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Although Rollercoin is a legit, completely free-to-play virtual Bitcoin mining game, it still pays very little (not even $10 per month); therefore, I wouldn’t recommend it to you. I believe you’re better off spending your time on something that will eventually pay off, like learning real, valuable, practical skills to make money online


So, you want to know whether Rollercoin is a scam? 

Crypto technology has undeniably come a long way, and thanks to it, many inventive concepts have come about through hard work. This review will walk you through my experience with this bitcoin-earning platform and ultimately provide a clear answer to whether you should put some thought into the world’s first mining simulator game.  

Rollercoin is one of the best free mining sites of today, where all you need to do is play games and create mining power to mine bitcoins and earn satoshis. It truly is an unusual, fun, and inviting way to make a little bit of extra money on the side, all while making sure to do what matters the most – socialize with family and friends.

The game is innovative, and it gives you a unique, rare opportunity to enjoy the thrill of online games and the delight that comes with stashing cryptos, all at the same time.  

To create power, it’s recommended that you play as much as possible so you can then, later on, use that virtual power to mine real satoshis currencies, Ethereum, and DOGE.

The game’s core idea is the distribution of block rewards amongst players depending on how much mining power they’ve generated, just like actual crypto mining.  

is Rollercoin a scamIt doesn’t require any installation on your computer, and you’re free to battle other players in various side missions as long as you have access to the internet.


Unlike other similar games, Rollercoin eliminates all the hassles that come with mining, such as the need to own the latest mining-specific hardware to compete with the forever-increasing requirements for successful mining as well as power consumption management, which would usually be your main operating expense.

A free account is all you need to get started, and as soon as you have that set up, you’re good to go, and you can begin earning by immersing yourself in the world of low-difficulty, fun-to-play arcade games. – earn 1000 satoshis by using my referral link

As you progress, the complexity of the games will gradually start to increase, resulting in you producing more mining power and earning more satoshis. Once each match is over, the game disperses the profits to the players depending on its calculations. 

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RollerCoin Review

As mentioned, Rollercoin is a free-to-play online, virtual bitcoin mining game that gives you a unique opportunity to battle things out with friends and earn some cryptos along the way. It’s literally a win-win system, where time is all that’s at stake.

It’s fair to say that this game borrowed the concept of bitcoin mining. Still, instead of taking the usual route of dealing with sophisticated Blockchain and processing algorithms, they’ve left all the annoying stuff behind and held on to only the fun parts.

All that’s left is for you is to: 

  1. Sign up for a free account.
  2. Create and customize your avatar.
  3. Introduce it to the world. 
  4. Put your gaming skills to the test. 


How to Get Started With Rollercoin 

Getting started with Rollercoin is pretty effortless. All you need to do is visit their website and create a free account by signing up with your Facebook account or providing your e-mail address and password of choice. 

Once that’s done, you can start building and customizing your character to act as your in-game avatar. Please don’t waste a lot of time doing this as I did because you can always make tweaks and modify your character as you like down the line. 

The fun begins once your character’s all suited up, and this is the first time you’ll get to experience what the games are like. For the most part, they’re arcade, short, enjoyable, competitive, and very similar to the simple games you play on your phone. 

I obviously won’t describe each game individually in this review because it will most likely take me forever to do that – you’re always free to check them on the site. Here’s a brief list of what to expect if you don’t feel like doing that at the minute: 

  1. Coinclick 
  2. Token Blaster 
  3. Floppy Rocket 
  4. Crypto Hamster 
  5. Cryptonoid
  6. Coinmatch 
  7. Token Surfer 


What Happens When You Finish a Game?

Once you finish a game, Rollercoin will reward you with “power” by sending points to your miner in Gh/s – Giga HASHes per second.

Each game features ten different difficulty levels, but they’re all extremely easy games that are still fun to play for the most part. To move to the next level, you need to complete each game three times, and based on the game’s difficulty, you’ll be rewarded with a certain number of points.

Rollercoin review All the games reset to level one every day. You can still keep on playing once you reach level ten, where every win will earn extra Gh/s for your miners.


If you don’t feel like playing anymore, you can still earn power by purchasing racks and miners instead. The miners do cost satoshis, which you can pay for either within the game itself using the in-game currency or by depositing bitcoin yourself.

Miners don’t run out of time and can automatically generate power for you. Just remember that you must buy a rack first since that’s where you’ll store your miners.

Please remember that the power you gain from winning games isn’t permanent and lasts only for an entire day from the moment it’s earned. Depending on your PC’s strength, it can also last more, sometimes even for an entire week.


