Ian King Automatic Fortunes Review

Ian King Automatic Fortunes Review: Scam or Real at $47?

Emerging technologies have been the talk of the town in the field of the stock market. It packs in itself a certain type of charm with its low stock prices that can significantly reach an astronomical level in the upcoming years. 


If you are looking for diversification, then this could truly be the best investment

In today’s post, I will share with you my Ian King Automatic Fortunes Review to give you a sneak peek on whether you should try out this financial newsletter or not.


Are you shopping stocks to diversify your portfolio? 🤔

It’s easy just to buy out all those companies who have low prices, hoping that one day, they will thrive and give you value for your money. 

But hey! Reality doesn’t work like that, and if you continue to think that it will be that easy, then you’re probably just gambling away your hard-earned cash.

I do not blame you for wanting to try out the market, especially at this time in the pandemic. 

Perhaps you have friends who are so hyped up by this opportunity or maybe you are simply stuck with the shiny promise of earning some quick cash by just “clicking” online. 

But you see, without a proper and detailed game plan in the market, you will lose money. And this is where newsletters should come in.


I have always been a firm believer in financial newsletters. ✓

Aside from the fact that they are usually cheap (depending on what you find online), they are also an all-in-one package. 

Not only do they provide you with info on whether you should buy or sell tickers, but they also aggregate all the latest information and invaluable insights about the stock market and pricing tables.

In other words, if you are someone who does not enjoy researching, financial newsletters are for you.


Unfortunately, not all newsletters are created equally. 🙃

Just like when you are finding your one true love, finding the perfect one can be tricky since you must consider your financial goals (short and long term), your risk appetite, and the type of stocks you are comfortable trading/investing on.

And you might be surprised to know that these newsletters actually fit even the most complex bills. 

For instance, if you are still you and looking to prepare for retirement, you might enjoy newsletters that recommend on green energy or new tech. Ian King Automatic Fortunes ReviewAt the same time, if you want to take advantage of more risky options (that can double your investments fast), you might consider those who will advise about forex, penny stocks (for day trading), gold, or even options!

You see, there is no real ending to the number of newsletters being established every single day. 

And I guess it all boils down to how you, as an investor, will use its power, which is why in today’s post, I wanted to share with you my honest review on Automatic Fortunes, one of the leading newsletters under Banyan Hill’s collection. 

Without further ado, let’s get this party started. 🥳 🎉


Ian King Automatic Fortunes Review

If you have been following this site, you are probably aware that I have extensive experience about the idea of investing, trading, and the use of tools and newsletters. 

Just like the rest of you, I am afraid of losing money, which is why I have set aside a lot of time teaching myself about the tricks and analysis with the help of online courses and financial newsletters.


Yep, you read that one right! 😊


Contrary to common belief, newsletters are not just stock advisors. Some of these are actually very useful, and they provide additional reports and tips on how to understand the market. 

As a matter of fact, some of these even provide free video tutorials on how to navigate your broker’s port!


What I love about newsletters is that they are pretty cheap. 😁

Of course, some are on the “rip-off” level, but if you can stand your ground and make sure not to get swayed by the advertisements, then I am sure you will come across some of the pocket-friendly choices like those published by Banyan Hill.

The Automatic Fortunes newsletter is actually published under Banyan Hill, which is one of the highly-rated and most trusted financial research companies under the Agora

So, if you are wondering about legitimacy, allow me to keep you at ease by saying that Banyan Hill is legitimate and has been around for more than five years already.

But wait! Just because the mother company is legitimate, doesn’t mean that I automatically want you to subscribe to Ian King’s newsletter, okay? 

You see, if you are someone who is a total pro or at least somewhat experienced in the market, I think you should look for other newsletters that are performing better. 


Why, you ask?


Well, this one is geared more on the entry-level investors/traders or in other words, the stock suggestions here are on the safer side with low to medium risk. 

In this sense, the recommendations can easily gain you consistent profits in the long run without much risk, especially with the help of Ian’s routine in finding the “tipping-point trends.”

Want to know more about the brains behind the newsletter? Let’s dig into that right away! 


Is Ian King A Scammer?

Our man Ian King Bryan, who holds a degree in psychology, is an investment superstar and he has been one of the go-to experts of Fox Business where he has been constantly found giving expert opinions and bits of advice about the market. 


