Blackout Blitz review

Is Blackout Bingo a Scam? NO, BUT YOU SHOULD AVOID IT!


Hi, and welcome to my Blackout Bingo review. 🙂

Although Blackout Bingo [formerly known as Blackout Blitz] is a legitimate, fun-to-play, money-earning app, it’s still, in my eyes, one big gamble in disguise. Stop wasting your time with income-promising apps like these and start a real, scalable business instead. 


So, you’re wondering whether Blackout Bingo is a scam?

If you like playing bingo games, you’re going to love Blackout Bingo [formerly known as Blackout Blitz]. This brand new, free-to-play bingo-style game rewards its users with real-world rewards and cash prizes for playing a modern twist on a classic game.

This fun, engaging, money-promising app lets you play a game you already know and love and allows you to participate in tournaments where you can earn real money.

Often, games like these tend to be complete timewasters and utter scams from start to finish, but luckily, that’s not the case here. Although Blackout Bingo is legitimate and true to its claims, you must realize that it may not be worth your time investment.

It will really pay you for your in-game efforts, but from my experience, it takes a long time and a lot of luck just to earn a few dollars, let alone something more than that.


When it’s all said and done, you’re still gambling.

If you’re into bingo games, I believe you’re going to have a lot of fun playing Blackout Bingo, but you should know that you likely won’t win big from the get-go.

If I were you, I wouldn’t waste my precious time attempting to earn money from this game since hoping to achieve something worthwhile out of it is a recipe for disaster.

Money-paying apps like these are meant to take your mind off things while allowing you to try something new – the cash prizes are just there to motivate you to play longer.

The only way you’ll be able to withdraw actual money from this game is by investing real money first. Otherwise, you’ll be betting and playing with in-game currency.

is Blackout Bingo a scamSome people make little money with this game, while others get nothing – profitability shouldn’t be your objective, but instead, trying not to lose money and go bankrupt.


I tried the game, so you don’t have to, and in today’s review, I’ll be sharing my experience and walking you through all the things I learned while using this app.

By the time this review’s over, you should have more information than you really need to decide whether this is something you should put some thought into.

Near the end of this post, I’ll also be showing you a much better, more convenient alternative for making money online, which, unlike Blackout Bingo, will provide you with a promising opportunity to start a real, scalable business online.

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Blackout Bingo Review

Blackout Bingo, formerly known as Blackout Blitz, is a pretty self-explanatory mobile app game that revolves around playing bingo – hence the name. 

Big Run Studios, the maker of Blackout Bingo, made this game at the beginning of 2019, and if you wish to play it, you can go ahead and download it in the App Store or Google Play – the game is available both on iOS and Android devices. 

To say that this game is addictive is an understatement, and this is coming from someone who’s not into games whatsoever. However, something bugs me about it. 

After playing it for a few days, I noticed that my chances of winning would increase but only when I went a few hours without playing, and even then, the game wouldn’t allow me to beat it several times in a row, which is a bit odd now that I think about it.

At one point, I even started doubting their statement that I was playing with other players because, honestly, things didn’t feel that way. I would lose after every 3rd game, and if you’ve played bingo before, you know that’s usually not how it works. 

For the most part, I was able to win my first, second, and third rounds of bingo, but that’s was about it because after winning three or more times in a row, the game would hit me with a convenient losing streak right after. – which was very irritating. 

Blackout Bingo ReviewThe game is very entertaining, time-wasting, and although I would lose every third or fourth round, I still consider it one of the best games I’ve played in my leisure time.


Blackout Bingo states that this is a game in which you play against your own skill level, but after spending 3-4 days playing it, that wasn’t the case from what I saw. There were many instances where I played against higher-skilled players and even a few occasions where I played against players who weren’t as nearly as skilled as I was.

Obviously, this wouldn’t have been an issue if I only played in practice mode, but unfortunately, the game behaves the same even when you’re playing for real money. 

I also find their advertising to be a bit misleading because although Blackout Bingo is a legitimate money-earning app, it’s still, in my eyes, one big gamble in disguise.

Yes, you can redeem points for cash, but from personal experience, it will likely take you ages to earn ten bucks, let alone something more than that. 

At least you can find comfort in knowing that their support team is very responsive and that you’ll most likely get a reply within a few minutes of reaching out.

Unlike the many Blackout Bingo reviews you’ll see online, I am in no way, shape, or form affiliated with the company, meaning that transparency is all you can expect.


How Does Blackout Bingo Work? 

Getting started with Blackout Bingo is pretty straightforward. You should first download the game, which you can only do if you’re of legal age. Once that’s done, you can go ahead and start by picking a name and an avatar. (select a picture from your phone)

Once you’re in, the game will guide you on what to do next and even show you the ropes by forcing you to a practice match, usually with a player of the same level.

I’m not going to detail how the game works or how to play it since hundreds if not thousands of online videos show you how to do just that. – just ask Youtube.

If you consider yourself a skilled player, you can always choose to skip the training mode and go straight into playing for real money if you don’t mind making a deposit.

My biggest issue with this site is that you’re gambling and that you can never be sure that the user you’re playing against is a real player, which is a bit worrying.

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You literally have no other choice but to trust that you’re playing against other real people, which is a bit hard to do, especially if you’re playing for real cash.

I initially invested $10, and then after losing it, I had to add another $10, which would have probably lasted me a bit longer if I hadn’t made such “hefty” bets.

I was hoping to earn more from it, but after messing with it for a few days, I decided to take out my money, which came out to be no more than $4. I’m sure some players earned more than this, but I’m also sure they invested a lot more than I did.

Just because a few players could cash out more than ten bucks doesn’t mean you should start thinking that you can win big playing this game. – it’s just for fun.


Is Blackout Bingo a Scam?

Blackout Bingo is not a scam – it’s a legitimate, free-to-play, bingo-style mobile app game that will really you for your in-game efforts and reward you with real-world rewards and cash prizes for playing a modern twist on a classic game. 

The game is very user-friendly, and after nearly spending one week playing it, I conclude that it’s far from a scam, but at the same time, you should know that it’s hardly worth the trouble, given that you’ll probably never get a return on investment.

If I were you, I’d download the app, play it just for fun, and then delete it as soon as you’re over it since there’s no way in hell you’re earning any real money out of this. 

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I like this method because it’s very beginner-friendly, free to start with, and can slowly but surely mature into a full-blown source of passive income if done correctly.

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The platform is free to start with, has nearly two million active members on it, and is by far one of the best places to create a prosperous online business, hands down. 

It’s fair to say that finding and joining it was a complete game-changer for me, and after reading my full review on it, I’m sure you’ll understand why I’m saying this. 

My Blackout Bingo review is coming to an end, so hopefully, I was able to provide you with a clear answer on whether this bingo-style game is a scam or not. 

Feel free to comment below if there’s anything you’d like to ask. 👋




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