Officeless Agency Review

Is Officeless Agency a Scam? My Honest Take on the Course!

Are you pondering on the question of whether the Officeless Agency is a scam? Well, worry no more, because you are not the only one.

I’ve been getting a lot of comments from people lately asking me to review this masterclass and ultimately answer whether it’s a scam or a legit platform you can benefit from.

Given its low price, the course is enticing, and everyone wants to try it out, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worthy of your time and effort.

Hi, my name is Gorjan, and for the past couple of years, I’ve been solely focused on helping people steer clear of scams online.

Up to date, I’ve reviewed well over +300 online courses and helped more than a few dozen people to start their first successful online business.

If you want to know me better, my story, and what I do on this blog, please feel free to find out more about me by reading this page.

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Experience is the teacher of all things, and my experience has taught me that building a thriving business online doesn’t have to be expensive.

Assuming consistency, scalability, and sustainability is what you had in mind when you said to yourself – “I want to build a prosperous business.”

Is Officeless Agency a scamIn such a case, my most recommended platform might just be what you need to succeed in this often overwhelming online ‘biz’ industry. 💰


I want to say congrats for doing your research, considering that scammers have gotten smarter these days, and it’s so much easier to fall for the beautiful lies and well-thought-out done-for-you systems.

It’s undoubtedly a clever move on your part and perhaps the only way to avoid getting scammed and find the best ways to make money online.

Over the next couple of minutes, I’ll be reviewing the Officeless Agency masterclass and letting you decide whether you want to build this type of business or continue looking for a better alternative instead.

The first thing I noticed about this course is that it has a well-designed, professional landing page with lots of listed benefits, catchy titles, significant discounts, and many tempting offers.

So, basically, this masterclass teaches you how to build a digital marketing agency from home, hence the name Officeless Agency.


The concept behind this business model is pretty simple. 🙂

You go out there and find traditional brick-and-mortar businesses like coffee shops, grocery stores, clothing outlets, dentists, roofing companies, gyms and offer them your marketing services.

These small-scale businesses are good at what they do, but most of them lack knowledge of using today’s technology to attract clients.

This is where you come in, with all the skills you’ll be taught in this course to help them get more clients by using various marketing approaches like Google Ads, YouTube Ads, and other digital marketing methods.

As with any other business, whether it’d be digital or physical, there are some pros and cons to building a digital agency online. Although they try to make it seem like it’s no big deal, the reality’s a bit different.

The biggest issue here is that building a digital marketing agency is a high skill-based job, and if you aren’t a well-versed marketer, then you’re chances of succeeding with this business model are kind of slim.

If you’re not good at doing digital marketing yourself, you likely won’t deliver good results for your clients.

So, the goal here is not just to find clients on your own but to go one step further and attract and retain customers for your clients as well.

The main problem here is that you need to be skilled enough to attract clients on your own, and more importantly, get them to trust you.

By gaining their trust, you’ll likely be able to get them to pay you anywhere between $500 – $2000 per month, which you’ll later use for advertising and attracting customers for their businesses.


You get to keep the rest, of course. 💸

The secondary problem here is that running paid ads is not as easy as they portrait it to be, and the chances of you losing a lot of money while trying to get good at it are pretty high.

I’ve been a marketer for more than a few years now, and I can assure you that building a digital marketing agency is by far one of the worst business models you can get into as a beginner.

There are so many steps for you to make money, and don’t even get me started on the fact that you’ll probably need to outsource freelancers to do all the heavy lifting for you at some point down the line.

You could only scale such a business model by hiring other people, which starts to add up in salaries after a while.

Officeless Agency ReviewI have all the required skills to go out there and build a successful digital marketing agency, which doesn’t necessarily mean I’m eager to do it. ✋


Working on your own business is time-consuming as it is, but having to attract leads, set up campaigns, and monitor metrics for your clients, too, is a whole different ball game.

There’s nothing wrong with the Officeless Agency as a course, but you should be aware that as a business model, it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Nowadays, when there are countless other legitimate ways to make money online, building an agency is definitely not one of the better ones.