He is a professional trader who has been on the floor for more than 20 years! 👌

If you are not familiar with him, but you have been doing your research correctly, I believe that you know the website that goes by the name Investopedia

I mentioned this because unlike our previous newsletter editors, Ian King actually has a life beyond Banyan! 

He is the lead instructor of the Crypto Trading Program of Investopedia Academy, and he also contributes a few articles on the site. Aside from being a hedge fund manager, he has wide experiences in trading cryptocurrencies. 

In fact, he is one of the early adopters who were able to unlock the possibilities of the digital currencies trend back in the early 2010 – the year that the crypto world peaked and everyone just wanted to try out and make millions through Bitcoins!IS IAN KING A SCAM ARTISTIn terms of social media, he does not have a wide following. To be honest, he only has around 900 followers on Facebook and 169 on Twitter. 

However, he has around 1.1k subscribers on YouTube, but his most recent video was from 10 months ago. I guess we can all say here that he is not the social butterfly and it’s not a bad thing. 

I mean, he may have very few posts, but they are actually worthy of reading and watching.


What are my thoughts on this? 💭

In terms of legitimacy, I believe that Ian King is as real as an investor can get. He is clearly legit, and he knows it. 

I mean, I have reviewed some newsletters and online opportunities which can’t seem to provide a credible face for their services. 

But with the Automatic Fortunes, I am at ease since you can simply type Ian King and find lots of news and media giants featuring him and his financial advice/opinions. 


Don’t believe me?

Well, here are some of his interviews with Yahoo FinanceFox Business, and i24News. 


As of writing, I could not find any cases of negative feedback about this guy, which really shows a lot on how welcomed his presence is.

Another thing that I like about Ian King is that he has a very professional personal site. You see, in any of the pages, I can’t seem to find any misleading promises or projections about his investment services. 

And to be honest, it’s a breath of fresh air because:

  1. His experiences alone can do the talking, which is why there’s no real “advertisement” feel on his site.


  2. He consistently uses the word “guide” on his investment services and does not offer ridiculous promises.


  3. The overall site does not look pushy, and it serves more like a compilation where all his works, services, interviews, and articles are aggregated. (So, it’s a one-stop-shop!)


What Is The Automatic Fortunes All About?

Of course, you are not just here for some fresh hot info about Ian, right? You also probably landed on this review because you wanted to check out what the Automatic Fortunes newsletter has to offer.


This subscription-based newsletter offers an in-depth analysis of specific stocks that are on a huge range of industries. 

From solar energy to the trends in technology, this one got you covered with its rich reports on stock analysis and hold and sell instructions.

The great thing here is that he tries his best to ensure profitability without jeopardizing the safety of your capital, meaning that he will recommend stocks from some of the biggest and well-known companies.


To be honest, this is a big green light for me! ✅


I have been reviewing tons of newsletters for a long time now. Still, most of them have disappointing recommendations since they usually want investors to put money on non-bluechip companies. 


At least with Automatic Fortunes, you will have the best of both worlds.

But let me clarify this – Just because we are investing in both risky and non-risky companies does not mean we can become ultra-rich right away, okay? 

Just like any investment vehicles, the journey of the stock market is unpredictable. You can try to foresee the future with the use of historical data, but there really is no assurance of how the market will go.

So, as a reminder, I want you to know that this newsletter is just as what the name suggests – a newsletter and nothing more. 👈


A guide and not a prophecy. 🔮 🪄


It may help in finding the most optimal buy/sell prices through analysis and science, but it cannot really measure how the market trend will go. As I repeat time and time, use newsletters like this one as a reference only, and don’t put your complete faith in it. 


Is The Automatic Fortunes Worth Your Time?

Subscribing to the newsletter can be done online by registering your information and your card details.

In here you basically have three types of subscription plans to choose from: The standard one which costs $47, the deluxe at $129, and the platinum at $199. 

