but let me tell you that not all of us have the same opportunities here. 


You see, since it is a “survey,” you have to be invited to answer these. 📝

This invitation depends on many things like your demographics, academic level, job experience, or even your choices in technology and consumer brands.

Add to this the fact that some of you youngers may not even be eligible to sign up with these sites and qualify for the questions since most of them are geared towards professionals and the working class. 

Apex Focus Group ReviewIn this sense, you can never know how much to expect to earn from these alone. According to this report, your earnings will never be able to break $90, even if you spend more than 40 hours answering all these surveys. 

I mean, you can always go the extra mile and try to manipulate the algorithm by enrolling from different IPs, but that alone will cost a lot of time, which in my opinion, it’s not even worth it. 


And for me, that is a big deal! ✅


I know how hyped up this opportunity is, so allow me to paint the reality for you – you cannot expect to earn much from this. Add to this is the fact that you are somewhat exposing yourself here!


Yep, you read that right! 🙂

While some things may be anonymous when you answer some of the questions, note that other surveys may ask for specific items such as your license number, bank account, or even your social security number! 

If you ask me, there are much better and safer earning options online, but if you’re still keen on going with the Apex Focus Group, allow me to reveal what I found out about this company in my review down below. 


Apex Focus Group Review

I decided to walk you through one of the most noted online survey sites named Apex Focus Group in today’s post.

It has created constant waves on social media and online forums since it pays relatively higher than other similar market research sites. It has been around for seven years now, and it’s actively engaged in clinical trials and university surveys.


Before we dive into the actual review, please note that I am not in any way connected to the company, nor am I being paid to feature them on this site. 🛑


What you’ll see in this review is my honest opinion about the company and nothing more. If you’re interested in finding what Apex Focus Group has to offer, then let’s get started by giving you an explanation of what the company is all about.

As you saw from the video above, focus groups are a critical aspect of giving companies a more transparent look at how people respond to particular products or ideas. 

Unlike traditional one-on-one interviews, focus group discussions allow people to become more at ease and allow them to collaborate and interact with people under the same category as specified by the company.


Take this situation, for example. 👇

Would you rather discuss your thoughts on the latest android game with people who also play the game or those you know are not even interested in gaming? Is it a no-brainer, right? 


You would, of course, choose to talk with people of the same experiences! 😀

And when participants talk more during a focus group discussion, researchers and companies can get richer data volumes to improve their products.


And this, my friends, is what Apex Focus Group is all about. 💡

It is connected with different companies to secure the right type of people with these brands. Some of the industries that they are associated with are:

•  Child Related Products (individuals with children 18 yrs or younger)

•  Cellphones (Apple, Android, or Windows.)

•  Entertainment (TV shows, movies, and video games)

•  Food (fast food, casual dining, or upscale dining)

•  Sports (casual viewers and die-hard fans

•  Electronics (depending on the devices you are using)

•  Pets (animal lovers

•  Automobiles


Once you qualify for any of the above, you can expect to join a recorded panel discussion that usually lasts for an hour or so. 

Before the session, you will also be expected to complete written or oral instructions and take an active part during the focus group. You are also likely to provide honest feedback to help the company.

You see, even if your feedback is negative, do not be afraid that you won’t be given appropriate compensation, okay? As long as you participate and give proper explanations, you can expect yourself to get paid.

Apex Focus Group is not that popular in terms of media presence to the point that they do not even have their own Facebook profile or even a LinkedIn account. 

Luckily for us, I still found their BBB page (although their company is not accredited), which has an A – rating. They also have a Trustpilot profile where they boast a 3.2 rating.


How Does Apex Focus Group Work?

Side hustles are essential, especially with everything that is going on around the world. I may not be as rich as Elon Musk, but I know for a fact that having only one source of income will not allow me to become financially free!

You see, during the pandemic, I realized that some careers are just temporary and can ultimately be gone in the next three to five years, which is why I understand why you are considering signing up with AFG.


Let me give you a clearer perspective on how Apex Focus Group works. ⬇️

You see, joining their company as a participant is easy. You just have to head over to their site and click on the “join focus group” button on their landing page’s upper right side.

From there, you will be redirected to a page that describes what you should expect from the company like the benefits and compensations as well as the qualifications and general responsibilities expected out of you.

Please note that depending on the company who is giving the survey under Apex Focus Group, there may be additional responsibilities like testing some mobile apps, installing software packages, or they might ask you for your address where they can send products (not yet publicly released) that you have to test out.

From there, you will be redirected to a page that describes what you should expect from the company, like the benefits and compensations as well as the qualifications and general responsibilities expected from you.

Please note that there may be additional responsibilities like testing mobile apps and installing software packages, depending on the company giving the Apex Focus Group survey.

They might even ask you to provide them with your address so that they can send products that have not yet been publicly released so that you can test them out.


And of course, the pay may also differ! 💸

The name itself actually dwells on focus groups and surveys where they pay around $35 to $75 for an hour worth of sessions and $250-$500 for multi-session studies.

The pay may also be more than that depending on the extent of the research study being conducted – more so if you qualify for clinical trials!


So, suppose you are interested in trying it out. 🆒

In that case, you should key-in your necessary information and share some details like your current educational level, employment, whether you have children, and even the gadgets you usually use.

