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Hi, and welcome to my CashCamel review. 


Are you looking for a fast and easy way to earn some extra cash? Then you’re in for a real treat because, in this review, I will introduce you to CashCamel, a site that pays you for taking surveys. First, I’ll give you the lowdown on this site, from how much you can earn to the types of surveys you’ll be taking. Then, I’ll share my personal experience using the site and whether or not it’s worth your time.

I’m also going to reveal not one but two money-making alternatives that I’ve personally tried and tested, and let me tell you, they’re significantly better than anything you’ve seen before! Whether you’re a busy student, a stay-at-home parent, or someone looking to make extra cash, this article will come in handy!



So, you want to know whether CashCamel is legit? 🤔

Gorjan here, and in today’s review, we will enter the realm of CashCamel to see the beauty or hideousness (if there is any) behind this money-making platform. It is not really new since it was launched last 2020 during the pandemic. But it is definitely new to the ears of most people due to its rising popularity these days.

If you’re part of my growing community, you know how soft I am about any online earning platform. Such topics never fail to awaken the undercover detective inside me, so whenever I get a chance to review any program, I do it without hesitation.


So, the first time I heard about CashCamel…

…my mind, and body could not be at ease unless I stepped out of the way and reviewed this myself. Of course, I wouldn’t want any of you to take the risk by seeing this application yourself. If there’s one person who should be thoroughly investigating any controversial platform, it must be no one but me.

Besides, thorough reviews about emerging money-making platforms have always been my bread and butter. I don’t want to keep you waiting, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the show. (and, of course, shoot your questions at the end)


Hi, my name is Gorjan, and I’m making a full-time income working from home. Feel free to read my about page if you wish to learn more about my story, past experiences, and how I can help you set up your 1st passive revenue source.

CashCamel Review

So, what is CashCamel, and how does it work? CashCamel is a mobile application developed by CrowdNautics, a renowned market research company. With this statement, do you have an idea of how this platform operates? If we’re on the same page, then “surveys” might be the first word you’ve blurted out.

Yes, CashCamel is a money-making platform designed with particular survey questionnaires on different topics. Because the owners are part of the research community, they mostly conduct their groundwork through paid surveys.

Since CrowdNautics is a market research company that handles countless studies from time to time, having significant connections is familiar to them. Because of this, they had a chance to partner with the industry’s biggest brands.


CashCamel Review Later on, this inspired them to create several batches of potential surveys per day. CrowdNautics wanted to help these brands be ahead of their game by assisting in reaching out to their audience in exchange for their insights and opinions.



As always, and just like any other money-making platform…

…CrowdNautics’ way of reaching this goal is by taking advantage of the terms “paid” and “generate money online.” This will lure you, me, and the entire universe to hop into their application and start completing their surveys. Simply put, they want us to participate in their investigations by speaking our voices and hearts out. Once we’re successful, they pay us forward by extending cash rewards, which we can withdraw afterward via the platform’s payment channel partner.


Who Can Join CashCamel? 

CashCamel is a mobile application available on Google Play and Apple Stores. These two markets are widely used worldwide, which makes CashCamel more stimulating. However, despite these claims, the application is unfortunately unavailable in some countries. The exact list of countries where CashCamel is currently obtainable has yet to be discovered. (it’s best to contact their support


Because of this, I cannot lay out specific details in this review.

But if you’re determined to check if you can install the app from where you are right now, then I can help you with that. First, go to your respective mobile stores, Google Play for Android users and App Store for iOs users.


Second, search for the CashCamel application.

If it doesn’t appear on your screens, it’s apparent that it is unavailable in your country. But if it does, then lucky you, you can take advantage of the application to earn a few extra bucks. – the only way to find out if you’re eligible to earn.

I’m currently residing in Ireland, and I didn’t have any issues signing up, but you’ll only know once you try downloading it. – they could have made this a lot easier by just presenting us with a list of all the eligible countries, but it is what it is.


One more thing, CashCamel is advertised as…

…a versatile application that everyone can utilize. However, the only payment channel that they offer is PayPal. This means that if you don’t have a verified PayPal account, you can’t prey on this platform, leaving us to the conclusion that the only individuals who can exploit CashCamel are aged 18 and above.



What Are All The Ways You Can Earn With CashCamel? 

As mentioned above, CashCamel is a money-making platform you can download on your mobile phone. Mind you that this program is only exclusive for android and ios users. If you’re considering completing the surveys using your desktop computer or laptop through their website, stop your tracks as early as now.


You will just get disappointed.

