OPM Wealth Review

Is OPM Wealth a Scam? A Few Things You Should Know About!


The concept of high risk-high return investing has been around for ages. 🦖

But apparently, there is one digital franchise program that seems to challenge the validity of that very idea by promising a low-risk and high return scheme using Other People’s Money (OPM). 

This leads us to question whether OPM Wealth is a scam or a genuinely worthwhile investment of aspiring entrepreneurs’ lifetime. 

Ever since the dawn of the internet in the 1980s, we have experienced a colossal shift in how traditional businesses are perceived, built, and managed. You see, back in the days, owners were supposed to find a place where they can set up their shop. 

Aside from preparing the product/service to be displayed, they also had to consider how they will furnish the shop, print the best marketing materials, and hire the best sales employees.

OPM Wealth review But with the internet and social media, setting up a business online has become so convenient that it only takes five minutes or so to introduce your brand to the rest of the world. 🌎🚀


In this sense, you do not have to worry about hiring employees because most of the small stuff can be automated or even delegated to those willing to do the job (people from Fiverr and Upwork).

During the lockdown alone, countries worldwide have witnessed an increase in the number of online businesses. And when I say increase, I don’t just mean 24% or 78%. I mean 4000%

Seeing that the possibilities in earning online are pretty high today, I even had a few friends who ventured into the online world by selling specialty food, health and fitness gear, trading software, and even beauty products.


Joining the party is a complex process. 🧐

You see, every entrepreneur in that field has to take note of their inventory, stocks, and logistics while handling and dealing with marketing duties, responsibilities, and customer service. 

This is why most business owners find it challenging to handle a business alone and end up quitting very shortly after. 

Luckily for us, there are still other things that we can sell online and earn considerable profits. Believe it or not, it’s even possible that we become the product ourselves. 

The most common ways to make a living online without the stress of handling products are by doing affiliate marketingselling coursesselling digital downloadsoffering specific services, etc.  


I’m assuming it’s the same reason why you’re researching OPM Wealth. 😊

This article will shed light on the things you need to know before reaching for your wallet and contacting OPM Wealth. 

In the spirit of transparency, know that this post will contain my honest opinion about the service, which can be slightly different from what other reviews out there will feature.

easily the best way to make money online!

best way to make money online

You see, I am not connected with either Stefan or OPM Wealth, so you can rest assured that I won’t upsell and force you into buying this lucrative and appealing-at-first-sight wealth program.

Instead, I will only be here sharing my thoughts to help you make a balanced decision. If you are up for that, then buckle up, and let’s get this OPM Wealth review started. 


Who is Stefan Dessalines?

Suppose you have been a follower of my blog. 😇

In that case, you know that I put a premium on uncovering the truths behind various promising services and platforms, and I firmly believe that the company is only as good as its owners. 

After all, how the company functions and manages disputes reflects the personalities of the bosses and the management.


For OPMs’ case, the man behind the program is Stefan Dessalines. 👨‍💼

If you visit the main sales page, you’ll be pretty disappointed to see that it does not have an About Us page or at least a list of the company’s people. 

The only thing you can see on the landing page (as of writing) is Stefan’s video explaining his “super simple” system that guarantees profits. 

Before founding OPM Wealth, he was involved in the acting scene since early as four years old. He appeared in movies, commercials, and feature films but judging from his minor roles, he did not gain the popularity needed in showbiz. 

This prompted him to have a career change and work on something fresh during his time, so he ended up pursuing a career online. 

In early 2000, Stefan finally decides to open a mortgage company where he worked both as the CEO and the Marketing Leader. 

As part of innovative marketing strategies, he became one of the first to utilize online marketing tools to develop audiences’ wider reach. 

He also became a lead sales representative and a manager for Beneficial Finance, where he was able to combine his skills in marketing and finance.

Is OPM Wealth a ScamDespite being an online marketing guru, he couldn’t build a huge following, as you can see from the not-so-great number of followers and subscribers on his social media accounts. 👎🤡


I also find it weird that there is not much information about him and the company at all. Even the websites’ design and companys’ logos don’t look like they came from a marketing guru at all.


Wait, did I just say websites? Like with an “s”? 😮

Yep, you read correctly. From a marketing standpoint, I honestly do not understand why he has different websites for just one service. 

I mean, take a look at these three I found, and you can see for yourself how different it is from other sites that also offer the same services: 

•  Website 1: Main site 

•  Website 2: Wix site

•  Website 3: Google site 


What is OPM Wealth all about?

