Can I Use Clickfunnels With Squarespace? 

It takes two to tango, and the same goes when it comes down to using tools to grow your business online. At some point in your online journey, you will need to use several marketing tools if you wish to see your business thrive.

We’re not saying you can’t function with one tool only, but having more than one in your marketing arsenal can make a huge difference, conversion wise. 

People are often wondering and ask the question: “Can I use Clickfunnels with Squarespace?

If you’re looking for a way to integrate Clickfunnels with your Squarespace account, then there are two answers, yes and no. Don’t let this short answer confuse you because we’ll be explaining everything below. But if you’re curious about whether you can use both platforms simultaneously to strengthen your business performance, then the answer is absolute YES.  



It’s fair to say that Squarespace can be an all-in-one solution for people that are looking for a way to create a website for their business or personal needs. With this platform, which is known for its mature yet easy to use interface, you can easily create an e-commerce store or a simple blog with ease.can i use clickfunnels with squarespace

Squarespace is used by many professionals, bloggers, designers, and web-developers to create remarkable websites where they can host their products or services. Simply choose a modern theme and edit it to suit your business needs. The themes are designed by world-class designers and offer a unique mobile experience. 

Integrating with third-party applications is another thing this tool is good at. It also gives users an option to make quick changes to their websites directly from the Squarespace app. The one downside is it does not offer such a compelling service as Clickfunnels does. But don’t let that disappoint you since this app has tons of cool features that you can benefit from. 

Here are some of them:  

  1. Social Media Tools: Social Media has always been a go-to place when it comes to finding your target audience and promoting your offers and services to them. The fun part is Squarespace offers a beautiful collection of social media tools that can be directly integrated to your website and serve as an informer for your customers about upcoming products, changes, and news about your firm. One of the coolest features is the Instagram one, which allows for purchases to be made directly through the Instagram app.

  2. Integrations: Nowadays, it is quite essential for the app you’re using to connect with other apps easily. As mentioned before, at some point in your online journey, you will need to start using several apps, and the fabulous part about Squarespace is that it allows its users to do just that, integrate with third-party software and applications. The bad thing is that you can use the integration features if you’re subscribed to the “Business Plan” or higher. It kind of sucks because many internet users can’t afford to use the more top plans, especially not monthly.

  3. Pop-Ups: If you decide to use the “Business Plan,” then know you can have pop-ups appear in front of your customers’ eyes. This is quite a powerful feature since you can invite visitors to join your mailing list or offer them an irresistible offer they can’t refuse.

  4. SEO Tools: In today’s time, if your site is not optimized for the search engines, then it is pretty much worthless. Squarespace educated its users by giving them simple tips on how to make their website appear friendlier in the eyes of search engines. Simple stuff like editing the Meta description and keyword density. Don’t get us wrong, this feature is okay, but it can be improved and taken to a higher level.

  5. Analytics: There is a famous saying amongst marketers: “I’ve spent half the money; I don’t know which half.” This is a scenario you want to avoid at all costs, and it possible thanks to Squarespace’s real-time reporting feature that give accurate analytical reports. Go ahead and use those reports to make wiser decisions in the future and improve your overall business performance. Analyze stuff like website views, specific page views, the number of products sold, calculate earnings, and so forth.

For the small starting price of just $18 per month, this tool can be an excellent addition to your marketing arsenal. It allows you to create attractive and decent websites and can be a solid pick if you’re running on a budget. But times have changed, and customers have become needier and aware of their buying power. They need guidance and want to experience an “unforgettable” buying journey. 

Although Squarespace is a website builder, it doesn’t allow you to create sales funnels. So if you’re looking for a better solution and want to get serious, you might want to consider using Clickfunnels instead. 



You may have heard of Clickfunnels by now, but let us refresh your memory. Clickfunnels is a sales funnels builder that provides its users with tons of helpful features to get the most out of their lead generation efforts.

Although it was initially intended to be a sales funnel builder, the program also allows you to create a website as well. It’s one of the greatest funnel builders that the industry has seen, but you can most definitely find a better solution when it comes down to building a to integrate clickfunnels with squarespace

Clickfunnels is jam-packed with many appealing features, which you can use to create stunning sales pages to promote your products or services to your prospects and earn more money. Another thing that Clickfunnels is good at is collecting leads. Leads are the bloodline of a company, and Clickfunnels allows you to collect and nurture them in a more meaningful way.