So, if you’re one of the many who aim to take advantage of money-making sites in front of your PC, CashCamel is not for you. With this in mind, the company designed its application to be as mobile-friendly as possible. Because of this, the length of their surveys is mainly in the short-to-medium range.

Here are the ways you can earn via CashCamel:


Welcome Remarks 

If you want to earn a few extra bucks with this app, you can download and install it on your device. Once done, you can start exploring and using it immediately. So, upon entering the program’s premises, it will ask you to sign up using an active email address and set your desired password. – easy peasy. 

After registration, the app will ask you to complete its welcome survey to help you understand how the platform works. This will only take about 4 to 5 minutes of your time, and don’t worry; you will get $0.20 just by going over this aspect.


But wait, there’s more:

At least three surveys will be on your way after the welcoming process. The questions are primarily designed to know more about you as a person; thus, these will include queries about your interests and experiences. 


Is CashCamel legit Again, there’s no such thing as wasting your time since completing these valuable surveys can grant you $0.20 for each accomplished mission. – not a lot, but better than nothing. What a great way to start your CashCamel journey, right? 



Survey Completion

After reading through the details above, it’s obvious that the biggest way of earning a couple of extra bucks with CashCamel is by completing surveys.

Once inside the app, several surveys will appear on your screens upon sign-up. Unlike any other money-making platform with the same paid survey concept, no actual screening or profile matching takes place to narrow down the surveys.


Qualification Process

I don’t want to be the villain in this story, but I’m sorry to tell you that the qualification process occurs upon choosing and clicking on a specific survey.


You’ve read that right: you can’t simply take advantage of every option.

Instead, you need to qualify for it. Similar to other platforms, CashCamel also bases on your demographics and experiences. Believe it or not, they have their own artificial intelligence version to make this aspect work their way. After you click the survey of your choice, you will be initially tasked to answer a few questions to confirm several details about yourself, after which their team will screen your data. If you’re qualified, you can proceed to answer the survey.

But you will be directly eliminated if it is the other way around. The good thing is that you can still opt for the options available on your homepage.


Still, the process is the same: qualifying before beginning the quest. 

The procedure might be repetitive and sickening, but at least you have unlimited options which you can choose from. So, there are no valid reasons to stop taking advantage of CashCamel as a money-making platform.


In-Store Visitation 

CashCamel was advertised and promoted as a money-making platform that incorporates the idea of “paid surveys.” Because of this, we all tend to take this information as literally as possible, thinking that “completing several surveys” is the only way to earn with CashCamel, when in fact isn’t.

You won’t believe what I just discovered upon trying their application: they also offer in-store visitations as one of their missions. CashCamel has been tricking us all this time. But I understand that they chose to hide this aspect from us.

The fact is, CashCamel considers in-store visitations as major missions since having this option in your accounts would vary depending on where you’re currently located. Simply put, you can only take advantage of this earning angle if you’re nearby one of their partner brands, such as Target, Safeway, and Walgreens.


Don’t worry because you will get notified about this…

…and when you do, you just need to visit that particular store and get instantly paid $0.05. Mind you, the rate is per view you’ve done every day. The amount is not that bad, considering how simple the tasks are. But make sure that you have your location sharing turned on to take advantage of missions like these.


How Much Can You Earn With CashCamel? 

CashCamel is indeed a top-notch money-making platform that anyone can take advantage of as long as it is available in your country. It is a straightforward and easy-to-use application that can help you earn a few extra bucks by completing several surveys in your free time. However, despite these amazing concepts and positive feedback regarding this application, one thing worries me the most: the limited earning opportunities. 

As you know, there are only two ways to generate income via CashCamel:

  1. Survey competition
  2. In-store visitations.


Is Cashcamel a scamRemember that the second option is only a minor earning factor, so you still have to pay more attention to the surveys themselves. The discouraging part is that there’s no guarantee on how many surveys you can complete each day due to the platform’s qualification requirements, which, quite frankly, sucks. Because of this, your chances of earning as much as you can will be restricted.



With this in mind, I’m unsure how much you can earn in CashCamel. 

The typical survey rates range between $0.2 to $0.5, which are good but could be better. I’ll be honest with you: with these fees, you cannot generate that much, and mind you, in this exact situation, most disappointments can come to light.

Because of this, I must say that the earning potential in CashCamel is not as good as other platforms available in the market, which is a bit of a red flag for me. I don’t know about you, but I’m not willing to invest my time and effort in completing their surveys and visitations just to earn below the standard. At the end of the day, you’re the one who’s going to suffer, not the app, so choose wisely.


