Coin App Review: The Ultimate Game-Changer for Crypto Bros?


Hi, and welcome to my Coin App review.


With the surging interest in cryptocurrency, businesses are scrambling to capture the attention of new Bitcoin users. In this ever-evolving world of digital assets, it’s crucial to stay informed and ahead of the curve, which is precisely why I couldn’t resist sharing this Coin App review with you.


What makes the Coin App so special?

Well, let’s delve into it and uncover its unique charm together. Get ready to explore what sets this app apart from the rest!



So, you want an answer to the question: is Coin App legit and worth it? 

Due to its high volatility, the cryptocurrency world is full of risks, particularly for beginners. Yet, this unpredictability makes it an attractive market, as it offers the potential for high returns on investment. Although this volatility can be a blessing and a curse, it does mean that there is an opportunity to make a lot of money.

Nevertheless, as a beginner, breaking into the world of cryptocurrency is possible if you go into it with the right attitude and a realistic outlook. This is why I took it upon myself to test a particular trending app in the crypto world.


Hey there, Gorjan here!

Today, I’ll talk about Coin App, an interactive geo-mining app by XY Labs. By simply allowing the app to track your location, you can earn COINs, which can then be used to pay for various services. It’s a pretty sweet deal, but before you get too excited, it’s important to consider the currency’s usability and value. 


That’s where this Coin App review comes in.

I’ve tested this app and have the details on how it works, how much you can earn, and whether it’s legit or just another deceiving crypto scam to avoid.

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Coin App Review

Before we start with this Coin App review, I want to stress the importance of being skeptical about apps and platforms that promise easy money. Doing your own research is vital to avoid getting scammed or misled.

I want to assure you that I have no vested interest or connection to the Coin App or any of its competitors. My sole aim is to give you an impartial and truthful evaluation of the app to help you decide whether it’s worth your time and effort.

I know how frustrating it can be to fall for a scam or a bogus app that wastes your time and money, so I want to provide you with a reliable and trustworthy assessment of the Coin App. So, let’s dive into the details and uncover the truth.


What is Coin App?

Coin App is a geo-mining app developed by XY Labs and was launched in early 2019, gathering over 5 million users since then. Unfortunately, the app is a mobile-only platform, so you’ll need a mobile device to start earning. But the good news is that the app is available for both Android and iOS users to download.

Although the app is globally available, rewards may vary from region to region. But there are always other incentives you can get your hands on, so it’s fine.


The interface is user-friendly, so you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

In addition, the absence of annoying pop-up ads is a breath of fresh air, unlike other money-making apps I’ve tried in the past. The app’s native currency, COIN, is not like other cryptocurrencies you might have heard of. It can’t be used outside the Coin App but can be traded for actual stuff and other cryptocurrencies.

You only need a phone with decent battery life, GPS, and a data connection or WiFi to get started. The great news is that it will consume little data, so there’s no need to worry about exceeding your monthly plan. Feel free to use the app without any concerns about data usage limitations!

The app only requires your location permission and doesn’t collect extensive geospatial data. Then, once you tap the mining button, you confirm your location and share it with the XYO network to start mining.


Coin App review By validating geospatial location data while doing everyday activities like commuting or jogging, you’ll earn a small number of COINs (the amount varies, but you can make more with certain power-ups or upgrade to a subscription plan). It’s like getting paid for going about your regular routine!



One thing that stands out to me about the Coin App is its extensive knowledge base. You can check out their support page if you have any questions or issues regarding the app or your account. They cover the most common questions and problems you might encounter while using the app. You can submit a support ticket if you still can’t find the necessary answers.


Overall, their support system seems well-equipped to assist members.

It’s clear that they’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring their members are supported and their questions are addressed. Now, to fully understand how the app works, let’s dive deeper into the earning opportunities it provides.


Earning Opportunities

To earn rewards in the Coin App, users collect COIN, the platform’s native currency, by verifying geospatial location data while engaging in physical activities.

These COINs can then be exchanged for digital or tangible goods, including digital currencies like XYO, BTC, ETH, etcetera. You also have the option to redeem high-priced items like Bluetooth speakers, iPads, and gaming systems.

The Coin App relies on the XYO foundation to ensure the authenticity of user location data and prevent fraudulent activity. By partnering with XYO, the app can offer users a secure and fun way to participate in geomining.

This process involves extracting valuable digital goods or assets from real-world locations based on one’s geospatial data.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrency mining, which typically requires specialized computer rigs, the Coin App allows users to mine digital tokens simply by using their location. This makes it a unique and accessible platform for earning rewards.

There are also tasks similar to paid offers that you might come across on get-paid-to (GPT) platforms and websites. Some examples of these tasks include answering surveys, scanning barcodes in grocery stores, and completing specific challenges in games that are partners with the Coin App.

These are all relatively simple tasks that can be completed quickly, offering a great way to earn extra cash in your spare time. Plus, they add a fun and interactive element to the, making it feel less like work and more like a game.



The Coin App provides a unique and interactive way to earn digital assets by exploring the world around you. The amount of COIN you earn from each specific location is not fixed and depends on its popularity. This means you can make more COIN from trendy areas than less popular ones.