Check out these compelling features to see what we’re talking about: 

  1. Offers Guidance Through Sales Funnels: Having a website is crucial, but it’s not enough. We guarantee you’re going to have much higher conversion rates if you “draw” a specific path for your prospects to the end-goal, which is making a purchase. Sales funnels allow you to do just that. You can easily set-up a three-step funnel where you inform your site readers of all the benefits they will gain if they decide to buy the product you are offering. A good sales letter and a simple three-step funnel are all you need to get started.

  2. Collect E-Mails & Collect Leads: We assure you that the money’s in the list. The average consumer needs to see or hear about the product at least eight times before he is ready to buy it. By collecting e-mail, you gain the right to re-market your product or service to your leads, times and times over. Competition is high in nearly all markets, and the only way to stand out is to work on building a healthy and long-lasting relationship with your current and future customers.

  3. Webinar & Membership: This is one of the coolest features that Clickfunnels has. You can create a webinar where you pitch an irresistible offer at the end. You can then invite all of your webinar attendees to join your membership club for a one-time price or a monthly/annual recurring fee. Pretty cool stuff, right?

Sales funnels have taken the industry by storm. They have changed the entire customer buying cycle for the better. If you still haven’t had the chance to use this funnel building software, our recommendation is to try it out and play around with its features.

Clickfunnels is easily adaptable to any business model, big or small, so we’re pretty sure you can benefit from it. It helped us grow, so why wouldn’t it do the same for you? The only downside is the price that many users justify it, while others find it to be a bit high. 



The short answer to this question is absolute YES.

The good news is you can combine the features from both platforms to achieve better marketing results. You will get the best from both worlds, which will likely result in advanced business performance. 

The bad news is that you cannot integrate the two programs like you would integrate Clickfunnels with other outside applications, like Shopify, for example. In our opinion, this is a flaw because you’re being “robbed” from lots of valuable data that you would otherwise have. But never mind that, you can still use both programs separately and still achieve as good results. 

To start with, you will need to have an account created on both platforms. Create a stunning website with Squarespace and fill it out with all the necessary web-pages like privacy policy, about us page, terms and conditions, FAQ page, product pages, and so forth. The website is a visual representation of your brand, and you should give it your all to leave a memorable first impression for your visitors. 

On the other hand, you would want to use Clickfunnels to design a picture-perfect sales page that is going to be filled with a decent sales letter, at least. As mentioned earlier, it’s not enough to create a funnel; you will need to convince your funnel visitors using a strong persuasive letter filled with active Call to Actions. 

You can guide the visitor through a series of funnel steps where you would want to promote your products or services, and afterward, you can redirect them to your website homepage. This way, they will go through the entire funnel, and later on, they will have a chance to explore your business and the other services you’re offering by browsing through the website. 

There are advanced methods to use funnels within your Squarespace account, but it just complicates things. Plus, to do that, you will need to have stronger programming knowledge and understanding of codes. The option to hire a coding expert is always present, but there is no need for that since you can use both platforms separately and still achieve the same results. 

The only difference will probably lie in the domain name. If you decide to go with the more complicated path and add the funnel to your Squarespace account, then the funnel domain name will appear as an extension of your Squarespace account, like it’s a part of your Squarespace website. Keep things simple because there is no point in making things more difficult for yourself. clickfunnels one funnel away challenge


Squarespace offers a flexible pricing model with prices ranging from $12 per month – $40 per month for the higher plans. To be honest, the price is quite affordable, and you will have more than enough tools to start an online business. You can always start low and upgrade to a higher subscription plan or even migrate to a different website builder as time goes by. 

Clickfunnels also has flexible pricing options, but they come at a higher price. Some users justify the cost and for an apparent reason. The program may seem a bit costly at the beginning, but it’s well worth it in the long-run. The real question is, how much are you willing to invest in your business? 

You can choose between two subscription plans. The standard plan starts at $98 per month, while the higher, more advanced Etison Suite costs $297 per month. With the starter plan, you’re limited to 20.000 funnel visitors, while the higher one offers unlimited visits to your funnels. 

Also, with the first subscription plan, you’re limited to creating a maximum of 20 funnels with a total of 100 pages. At least %80 of all Clickfunnels active users are subscribed to the $98 per month plan. 

Many people are finding the Etison Suite $297 per month plan to be extremely expensive, but forget they’re allowed to use Clickfunnels’ in-built e-mail marketing automation tool, known as Actionetics. Agencies often use this plan. Another reason why people opt-in to use it because it saves them from the hustle to have to jump from one platform to another consistently.


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