Is the Cash Tracking System a Scam? 5 Major Revelations!


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Is the Cash Tracking System a scam?


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If you’ve been following this blog for some time now, you must know that it has been a mission of mine to inform my readers of the best money-making opportunities available online today.

With the COVID- 19 pandemic striking us hard, I understand that most of you are looking for additional ways to earn an extra income. Luckily for you, I’ll be sharing the ideal solution further down this Cash Tracking System review.


But, let me warn you first…

Not everything you see online is heaven-sent. And suppose you are someone who can’t tell the difference between legitimate online business opportunities from outright business scams. In that case, you might want to stick around my blog and read a few more of my unbiased reviews.

Today, we will discuss the five significant revelations and shocking truths I found about this popular cash-gifting system that goes by the name of – Cash Tracking System.

But what exactly is this system about? Cash-gifting schemes are one of the most popular disguises that pyramid schemes often use to attract people into their program. This business model is downright illegal and does not guarantee any income at all.

And if my guess is right, somebody reached out to you and told you that you could make loads of cash through this system. Before you reach out for your pocket, let me walk you through the details regarding this company and answer the question, “Is the cash tracking system a scam?


What is the Cash Tracking System?

One surefire way to check whether a company is legit or not is by analyzing what the company promises to each of its clients. If you see words like “quick cash,” “easy money,” and “get-rich-quick” then let me tell you this – RUN!


 Call it a gut instinct, trust issues, or whatever you like. Just run. 🏃‍♂️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏾

The Cash Tracking System claims to be the “greatest cash-generating system on the planet.” The company clearly states that you will be one step closer to achieving full financial freedom by joining the site. It has been around since 2001, and it still exists to date under different domains.

The company is based on a cash-gifting idea where members are “willingly” participating by gifting the members above them anywhere from $500 to $10,500. 

Most of its website features are sales videos with the intention to persuade you to climb up the four levels. Their main marketing pitch revolves around the lines that “…3% of people hold 97% of the world’s wealth…” (the biggest pile of dogshit I’ve ever heard 💩💩💩)  

Sales Pitch of Cash Tracking System

Once you are invited given a personal invitation, you can head directly to their main website. Judging the website’s user interface, not much information about the program is given. No success stories, no About Us page, just a simple website with the company’s name and a very scammy-looking disclaimer.

Based on a quick sniff of the Cash Track System’s website, I instantly saw conflicting statements. For instance, if you access the member login, you will be greeted by its disclaimer and terms and conditions profile.

I also noticed that unlike regular sites, you don’t get to view the full sitemap as a guest code/password will be asked before entering the full site.

Cash Tracking System Disclaimer

I know I am not the only one who thinks this is a little bit sketchy, right? 😕

After countless hours of research and conversation with some people connected to the site, I honestly find it hard to believe that no one exactly knows who the creators are.

Even if you proceed with the members’ enrollment, you won’t get much information about the company’s contact details, other members, or even the address where the company is operating from.

I do not know about you, but doesn’t that information already answer our question, “is the Cash Tracking System a Scam?” If that is not enough, then prepare yourself for some more digging and horseshit revelations. 

Oh, and guess what! You can reach the company using different websites. Are the websites cloned? You may check for yourself using SOME of the legit links I found below:

  1. Why CTS
  2. Cash Tracking System 
  3. Financial Freedom Site
  4. Rich at Last


How Does Cash Tracking System Work?

As stated above, the Cash Tracking System is a cash gifting pyramid scheme, which means that there isn’t a real product to be sold. To earn, you are expected to recruit and pass money between each other.

Pyramid schemes are synonymous with illegal activities. And I think that is the reason why you wanted to know the answer to the question, “is the cash tracking system a scam?” in the first place.

I reviewed different domains under this same company, and one thing became clear to me. None of the websites describe the compensation model (even briefly) on the main page.

To fully access the system and participate, you will need to get a personal invitation from an existing member. Once you are in, you will have to hand over a one-time setup fee worth $25 and take a monthly subscription worth $39. Since that is one big bill to pay, members are expected to advertise the opportunity and earn more from their recruits.

Upon input of the password/invitation code from the site’s main landing page, you will be tasked to complete your membership enrollment to be an official member of the system.

Membership Enrollment Page of Cash Tracking System

After that, you get to choose your desired level of participation. There are five levels to choose from:

  1. $500
  2. $1500
  3. $3500
  4. $6500
  5. $10,500

The amount you pledge on the system will also be the amount that you can earn from other people. With a scheme like this, people will undoubtedly fall for the idea of pledging for an immense amount right away with the hopes of earning more in the future.

For instance, if you pledge $6,500, then you can receive any amount from $500 to $6,500. If you want to receive more, then you have to level up your participation level. I don’t know about you, but I would never even dare to invest in a system like this one. 


