Hi, and welcome to my STEPN app review. 

Many signs indicate that the end of this ambitious NFT project is nearing. The real question is, would you have boarded the titanic if you knew it would sink?


So, do you want to learn whether the STEPN app is a scam? 🤔

Gorjan here, and in today’s review, we’ll discuss and explore STEPN, the hottest new controversial move-to-earn cryptocurrency app that has taken the world by storm where you can get paid just for walking, jogging and running outdoors. 


Although this application…

…is one of the most famous in recent times and will really pay you for your efforts, you must understand that some signs indicate that not only will it become more and more challenging to make a profit with it, but also that a large number of people who download this application will start losing a lot of money soon.


There are a lot of concerns regarding it. 🙃

In today’s STEPN review, I will walk you through how the enticing app works, discuss its pros and pros, give my two cents on it, and ultimately give you a clear-cut answer to whether this is an excellent sustainable investment that you can actually make money on or just another well-thought-out pyramid scheme that you should think twice about investing in. Hopefully, this answers your questions.


As with all the apps I’ve reviewed so far…

…I tested it out, and it was a little surprising to me that it would take me so long to find an activation code, which you must have if you want to play this game. It’s undoubtedly one of the most expensive apps I’ve had the chance to try so far, so I hope you have at least $2000 set aside if you’re serious about investing in this.

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STEPN App Review

STEPN is a new move-to-earn app with fun game and social elements that surprised the world, which contributed to her becoming incredibly popular in the past year. Its popularity is undeniable because some of the top venture capital firms in the crypto world, such as Binance and Solana Ventures, back it up. 

The STEPN app is essentially a play-to-earn crypto game built on the Solana blockchain that you carry around your pocket. Since its creation in August 2021, this app has attracted well over three million monthly users, which is incredible, especially for an app that surprisingly had no high initial expectations. 


How Do You Earn on STEPN?

The game makes it possible for you to make money by allowing you to earn their in-game currency, the GST Token. Simply walk, exercise, and move outdoors to earn it and then you can later exchange it for actual cash, Solana, Stepn GMT, or even reinvest it back into the app, so you continue earning even more. 

Contrary to what many people think, this game does not allow you to generate an income passively because, in a way, it incentivizes you to be active because it literally pays you for every step you take. Making money with the STEPN app takes much more than lazily lying on the couch doing nothing all day long. 


To begin earning, you first need to…

… download the STEPN app and activate it, for which you will need an activation code, which is really hard to get. I’m not sure why they made the whole system of getting codes so complicated, but I’m sure it will take you at least a few days to get a code, but there’s always a chance you’ll get lucky and get it sooner. 

I believe they did this because they wanted to maintain the market dynamics and not have a giant flood of new users, which will likely be bad for the company in the long run. When demand exceeds the supply, the prices rise to an unreasonable amount, likely contributing to repulsion for the application.


Getting an activation code is one of STEPNs’ biggest challenges. 

The first way you can get an activation code is by having a friend who already uses the app invite you. I wish it were me, but thousands of people will read this post, and unfortunately, I don’t have that many codes available. Sorry bud, next time!


Suppose you start using the application. 

In that case, you will also be able to generate an invitation code, and how often you can do that really depends on how active you are and how much you earn.

Before selling all my sneakers, I used the app for about three weeks, and I only managed to generate a code twice. If you are more active, I think you will manage to generate more codes, which you can also share with your friends and family.

If you don’t know anyone who can share a code with you, the second-best way to get one is to join the STEPN Telegram channel or the STEPN Discord channel. Every day at 9 am EST, they drop at least a thousand activation codes, so make sure you set your alarm and be there when they do because they go fast. 

STEPN app review Before you can start running and earning, you will need a STEPN NFT sneaker. Once you’ve used your activation code, you’re ready to create your wallet and fund it with SOL, also known as Solana, cause it’s the only way to buy a shoe. 



Once you sign up, you have two options: 

  1. Create a new Solana wallet within the app 
  2. Connect your existing Solana wallet

Besides the Solana wallet, you also have another in-game spending wallet. The Solana wallet is an on-chain wallet, and you can not only use it to hold SOL, GST, GMT, USDs, and NFTs but also to cash in and out. The in-game wallet is an off-chain wallet; this is where your earnings will go once you start walking. You can use your in-game wallet only to collect GST tokens but not for withdrawing. 

Before buying anything within the game, you must first transfer your Solana wallet funds to your in-game wallet. If, at some point, you want to cash out your earnings, you will need to transfer all your in-game earnings to your Solana wallet.


