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Is Product Testing USA a Scam? No, But You Should Know This…

Hi, and welcome to my Product Testing USA review. 🙂


Let’s be honest for a sec. Who doesn’t like free stuff, right? 

In today’s review, I will answer whether Product Testing USA is a scam or a legit platform for up-and-coming reviewers to make a quick buck.  

You see, I’ve always been interested in testing out new products and services, but usually, I’m the one that has to cover the cost all by myself. 

Product Testing USA will reward you with several products without having to pay for anything in exchange for an unbiased, honest review. 

This marketing approach is not new and has been passed down by similar companies using the same strategy. Some brands you may know of doing this are: 

  1. Toluna 
  2. UserTesting 
  3. Clicks Research 

And perhaps this made you wonder what you can get from being a product reviewer. Well, depending on the company you’ve partnered up with, you can expect to earn some easy cash, vouchers, and you may even get the chance to walk away with the product you’ve just reviewed.

Contrary to what many people think, the products you’ll get to review here are not just about cosmetics and toiletries. 

If you play your cards right, you can qualify to test out tech gadgets, luxury pieces and even get exclusive access to newly released books. 

If reviewing products for money is your perfect side hustle, then buckle up as I present to you my recently updated Product Testing USA review. 

Before I start, let me just clarify that I’m not affiliated with them, nor will I get compensated if you choose to sign up as a product tester under them.  

My only motivation for writing this is to help you out by providing you with the latest info about this company to make an informed decision. 

Also, suppose you want to waste your time working on other people’s projects and instead wish to build your OWN, scalable, real business online. 

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I just want to make sure you’re aware of that. 


What is Product Testing USA All About?

Product Testing USA, also known as Product Testing America, is a research company that has been around since 2012 and was created with one purpose in mind: to help companies through consumer testing. 

There is nothing illegal about their operations as all the products under their website are directly from the manufacturers, which means that you won’t have any worries that you will receive something that has not been tested or used before.

The Product Testing company is not just popular in the United States but also in other countries like Australia and the United Kingdom. 

If you’re not from any of these countries, please note that you will not be able to qualify for any of their available testing offers. 

With this being said, I only recommend Product Testing USA to be used by those who have direct addresses from the countries mentioned above. 


You likely won’t be able to breach their system with a VPN. 

Product Testing USA is run by a company known as Submission Technology, and it currently has no BBB or Trustpilot rating. 

Please note that this company falsely misled customers and promised them rewards that were just too good to be true

Product Testing USA review This same company also has other websites, and you may know some of them, including Mystery Shopper, Paid Offers, and MoneySaverExperts.


This well-known company has received countless impressive reviews ever since it was founded, as they seem to only tie-up with companies that are pretty notable in the market like Apple, Google, Clorox, and FitBit.

Before you head over and sign up, understand that this company is selective and has a lengthy, somewhat tedious acceptance procedure. 


Why don’t they let you become a reviewer straight away? 🤔

Well, the company wants to ensure that the reviewers are matched for the products and that they can provide good feedback regarding the items. 

After all, they surely wouldn’t want adults interested in electronics to comment and review diapers and baby stuff, right? 

Also, there are few companies they are working with, meaning that high-value products will probably be flying off shelves immediately!

In terms of the company’s credibility, this is perhaps one of those biggest ones that have a huge following online. The company has 108k followers on Facebook, 7k on Instagram, and about 2k on Twitter. 

Since they are seeing that many people are curious about their platform, Product Testing America is currently expanding its programs and is now also open for mystery shoppers and secret diners!

The company has received mixed reviews online, and the reason for that is because some of the users thought that once you sign up with the company, they will instantly choose you to become a reviewer. 


However, that is not the case. 

As stipulated in their FAQ, once you sign up with them, they will choose people randomly and may even review their credentials (interests) before the selection process. So, applying does not guarantee freebies, okay? 

Another thing you should know is that Product Testing USA will only provide you with the products you’ll review and nothing more. 


You will not receive monetary rewards or stuff like that. 

Also, you have to regularly check the available products as you need to register first to be considered for the selection process manually.


How Does Product Testing USA Work? 

When you sign up with Product Testing USA, they provide a list of companies that regularly pay consumers to test their products. 

You will receive emails about new and exciting opportunities from these companies every day. When there is an opportunity available, it will be highlighted in red so that you can quickly ask to be a product tester.

Once you have been accepted as a product tester, the company will send you free samples of their products, and all that they ask in return is for your feedback about its quality. You can test anything from food to clothes and electronics. 

Please be mindful that being chosen is pretty tricky since you have to take note of specific things such as your social media background and your interests (which you will submit before you sign up with them).

Is Product Testing USA legit In terms of the cost, Product Testing America will not ask you to pay anything, nor will they ask you to provide credit card information. 


So in this aspect, I firmly believe that the company is a safe and legit one to work with. There are also no specific requirements that you need to pass as all you need to do is sign up and be sure that you are of legal age.

Once you receive the product, you will be required to use it and give three types of reviews: 

  1. Written one – 500 words or more 
  2. Video review – a minute long 
  3. And photos. 

Once you submit that, you are free to keep the product and use it any way you like. You will not have to purchase it, nor will you need to deliver it back to the company. Break it, keep it – it’s entirely up to you. 


Is Product Testing USA a Scam?

I firmly believe that Product Testing America is not a scam and that there are excellent reasons why it is gaining attention online.

Before you head over and sign up, allow me to share a few things that I think may be the reason you will have to consider twice.

Firstly, the company will ask you for your personal details, and once you have submitted them, you will be constantly bombarded with spam e-mails (that aren’t from the company but their third-party partners).

This is because once you submit your info, you are not just sending it to Product Testing USA but to all the companies they are connected with.

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Secondly, I understand that some people see Product Testing America as winning the lottery. Still, for some reason, I just find it weird that they do not specify how many users they will select for the testing.

Also, it would really be great and appreciated if they would send out a follow-up on whether they’ve selected you to try the products or not.


Don’t let your loyal users hang, right?

Lastly, I find their site a bit sketchy. There’s not a lot of helpful info on it, and it literally looks like they’ve never updated it after the launch.

So, there you have it. These are the things I dislike about Product Testing USA, which is why I don’t recommend it at all.

If you want to score a few bucks or get freebies, you’ll find better chances if you join online lotteries or social media contests.

And I guess applying on this site with the hopes of getting a freebie isn’t worth it since the giveaways seem to be all for show because I looked for hours and still wasn’t able to find a single person that actually got something out of the company.

Do you want my advice? Stop wasting your time on product testing companies like these, and focus on generating a real income online.

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I’d be delighted to show you the step-by-step blueprint to whom I owe my success and share all the tips and tricks that go into the creation of a four-figure affiliate marketing source of passive income. Still, at the end of the day, I can only do so much for you. 

How much you achieve is entirely up to you and your work ethic. Just because I’ve made good money doing this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will too, and that’s just me being honest with you. 

I believe it’s about time I end this Product Testing USA review, so hopefully, you liked what I had to say, and I was able to provide you with a clear answer to whether this product testing platform is a scam or not. 

If there’s anything, you want to ask me, leave a comment below. 👋



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