Is Mindvalley a Scam? Reviews, Complaints & Everthing Else!

Hi, and welcome to my Mindvalley review. 


Up for a challenge and interested in connecting with your inner self?

…then perhaps you’d like to know more about whether Mindvalley is a scam or not. You are not the only one curious about this course provider, which is why I decided to spend some time testing Mindvalley out myself.

Not that I’m done, I’d love to share with you my honest belief regarding it and give you a clear answer to whether I think it’s worth your time or not.

With all the alone-time we are finding ourselves in, now is the best time to check in on yourself. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for those who need to worry about the virus, all while making sure to secure a job and make enough money to make ends meet.


And perhaps, this is what led you to this page. 🙂

You likely feel ready to give your body, mind, and soul the reboot it needs by signing up with an educational course provider like the Mindvalley academy.

Before we dive into the review, allow me to just clearly state here that my only reason for writing this is to help all my readers out.

I will not earn any points, awards, or cash if you ever decide to sign up with this company, so only expect %100 transparency and fairness from my side.

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What is Mindvalley all About?

We can all agree on one thing, and that is that everything today seems to be spiraling out of control, and this unpleasant emotion is making most of us frustrated and doubtful with all that’s yet to come. 

Now, what if I tell you that there’s a platform that can help you re-wire your thoughts and help you become the best version of yourself?


It’s time that you meet Mindvalley. 

Suppose you are someone fond of personal development and are consistently looking for new challenges to improve yourself. In that case, the Mindvalley created by the popular Vishen Lakhiani in 2002 is what you should consider. 

I know that some of you will outright ask me what makes this platform different from its competitors like Masterclass, for example. 

Well, these educational institutions are somewhat the same except that the topics or “quests” in Mindvalley are about the following:

  1. Mind – titles include: Superbrain, Uncompromised Life, Be Extraordinary, Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy For Abundance, The M Word, The Silva Ultramind System, Everyday Bliss, Integral Life, and Live By Your Own Rules.

  2. Body – titles include: The Longevity Blueprint, The Mastery Of Sleep, 10x, Total Transformation Training, Advanced Home Workouts, Yoga Quest, The Way Of The Kettlebell, and The Immunity Blueprint.

  3. Soul – titles include: Duality, Energy Medicine, Life Visioning Mastery, Chakra Healing, Awaken The Species, Feng Shui for Life, The Silva Ultramind System, Unlocking Transcendence, Lucid Dreaming, and Becoming More Loving.

  4. Career – titles include: Superbrain, Speak And Inspire, Super Reading, The Habit of Ferocity, Money EQ, Everyday Bliss, Becoming Focused and Indistractable, Mastering Authentic Networking, The New Psychology of Winning, and Ultimate Leadership.

  5. Entrepreneurship – titles include: The Quest for Personal Mastery, Business Freedom Blueprint, The Power Of Boldness, Ultimate Leadership, and Vivid Vision.

  6. Relationships – titles include: Conscious Parenting Mastery, Conscious Uncoupling, Mastering Authentic Networking, Tantra Touch, and The Energies of Love.

  7. Parenting – titles include: Conscious Parenting Mastery, Be Extraordinary For Teens, Creating Friendship and Deep Connections for Teens, and Superbrain for Teens.


As you probably can note from the list above, Mindvalley seeks to provide lessons on things that are often not taught in school and are deemed to be something you should learn on your own. 


They are not technical courses meant for building up your resume. 

From my experience, the whole concept seems to introduce edutainment (education + entertainment), and it somehow reminds me of Netflix, except all the movies here are pretty helpful for achieving a happier, abundant, and rewarding life.

While the courses are being updated regularly and change from time to time, there are currently about 30 courses as of writing this post. 

Mindvalley reviewI love the platform because it is available internationally and has students from over 70 countries worldwide. 


As for the quality of the courses, you might be surprised at how easy it is to breeze through the content since it is chunked into small bite-sized pieces to make sure that you absorb the lessons most efficiently. 