Additionally, you should know that so many people have been complaining about this course, given the fact it’s so easy to screw up the purchase and buy the system at its regular instead of discounted price.


And you probably know how hard it is to get a refund these days. 😐

We both agree that starting a digital marketing agency sounds like a dream come true, can be very profitable long-term, but you must understand that it’s easier said than done.

So, in a nutshell, this is what Chance Anthony Welton and Abdul Samad will teach you on the Officeless Agency masterclass.

To walk you through whether this course is worth your time or not, allow me to give you here my honest opinion about it.

Please note that I am not being sponsored to write this post, nor will I get rewarded if you purchase their course. My only intention is to provide you with enough information on the topic and let you decide for yourself.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s get it on.


Officeless Agency Review

Starting a business is easy, but finding customers could be challenging, especially now that almost every company is online. 

Technically, you compete for eyeball attention, so you need every post, graphic, and content to be worthy and scroll-stopping. 

Instead of creating a whole department dedicated to digital marketing alone, the wisest thing brick-and-mortar businesses should consider is outsourcing services through a digital marketing agency.

These agencies guarantee to help them land on the first page of Google or to convert more out of their highly targeted posts. 

This type of online service has been rising in numbers, and perhaps you are wondering if you, too, can get a slice of the pie. 

easily the best way to make money online!

best way to make money online

Fortunately, it is possible so long as you have the basic skills in running ads, SEO, copywriting, and designing, to name a few. 

If you still need some help on those as mentioned above, then this is where the Officeless Agency will help you out.

The Officeless Agency is a cheap product offered by Chance and Abdul, containing video materials that will teach you the basics of running a digital marketing agency, taking leads, and running advertisements. 

You won’t be taught how to become a freelancer, but instead, it teaches you how to get a flat monthly rate for your services.


But of course, obtaining clients is not as easy as it sounds. 

To get high-ticket ones, you have to improve your skills and understand everything there is to know about digital marketing. 

Unfortunately, this masterclass is not for you if you want to learn like the literal step-by-step procedure. You will find better content on a slightly pricier side available on UdemyCoursera, and Digital Marketing Institute.

The whole concept of the Officeless Agency is that it gives you a taste of the actual product that will be consistently flashed on the video known as the Modern Millionaires, which costs around $7.8k! 

is Officeless Agency legit You will learn from here the basics, but please do not expect it to provide all-out content, given that it is just available for a low price.


The Officeless Agency by Abdul and Chance has a resounding 4.3-star rating on Trustpilot with about 74% giving it an excellent rating! 

While they do not have a BBB profile, I found out that Modern Millionaires have one, and after checking it, I was surprised to see a 4-star rating. 


This suggests that you can skip the Officeless Agency. 👈

If you really want to learn about digital marketing and how to run an agency, you find better explanations for their Modern Millionaire product. 

As of writing, the price for their product is at $497 but reduced to $9.94. Given its price, I think it is on the right track and is much cheaper than what you can find online. At least this one is legitimate and is taught by honest digital marketing specialists.

Once you purchase the masterclass, you will have digital access to the video materials right away. 

Please note that there is also a 30-day refund policy after your purchase if you think that the whole masterclass is not worth your time. 

At this point, it kind of makes me feel that it is a risk-free investment as what do you have to lose for just $10, right?


How Does Officeless Agency Work?

The premise of the course is that you want to make a digital marketing company from the ground up and make it as sustainable as possible. 

To set the record straight, I think that there’s so much money to be made in this industry since there are a lot of companies out there spending way too much on their marketing without earning a single cent. 

If you can make better marketing plans and save them money, you can quickly get them to pay you a retainer fee.

By purchasing the Officeless Agency, you will get a 2-hour video training about how an agency works and a one-hour video training discussing the client funnel, the secrets of Officeless Agency, the best niches, and travel secrets. So, $9.94 is just a perfect price point for a three-hour video series.

While it does not go in-depth on specifics, I love the Officeless Agency because they taught a precise technique on putting your foot on the door. 


Usually, agencies wait for clients to contact them or reach out to “hiring” posts.