OPM Wealth is basically a program by which aspiring entrepreneurs want to start small-scale businesses (usually an independent online business) by using Other People’s Money – thus the name OPM. 

In a simple sense, it works just like a mutual funds account where the money of the investors is pooled together and will be invested in YOUR business.

The company markets this service as a scheme in which you can earn six figured in 12 weeks. It may sound like a good deal at first, but I have learned that there is always a catch behind those lines in my business line. 


For instance – the investments will be paid using cryptocurrencies! 🙃

So, that means that if you are affiliated with OPM, you will need to have the foundational knowledge about cryptocurrency trading to ensure that you are not being duped! 

The company mainly plays with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethers, some of the most stable currencies in the world of online trading. But remember, despite having an almost “stable” value, cryptocurrencies are not a safe investment at all.

Another thing that OPM promises is that it will teach you how to run your online business through the pre-recorded videos that you can find once you sign-up for the membership-portal. 

It comes with three free videos and has around 17 significant lessons across various topics such as:

•  Digital Franchise

•  Other Peoples Money

•  Great Credit

•  The Truth About Money

  Time Management

  Crypto Basics

•  Trading Cryptocurrency

•  Paradigm Shift

•  Power of Systems

•  Compensation

•  Laws of Life

•  Keep More Money

•  7 Steps to Financial Freedom

•  20 Rules of Money

•  The Power of Mindset

•  Financial Independence


I already went through all the videos, and I can with certainty tell you that they are a complete waste of time. 

The first three do not even show a glimpse of what cryptocurrencies are all about or anything related to online marketing and business. Instead, they discuss what OPM Wealth is, how it works, and how to get started.


That’s all – no free PDF files or reports. ❌

I feel like the videos are an extended form of marketing that encourages you to join the program and take advantage of the “simple’ system.


How does OPM Wealth work?

Joining OPM is relatively easy as you only need to sign up and finish the three videos. 

Upon completing the freebies, you will be prompted to schedule a call with the sales team to say whether you are interested in joining and unlocking the 17 videos or not.

The real challenge here is that you have to decide what type of package you will use under the Plutus Plan.


Wait. What? 🤔

Yep, that was my reaction too. The company is somewhat like a coin where the head features the OPM Wealth, and the tail is all about this Plutus Plan. 

This plan is a commission-based system where you will invite people to join the procedure with you. And as I have mentioned above, the commissions will be in cryptos.

As of writing, the subscription fee for the packages are: 🔽

•  Hermes $2,000

  Apollo  $5,000

  Athena $8,500

  Poseidon $14,500

•  Zeus $27,500


As you can see, each package’s price is on such an astronomical level, which is probably why most people say that they cannot afford the program. 

But during the call with the sales team, they will encourage you to take advantage of the program even if it means that you need to take out a loan from the bank.

If you are interested in taking out a loan, you will have to worry about your credit score. 

Well, OPM got you covered for that one, too, because they seem to have a cheaper program that can help repair your credit score, and by that time, you can qualify for the loan.


Is OPM Wealth a scam?

Let’s try to get some things straight first. 🙂

You see, in this article, we actually discussed two platforms – the OPM Wealth and its hidden brother sub-program, the Plutus Plan. 

I also found out that the OPM Wealth only has three videos, and to unlock the other ones, you will be forced to join the Plutus Plan.

So here’s my take on this, OPM Wealth is a scam in the sense that the three videos themselves are nowhere near the platform’s claimed promises. 


They will not teach you anything about growing your online business. 😞

Instead, they are solely focused on promoting the Plutus Plan and the commissions you can receive by recruiting people.

Additionally, OPM promised that you could have investors for your business, but that is absolutely untrue. 

Is OPM Wealth Legitimate As a word of advice, beware of the fraudulent reviews online saying that OPM is one heck of investment – they might just be victims who are planning to lure others into the same situation. ⚠️🚨


With this being said, I do not recommend the program, and the following three questions lurking at the back of my mind clearly explain why: 


Question 1: Why should I take out a loan?

You can try it out for yourself and see how determined the salesperson is to encourage you to take out a loan and invest in the $27k subscription fee. 

It’s needless to do that if you are a legitimate business because if people loved your service, they would be willing to do all the necessary steps themselves. 


Question 2: What am I selling here?

As you can sense from the packages above, why will you need to pay $27k if you can also see the same videos for just $2k, right? Well, it is because your commissions will be based on your membership level. 

For instance, whenever you recruit someone, you can earn a specific commission (around 10-60% commission) based on the person’s package. 


Question 3: Can you show me some proof?

This is the significant deal-breaker here. 

