Plinko Master Review

Is Plinko Master a Scam or the Best App to Earn $1000?


Are you pondering on the question, is Plinko Master a scam? 🤔

Well, it appears that you are not alone. 


Games, especially ones that can earn you money, have always been a big part of our lives, and it has come to the point that we usually end our days playing a few levels or so in our free time. 

Coming from someone that used to play a lot, I know you’ll agree that there’s nothing better than feeling a rush of excitement every time you level up and unlock unique in-game items for future quests, all while earning a few bucks along the way. 

It’s undeniable that the number of money-making apps on the market has been increasing rapidly over the past few years, and by the looks of it, it’s not planning on slowing down anytime soon. 

Some of the mobile applications you can find nowadays actually do offer excellent payouts, from sending you cash rewards via PayPal to Amazon gift cards or even actual physical gifts every time you redeem points. 

And honestly, most aren’t that bad, considering that you won’t lose anything since nearly all of them are available to download for free. 

Now that we see the effect of the gig economy, all of us can agree that almost everyone, kids included, is becoming more conscious of how much they have and how they can earn more. 

Instead of just focusing on one thing only, we are now willingly turning ourselves into slaves, finding gigs, and pursuing beer money without the security and government-mandated benefits of traditional employment.

easily the best way to make money online!

best way to make money online

Quite frankly, when you think about it, we no longer know when to draw the line between working hard and exhausting ourselves. 

If you’ve been part of freelancer social media groups, you must know that most people looking for a few quick projects are already working full time yet are still stretching out their days by taking on a few extra side-hustles. 

Interestingly, most of them are also consistently looking for apps to help them earn during their spare time. 

Some of the top applications that you’ll come upon that are constantly being recommended are the following:

  1. Survey Junkie (self-explanatory) 
  2. Swagbucks (micro-tasks)
  3. Inbox Dollars (micro-tasks and surveys)
  4. Mistplay (game testing)
  5. Long Game (gamified savings account)

Besides all of these, I’ve also been getting a lot of questions lately on whether there are real legitimate paying games sites. 

After all, who wouldn’t want to hit two birds with one stone? You get to enjoy yourself while playing games and earn money on top of that. 

The unfortunate part, though, is that while a number of mobile game applications are branding themselves as legit, most often than not, they turn out to be total scams. 


Could this be the case for Plinko Master?

In today’s review, I’ll answer all of that and even share the exact step-by-step blueprint of how I earn a living online so that you no longer have to waste your time trying to make some extra pocket money. 

Before we dive in, let me just clarify that I am not being sponsored to write this post, nor will I get paid if you decide to download their app. 

What I will write here are just my honest opinions that can guide you on whether this is worth your time or not.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s get started! 🚀


Plinko Master Review

Plinko Master is an application produced by Shape Keeper Ltd., which states that they can provide you awesome prizes when you reach at least a $100 threshold. 

Shape Keeper has been in the industry for quite a long time, and they have already produced around 20+ interesting games under the casino or casual genre. 

I’ve personally played a few of their titles, and I have to say that the whole interface is not cheap, and most are great time killers.

I love their games because they don’t cost any real money to play, no sudden in-app purchase is needed, and the file sizes are perfect for newer and older phone versions. 

They ask you to enjoy the stimulating experience, play the game fairly, and not use any tricks, or else they will not give you any rewards.  

It perfectly makes sense and is fair on their side since they claim that you can redeem gift cards and real money.

is Plinko Master a scamAs for Plinko Master’s case, the whole game looks decent and has a high-quality graphic design and an immersive user interface. 🕹️👌


You do not need to go over a long tutorial as even a kid will easily distinguish how it works. It has become such a hit that the Hong Kong-based company also produced a Lucky Pinko game and a Lucky Plinko 2.

I believe that the game will not collect any personal information in terms of security since the app permissions are pretty specific. 

The Plinko Master will only ask for: 

  1. The type of device you’re using & phone status.
  2. App history – to check if you need an update. 
  3. Location – as it may not be available in your country. 
  4. To modify your storage – to install the app. 
  5. Receive network connections – for Wi-Fi and mobile data. 


With this being said, you should also know that it won’t recommend any other apps, nor will it collect sensitive data. 

As a word of advice, always download applications from legitimate marketplaces and avoid modded ones available on the internet. 

The modded ones could take the form of an app and add additional scripts to get your data, so always check the permissions first.

While they do promise great rewards, perhaps you’re interested in finding out how they make their slice of the pie.

You see, the whole game is based on the use of coins and tokens, but of course, you might lose these after some time of playing. 

To earn more and increase your chances of winning, you can watch advertisements from the app. 

The advertisements are not something that you can speed through, which means you have to watch them entirely or you will not earn at all.


The Plinko Master app advertisements are random. 🙂

This means that you may encounter static ads, banners, or longer videos. For a rough estimate, they earn these amounts per ad impression:

  1. $0.10 from banners
  2. $1-$3 from interactive ads (the one that will ask you to play)
  3. $5-$10 video ads


If you can add it all and compute it based on the number of the game’s userbase, then the company may be earning thousands and more! 

If you think about Flappy Bird, the company was able to earn around $50k per day using the same model! So, yes, they can provide their users with big cashouts. 

As of writing, the company and the game have not won any awards, nor does Plinko Master have any prestigious recognitions or affiliations. 

It is pretty popular, though, and has been downloaded more than a million times on Playstore and Applestore. 

The Shape Keeper does not have a Trustpilot or BBB profile since it is a small company, and that there’s nothing wrong with that since that is how it usually is with small-scale game developers. 


How Does Plinko Master Work?

The concept of Plinko Master is pretty straightforward as all you have to do is tap on the screen and aim for a prize as you drop the balls. 