If you don’t use the power you’ve generated, it will go to waste.

That’s why you must keep on playing if you wish to make something out of this – play to prevent power drop. Everybody needs to make some effort to maintain power.



What Coins Can You Mine? 

Besides Bitcoin (BTC), you can also mine other coins such as Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Rollertoken, the in-game cryptocurrency. You can either choose to mine all coins simultaneously or focus on one coin at a time.

All of these options are available within your Rollercoin dashboard, where all you need to do is go to the “My POWER” tab and select whether you want to split the power evenly or have it focused on just one coin only. You also have the option to distribute percentages according to your preferences.

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Once you’ve mined enough Bitcoins, for example, you’re free to withdraw them at any time by selecting the “WALLET” and entering a valid Bitcoin wallet address. Please consider that withdrawals might take a day or two since they’re manually reviewed.

You cannot make any withdrawals until you’ve reached the minimum threshold, which varies from coin to coin – all the withdrawing details are available on Rollercoins’ site.

To make a withdrawal, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on “WALLET,” and you’ll access the list of all coins. 
  2. Choose the coin you wish to withdraw. 
  3. Enter your wallet address and the amount you want to withdraw.
  4. Click on the “CONFIRM” button. 
  5. Confirm your withdrawal through the link in your inbox. 


Recharging Electricity

To keep on mining coins continuously, you must log into the game every five days to recharge your electricity so that your miners keep on doing their work. Recharging won’t cost you anything besides logging in every now and then.


What is a Rollertoken?

Rollertoken is an in-game cryptocurrency that you can use to cover expenses and buy other things through the marketplace. At the minute, RLT is the only way you can purchase miners and buy the upgrades to improve their mining power. 

RLT is the virtual currency that will enable you to function within the Rollercoin crypto economy, given that it’s the only coin you can use to purchase in-game items. You’re not only free to buy but also to sell and trade any extra in-game items you might have.

The Rollertoken will remain the same even if BTC skyrockets. 


Rollercoin Referral Program 

As with most crypto-promising games, this one also has a referral program, where each person that comes aboard using your link will give you a small % of their earnings. All of your referrals will receive 1000 Satoshis as a welcome bonus.


Is Rollercoin a Scam?

Rollercoin is not a scam – speaking from experience, this user-friendly virtual bitcoin mining game is %100 legitimate and safe to play, and although there are many mixed views on it, I still believe it’s a fun and unique way to make good use of leisure time.

It’s hard to estimate how many cryptos you will earn because, as mentioned, block reward is distributed between all players depending on how much power they’ve produced – the number of players + total power generated = your earnings.


At the end of the day, Rollercoin is just a game. 

It would be best not to treat this as an investment, nor to expect to earn something big from it – it’s just a place where you can have some fun a get a little crypto for it.

The game first launched back in 2018, and since then, it’s has had several upgrades, and it has just kept on improving over the years. From what I witnessed, their support and community are very active, making this an amusing passive income model. 

You shouldn’t expect to earn a lot of money just by playing arcade games online because all you’re likely getting is 5 to 10 USD worth of crypto at the end of each month. You can always increase your earnings by buying yet another miner, but even if you do that, you’ll still need to wait at least 2-3 years to get a return on investment.

All I can say is that, although the game hasn’t reached a high level yet, it still has a lot of potential, and if it keeps on growing at this pace, it might turn into one of the world’s best free cryptocurrency-earning platforms – a lot better than Metaverse Miner.

Rollercoing might be legit, but I still don’t recommend it because, in order to keep on earning, you must play it every single day, which is not something you’d want to be doing for that type of money – there are many ways to use your time more wisely. 

The only way you’ll be able to earn more is if you buy a miner, but even then, the profits remain laughable. In a way, you’re forced to spend a few hundred dollars on miners. 

The games are competitive, but the thing that bothers me the most is that you can never be sure if the game’s cheating you into losing since you’re not playing with real people – they can easily make you lose if they want to just by changing a line of code.

I also found a few reviews online from actual users saying that although they’ve had a lot of fun playing it, they couldn’t figure out why they weren’t making any gains from their referrals. I’m assuming this might be a glitch since I didn’t have this problem. 


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I believe it’s about time I end this Rollercoin review, so hopefully, I was able to give you a clear explanation on whether this free Bitcoin mining game is a scam or not. 

Please feel free to leave a comment if there’s anything you’d like to ask. 👋




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