Why Do You Need an NFT Sneaker? 

As mentioned earlier, the whole game is based on the Solana blockchain, and in order to start earning, you must own at least one sneaker. There are currently four types of sneakers to choose from: walker, jogger, runner, and trainer. 

If you’re only planning on getting one shoe, as most people do, be careful which one it is because each shoe operates at its own speed range. If you want the application to work correctly, you must walk within the right speed range for your shoe. You don’t earn anything if you walk slower or faster than that.

The best thing to do is pick a shoe, depending on your lifestyle. If you’re a runner, pick a runner’s shoe and buy a walker’s shoe if you like to take long walks in the morning as I do. Also, please remember that each shoe has its stats and energy levels, meaning some recharge faster than others, allowing you to earn more often. ~ please check out the STEPN website to see what each shoe offers. 

Rarity-wise, there are five different types of shoes: 

  1. Common
  2. Uncommon
  3. Rare 
  4. Epic 
  5. Legendary

In order to keep on earning, you must repair each shoe after exercise. You will be charged a certain amount of GST depending on how much you’ve used the shoe.


Start Walking and Earning!

Once you’ve chosen the sneaker that fits your lifestyle, it’s time to start moving. The most important thing to keep in mind here is the amount of energy you have. 

Depending on the shoe’s rarity, you get a certain amount of energy bars, each corresponding to five minutes of walking. The common shoe, for instance, gives you two energy bars, meaning that you can walk 10 minutes daily. With your revenue, you can upgrade your sneaker to improve it, making you even more cash. 

Here’s how the STEPN energy system works



Is STEPN a Ponzi Scheme?

No, the STEPN app is not a Ponzi scheme but a pyramid scheme. There’s a slight difference between the two, so it’s best to ask Mr.Google to see what I mean. 

Even though the STEPN app is a fun-to-play crypto game, you must understand that it is unsustainable since the only way you don’t lose all your money is if new investors keep buying NFT sneakers. This app only makes money by selling NFT sneakers to new investors, which is the definition of a pyramid scheme.

This app functions flawlessly right now because new people are constantly investing in NFT sneakers to exercise. The people putting money in the system are the same ones who try to profit from this, which is a recipe for disaster.


Few people are eager to buy and able to…

…afford a $1000 NFT sneaker, which means that the source of investors will soon dry up. You can really make good money from this app, but as long as the interest in it remains high. From what I could see, fewer and fewer people are interested in the STEPN app, which really makes you wonder if this is a wise investment.


Based on people’s searches on Google, STEPN is losing popularity. 📉

I didn’t lose any money in the three weeks I used this app. On the contrary, I invested about $650 to buy 15 Solanas. After three and a half weeks, I not only managed to recoup my investment but also made a small profit of 5 Solanas, which at the time I withdrew the money, one Solana was worth $38,91, which amounts to $778,2, meaning that I made $128 in profits. It’s not a lot, but still.

Although my earnings are silly compared to how much some users report earning, you have to understand that my NFT sneaker was an uncommon jogging one, and I also walked like crazy almost every day for a little more than three weeks.

is STEPN a Ponzi schemeBecause the GST Token is so inflationary, plus it’s in unlimited supply, I honestly don’t believe this coin’s value will keep increasing over the next few months. Despite its fluctuation, I’m sure you can make some money if you invest now, but honestly, I don’t see how all this could turn into a long-term investment.


If the value of this coin continues to decline, you will find yourself in a situation where you will need more money to repair the sneaker than you are making, and that is the tipping point where you, and all other investors, will start losing money.


Is STEPN a Scam?

Yes, the STEPN app is a scam that depends on the investment of new users, which is literally the definition of a pyramid scheme. This whole machine can only continue working as long as new users join and invest money in NFT sneakers.


The co-Founder Yawn Rong even said it himself.

Contrary to how other running apps work and make money, the whole system depends on the hype for this app, which has started to drop drastically in the last few weeks. If it continues at this rate, which it probably will, I believe you will start losing money unless you jump out of this pyramid scheme on time.

STEPN is an engaging app that connects you to the real world, and although it really has numerous qualities, I believe it is not worth the risk of investing in it.


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I believe it’s about time I end this STEPN review, so hopefully, the abovestated facts and arguments were enough to persuade you that this walk-to-earn app is a cleverly designed pyramid scheme in disguise that may crush any minute now.

If you are currently using or have used this app, I encourage you to share your experience with it, as it would really help clear up all the mystery surrounding it.


Do you feel like the STEPN app is a scam?

Please let me know your answer in the comments below.





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