The prizes come in different forms and can be tokens, fruits, or coins, but if a ball falls into the yellow ring, you will get to play the slots and have a chance of winning more rewards. 

You will only have 30 balls to play with at the beginning of the game, but you can get more as you watch ads. (that’s how Plinko makes money) 

This reminds me of the classic arcade drop ball games where you get to win tickets depending on where a ball will land. 

Plinko Master Review To be honest, it is a great time-waster, and almost anyone across ages can play it. However, your goal for this game is not to have fun, I assume, but to see whether it’s really possible to claim those rewards. 🎁💰


You see, I have spent over a week trying Plinko out, and at first, everything was going well. I was able to land on some few cents and even won their lucky wheel and slot machines a few times. 

When I had spare time or whenever I felt that “today is my day,” I watched the random advertisements on the app to gain a few more rounds, balls, and coins to use for the Cash Plinko.

Some of the ads may have only lasted for a few seconds, while others were relatively longer than I expected. Regardless, I still watched all of them because I was eager to play. (the game is fun, after all) 


How much can you earn playing Plinko Master? 

I was pretty surprised that you needed to earn around 5 million tokens to redeem a $5 Amazon Gift Card, collect 25 types of fruits to make a thousand bucks, or at least $100 to get a PayPal cash out. 

Despite the odds being a bit too crazy, I still decided to play the game since I was already able to earn $3, get my first fruit, and collect around 16k coins on my first hour of playing.


At this point, what did I have to lose, right?

At the back of my mind, I was already making computations thinking that if I got to earn at least $3 per day, then that would mean I could get my first cash out within the week, which wasn’t bad at all given that I was feeling the rush of excitement too. 

After some time, I quickly gained around $90.08, 20 fruits, and over a hundred thousand coins, and it made me more excited as I knew that I was only a few more steps away from the first cash-out threshold. 


However, this was the time when I saw a few changes on the app. 😲

When I first started using the app, I used to win a few dollars here and there quickly after a few tries, but soon enough, it seemed to me that everything became increasingly difficult. 

Even after utilizing all of my coins, I found that the game’s algorithm wasn’t too eager to give me additional fruits or cash rewards. 

And users online say that even if I had won, Plinko Master would not have added the amount to my account. Worst, there weren’t any more advertisements left for me, meaning that I couldn’t earn more rounds. 

is Plinko Master legitI waited for days just to see if it was some glitch, but after going through the user reviews on the Playstore, it seems that I wasn’t the only one feeling stuck in the $90 to $95 range. 🕵️‍♂️🔍


After some time, the app started crashing while I was playing or suddenly turned into a black screen. 

Seeing that there was no more hope for it, I decided to reinstall the app, hoping it would go back to normal, and try to sign in to my account. 


To my surprise, I was able to sign in, but the money was gone. 😠

Plinko Master wasted my time and effort on this, and it didn’t want to give me a payout at all. With this being said, I think it is time that we answer the real question. 


Is Plinko Master A Scam?

From my experience, the game is programmed in a way that makes it possible for you to win big at first, but your earnings slow down and drastically decrease as you start to reach the payout threshold.

The whole gameplay is psychologically triggering and hooks you to watch more ads with the empty hope of earning more. As you watch these ads, they get to make more and keep their business model thriving.


Plinko Master is one of the biggest scams there is. 👎

I’m very disappointed with how it turned out since the whole game was entertaining, and you could see that the developers really took the time to make it look good and believable.

However, you can try looking, but you will never find a single person who was actually able to get a payout from it.

There are indeed instances where players could reach $100 but have not been able to click on the redeem button!

With all things considered, I believe that the app is fun, but it will not earn you some quick cash let alone give you a thousand dollars per month.

I guess this is the company’s tactics, which is why they consistently update and introduce new games to keep the users addicted, all while enjoying all the profits for themselves.

Plinko Master is a scam, and you should avoid it! ❌


How I Make A Living!

As you reach this part of the post, you probably wonder if there are any other legitimate ways to earn money online in your free time.

You see, while it’s all fun and games, you honestly don’t have to spend hours or months playing video games just to earn a few hundred bucks.

Countless better opportunities will provide you with a higher income, such as scoring freelance gigs, starting a real business online, and even following in my footsteps and doing what I am doing at the minute.

If you’re somewhat familiar with me and what I do on this blog, then you must know that I’m saying this because I want to help you out by ensuring that you stay as far away as possible from “money-makers” like these so that you finally stop wasting your time and focus on what really matters – making real money online.

After saying this, I believe that now would be the appropriate time to introduce you to the business model responsible for my success and share the exact step-by-step blueprint of how I earn a living online.

how much money can you make with Plinko MasterI’m begging you to close this page if you think that I’m just another “guru” trying to sell you on yet another awful DFY money-making system. 🙃


If you bother to read my about page, then you’ll quickly realize that I don’t believe in those types of systems, and neither should you.

The blueprint that I’ll share with you in a second works like a charm, but that’s doesn’t necessarily mean it comes easy.

Like any other business, whether it’d be physical or digital, it requires that you put some elbow grease into it, and only then will you be able to benefit from the advantages that it has to offer.

So, without more ado, I suggest you take a look at my money guide as it clearly spells out everything there is about my line of business.

Please take your time with it, go over all the details carefully, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions once you’re done with it. Same as you, I’m an easygoing guy and would love to help you out.

My Plinko Master review is coming to an end, so hopefully, I was able to give you a solid answer on whether it’s a scam and a complete waste of time or not.

If there’s anything you want to ask me, feel free to do so by leaving a comment right underneath. I usually reply within 24 hours, so please bear with me. Thanks for reading until the very end, and I’ll see you soon. 👋



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