Give Branded Surveys a try if you’re determined to make some easy money fast. Compared to its rivals, it pays generously and is incredibly user-friendly and convenient. Additionally, your earnings will grow over time in direct proportion to how active you are. It also has one of the best customer service teams ever.



How To Withdraw Your CashCamel Earnings 

I’ve been exploring all kinds of money-promising platforms for years and noticed that almost all use the same payment channel: Elon Musk’s PayPal.

CashCamel is part of this growing community. I cannot blame them since PayPal is currently one of the most convenient and straightforward payment mediums. Even I take advantage of this channel to fast-track my daily transactions.


I know that discovering this fact makes you more excited about CashCamel.

I even bet you have an active PayPal account. If not, you better create one since that’s currently the only way to withdraw your earnings. You must reach the $10 minimum threshold requirement before withdrawing your CashCamel earnings. It’s significantly low compared to other platforms like DroJob.


So, the threshold is a big green flag for me!

Once you reach that, you can finally bid a withdrawal request on PayPal. The process will take at least 48 hours to receive your earnings. The timeline is short compared to other known platforms, which is also a good catch for me!


Is CashCamel Legit?

The truth is the concept of CashCamel didn’t surprise me at all. As mentioned, I have been reviewing platforms like this for quite some time now, which is why I got a chance to try tons of them that came my way. CashCamel has the same old idea as other programs that use “paid surveys.”

Still, it is a good idea, considering that their unique selling proposition is simple and easy to accomplish questionnaires compared to other sites. This is one of the good bits of CashCamel, and I admire them for taking a big step in achieving this goal so that they can be distinguished from the rest.

However, their earning potentials are in much need of significant revisions and improvements. Suppose they don’t want to increase their rates. In that case, they must at least present a few supplementary missions that we can complete to generate as much as possible. Or, if they’re on the edge of accepting this idea, maybe they can at least increase their fees even the slightest bit.

easily the best way to make money online!

best way to make money online


You know what? CashCamel is actually a legit and working platform; it is NOT A SCAM. But it is not worth it; I cannot simply commit to a money-making platform that exists just to give me the bare minimum. There are still many options I can look into if I want to earn extra bucks during my free time. I successfully withdrew my funds, but I still wouldn’t recommend it to you! – it’s your choice in the end!

That’s only my take on this controversial money-making platform. Still, you are solely responsible for making an informed decision if you will take the risk or not on CashCamel. Again, it is legit but, in my opinion, not worth the time and effort.

If you have questions or clarifications, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me in the comments. I’d be happy to help you out with whatever you may need!


How I Make a Living Online

At the outset of this review, I promised to present you with two what I believe are significantly better money-making alternatives, and this is the second one.

If you tire of working a 9-to-5 job and searching for a credible and lucrative way to make money online, you’ve come to the right place. The platform I recommend you take a look at is the exact step-by-step program I made my first $1000 online with and is quite distinct from CashCamel and provides a plethora of resources and support for individuals serious about commencing an online business.


From experience…

…I know that making money online can be intimidating, particularly given the abundance of scams. However, this platform is well-established, tried and tested by over two million users, and operational for more than 17 years now.


I was pretty naive before I found it.

After being a member for many years, it’s safe to say that it completely changed my perspective on and understanding of making money online. And you know what? I’m confident it will have the same effect on you, too, without a doubt.


I must warn you: this is not a get-rich-quick scheme!

It’s an authentic earning opportunity that teaches you how to build and expand your online business. In a nutshell, you’ll learn how to market other people’s products and earn commissions. Additionally, you’ll have access to an entire community of entrepreneurs with similar goals who will support and motivate you throughout the whole process, including me as your personal mentor.

In December 2016, I became a free member, astounded by the quality of training and resources available. I didn’t have to worry about dubious practices and immediately knew I was in the right place, learning from the best in the industry. As with any legitimate opportunity, there was a learning curve to overcome, but I was determined, and all my hard work paid off handsomely.


Is CashCamel worth it Suppose you’re genuinely committed to earning money online and establishing a scalable business that generates a consistent and stable income. In that case, you should take a look at this platform or at least find out more about it by reading my review on it. There’s a reason it’s been voted the most popular and uncontroversial marketing training course globally for several years in a row.



If executed correctly, it can evolve into your primary source of passive income.

If you’re interested, I’ve written a comprehensive review of this platform, delving deeper into how I discovered it and its advantages. What I adore about it, and what enticed me, is that it offers a free starter membership, enabling you to test it out to see if it’s a good fit for you, making it %100 risk-free!

I think it’s time to wrap up my CashCamel review, so hopefully, my insights have guided you toward a more sustainable and profitable path. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.





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