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Hi, and welcome to my Cash Magnet app review. 


Do you believe you’ve already discovered the ideal side gig app that pays you to browse the internet? The main idea of the Cash Magnet App auto surfing app is to profit by selling your phone’s internet usage. I get your enthusiasm for this app; however, I wouldn’t get my hopes up yet if I were you. Please read my review carefully to find out whether it is safe and, more importantly, worth trying.


So, you want to know whether Cash Magnet App is legit? 🤔

Gorjan here, and in today’s review, I’ll uncover whether you should spend your free time using the Cash Magnet app, which will pay you for doing something you are already doing: surfing the web. Honestly, it sounds too good to be true, right? 

I mean, doesn’t it make you wonder why a company would pay you just to surf the web? Wouldn’t it be slightly risky since they could steal your information or not pay you the promised reward? Don’t worry; I will explain in detail how the Cash Magnet app works and give you my honest, unbiased opinion about it.

Basically, you will be selling your phone’s internet usage, but there is a maximum amount of points each device can earn with the Cash Magnet app, which is 500 points per day or an equivalent of $0.5. However, to earn that much, you must be from a top country, including the USA, Canada, or the UK, and you need to run the app 24/7—which can steal so much battery power from your device.

The current limit is four phones per IP address and up to four unique devices per day. You’re free to use the same login information on all your phones as long as you only have a maximum of 4 phones per IP address, which is quite alright.



Do remember, though, that Cash Magnet is not a survey app.

Instead, by installing and allowing access to your device, you let Cash Magnet browse any sites, click on banners, view ads that show on your feed, and install apps automatically. If you don’t like that feeling that someone is stalking you or someone is sharing a device with you, then Cash Magnet is not for you.


You have to be comfortable sharing your device with Cash Magnet.

Advertisers pay Cash Magnet to get traffic—this explains how the app can pay its users. The point is that you are helping them understand if their advertisements are reaching their target market. In order for them to know that, they have to know your browsing routine and install apps from their advertisers.

There is so much internet traffic generated by bots or click farms nowadays, which unethical digital marketers use to make their click numbers high or use cheap traffic sources to earn a profit. With that, your device will serve as one of the nodes in a traffic network, and you’d get a small reward in exchange for that. It might be worth it, or is it not? Exactly what we’ll be covering in today’s review.

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Please take into account that what this platform teaches is far from a get-rich-quick-scheme, so trying your utmost best is the only way you’ll come on top. There will be a lot of active work involved at the beginning of your venture, but it gets a lot easier with time, considering that once you get the ball rolling, you’ll be able to outsource most of the work, so therefore, automate %90 of the process.

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You don’t need any special skills or a significant investment to get started, but it does require some perseverance, grit, and hard work on your part. The platform offers free membership for life, but if you want access to everything it offers, you will need to upgrade your membership, understandably. 

At least see what it offers! You literally have nothing to lose.


Hi, my name is Gorjan, and I’m making a full-time income working from home. Feel free to read my about page if you wish to learn more about my story, past experiences, and how I can help you set up your 1st passive revenue source.

Cash Magnet App Review

Cash Magnet is a free-to-use side hustle application that lets you earn extra income while you are not using your phone—but you aren’t only selling your mobile traffic because you allow the app to also automatically download sponsored games and browse sites that let you earn more passive run-time. You must sign up and provide personal information before using the app.

Furthermore, you need to level up your account before you can start earning more money—for example, on Level 3, you can install apps manually, allowing you to earn extra 100 points, and on Level 6, apps will be installed automatically. At the moment, Cash Magnet App is only available for Android devices.


You can’t earn with the app if you are using your phone…

…because Cash Magnet will only run when your phone is idle – it’s just how the app is designed. Many reviews tell you that you can use your phone as usual and run the app in the background simultaneously, which is a clearly a lie.

You need to click on Start Earning to, well, start earning, and stop the program when you need to use your phone again. So, you should use the app during the night when you sleep so you don’t frequently start and stop the app. The longer that Cash Magnet remains active, the more money you will receive. 

Though once you reach a higher level—if you keep downloading their games—you can run the app 24/7, but your device still has to be on idle mode. So, download more games, and your device can run in passive mode. You need to install three games to reach level 2 and download more games to gain more levels. Once you download 6-7 of their games, that is when your phone can let the app run 24/7—you will have a limited passive run-time before this happens.


Apps like Cash Magnet are a risk.

That said, note that you will provide information and give the company your data. So, you don’t know if an app might get compromised one day or if the company decides to sell all your data, which many do. Though Cash Magnet promises that they will only install trusted apps and visit safe sites while using your device because they only want to view or watch ads, click on banners, and install games.

Is the Cash Magnet app legit Also, the connection of the Cash Magnet website is Not Secure, which means that you should never enter any personal information, including passwords or credit cards because attackers can steal it. Not exactly my cup of tea. 



You have to have enough storage space and battery life to use Cash Magnet.

Remember that you have to download many games to earn more with Cash Magnet, and games do take up your device’s space. Make sure that you have plenty of this extra storage space to keep on downloading more apps. If you use all your storage space, your device can be laggy when you use it, and you will be limited to how much you use your app, including taking pictures or surfing.


