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Is Omaze a Scam or a Legit Online Raffle? Risk $10 to Win Big Prizes!

When was the last time you tried your luck on sweepstakes? 🎰

I have something exceptional for you in today’s post, considering that we’ll be discussing a fundraising site that has been making a lot of buzz lately due to its striking donation + raffle ticket scheme. 

If you’re up for that, then read on as we uncover the hidden truth and ultimately answer the crucial question of whether Omaze is a scam or a legitimate online deal. 


Aaaah, the joy of winning free stuff! 🤩

While succeeding in itself may be a long shot, many of us consider online lotteries to augment our finances this pandemic season. 

And now that the number of reports of people winning has increased, I think it’s about time we try to identify if participating in sweepstakes is something worthwhile or not. 

Online sweepstakes have been around for decades, and they are a fantastic way to have some fun online. 

While the chances of winning can indeed be slim, a significant number of people from all walks of life have been signing up with different online sites to get a chance to win big. 

Is Omaze a ScamSome of the prizes you can win if you decide to be a sweepstakes participant come in the form of cash, gift prizes, gaming rigs, dream vacations, and even a date with some Hollywood personalities. 🎁


I guess the attraction here comes from the fact that to enter these current sweepstakes, all you need is to have your mobile phone or computer ready, a stable internet connection, and enough cash on the side. 


However, let me warn you about something. 🛑

There may be many advertisements urging you to join, but let me clarify that not all of these are legitimate!

By subscribing to these sites, you are already exposing yourself to con artists and online predators who can harass you to pay a certain amount first before claiming the prize. 


With this being said – you are responsible for reviewing these lottery sites and advertisements before making a move.

More so if you suddenly receive a notification that you won even if you did not join any like for the case of El Gordo and Australia Lotto Lottery.

Granted that there are scams everywhere, there are also legitimate ones like the Super Sweet GiveawayDream Big Daily, and Gaming Together Giveaway

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These mainly ask you to complete some simple tasks like sharing the contest on your social media accounts. 

But what if I tell you that there is one platform where you can win big prizes while donating as low as $10?


And when I say BIG prizes – I actually mean huge ones like landing a new car, tickets to some of the best countries in the world, and even win a dinner date or a sit-down with some of the brightest stars in the film and media industry! 

That sounds exciting. To set your expectation straight and give you the real truth about this platform, read my Omaze review down below today. 


Please Note: 👇

Before we begin, let me say that I am in no way share or form associated with Omaze and its organization. 

With this clarified, you can now be at peace knowing that this post will not propose upsells about their site. If you find yourself looking for a more stable opportunity, I also added my most recommended platform at the end of the post.


What Is Omaze All About?

Don’t you think the name is simply O-mazing? 😄

Kidding aside, this American fundraising company has been around since 2012, and it has partnered with several legitimate charities like the UNICEFMake-A-Wish foundation, and Product Red

It basically works under the assumption that you will have to donate to a specific cause if you want to enter the draw.

What sets this apart from other donation drives is that once you donate, you can get an incentive raffle ticket and win whatever is featured on their page. 

They have two distinct contribution schemes (minimum of $10) and a simple donation-to-the-company option if you want to donate without getting a raffle ticket (minimum of $2).


What if I want to enter without bidding goodbye to my hard-earned cash? 🤔


Depending on the type of event that you want to join, some do not necessarily call for any donations or payments.

In terms of media transparency, you can see the company featured by news media outlets such as NBC NewsThe New York Times, and ABC News, to name a few. 

As you probably have seen on social media advertisements, Omaze is very much linked to various movie and TV franchises.

This is one of the driving forces why it has such outstanding popularity in social media sites like Facebook (405k), Twitter (47k), and Instagram (327k).


BBB recently accredited it, where it has a resounding A rating and some complaints. 

You see, most of these are just around the notion of expecting to win because surprisingly, many people thought that they could invest money here and be guaranteed to win! 

With this, let me just reiterate that Omaze is only a sweepstake and does not offer guarantees. In Trustpilot, the company has two main accounts the UK one (which has a 4.5 rating) and the US (with a 1.7 rating). 

The ratings under these names are way too far, but I think that we can get more comprehensive information from the UK account since it has 229 reviews compared to the 35 customer reviews from the US.

Is Omaze LegitimateWith a quick look, you can see that most of the 1-2 star ratings are on writing about their experiences of not winning despite donating vast amounts of cash. 📉❌


As a response to this, Omaze kept reminding everyone to remember that winning here is a matter of luck. ⭐

And after some research, I believe what they are saying since I just found out that Omaze is not the one that draws the winner. UK’s leading provider does it for electoral services called Civica.

Given that the company is very transparent and that it has connections in the industry and an official independent scrutinizer company, I honestly can say that I have no doubts that Omaze is the real deal.


Omaze’s Advertising

If one organization seems to have lots of publicity from other media channels, then that would be Omaze.


Maybe that is how you ended up on this page! 

