Download Cash Flow Quadrant Robert Kiyosaki PDF

Download the Cash Flow Quadrant Robert Kiyosaki PDF!

Are you interested to know more about the sequel to the book Rich Dad Poor Dad? Download the Cash Flow Quadrant Robert Kiyosaki PDF today, and let’s get your financial perspectives on track. 

To learn more about this book and whether this is for you, feel free to read this complete review along with honest commentary about the content. 


Let’s get it on. 

You see, I have always been a firm believer that books allow us to gain a new concept and help us see things in a new way. 

I remember back in school; we were trained to read as much as we can because the very routine also helps us grow in some way. And as we grow older, our choice of the genre also evolves. 

My taste changed from reading novels about action stories, and now I find myself reading more and more about non-fiction or self-help books.

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And if you are looking for one of the best ones out there, especially for the field of business and finance, then I bet that you must have heard of the popular ones like The Richest Man in BabylonThe Millionaire Next DoorI Will Teach You To Be Rich, and Think And Grow Rich.

Another most favorite title is the classic Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. The Rich Dad, Poor Dad, is a personal finance book that has been translated into different languages. 

It is loved by many since it deals with the significance of financial literacy within the environment where you’re from. 

In this book, he shares two types of environment where you can come from: a family with a poor dad mindset and a rich dad mindset.

Basically, most of us will say that we are born with a “poor dad,” where education is viewed as the clear key to financial freedom.

Cash Flow Quadrant Robert Kiyosaki PDFHowever, according to the book, the best way to reach your full potential and live the life you want is by practicing the “rich dad” mindset. A mindset which states that the end goal is not to land a job but to build a passive income.💸


If you have been following this website, you probably know that I really do respect Robert because his experiences are something that most of us can resonate with. 

After the success of the Rich Dad Poor Dad, he wrote other books, and one of those in the set is the Cash Flow Quadrant.

This 360-page book was first published in 1998, but it remains on top of the charts because of its evergreen content. 

Here, he will describe the differences between being an employee, a self-employed person, a business owner, and an investor.

Before we head on to the actual review, let me just clarify that I am not sponsored to write this post. You will read here my honest opinions about the book and how it relates to our lives today. 

By the end of this, I will also share with you and be completely transparent on how I make a living online, and more importantly, how you too can follow in my footsteps. 

I will reveal the best ways to become a business owner by creating a fully digital business so that you can go beyond the E and S to B and I.


Downloading The Cash Flow Quadrant Book by Robert Kiyosaki PDF

The very concepts of saving and reaching financial freedom are concepts that are easier said than done.

With lots of financial “gurus” on the rise, you might just want to follow the crowds and believe every piece of advice thrown out on the internet.


Unfortunately, not all of these pieces of advice are real. 🙃

If you are interested in learning firsthand, then the Cash Flow Quadrant is the book for you, If you are wondering where to get a copy of this, please check out the links below.

Of course, let me just warn you that even if you download a digital copy, it is your responsibility not to share your manuscript into the open or have it pirated by other people. 

Remember that you get to shower appreciation towards the author and support the publishing industry by purchasing a personal copy.

•  PDF Drive (Download for FREE, but you must not reprint the file)

•  BookTree (Download for FREE, but you must also not reprint the file)

•  Barnes and Noble (Nook book is around $13.49)

•  Kobo (Around $12.99 for the eBook version)

•  Amazon (Around $8.20 to $13.03 for used and new copies)

•  Audible (Around $24.99 or $14.95 a month using Audible Premium Plus)


Cash Flow Quadrant Review

The Cash Flow Quadrant book is not just a self-help book but also an impressive guidebook to uproot yourself from life’s traditional rat race. 

Compared to other similar books from the same genre, this one does not ask you to become a good employee, and rather, it tries to show you how your jobs are nothing but stepping stones.


Stepping stones to what exactly?” you ask. 


Kiyosaki firmly states that all of us should be living our lives in the best way possible, and for one to do that, you should have time for work and things that matter to you.

Well, this book outlines that there are two types of mindsets existing today: The one who thinks that the end goal is to land a high salary job with the best benefits and the one who believes in freedom by building businesses and investing. 

And if you think about it hard enough, there are some pros and cons related to these mindsets.

For instance, if you are an employee, you can reduce financial uncertainty and access amazing health insurance/ benefits. 

On the flip side, if you become promoted (and get additional income), you will have less time for things that truly matter and more time dedicated to your job. 

And we all know that this can easily lead to burnout in the field, right? Add to that is the fact that financial freedom may take you YEARS!

Cash Flow Quadrant ReviewHowever, if you have your business, one of the major pros is that you can gain wealth quickly. This also means that you pay fewer taxes and have the best opportunity to create passive income out of your business.📈


However, there is financial uncertainty as the success of your business also relies on the people working for you. 

You also do not have free access to benefits or paid leaves, but you have time for yourself and your family.

While I was reading this back when I was working with my 9:5 job, I realized that I shouldn’t slack off at the end. 

While it’s true that I’m so tired after my shift, I should spend at least an hour or so working on myself too. I must invest in myself to stand on my own and create a business around my skills and interests.

Instead of thinking about a promotion in the next three years, I created a dream board and planned what I want to achieve in life. 

But of course, a plan is only a plan without action. So, while I was listing it all down, I also created actionable steps, which are what I do after my work shift. 


And I guess this was when the magic happened. 🪄

Instead of living in the left-side quadrant, I am now happily slowly (but surely) occupying a niche on the right side! In the next part of this review, I will discuss these quadrants and what it means.