The good news is that you can…
…uninstall the apps once you’ve claimed your reward for installing them. It does make your phone look unorganized or cluttered to have new apps now and then. There would also be a built-up cache on your device, which you can erase, of course, but if you forget, it can still take up storage. You would hardly notice it, but frequently installing and uninstalling apps can cause your device to wear down. Moreover, you will lose internet data already for installing the app alone.

Additionally, Cash Magnet will work while you are not, meaning that your battery will deplete in the same manner if you use your device. Make sure your battery does not drain quickly—and if you notice that it drains faster than before installing Cash Magnet, stop using the app. You are compromising your battery life for this. If you decide to fix your battery, you will have to pay more which is not worth considering that your maximum payment for Cash Magnet is only $15.

So, it would help if you only used Cash Magnet on your extra phone or phones that you no longer use. Otherwise, you will have to spend more money to buy a new phone since using the app can drain the device after a few months.


Does the Cash Magnet App Pay Real Money? 

Yes, the Cash Magnet app pays real money, but I would think twice about installing it if I were you since the amounts you can earn are laughable.  


However, there are times when you can’t cash out…

…after using Cash Magnet, even if you reach their minimum payout threshold of $1 because of too many bonus points. Basically, Cash Magnet has this system that balances the bonus you receive for installing their apps and viewing sites. So, you can’t cash out if you install too many games but don’t let the app run while your device is idle. You need to let your device run Cash Magnet to earn more points for site viewing so it can match the bonus points you get from installing apps. 

This happens because the main premise of the app is viewing sites to see or watch ads and click on banners. Once you accumulate enough points for running the app in passive mode, you can cash out your earnings. You can redeem your points through PayPal or Amazon gift cards, which is convenient.

PayPal has a minimum payout threshold of $1, whereas if you redeem through Amazon gift cards, you must have at least a $5 balance. So that you know, you can only redeem the points through Cash Magnet’s site and not on the app.


Cash Magnet also has a referral program. 

It allows you to earn additional rewards for inviting others to use this app. For every invite that signs up through your link, you will receive a 5% commission of whatever amount they will earn from the app. Cash Magnet’s referral program is a two-tiered program in which the person you referred can refer another person. When that other person registers through their link, they also become your referral, earning you a 5% commission, which is pretty good.

It is also recommended that you use a rooted phone since this can automate some of the actions within the app, lessening manual work like installing the games, making the clicks, etc. A rooted phone is basically connecting your phone to your computer to gain root access to the Android operating system. Using a non-rooted phone will surely earn you fewer points, so it’s up to you!


Additionally, Cash Magnet keeps crashing…

…so you have to reset your phone multiple times. There would be sign-up errors because of server problems which you will encounter numerous times. Payments also keep getting delayed, taking up to a few weeks for them to arrive.


I don’t think Cash Magnet is profitable…

… mainly because you still have to pay electricity and internet bills. Some also suggest buying $10 phones on eBay just to run the app, but it isn’t a good idea since your maximum earnings for the app is only $15, plus you need to recharge the battery multiple times. You only would earn much if you lived in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia; otherwise, you have to compensate for a meager earning.



Is The Cash Magnet App Legit? 

The Cash Magnet App is a scam! There are certain risks when letting a third-party app access your phone, including stealing your personal information and data. Since the website does not have a secure connection, if they get hacked, everything you provided with the app gets hacked as well, so please beware! 

Moreover, you won’t earn much from using the app even if you run multiple devices simultaneously. If you are looking for a gig to support your financial needs or even just your day-to-day needs, this app is not it. You still need to level up on the game to gain a more passive time limit until you can allow the app to run 24/7. Still, your device needs to be idle for the app to run, so it’s not worth it!

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With that, you still need to recharge your phone continuously, which will eventually wear down your device. If you only have one device, keeping this app running would risk your battery health, which is not worth it. You also have to download multiple apps, which are gaming apps that require so much storage space. You can uninstall them once you have claimed your rewards, but constantly installing and uninstalling them can still affect your battery and wear it down.

Overall, using the Cash Magnet app means risking your information being stolen, your data being sold, your device being harmed, your battery dying, and your storage space complete. When it’s all said and done, you have the final say.


How I Make a Living Online 

Please read my review if you want to learn more about the platform through which I earn anywhere between $4000 – $6000 per month online. You don’t need any special skills or a significant investment to get started, but it does require a great deal of perseverance, grit, and hard work on your part.

Making stunning, profitable websites that are simple to use and promoting other people’s goods and services in exchange for predetermined, recurring commissions is one of the best ways to generate a steady online income.


Does the Cash Magnet app pay real money Feel free to read this step-by-step guide, which clarifies how I make money and introduces you to the business model taught by this platform.



My “job,” if you can even call it that, is to advertise and sell other people’s products online in exchange for a cut of the sales. I’m just the middleman who connects a certain someone who has a problem with a product or service that can solve that problem for him. It’s a triple-win scenario, and everyone goes home happy. The product owner gets the sale; I earn my commission, and the customer walks away happy, knowing his problem’s solved. – it doesn’t get better than that!


This business model is known as affiliate marketing.

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It’s time to end my Cash Magnet app review, so hopefully, my arguments convinced you that you should think twice about wasting your time and effort with this site. If you’ve missed something or there’s anything you’d like to ask, feel free to comment below. I usually reply within 24 hours & I’d be happy to help you!





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