Course Hero Review

Course Hero Review: Is It Easy To Earn $105+ a Week?

Have you ever asked yourself whether it’s possible to become a tutor and get paid for answering questions revolving around topics you are passionate about? 

If you have, then I guess I have the perfect educational platform for you to connect with thousands of students with academic questions. 


Welcome to my special Course Hero review. ⭐

As a kid, I always believed that writing is my strongest suit. 

Even my friends recognize that, and it is probably one reason why they usually come to me for help whenever there is a task requiring academic writing conventions. 

Throughout the years, I have helped them by checking their works and giving them concise explanations of why their choice of word or grammar is wrong and how to correct it.


And this prompted me to question – why not try to teach English writing courses online as a side hustle? 


And you know what? I am lucky to have found a few companies where I established a freelance career in teaching. And perhaps, this is the reason why you also landed on this page. 


Teaching is one of the best professions out there. 😊

Besides the fact that you get to interact with students eager to learn, you also get the chance to get paid to discuss subjects you are keen on. 


Want to discuss history and art? 🖼️ 🎨

How about language and literature? ✒️ 📕


No matter what it is, anyone can become a teacher as long as you have the right qualifications.


Unfortunately, that is the challenge of the game. 🎯

Apart from having a degree in education and passing qualifying exams to become a licensed instructor, not everyone can actually teach in front of a class.

There’s no denying that even if we consider ourselves as professionals at some lessons, there are those that we are not comfortable in explaining.

However, if you find yourself keen on the idea of teaching and answering questions that you are knowledgeable of, then maybe becoming an online tutor is the best opportunity for you. 

You see, the concept of online tutoring may sound simple. Still, it is one of the top legitimate ways to earn on the internet, especially now that the pandemic is forcing kids to get additional academic support online.

Course Hero Review I love tutoring because you do not need to have a background or certification in teaching, depending on the company you will sign up with. 👍


All you have to do is provide your latest academic records and show them how passionate you are about helping struggling students in their studies. 


And the best part of it all? You can work anytime and anywhere!


Since a huge part of the schooling is done through an online platform, all you have to do is create your schedule and let students come to you. 

At present, some of the best ones are WyzAntVarsity TutorsPrinceton Review TutorsCheggPreply, and Cambly.

In today’s post, I will introduce one of the biggest online platforms in the tutoring industry, which has provided answers to some of the most complex homework questions throughout the years. 

If that is something that interests you, then I highly recommend that you read on my Course Hero review to find out whether this is an opportunity that you should try out or not.


Before we dive into it, please note that I am not in any way connected to Course Hero, nor am I an affiliate under their program. 🛑


What you will read in this post will contain my honest opinion about the e-learning service and whether it is a profitable one for aspiring tutors. 

With this, you can rest assured knowing that there will be no upsells regarding Course Hero’s products.


My Unbiased Course Hero Review

There are many e-learning platforms today, but one of the most popular ones is Course Hero

It was established by Cornell University graduates Andrew Grauer and Gregor Carrigan in 2006, and it serves as a site where college students can share lectures and notes. 


It was officially launched as a full-blown website in 2008 and has won awards from EdTech BreakthroughMediaPost, and Red Herring, to name a few. 🏆


From the name itself, this platform seeks to become the modern-day educational platform for students looking for help with various course-specific questions and resources. 

It is a ‘hero’ in the sense that it compiles a massive collection of submitted infographics, essays, class notes, answers to old tests, lab reports, and homework questions with answers from verified tutors.

It prides itself on four major features:

  1. Study documents: it has a rich number of resources since every member must upload something

  2. Tutoring services: if you find yourself stuck on a question, a tutor can help you out and give you an answer within three days

  3. Courses: it also has around 20 free online courses under a specific learning path, such as business, technology, and entrepreneurship.

  4. Educator platform: US-based teachers can upload video lectures and their resources to make them available for all students


Basically, it works like a social learning network where students and educators (educator accounts are only for US-based professors) can upload their documents and let the community access them for their consumption. 

You can also have ‘likes’ in the same way you do on Facebook to see if people respond positively to your uploads.

Course Hero is technically an online forum and media sharing site where you can exchange ideas on answering specific problems and using old subject-based problems for your review. 

Additionally, you can join specific study groups on the site and connect with other students who are learning the same thing.


