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Hi, and welcome to my Mistplay review. 🙂

Even though Mistplay is an amusing, legitimate gaming platform that will really reward you with “real cash” for your in-game efforts, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you waste your time with it for the reasons mentioned below. Please read my unbiased review and see why I had a change of heart about this platform.



So, you want to know whether Mistplay is legit? 🤔

Gorjan here, and in today’s review, we’ll discuss and explore Mistplay, the first loyalty platform for mobile gamers where players can discover new games, connect with friends, and redeem units for all kinds of different rewards.


This game was recommended to me by a friend who…

…tried to convince me that you can make good money playing it, so the skeptic in me decided to try it to find out if it is true. Here I am now, fully prepared to share my experience with you and give you a clear-cut answer as to whether this game is really legit and, more importantly, whether it’s worth playing if it is.

Mistplay is an easily accessible application that you can play only on an Android phone, and unlike those games that promise a lot of money and don’t pay, this game is really true to its claims and allows you to earn a little by playing a variety of adventure, military, kids, action, strategy, RPG, and other types of games.


However, while this game is…

…legitimate and offers a variety of fun options, there are some things I believe will convince you not to install it, and I will be happy to share them with you.

Remember that the money you earn is not real but comes in gift cards, meaning you can use the coupons only online and not withdraw them in cash. Even though the game says it has a PayPal option, know that if you try to transfer money to your bank account, the app will not let you, which honestly sucks beyond belief.

is Mistplay legit Just because thousands of people have downloaded this game doesn’t mean that everyone had a good experience with it, and in today’s review, you will find out what makes this game so unwanted and, to some degree, a scam.


I wholeheartedly believe that there are much better…

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Mistplay Review

The first thing you need to know about this game is that it is available to more or less all countries. I don’t come from a first-world country, but I had no problem downloading and playing the game despite that, and I think neither will you. 

I have to say that it’s a bit difficult, almost impossible, to find precise information about where this game is available. Hence, it is best and most uncomplicated to find it on Google Play and see if you can download it in your country. 

To be honest, the selection of games is quite alright, and unlike other paid gaming platforms I have tried before, this one offers too many games of all kinds. No matter what type of games you want to play, whether action, puzzle, or strategy…


…I’m more than sure you will enjoy the rounds on this platform.

You make money with Mistplay by playing games, for which you are rewarded with a different number of units, depending on the difficulty and the type of game. 

Each game also offers bonus points if you play it for a while or reach a certain level, which is cool and usually expected from such platforms. 

While the games are fun, you have to understand that you will not get rich from playing games in Mistplay and that, at best, you will earn a voucher worth a few dollars for a few hours of playing. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t feel like wasting my time trying to get rich from this. ~ it’s meant for entertainment. 

When I did the math, the earnings were too low, where one unit turns out to be even less than one-hundredth of a dollar, which is very disappointing and, to some extent, ridiculous. On top of that, it takes forever to accumulate points. 


Also, although the game says otherwise, know that…

…as you climb levels and play longer, it will become harder and harder to earn points, indicating that your earnings, at least from one account, are limited.


I have to say that…

…although my initial experience with this game was great, in the end, I had a change of heart because my account was blocked without any explanation. 

I know it’s weird, but even more bizarre is the fact that the same thing has happened to many other players, which makes you wonder if this game is legitimate after all. If you take a look at all the negative Mistplay reviews on Trustpilot, you will notice that many users regret playing this game. 


I can not classify this game as a complete scam…

…because I managed to make some money from it and successfully withdraw it the first time. However, I would not even say that it is entirely legitimate because obviously, I am just one of the victims of their stupid face-recognition system. 

The system is one of their newest features, and up until recently, it didn’t exist, and everything was going smoothly. After Mistplay introduced this system, many, including me, started complaining that they had difficulties withdrawing their money, which, frankly, I am beginning to believe is not a mere coincidence.

Mistplay reviewAlthough I succeeded the first time, I got a $10 voucher; the second time I tried, I failed to pass their face-recognition system, which many whine about.


As soon as this happened to me, I wrote them two e-mails, one after another, trying to explain to them that my money was being held dishonestly. Still, for some reason, they decided to completely ignore my complaint and block my account without any further explanation, which honestly, really pissed me off. 


I have no idea why this platform…

…suddenly decides to act like this with its players, but as you can see, thinking twice about whether it is worth spending time with this platform is a must. 

I won’t try to persuade you not to try it, but I would just ask you to test the platform with the right expectations and not hope you will earn some money.


Most of the other Mistplay reviews…

…you might have read online by now are full of affiliate links and try to convince you that everything is fine with the platform to try it out, when in reality, many users complain, and almost 80% of them are dissatisfied and disappointed.

At the end of the day, it’s your choice whether you want to spend your precious time playing money games, hoping to make a buck or two, so choose wisely. 


Is Mistplay Legit?

Mistplay is legit – although many of the other players and I had our fair share of trouble withdrawing money, I have no choice but to classify this platform as legitimate because I still managed to get at least one payment. 

Although the company never replied to my complaint e-mails, I don’t think it would be fair for me to label it as a complete and utter scam. ~ agree?

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Will you trust this platform or not is entirely your choice and risk, but I still believe there is no need to remind you that you will never make a mistake if you play the games purely for fun and not to profit. ~ isn’t that what games are for? 

I’m sure you will enjoy this application if you are a fan of mobile games and breaking other people’s records. Yet, don’t be surprised if you lose your account out of nowhere. It happened to me, so don’t think for a minute you’re safe.


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 I don’t want to waste your time a lot, so I recommend you read my guide, which will help you understand this business model in more detail. Of course, I also encourage you to ask all your questions at the end because curiousness is the only thing that will propel you to the success you so deeply desire. ~ okay? 

I believe it’s about time I end my Mistplay review, so hopefully, my facts and arguments were enough to help you determine if this gaming platform is a scam.


Feel free to ask me something if you want. 💖

Finally, if you have already tried Mistplay, I ask you if you can share your experience with it to give my readers access to the most accurate, reliable information. I hope you enjoyed my post and can’t wait to see you next time.



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