Understanding the 4 Easy Concepts of the Quadrants

The book’s eighteen chapters dwell on four parts: explaining the cash flow quadrant, how to bring out the best in you, how to be successful on the right side, and the seven steps to finding your fast financial track.

In the first part, Kiyosaki discussed the famous quadrant, which states that most people are on the E and S side while the rich are on the right side.





“If you do what everyone else does, you’ll wind up having what everyone else has.”


There is no denying that a majority of us are employees. Based on the book, this type of people are more interested in the concept of security than risks which is why they try to find a job with good benefits. 

More importantly, they are more likely to grab a promotion than start a business from scratch. Since they “love” working, they are the ones who oil the gears for the right quadrant.




“Financial freedom might be free, but it doesn’t come cheap. Freedom has a price.”


Are you a freelancer or an online seller? Well, you are the definition of a self-employed person. This means that you are the boss of yourself, and you have total control over when you want to work.

The book also states that this is an example of a small business where you alone must give 100% of your attention to make this work. In short, no work = no pay.





“The faster you want to get rich, the more accurate with numbers you must be.”


Compared to small businesses, large businesses or corporations by business owners have a solid backbone which means that it will run even if they do not give a 100% of their time.

This also refers to the type of people who have specific skills and can take active roles in the overall operation and decision regarding the company.

DOWNLOAD THE CASH FLOW QUADRANT BOOK BY ROBERT KIYOSAKI PDFMy take on this is that if you plan to become one, you must upskill yourself and establish a business where you are most skilled at.


For instance, if you become interested in content writing or copywriting, you must get crash courses and start hiring (then mentoring these employed people).

Of course, my idea here is something small, but you can quickly expand this, right? Slow and steady always wins the race! Do not dive and start a full-blown business right away.




“The definition of wealth is the number of days you can survive without physically working and still maintain your standard of living.”


This is for the people who already have money to invest in other companies and let their spare cash work.

They can use their own money and other people’s money (or OPM) to generate more with minimal to no effort at all. 

The only drawback here is when you invest in the wrong business, which will lead you to lose your cash instantly.


This quadrant also suggests this scenario: 👇

The I provides money for the B, and the B will hire E and S. In other words, if you want to become financially free, the end goal should not be to become the S or the E forever. 


Instead, you should strive to become the I! 🙂

Sounds easy, right? According to Kiyosaki, the shift of perspective is not as easy as it seems. Apparently, those on the left side have some addiction and are usually scared to take risks.

Come to think of it, if you know that you can get rewarded for doing something and getting benefits, you might become too comfortable and think you should stay in that position, right?


I suppose you might be wrong


Based on the Cash Flow Quadrant, you must take active steps and surround yourself with people who masterfully shifted into the right side. Also, it is recommended that you look at things positively:

Instead of saying, “I cannot do this,” you should say, “How can I learn to do this?” 

Instead of “I might fail,” you should say, “I might fail AND learn.


5 Levels Of Investors

Now that we already know the concept behind the quadrants, the last part of the book speaks of the types of investors which I believe we can all resonate with. I will summarize each here so that you can instantly determine which one you are.


•  Level 1: The Zero-Financial-Intelligence – people who experience expenses are way higher than their monthly income.

•  Level 2: The Savers-Are-Losers – those who park money on banks and are not thinking about inflation

•  Level 3: The I’m-Too-Busy – those who have no time to learn the investment strategy because they simply allow other people to invest for them (like the case of UITF or Copy Trading)

•  Level 4: The I’m-a-Professional – those who take conscious effort to make a decision and understand how their portfolio can grow even better

•  Level 5: The Capitalist – those who understand taxes and knows how to makes use of his and other people’s money


Overall, I enjoyed reading Cash Flow Quadrant, so I totally recommend it to those interested in changing how they think about money. 

After reading this, I realized that reading the Rich Dad Poor Dad is not a pre-requisite as it can stand on its own. 

Also, some of the concepts this book shares are already briefly discussed in the original book, so it might seem like a waste of time and money to purchase both.


How I Make A Living Online

Aside from all the side hustles and investing ventures (like a typical E or S), one of the significant steps you need to take to secure financial freedom is establishing a viable business.

Like Kiyosaki, I genuinely believe that the shortest path towards success is becoming a business owner and investor. By becoming one, you get to live a more fulfilling life, won’t you agree?

At the same time, you must be aware that the type of business you want to start depends on you. If you ask me, I think you should go after something that you enjoy naturally and have the skills for it.

Cash Flow Quadrant Review Robert KiyosakiIt must also be built around the idea that it will provide a passive income in the future. When I say passive income, it lets you earn money even if you are not there to supervise. 💰


Like Kiyosaki and his friend did when they were younger, they created a comics-related business and hired an employee to run the company even if they are not there physically.


And that is something you also must consider. 💯

I’m just letting you know because I want to share with you my money guide, which I believe will make all the difference in the world for you.

Inside, I’ve outlined everything you need to know about how I make a living online, and even better, how you, too, can get started on your journey and create your very first source of passive income.


My money guide is free, and it shouldn’t take you more than five to ten minutes to go through it. 😊


I hope that you consider downloading the Cash Flow Quadrant Robert Kiyosaki PDF, and thanks for sticking around until the last bit of my review.

I’d be happy to answer questions, so please feel free to ask them in the comment section down below if you have them. 👋



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