The concept of chunking and limiting the videos per lesson is beneficial, and it will remind you of the video structure of Coursera: 

  1. Short 
  2. Informative 
  3. Easy-to-follow!

The cinematography is also pretty punchy, and it lives up to the membership price. I’ve tried Udemy courses before, and there were many occasions when the video/sound quality was too bland for my taste to the point that it made the whole lesson look boring despite the freshness of the topics. 


Is Mindvalley Legit? 

As for the platform’s credibility, you will be happy to know that it has a very positive 4.6-star Trustpilot rating and has been featured by numerous media outlets such as: 

  1. South China Morning Post 
  2. Forbes 
  3. Entrepreneur 
  4. Newsweek 
  5. BBC 
  6. Deal Street Asia

It has also won a few awards, including the AIA Awards in categories such as healthies employees, healthies employers, and healthiest work environment in Malaysia.

They are so in the news that their founder, Vishken, was even invited for TEDxTalk to talk about building the world’s best-ever workplace!

The massive success of the company’s operations has also led to the publication of the New York Times Bestseller Books: 

  1. The Buddha and the Badass 
  2. The Code of the Extraordinary Mind 
  3. 15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy 
  4. Live Big, and Master Your Mind, Design Your Life.

As for their social media presence, Mindvalley has excellent metrics with about 4 million followers on Facebook, 52k on Twitter, 1.4 million on Instagram, and 2 million YouTube subscribers. 

There are also no scams or lawsuits against the platform. They are not BBB accredited, but 25 out of the total complaints on the site are closed.


How Does Mindvalley Work?

As I mentioned earlier, Mindvalley is not enabling you to pump your creative juices in the same way Masterclass does. 

It doesn’t have lessons related to writing, music, sports, or politics, making it an ideal platform to use even while driving, on a break, or when you’re just about to doze off. 

In addition, Mindvalley is not time-bound, which means that you can finish the courses anytime as long as your subscription is still active. 

And speaking of subscriptions, there are two types: 

  1. Mindvalley Membership – $499 year. 
  2. Mindvalley Pro – $999 year. 

They also have a 15-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the lessons. Here are a few things you’ll get from the subscription:

  1. Mindvalley courses
  2. Mindvalley live workshops
  3. Mindvalley meditations
  4. Mindvalley private community
  5. Peer-Mastermind-Groups (Pro)
  6. Group coaching with Vishen and guests (Pro)

If you ask me, I think the base level membership already provides good value, unless you’re very keen on meeting Vishen every month. 

If you just want to try out the platform and see whether it’s worth it, you can check out the free courses that have limited availability. I suggest consistently checking this page here to see which ones are available.

Once you are subscribed, Mindwalley will send you a link to a 22-minute assessment to help you find the most suitable courses right away. By doing this, you’ll no longer have to check on every course to see whether it’s for you or not. 

Once you have finished the assessment, their AI will create a specific syllabus-like guide that will give you the list of titles (and the order of when you should take them) based on your personality.

Is Mindvalley legitYou’ll also be prompted to create your vision board, which you can go over from time to time to get clear on your goals and motivate yourself to bring them to life. 


You can also update the vision board by adding more things as you progress towards a rebirthed soul, mind, and body.

Depending on the course you’ll sign up with, there are some that you can complete in just a few weeks, and there are those that may take you a month. 

Once you have finished a program, you can request a certificate of completion, but please note that this is not the type of certificate you can use to show people that you are a practitioner. It is just for you to use that you completed a course as a reminder.

Another question you might be asking right now is, who exactly are the instructors here, and are they credible enough. 

To answer your question, allow me to list down all the names here, along with a few interesting facts about them:

  1. Lisa Nichols – motivational speaker and featured teacher in The Secret.

  2. Vishen Lakhiani – a Malaysian entrepreneur who is best known for his training in retraining the mind and harnessing its full power.

  3. Jim Kwik – a renowned brain coach who has worked side-by-side with executives, influential people, celebrities, athletes, and superachievers.