Once done, you can submit your registration profile and answer a few more personal questions, which the company will save.

As a reminder, always be truthful in how you answer these questions since it can make or break your registration process.

There are instances where some questions are just re-modified to see if you will still give the same answer. With this being said, always read the questions entirely before heading to the next one.

Is Apex Focus Group a scamOnce you are all done, you will start to receive surveys and focus group invitations via e-mail, and you just have to open your account once there is an invitation. 📲 🤳


Apex Focus Group actually has high regard for their process, which is why I want you to know that there are only very few invitations that you can expect out of this.

Although these can pay well, the companies connected to them have a pretty detailed qualification in place, so it might happen that your friend gets a survey to answer while you don’t.


Is Apex Focus Group A Scam or A Legit Opportunity?

Apex Focus Group is a legitimate opportunity, and they too can pay well compared to Swagbucks and other Beer Money Sites. 

Imagine that if you can qualify for at least one focus group per day and be given at least $35 for each, that would be around $1050 per month, right? 

In this sense, you can earn a whole lot of money just by doing this for a single hour every day.

I also like it because it does not have a minimum threshold, so that means that as soon as you are done with the survey, you can expect your payment to reflect via PayPal right away. 


Additionally, it’s very flexible. 👍

You can choose to answer or decline surveys depending on your schedule. However, before you go to the Apex Focus Group site and sign up, allow me to share some of the cons.

First of all, I find it a bit weird that they do not have any social media accounts, and this alone makes me wonder whether their operation is that credible at all. 

I mean, if they have social media, I sure bet that there will be a lot of people who will sign up with them! I guess it’s time they level up their marketing game. 

The second thing is that you might not have any focus group invitations, given each study’s qualification. 

If you want to be invited to one and don’t mind the rate that much, I highly suggest that you try out UserTesting instead. 

I tried that back in 2020, and during my time spent there (a few months), I think I was invited to attend a focus group at least five times!

So, if you will ask me, I do not recommend Apex Focus Group at all. It may not be a scam, but it does not give many opportunities for everyone. 

You can earn better from other similar sites or try out more profitable gigs like freelancing, becoming a virtual assistant, or even just by signing up with sites like Lionbridge or Fiverr. (where you can sell your skills) 

But if you want something that can change your life, then I think it’s about time that you read about my most recommended opportunity online.


Here’s how I earn money Online (and how you too can!

Don’t get me wrong. I genuinely applaud the concept of survey sites and Apex Focus Group. Their website looks very professional, and it seems like an excellent platform for newbies to extra a few extra bucks. 


At the same time – I am confident that my recommendation easily outweighs this or any other survey site in the world. 

It’s better in the sense that it is a sustainable long-term opportunity, and it can become your primary source of income at some point. 

This opportunity comes in the form of an online business where you get compensated to promote other people’s products or services. The commissions are high, and more often than not, surpass the %40 marks. 

Besides the earning potential, some other perks are surrounding this business, and here are my favourite ones: 

  1. Its straightforwardness makes it suitable for newcomers. 
  2. It’s one of the most common ways people generate income online. 
  3.  It doesn’t require any previous knowledge or expertise. 
  4. Compared to other methods, this one has a low startup cost. 
  5. Literally, anyone can do it! (see a list of success stories) 🏆


I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it before, but the business model I’m referring to goes by the name of affiliate marketing, and it remains to be one of the top methods for earning online for a reason. 

I can go on forever on how it works and how to succeed at it, but it might best if you save us some time and have a look at my ultimate affiliate marketing guide, where I go into more detail on how to get started and some of the things you should look out for along the way. 

Before you get your hopes up, I need to let you know that this is a real business you’ll be building, so please don’t expect to join the success stories list mentioned above without actually putting in the work. 

The blueprint to success with AM works like a charm, but the price is hard work and dedication to the tasks at hand.  

Is Apex Focus Group LegitimateLike any other business, you will need to learn a few things before you get going, and what better way to start than to join the same platform that I became apart of when I first got started. ⭐


Without it, the site you’re currently on wouldn’t have earned $4.376 last month, nor would I sit here and write this Apex Focus Group review. 

In the past several years, Wealthy Affiliate has been the go-to educational platform for affiliate marketers of all levels. 

It’s doesn’t matter if you’re an expert at this or if this is your first time hearing about it – Wealthy Affiliate is made for you! ✅


They provided me with all the pieces of training, tools, and support to innovate and thrive in this prosperous industry, and it’s undeniable that they can do the same for you. 

I would love nothing more than to greet and mentor you inside and show you why a career in affiliate marketing is something you should consider going after. 

WA is unique in the sense that it deals with a freemium membership model that makes it possible for you to test out the platform without actually paying for it. 

With it, you’ll get access to the first few lessons of the course, which should be plenty of time to make up your mind whether this is something you would want to get yourself involved in. 

The WA community has opened my eyes and has encouraged me to become the very best in this craft, and I’m sure it will have the same effect on you too. 

As I end this article, I would like to thank you for joining me as I shed light on the truth behind the Apex Focus Group and as I answered whether it’s a complete scam or not.

If there’s something else, you might want to know about this site or the platform I just mentioned, please ask your question in the comment box below, and I’ll make sure to answer it as soon as I can. 👋


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