In terms of legitimacy – Course Hero is rated by BBB with an A+ but has a dismally low 1.07 star ratings from the customers. 

Upon checking, most of the complaints are regarding the billing since many users are requesting a refund, but the company seems to have a strict policy where once they traced that you used their service, they cannot process your refund Course Hero a scamI’ve also noted that the site has several comments saying that the platform is good, but the tutors’ resources and answers are not worth the monthly subscription fee that these students are paying. ❌



How Does Course Hero Work?

With over 228k followers on Facebook, 6.6k on Twitter, and 14.6k on Instagram, there is no doubt that this educational platform is one of the strongest forces in the field. 

Given its worldwide reach, I know a few interested students using this platform on a day to day basis.

There are three main people involved in this platform: ‘the students and teachers’ who upload documents, files, resource materials, questions, and ‘the tutors’ who resolve the queries. 

Joining as a student or teacher is easy since all you have to do is go to their website and sign up for an account. However, before you do, let me just let you know that it comes at a mere price. 

You see, the whole website thrives on the number of uploads it has under its belt, which is why it makes total sense that they require each person to upload a few materials before joining. 


And this is where one of the controversies lies. 🤔

Since each community member must post a document, some people go a step further and upload copyrighted items such as quizzes, study guides, and even answer keys made by their professors!

The Course Hero platform encourages people to only post items that are made independently. 

However, since only users can view these documents, other people who might have owned the content will not know if their resources are uploaded on the site. 

The company also does not have a procedure online for reporting copyrighted materials!

As for the teachers, they can use the platform to have a glimpse of what questions to give out to students and gauge what is too hard for them. 

Additionally, they can also upload their own materials online.


Is Course Hero Free?

While it is true that signing up with Course Hero is free, there is not much you can do on the basic account since you cannot view resources.

However, you can manage to view a few by uploading a resource to earn free limited access to a certain file.

But of course, just like when searching on Goggle, it is possible that you won’t be satisfied with what you find.

You might need to upload another new file and wait for confirmation, then look for another document you wish to view. It sounds like a taxing thing to do, right?

To spare yourself from the cycle, you can opt-in to pay for the premier membership to take advantage of the question and answer page and have unlimited views for all the documents on the site.


In case you’re planning on subscribing, be sure to check the service since it employs automatic renewal once every year. 🟠 🟢


If you still have questions and want to go beyond the tutor question limit under your plan, you can earn extra unlocks by uploading a study document of your own.

With this being said, you just have to have a few documents ready in case you reach your plan’s limit.


Is Course Hero Worth It For Aspiring Tutors?

Becoming a tutor under the company won’t cost you anything. 🆓

All you need to do is select the subjects you are interested in tutoring (maximum of 15), complete the application form, and upload your credentials such as ID and latest transcript. 

Some of the subjects include: 

  1. Business
  2. Finance
  3. Economics
  4. Math
  5. Biology
  6. Chemistry
  7. History
  8. Management
  9. Psychology


After doing so, you can expect to hear back from them in the next three to five days regarding your application’s status. 

Once you are accepted, you can simply log in to your account and see the list of questions that you can answer based on the subject categories you added to your application. 

You can see how much each question will earn you if you answer it on the lower right side of the question page.Also, please note that once you activate your account, you must try to answer at least one question every 60 days so that your profile doesn’t get deactivated.

IS COURSE HERO WORTHThe earnings depend on the questions’ complexity, but you can expect around $3 to $15. So, if we do the math, and let’s say you answer at least five questions per day at the rate of $3, then you can expect to earn $105 per week! 💸


And to be honest, that is already a great deal! Also, there is no real end to the number of questions. In fact, the lists on your dashboard are updated in real-time.

Do note that you are not just supposed to write the answer right away when you are answering the question! 

You will be redirected to two textbox fields where you will write the short answers, and the other is for the detailed explanations. 

You can also attach a picture or a diagram to make your explanation much easier to understand for the student.

After 15 days, the payment will be reflected on your account, and you can withdraw it directly to your PayPal account as long as you reach the $20 threshold. 

Personally, I find it a great opportunity for individuals looking for a side hustle as it will not require you to work on specific hours. Therefore, you can work anytime and from wherever you want to.


However, it’s not as easy as it seems, okay? 

You see, before answering the question, you must be sure of your answer first because the student who asked it will label your answer as helpful or not helpful.  

