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From experience, Unacademy is just one cleverly-designed profit extraction company that repackages free, somewhat valuable materials from superior instructors and sells them at a higher price. If I were you, I’d stop wasting my time on such platforms and learn practical skills to make money online instead. 


So, you want to learn whether Unacademy is a scam?

You reading this is an undeniable sign that you’re doing some research on Unacademy, one of India’s largest learning platforms that aims to change how Indian people learn – a place that allows countless students to prepare for examinations and take a series of live courses on various topics.

After seeing all the conflicting views online, I decided to write today’s review so that you can find out the whole truth behind this platform and ultimately determine if it’s worthwhile or a complete waste of your time, money, and effort.

Before we dive in, I just want to let you know that I’m not in any way, shape, or form affiliated with the company or any of its competitors. – I will be fully transparent and give you tips from my personal experiences in the industry.

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Unacademy Review

I hate to keep you waiting, so I’ll be honest with you from the very beginning by letting you know that Unacademy is nothing more than a big fat joke. I’m not saying that all of their educators are terrible. Still, the lectures are useless and made out of poor learning material for the most part. – it’s actually laughable.

Very few teachers are genuinely focused on continuous professional development and care about the students’ needs. In most cases, they’re very unprofessional, condescending, and boring – money is the only thing that concerns them.

What annoys me the most is that the founders, Gaurav Munjal, Dr. Roman Saini, and Hemesh Singh, aren’t doing anything special but repackaging free valuable content and selling it at a higher price of ₹2,500 for a 3-month membership.

A fast search on Youtube is all you need to find the same, if not better, content and information. Sure, the presentations won’t be as delicate and neat but paying such a price only to enjoy a better user experience is not worth it, in my opinion.

Unacademy is an underdelivering and overrated app, to say the least. Most of the instructors you’ll encounter lack proper education and experience, nor do they have appropriate qualifications, making their content somewhat unreliable. 


It’s not just me stating this.

There are numerous Youtube reviews where actual teachers from the academy say that the organizations’ tactics are misleading, which is just another reason to think twice about wasting your time, money, and effort on it. 

Most of my colleagues were underpaid teachers working under constant enormous pressure, which only leads to one thing – mediocre content

I remember how Unacademy was regularly updated with fresh, up-to-date content back in the day when it first came out. Witnessing it change saddens me a bit, given that greed took over a great, promising concept and turned it into something that’s pretty much worthless, somewhat scammy when you think about it.

I only applied as a worker here because I wanted to get an inside look at how the company operates, only to learn that their employees aren’t valued and that we’re just considered to be pure ratings for them. – I wasn’t treated with respect.

Unacademy review It’s fair to say that I felt like my education and experience weren’t nearly as crucial for success as my ability to promote myself as a teacher. If I’m being honest, this experience just made me curious about what happened to job security?


Although there are some acceptable, skilled teachers in Unacademy, how excellent, experienced, and capable they are doesn’t really matter. The only way you’ll only notice some success as a teacher is if you’re good at promoting yourself and getting people to upgrade to the higher, paid plans.

The truth is, Unacademy doesn’t care much about the quality of education. Its sole focus is getting subscriptions, and if you as a teacher aren’t competent in delivering that, you’ll most probably get laid off the same as the others have. 

Most of the teachers, including the qualified ones, are exploited by the academy for promotion purposes, which causes them to want to leave. Now you know why I believe that it’s just one cleverly-designed profit extraction company. 

Unacademy’s very dishonest in the sense that they praise the free classes but leave off the harshest realities like the fact that nearly all of their lectures are miserable and made out of stolen materials from far superior instructors.

If you’re serious about making a career out of teaching and wish to grow as an educator, then kindly refrain from this place. They might do an excellent job attracting good and bad teachers, but they’re terrible at developing and retaining effective ones. – most teachers figure out what’s up and end up leaving.

The way I was treated as an educator because I didn’t have a plus contract really upset me. On one occasion, I even got a message saying that they would close my account if I didn’t start bringing in referrals, which clearly shows a greed syndrome and that profits are all they’re truly after.


Like, don’t get me wrong. 🙂

I don’t have any issues with them wanting to earn some money through their memberships, but it’s silly for them to expect us, the tutors, to do their sales job.

I applied as a teacher because I’m a good listener with patience and am truly passionate about providing high-quality instructional content. – not because I’m ambitious to become a sales agent. Simple as that. I reckon this is the real reason why Unacademy lacks professionals, to be honest. 


Is Unacademy a Scam?

Unacademy is a scam – the lessons taught inside are pretty much worthless and can be easily found online within minutes with just a little bit of effort.

Nearly all of the teachers are there for the sake of money, which, as you may know, can only lead to one thing – inaccurate and unregulated study materials.

It’s sad to see how such a remarkable concept can transform itself into a profit extraction machine and influence the future of young generations. Just because the lessons are free doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be regulated, and I’m that you and many other students who left will agree on that.

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Although, in this case, necessary, it’s timewasting and ludicrous to have to verify the content before you actually learn it, especially on such a high-profile platform that deals with paid plans too. The authenticity of the knowledge provided is the institution’s obligation, and they shouldn’t have taken it lightly.


The choice is all yours when it’s all said and done.

However, I highly suggest you avoid this academy since joining it will most likely do more harm than good – there are many, far better, verified alternatives out there that you probably don’t know about. – I’ll even show you one at the end.

Unacademy is nothing more than a well-thought-out camouflaged profit extractor that rose to fame by stealing other people’s content and rebranding it as their own. – their study materials are unregulated, and so are their teachers.

Is Unacademy legit I hope I’m wrong, but Unacademy will, in all likelihood, have a massive, long-lasting influence on students’ lives and the future of Indias’ school system.


Although many small and medium-sized enterprises think there’s no need to conduct pre-employment background checks on new employees, I believe it’s crucial since it lowers the odds of making a bad hire and allows the company to lure out all the dishonest candidates and work only with reliable, decent people.

Having said that, they didn’t do a background check on me, so you can only imagine the types of people who are eligible to teach there. Anyone without proper educational qualifications can teach at Unacademy. – the academy doesn’t live up to the hype, and there’s a great chance you won’t like it.

However, please don’t take my word for it. That’s just my personal opinion, and no one is holding you back from experiencing the platform firsthand, of course.


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Thanks for reading my Unacademy review. If there’s anything you’d like to ask, please feel free to shoot your questions by commenting down below.



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