You can use the Auto Explore feature to earn while on the move or set up a Home Base if you plan on staying indoors. Every week you can claim a new region and compete with other Coin App users in a friendly competition. This competitive element adds a fun and exciting dimension to earning COIN as you strive to make more than your fellow users and move up the leaderboard rankings.


Visit a Store

Scanning products during in-app scavenger hunts lets you earn even more COINs. These rewards can add up quickly and help you save money while shopping. In addition, you can power up with Bonus Drops and collect them weekly. You can also take advantage of discounts, coupons, and incentives by using the app’s “plus” option and following the instructions to scan products in-store.

To do this, click “Store Visits” under “Rewarded Tasks” and follow the on-screen instructions to claim your rewards by visiting local stores.


Paid Surveys and Mini Games

The Coin App offers various features beyond exploring the world and competing with other users to earn digital assets. These features include completing quick surveys with partners, playing mini-games, and trying other exciting features.


Is Coin app safe Surveys typically offer a reward of 80-150 COINs per minute, which means you can potentially earn around $3.60 per hour. While this may not seem like a huge amount, it’s actually a decent earning considering that you could be spending that time aimlessly scrolling through social media.



You can earn COINs by completing tasks in different mobile games or apps. However, these tasks may be less lucrative, as you often need to reach a high level in the game or make an in-app purchase to earn the promised amount of COIN. In addition, quick quests usually pay little, while high-paying ones may require a few weeks of consistent progress to complete.


Team Lift

The Coin App allows users to work collaboratively and earn even more COINs. By working together, teams can pool their location data to achieve significant rewards and take on bigger challenges. I actually like this collaborative approach because not only does it provide a chance for users to earn more rewards, but it also promotes a sense of community within the Coin App ecosystem.



The leaderboard feature encourages you to participate and compete with other users. You can personalize your profile by selecting a unique username and uploading a profile photo. In addition, the leaderboard tracks your progress and displays your rankings based on your COIN earnings, giving you a sense of achievement as you climb higher.


Coin App Subscription

Although you can earn rewards on the app with a free account, your COINs may be insignificant. Therefore, you may consider upgrading to a premium subscription to increase your earnings. The premium subscription plans can double or even triple your rewards, depending on your chosen plan.

In that case, it’s best to devise a solid plan to make back the money you’ll be spending. Otherwise, you might end up losing more money than earning from it. My advice is to take it slow and not immediately buy the paid subscription.

is Coin App pro worth it?

The app has decent earning potential, but it’s only worth it if you fully utilize all its features. Using it sparingly will only result in slow progress and minimal earnings. I suggest first starting with their basic membership to familiarize yourself with the app’s features and capabilities.




If you’re a dedicated user of the Coin App, you may find it beneficial to subscribe to COIN Plus. This plan offers a range of advantages, including doubling your mining speed, increasing the rate at which you can mine again, expanding the number of large geomines you can perform, and boosting your regular and background rewards. Please note that the subscription comes at a monthly cost of $24.95, so it’s most worthwhile for those who actively use the app.



This subscription option, for just $10 more per month than COIN Plus, offers greater earning potential with a 3x multiplier instead of 2.


Coin App Boosters

If you want to increase the value of your data and earn more COINs, you can use a SentinelX device to verify your data. You can also use SentinelX Sharing to earn more rewards when your friends join in on the fun.

There are two types of SentinelX devices: the SentinelX NFC and the SentinelX BLE. You can buy and use the SentinelX NFC even if you don’t have a paid plan, and it gives you a 12x boost if you don’t have a membership or a 10% boost if you do. You can get this boost by regularly scanning the credit card-sized device if your phone supports near-field communication.

The SentinelX BLE is a small keychain device that works similarly to the NFC version. It also gives you a 12x boost, but you must recharge it occasionally.


These devices can be purchased from Coin App’s website.

However, Coin sometimes offers special deals where you can get a device for free by covering only the shipping expenses.



What is the Value of COIN?

Unfortunately, there’s no direct option for earning cash. While 1,000 COIN is worth approximately $0.47, it still depends on which cryptocurrency you want to exchange it for. In addition, the minimum amount of COIN required to cash out also varies depending on the chosen cryptocurrency.


The cryptocurrency’s current market value influences profitability.

For example, exchanging COIN for XYO currently yields $0.41 per 1,000 COIN, while Bitcoin and Ether yield $0.47 and $0.45, respectively.

If you’re a tech enthusiast, remember that collecting the hundreds of thousands of tokens required may take some time. Still, it’s achievable with patience and commitment. While their payment system is simple, most of the rewards they provide need many COINs, making the payout limit relatively high.


Final Verdict

The Coin App offers a legitimate way to earn money effortlessly by running it in the background. However, like any other app, it has its advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, you can earn digital assets without actively working for them. The app is also user-friendly and accessible worldwide.

However, it’s important to note that there are no direct cash prizes, and the payout threshold is set relatively high. Additionally, some rewards are limited to specific countries, which can be a downside depending on your location.

Another drawback is that running the app requires keeping your location and data turned on, which can drain your phone’s battery life, causing wear and tear on your expensive device for minimal earnings.


Yes, it is possible to earn from this app.

Still, it will take a considerable amount of time and effort before you start seeing significant returns. Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully consider these pros and cons before deciding if the Coin App is the right fit for you.



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That said, it’s time to wrap up this Coin App review. I always appreciate you reading my articles and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!





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