If your answer is deemed as not helpful, you won’t earn anything from it. 


Is Course Hero A Scam?

Course Hero is not a scam, and it’s unquestionably a perfect opportunity for all the aspiring tutors and side gig hunters out there looking for something temporary.

You can find many YouTube content about Course Hero Tutors and how they have managed to keep themselves afloat during the pandemic through this website alone.

What sets it apart from other paying platforms is that once you reach $20, you can instantly withdraw money without any difficulties.

Some tutors say that the waiting time for the payment can be anywhere from just a few hours to a whole day.

Now for students and teachers, I believe that the site is a great one where you can have instant access to answers and be given lots of explanations for some of the toughest questions in your homework.

I do not really recommend it for professors since it mainly acts as a repository of resources alone so, why not just use Google Drive or Dropbox for that instead?

It is a much cheaper alternative too! But for all the students out there, I cannot recommend this enough since it can be very helpful, especially if you are from the U.S.


Why Not Start a Real Online Business? 💡

While tutoring is undoubtedly a tremendous income-generating opportunity online, I have something better that is more reliable and has the potential to mature into a full-blown business rather than a freelance project.

This window of opportunity comes in the form of an online business that’s recognized as affiliate marketing. It’s the same approach that I’ve been using to make money online, and now, I’m introducing you to it.


It’s one of the most popular ways people make a living online, and as you can assume, there are some great reasons behind that. ✅


Compared to other income methods, this one has a low startup cost, and it doesn’t require any previous knowledge or expertise.

The only thing required from an affiliate marketer is to be passionate about a particular topic or at least be willing to learn more about it.


Let me tell you why. 🙂

Affiliate marketing is a widespread business model where you earn money through commissions to promote and sell other people’s products or services.

A considerable number of companies in the world have affiliate programs, and when you sign up for them, you get the chance to promote the products and services of the companies you’ve signed up with.

The company will share a unique link with you, and you can use it for marketing the product and services of the business online.

Every time someone clicks on your link and buys the thing you’re recommending, you earn a predefined commission. ( usually +40%)

The whole business is just online, meaning that you don’t have to worry about location, manufacturing of actual products, and queries regarding exporting and importing.


START A REAL ONLINE BUSINESSWhile the concept behind it is simple, it still requires you to commit, stay consistent, and work hard. There are a few steps to building a successful affiliate marketing business: 👇


The first step of the puzzle is to build a website that revolves around solving a specific problem like building a treehouse or learning to backflip with one leg behind your back.

Building a site that tackles a particular issue will make it easier for you to promote products or services that can resolve it.

The whole idea is to create a site around something you’re passionate about and write helpful content for your readers, and, at the same time, recommend things that may come in useful to them.

Someone looking to build a house on a tree might need a hammer or a wrench, and we as affiliates have the opportunity to be the ones that will match him with the perfect one.

We can quickly sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program, grab an affiliate link for the latest lightweight 16-Ounce FatMax Xtreme Nailing Hammer, and share it with the readers on our site. (your site)

That way, the links your reader’s click will redirect them to Amazon, where they’ll buy the hammer, resulting in a commission for yourself.


Anyways, it’s more easily said than done. 😃

Your chances of succeeding as an affiliate depend solely on your work ethics, and as we know, not everyone is built the same.

As with any other business, this one also requires you to submerge yourself in learning, and what better place to start than to join the platform that helped me build the site you’re currently on.

The educational platform is known as Wealthy Affiliate, and without it, I wouldn’t have the knowledge and understanding to get you to land on this page and read my complete Course Hero review.


They gave me all the pieces of training, tools, and support to go out there and crush it as an affiliate marketer will full confidence. 💪


The site you’re on now is an ideal example of an AM site, and it currently serves me as a source of passive income and comfortably earning me four figures a month, month after month.

WA deals with a unique freemium membership model that gives you a chance to test out the platform and see what it is all about without having to pay a dime.

You can partake in the first few lessons for free, and that should be more than enough to help you decide whether you want to stick around or not.

As I end this article, I hope that my Course Hero review was detailed enough and that you enjoyed reading it.

If you did, I would highly appreciate it if you can show me some love by sharing it on some of your social platforms. Lastly, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you feel like there’s something you want to ask me.


I’m an easygoing guy and would love to help you out. 👋



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