As of writing, the platinum has a reduced price which is now at $79. Now allow me to share with you what’s included in these subscriptions: 

The Standard ✔

  1. The Automatic Fortunes portfolio model 
  2. Automatic Fortunes (digital)
  3. Monthly report on the tipping-point trend (along with the buy/hold table prices)
  4. Weekly webinar about the stock performance of recommended stocks
  5. Free subscription to Smart Profits Daily articles
  6. Trade alerts (for informing you of an emergency buy or sell stocks)
  7. Your Tech Advantage report
  8. Making $1 Million (a cryptocurrency report)


The Deluxe ✔

  1. The Automatic Fortunes portfolio mode
  2. Automatic Fortunes (printed and digital copies)
  3. Monthly report on the tipping-point trend (along with the buy/hold table prices)
  4. Weekly webinars about the stock performance of recommended stocks
  5. Free subscription to Smart Profits Daily articles
  6. Trade alerts (for informing you of an emergency buy or sell stocks)
  7. Your Tech Advantage report
  8. Making $1 Million (a cryptocurrency report)


The Platinum ✔

  1. The Automatic Fortunes portfolio model
  2. Monthly report on the tipping-point trend (along with the buy/hold table prices)
  3. Weekly webinar about the stock performance of recommended stocks
  4. Free subscription to Smart Profits Daily articles
  5. Trade alerts (for informing you of an emergency buy or sell stocks)
  6. Your Tech Advantage report
  7. Making $1 Million (a cryptocurrency report)
  8. The Company Leading the $12 Trillion 5G revolution report
  9. 5 Toxic Stocks to Dump Now report
  10. Buy This Millennial App now report


To be honest, I am fairly comfortable with the price of the newsletter, and I am hands down, surprised at what they have to offer. 😗

If I were in your shoes, I’d probably get the Platinum one instead of the Deluxe since the price is much lower and it packs in itself three more reports. 

However, if you just want the more straightforward one, the standard package is a great investment:

  It’s cheap ✓

  It provides the basics and alerts ✓

•  It is already a great resource ✓


Of course, you still have to do your own research and learn the basics of investing and trading, but having some guidance like this one who can expand your horizons in terms of diversifying your portfolio is a great deal.


In this sense, I totally recommend this to everyone. 😎 ✅

Ian King’s Automatic Fortunes is not a scam, and whether you’re a pro or a total beginner looking for cheap and information-packed content, this is for you! 


The Best Way To Make a Living Online (Without a Doubt!)

While investing may have its own set of charms, it’s time that we finally settle the debate once and for all. The stock market is not easy and is most certainly not for everyone. 

If you are someone who is easily bothered by the constant swirls of prices and you just don’t have time to learn the ropes, trust me when I say that investing may not be the right choice for you yet. 

Now, if you are still wondering if there is an opportunity out there which can be your side-hustle without all the drama and risks involved in trading, then I think affiliate marketing is what the angels will whisper. 

Unlike what other bitter-marketers say online, this business model is one of the most secure and legitimate ways by which you can earn online during your free time.

I know that you may have encountered the concept then and you have probably researched about it too. You see, it is true that many affiliate marketers have failed in this field because of the following reasons:

  1. Lack of passion and sincerity towards affiliate marketing
  2. They thought that it is a get rich quick scheme
  3. They thought they can cheat their way to success 
  4. They lacked patience and consistency 


But if you see yourself as someone who is willing to spend time in mastering the craft and is motivated to establish this digital business and turn it into a source of passive income, then I am sure that you will not be on the losers side. 

In fact, the very idea of you landing on my Automatic Fortunes review suggests that you are doing your research and trying to learn something new – a good quality of a true blue star affiliate! 🤓is Ian King Automatic Fortunes a ScamAnd if you’re somewhat interested in giving affiliate marketing a shot, then I’d like to invite you to journey with me today in my most recommended educational platform called Wealthy Affiliate

It’s the same platform that provided me with all the training, tools, and support to flourish and break new grounds in this crazy online world.


And do you know what the best part about it is? It can do the same for you as well. 🤩


If you are afraid of starting on your own, just drop a comment down below or sign me up as your mentor and I’ll gladly help you navigate through the storm

As I end this article, I hope that I was able to shed light on some of the most terrific points that Ian King’s newsletter has to offer.

My review is about to finish, so know that I wish you the best of luck wherever your journey takes you. 

If you have enjoyed this, please feel free to share the post on social media to help a friend out. As always, sincere regards and keep on thriving! 👋 😊


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