If you look for testimonials about how good or even how bad OPM is, I’m sure you’ll have a hard time finding proof. I might even add that it’s nearly impossible. 

All you can find are articles from members who will ask you to sign up from their link to get a discount. But in terms of actually teaching you to navigate the online business world, you cannot find anything about it.


Is there an alternative to OPM? You Bet There is! ✅

As we all know, the internet is filled with various opportunities and services, but it is still up to us to carefully decide which ones we want to take advantage of and how. 

Some have taken advantage by learning a new skill online, others have tried to enter the freelancing scene, and of course, there are even those who tried their best to establish a profitable online business. 


My question is – which category do you fall into? 💭

If you’re one of the last ones dreaming of developing an online business that works as well as you do, then I might just have the perfect alternative business model for you. 

You see, just like yourself, I was also once an internet dweller searching far and wide for opportunities that can offer me some of the benefits that come along with being an online worker. 

For me, the thought of having the time to focus on things I’m genuinely passionate about was all I needed to start looking for a solution to break free from the 9-5 grind. 

OPM Wealth Alternative After months and months of searching, I finally came across something that intrigued me and was worth my time. Long story short, I’m now comfortably earning four figures a month, and I would like nothing more than to show you how I did it. 🤩


I’m not sure if this is your first time hearing about it, but the business model I’ll be sharing with you today goes by the name of affiliate marketing.

It represents an evergreen way of earning in which you get paid to promote and sell others’ products or services in exchange for a predetermined commission. 

The beauty of it is that you don’t own any of the products but still get to take nearly half of profits home with you. 

As you might guess, I’m an affiliate marketer myself, and here are ten more reasons why I think you should consider becoming one too: 

  1. AM has been around for ages and is here to stay. (1989-∞)
  2. Two out of three online earners are affiliates.
  3. It’s simple as 1-2-3 and doesn’t require any expertise.
  4. It becomes passive with time.
  5. Compared to other business models, AM has a low-startup cost.
  6. Anyone from anywhere can do it! (see a list of success stories) 👈
  7. It’s very suitable for beginners.
  8. It’s considered a low-risk-high-return investment.
  9. It’s sustainable, infinitely scalable, and closest to ‘risk-free.’ 
  10. You can get started as soon as today! 


Before I continue, I just want to make sure that you don’t see it as some wonderous way of earning that guarantees success, okay? AM certainly has its flaws, but the benefits easily outweigh the negatives by a ton. 

Same as any other business, physical or digital, you will still need to dedicate yourself fully, stay persistent, work hard, and only then will you be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

As mentioned, the concept behind it is pretty simple, and if I had to summarize it in four simple steps, it would go down like this: 

  1. Create a simple website like the one you’re on now.
  2. Partner up with companies from all over the world.
  3. Strategically place the affiliate links they give you on your site.
  4. Earn every time a visitor clicks and buys through one of them. 


I can go on and on for days to try and explain how it’s done, but it might be best to save us both some time and have you read my ultimate beginners guide instead. 

Inside, I’ve outlined everything there is to know about this business model, so it’d be best if you go through it, and if there are any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them in the comment section down below. 

I think now would be a perfect time to introduce you to the very same platform that helped me get started, and I firmly believe it can do the same for you too! 

Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am now, nor would I possess the knowledge to get you on this page and have you read my OPM Wealth review. 

I’d probably even be just another average blogger trying to figure out what goes where and who does what. 

So, without further ado. 


The platform I’m speaking of goes by the name of Wealthy Affiliate. ⭐

It has been the leading educational platform for anyone looking to get into affiliate marketing, and it currently has around one million active members. 

It’s basically like an all-in-one package, and as a starter member (which doesn’t cost anything), you’ll get access to: 

  1. A proven step-by-step blueprint 
  2. The much-needed tools and support 
  3. A free website and domain name 


And I’d be more than happy to mentor you inside! 🤓📚

I’d love nothing more than to show you around and make you realize that you’ve just tapped into the fastest-growing business platform in the world. 

Everything about your learning experience will be live and interactive, and on top of that, you’ll have the chance to speak with some of the world’s best affiliates and maybe even pick up a part of their brain. (without even paying a dime.) 

It’s time for me to end this review, and with that being said, I sincerely hope that I was able to shed light on the realities I found about OPM Wealth and answer whether it’s a scam or not. 

If this article helped you, I’d really be thankful if you could share it on some of the social media platforms you’re using to help me spread the word about this online opportunity. 

For questions and comments, feel free to leave them down below, and I’ll surely get back to you in a heartbeat.


Cheers! 👋


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