Instead of taking the traditional route, the Officeless Agency will tell you to reach out and persuade the client not just by giving a list of your services but by actually telling them where they lack at.

For instance, Abdul and Chance will tell you to research a small-time company that you think needs help. 

After finding one that is right at your alley, you should do a case study, review their digital marketing practices, and show them how your services can save them money, convert better, and make their brand stand out. 

modern millionaires In short, you do not just go knocking and saying, ” I can help you out.” Instead, you will go confidently and say, “your company is doing this wrong, but I have a solution to fix it.” 👌


The same strategy should continue as you get more clients signing up for you and then scaling your business slowly by outsourcing the projects to your pool of freelancers. 

Just do note that if you decide to outsource it, you must ensure that the freelancers you will get have the skills or train them.


That is practically the content of the whole course. 

It may not be a lot, but this strategy can significantly change how you promote yourself and your services. 

Even if you are not a digital marketing company, freelancers entering this field can use this strategy and position themselves better than using plain old cover letters.

The masterclass will also give you a few tips on doing Google ads, but please note that it is not as comprehensive as you would like. 

If you want to learn more about it, you can find better resources inside the multiple free Google Ads courses available online. 


Is Officeless Agency A Scam?

Officeless Agency is not a scam and will definitely provide you with strategic ways to get high-ticket clients within just 3 hours.

The idea of creating a digital marketing agency is also a genuine opportunity, and there is no denying that many entrepreneurs are willing to spend boatloads of cash to catapult their brand into the internet.


It is not as life-changing as they claim it to be. ❌

If this is not your first time watching content about digital marketing, you will find that most of the ideas by Abdul and Chace are just repurposed from other videos on YouTube.

Additionally, running a digital marketing company is not just about finding clients, but you, as a leader, must have at least the general skills to prevent overpromising your services.

While it has some content under it, I still do not recommend it to anyone since it does not really have much information about the theories, procedures, and best ways to run a digital agency.

I guess this really is just created as a lead magnet for their premium content, the Modern Millionaires.

You will learn better by signing up with free courses published by Google, Hubspot, or Semrush. By equipping yourself first with the theories and basics of digital marketing, you’ll likely make progress faster.

Additionally, you do not even have to shell out money as there are tons and tons of available resources from the top companies in this field.


How I Make A Living Online

Are you interested in creating a business online without all the complexities associated with establishing a digital marketing agency? 

Contrary to common belief, starting a business like that will take so much time since you need to train yourself, hire the right people, and ensure that your model is at par with the standards. 

Add to that is the fact that there are also legal aspects involved in this one, and it’s easy to say that you have a lot on your plate already. 

The fact that you landed on this page suggests that you aren’t necessarily looking to build a digital marketing agency. 

Maybe you’re just here because you’ve been looking for the best ways to get started online, and what I’m about to tell you will make your day. 

A few years ago, I was in the same place you are now, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You could say I was a bit confused, overwhelmed, and almost on the verge of going insane. Officeless Agency alternative I did tons of research, wasted countless hours on Google until I finally found a suitable business model that granted me this personal and financial freedom that a job could never provide me with. 💯


If you do not want to stress yourself with all these, I suggest you consider giving my most recommended business model a try. 

By all means, please feel free to leave this page if you think I’m just another “guru” that’s trying to sell you on yet another overpromising, underdelivering system that doesn’t work. 

The business model I’ll be sharing with you in just a second runs like a clock, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a DFY system. 

Please don’t expect to make thousands upon starting, and if you hear someone telling you that you can, they’re probably lying to you. 

I hate to keep you waiting, so to better understand what I’m dealing with on a day-to-day basis, I suggest you take a look at my money guide as it clearly explains everything there is to know about my line of business. 

Inside, I speak about what got me into this, mention a few setbacks that came along the way, and even share what I firmly believe is the best way to get started in the wicked online ‘biz’ industry. 

It’s about time I end this Officeless Agency review, so hopefully, I was able to provide you with a solid answer of whether it’s a scam or not. 

If you happen to have any questions regarding the course, please don’t hesitate to ask them by leaving a comment down below. As always, I promise to give my best to reply to them on time. 👋


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