But can you guess what? There’s more to it…

As a new part of “the system,” you are tasked to not only to add money to the system but also to convince at least two people to do the same.

At this point, I know you can already know the answer to your question. But trust me, we are just getting warmed up. In the next part of my article, I will discuss my findings and the shocking truths I learned about this website.


 Cash Tracking System Ugly Truths Revealed!

Programs like this one are surely alluring at first. To answer the question, “Is the Cash Tracking System a scam”, we must understand what the real deal is.


Revelation 1: It promises wealth…PROMISES !

You see, the thing about the Cash Tracking System is that it promises conflicting statements. The landing page of the website promises that you will be able to step into financial freedom. On the other hand, the membership page will highlight to you that there is a “no money-back guarantee” and actual profit to be made in the system.


Revelation 2: It has high startup costs and hidden fees!

As I pointed out above, there are a lot of expenses related to this system- the start-up fee, the monthly fee, and the cash-pledge.


Revelation 3: We do not know who the owners are!

Despite scanning through various websites and intense research, the system does not reveal who the owners are. I firmly believe that them not putting a face on the product proves that you should definitely not trust their product.


Revelation 4: There are tons of clones!

If you are seriously interested to join the system, you will find it hard to identify whether the website you are signing up to is legit or not. The Cash Tracking System seems to work under different domains without foregoing its “classic” design. What worries me the most is that some of the domain names are actually not related to the company.


Revelation 5: No real training!

In addition to the seven sales videos that your host (the one who invited you) probably shared with you to persuade you, the membership comes with four training modules.


Module #1: The Presentation Center

In this training, you will be given PDF materials and videos where you will learn more about the program. This is also the stage where you will invite prospective recruits into the system.


Module #2: The Cash Tracking System Back Office

In here, you will be given an installation package for a software that automatically manages the system as you bring new members and grow your network.


Module #3: The Training Center

This module contains in-depth audio and video training on all aspects of how to work this system.


Module #4: The Support Center

In here, you will be given an installation package for a software that automatically manages the system as you bring new members and grow your network.  It will act as your direct line to the support team for assistance in answering any of your questions.

Based on our investigation, while the modules are clearly promised on their website, the shocking is truth is that…There is no actual training.

Thus, if you join the system, you are left on your own on how you will market and recruit new members to build your own network.


Is The Cash Tracking System a Scam?

My Cash Tracking System review is coming to an end, so it might be best to conclude whether this system is a scam or not. I know this won’t sound surprising to you, but the answer is a resounding YES

Many members claim that they’ve lost all of their money because they could not get their hands on the expected cash-pledge while doing their part in paying the monthly subscriptions and pledges. 


More importantly, I have to highlight that gifting systems are illegal, and so are pyramid schemes. 

Thus, I advise you to avoid such scams by joining alternative programs instead. If you want to earn a part-time or full-time passive income online, then there are several suitable choices instead that are much more legitimate and budget friendlier.

Lastly, it would be the best interest at heart for you to understand the notion that there are no easy ways to make money online. It is always a process, and it may take time to succeed in this industry. With that being said, stay away from get-rich-quick programs because there is no such thing.



Now that we know the answer to our question, “is the Cash Tracking System a scam?” you might be wondering if there are any real income opportunities available online.


The answer to that is…YES!

There are a lot of income-generating ways available online. All you need is to find the right direction, do your research, and read more. In my case, I have nothing against MLM’s, but I am definitely not a fan of pyramid schemes. They are outright illegal and not profitable.

What I do instead is follow my comrades in the field of affiliate marketing. You see, just like you, I’ve always daydreamed of enjoying myself on a sunny beach somewhere on the coast of Croatia, and luckily for me (and you), I came across this article one day, which ultimately changed my perspective forever. 

You see, unlike other wealth making companies, I believe that affiliate marketing is a stellar choice due to the following reasons:

  1. It’s free to get started!
  2. You do not have to recruit people to earn.
  3. You have the freedom to promote a product you really want.
  4. You don’t have to worry about customer complains 
  5. It’s very beginner-friendly. 
  6. If I can do it. ( a simple guy from the middle of nowhere )
  7. So can you! 

If you are looking to make a real passive income dream come true, then Wealthy Affiliate is what I recommend.

It’s an online platform that provides you with the necessary training, tools, support, and other resources to help you make money with affiliate marketing. At Wealthy Affiliate, a beginner like you can learn how to create websites, drive traffic to those sites, and ultimately make money. I have already written a review that you can read by clicking here.

As I end this article, I would like to thank you for journeying with me as we try to answer the question, “is the Cash Tracking System a scam?” If you enjoyed this review, feel free to stick around the site and watch out for our next one. Also, do not hesitate to ask any questions about this scammy product, and you can do that by typing your question down below.

With best regards! Cheriiiio 🖐🖐🖐




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