  4. Marisa Peer – celebrity therapist, hypnotherapist, and the main person behind the Rapid Transformational Therapy.

  5. Emily Fletcher – an expert in meditation for high performance and the creator of the Ziva technique.

  6. Ben Greenfield – known as a biohacker, Ben is famous due to his 13 bestselling books and his career as a fitness coach, nutritionist, and physiologist.

  7. Katherine Woodward Thomas – a licensed family therapist and marriage consultant who is best known for her best-selling book, Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After.

  8. Robin Sharma – a renowned leadership expert with a huge following that has sold more than 15 million book copies worldwide.

  9. Neale Donald Walsch – an American author, screenwriter, and motivational speaker who is best known for “Conversations with God.”‘

  10. Srikumar Rao – a motivational speaker, author, and the founder of the CPM or the Creativity and Personal Mastery program.

  11. Shefali Tsabary – one of the leading experts in personal development and family dynamics.

  12. Steven Kotler – an author, speaker, and award-winning journalist with publications in The New York Times, LA Times, Wired, and Time Magazine.

  13. Dr. Michael Breus – a clinical psychologist, known as the sleep doctor.

  14. Michael Beckwith – known as the New Thought minister and the founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Beverly Hills.

  15. Marie Diamond – an international bestselling author, consultant, and modern Spiritual teacher specializing in Feng Shui.

  16. Ken Honda – best known for his writings on the Japanese art of being a millionaire.

  17. Naveen Jain – a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author who is driven to solve today’s biggest challenges through constant innovation.

  18. Keith Ferrazzi – an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author known for his specialization in relational and collaborative sciences.

  19. Alan Watts – a British philosopher, writer, and thought leader in the areas of philosophy

  20. Ken Wilber – also known as the Integral theorist, Ken is also known as the “Einstein of Consciousness Studies.”


Is Mindvalley a Scam?

Before answering this, I believe now would be a great time to share a few things that I absolutely love about the company. 


1. Mindvalley wants you to find the time to focus on yourself.

With all the hustle-and-bustle that we’re experiencing due to the pandemic, it’s easy to say that we don’t have much time for ourselves. 

If you ever find yourself on an Emirates flight, you can get the most out of your time by watching any Mindvalley Quests for free from the inflight entertainment system.


2. Mindvalley is offering a FREE program for teens.

In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mindvalley is offering a FREE program for teens to keep them motivated to live a truly extraordinary life. The free program is the Be Extraordinary and is meant to be completed within ten days.

It’s absurd how some companies have decided to face today’s challenges only to milk more people. Luckily, Mindvalley shows that they are not the same and consistently creates free resources for anyone who wants to learn something new every day! 

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So, all things considered, I firmly believe that Mindvalley is not a scam and definitely a unique educational platform you should consider testing. 

I’ve also tried a few producing and beat-making lessons on Masterclass, but the content here is much easier to follow, essential for busy individuals like you and me. 

Since the content is concise, you can efficiently finish a course without worrying much! The only downside for me is that the membership price can be a bit steep, so I advise you to be on the lookout as Mindvalley constantly gives out promotional prices and discounts.


How I Make a Living Online

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It’s the same course I suggested you try at the beginning of this review, so I believe there’s no need to remind you that you shouldn’t expect to join an overpromising, underdelivering done-for-you system. 

Is Mindvalley worth it It’s up to you what you want to do, just please know that you can reach out to me anytime you like and ask me whatever it is you want to ask me.


I believe now is the perfect time to end this Mindvalley review, so hopefully, I was able to give you a clear answer to whether this course provider is a legit one or just another timewasting outright scam, from start to finish. 

If you are interested to find out more about how it works, feel free to send me a comment down below, and I’d be glad to assist you on how to start. 

I’d also like to invite you to read my money guide to understand better how I come up with the goods and what I do on a day-to-day basis. 

Lastly, I would like to thank you for sticking to the very, and I sincerely hope to see you on this blog once again soon. 👋



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