You probably saw their video ad on social media or have seen them being hyped up by some of the YouTube channels that you are following.

As of writing, I made a quick YouTube search, and I was impressed to see that Omaze has found its niche in the industry.

If you’d ask me, I think that the whole business and marketing approach of Omaze centers under celebrity culture and consumerism.

You can almost be sure that they are in partnership with some of today’s biggest and most latest media franchises.


And you might find it surprising, but Omaze is one famous organization. ⭐

It has been connected to some of the biggest names such as Katy Perry, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, John Legend, and even TV and movie franchises like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Star Trek!

In this case, let me just clarify that their video ads are not some bogus campaign.


How Does Omaze Work?

Signing up for an Omaze account is easy as you can simply connect it to your Facebook account or create an account by keying your email address and password.

As soon as you are connected, they will also get your credit card information whenever you process a donation.

Ready to grab an opportunity to win big prizes? By donating through Omaze, you can get chances to win new posh cars, experience-based giveaways, and travel opportunities!


The only catch is that you have to donate. 💰

I mean, it’s easy to think that you can donate and get prizes, but let me discuss with you how they spread your donation so that you’ll better understand how it works.


Omaze’s Contribution Scheme

First off, let me say that Omaze is a “for-profit” organization, which means that they can raise funds for legitimate organizations and earn from it. 


They spread out your contributions in this manner: 👇

•  Whenever you contribute $10 for an experience-based giveaway like meeting with celebs, $6 is donated to the charity the event is connected with, $2.50 goes to the marketing and credit card expenses, and the leftover $1.59 goes to Omaze.

 •  If you contribute $10 for other prizes like car and travel opportunities, $1.50 goes to charity, $7 for the prize shipping and covering taxes and marketing, and $1.50 goes to Omaze.


Is Omaze A Scam?

From the way I see it, Omaze is a legit opportunity, and the main reason some label it as a scam is that they have not won anything.

But here’s the deal – Omaze is after the donation, which means that your chances of winning won’t increase even if you donate larger amounts and get more entries.

Omaze ReviewYou are battling it out with millions of other users globally, so having your name picked is really just by chance!🤞


The big question is do I recommend Omaze? 🙂


Well, that’s another thing. 

If your main goal is really to help good causes, then I highly suggest that you go directly to these organizations’ sites and send it over to them and skip the middlemen!

And the good thing is that they’ll get 100% of your donation and put it into fair use aside from marketing.

However, if you feel that you want to get something out of your donation, Omaze can indeed be a good option. Who knows? You could end up as the next winner of a brand new Porsche. You never know.

As you can see, there is no guaranteed return to your donations (or investments, however you want to call them) via Omaze.

In this sense, if you’re looking for an opportunity to buy that dream car of yours, then I think I might have the best solution for you.

Read on below to find out more! 🔻


Don’t Settle For A Game Of Chance!

Luck can be deceiving, and that’s why even some religions don’t accept the idea of ‘luck,’ and in this regard, I would appreciate your honesty on why you landed on this page. 

Is it really because you want to donate through Omaze, or simply because you want to win that travel package that they’re hyping on their site?


For me, the answer is simple – Why not invest my money in something that is more guaranteed and can allow me to build a source of passive income and raise my revenue for years to come. 

The opportunity I’m referring to is the same one that allows me to live this ‘laptop lifestyle’ and sit here today and write this Omaze review informing you that you can do the same. 

This outstanding opportunity comes in the form of an online business where you get paid to promote and sell other people’s products or services. (or both) 

It’s widely recognized as affiliate marketing, and it remains to be one of the most common ways people make a living online. I love it due to the following reasons: 

  1. It’s beginner-friendly.
  2. It doesn’t require substantial upfront costs.
  3. It becomes passive with time.
  4. It doesn’t require any previous expertise
  5. Anyone can do it! (see success stories) 👈


Same as any other business, affiliate marketing also requires you to submerge yourself in learning, and what better way to do it than to join the very same platform that made it possible for me to build the blog you’re on now –

The AM platform goes by the name of Wealthy Affiliate, and without it, the site you’re on now wouldn’t have existed, nor would I sit here and offer you my mentoring services free of cost. 

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I’m willing to sit side by side with you until the surpass the one ‘thousand dollars per month is passive income’ mark as long as you promise that you won’t waste my time by not committing fully. 

how to make money onlineWealthy Affiliate deals with a unique freemium membership model that lets you test out the platform before actually subscribing to it. ✅


The starter membership gives you plenty of time to decide whether a career in AM is something you would consider pursuing or not. 

It gives you access to the first few lessons of the course and gives you the bigger picture and concise explanation of how tempting, scalable, and robust this business model is. 

As I end this article, I hope you liked my in-depth tour of what the platform is all about and whether Omaze is a scam or a legitimate sweepstake. 

If this helped you out, please feel free to share it on social media to help me advocate in upholding the truth about all things financial. 👋


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