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Is Warrior Trading a Scam? 3 Brutal Truths About This Trading Course

Clicking this post suggests that you are probably doing your research about the popular trading curriculum by Ross Cameron. With pages after pages of websites, I am almost %100 sure that you are asking yourself…


Is Warrior Trading a scam, or can I really get passive income from day trading with Ross’ course?


Contrary to common beliefs, earning from the stock exchange is not a one-time-big-time thing. Day trading (or trading itself) is a challenging career that calls for consistent technical analysis and intense research. 

So, whether you are an experienced trader or a complete beginner to the game, joining trading courses online can make a fundamental difference in your portfolio.

You see, quality day trading schools can surely provide aspiring traders with a solid foundation about the market to thrive and earn.

For beginners, looking at those charts with green and red lines can seem overwhelming at first. Add to that the rapid changes of stock prices by the minute, making trading a volatile and risky choice in earning online.


But here is the thing… not all trading courses are worth your time. 

In this article, I will walk you through the brutal truths about Warrior Trading and make it clear whether the program itself is a scam or not.

By the end of the article, I will also reveal my most recommended way of earning online that doesn’t require you to experience those wild swings and dramatic price plunges. 🤯😵

So, without further ado, let me share with you what I have learned about Warrior Trading.


Who is Ross Cameron?

If you have been continually searching for opportunities to achieve full financial independence and freedom, then you’ve probably come across the term – trading.

And if you’re someone that aspires to utilize this wealth-building strategy, then be prepared to roll up your sleeves up because it requires serious training and preparation.

I have seen many people lose their trading investments due to their failure to grasp the integral concepts such as stock evaluation, market trends, risk management, and charting analysis. 

As a matter of fact, I even saw some who dived too hard without even knowing how to navigate their broker’s website, which is not something you would want to be doing. 


Do you want my advice? Get some guidance. 🤓🤓🤓

Soaking up the wisdom of someone who has done it before you is the key to success with this business model. 

With that being said, more and more beginners are joining Ross Cameron’s community to access materials that can simplify concepts and improve their strategies.


 But who exactly is the man behind Warrior Trading?

Ross Cameron is a full-time day trader who established Warrior Trading back in 2012. He is considered one of the best day traders at present, which can be reflected by the number of people following his social media accounts and YouTube channel.

Just like any beginner in the field, he started trading with penny stocks until such time he learned to strategize and earn more from his trading routine.

Penny stocks refer to trades that cost less than a dollar per share. They are volatile, yet Ross believes that trades like this one have more earning potential and don’t require you to invest all of your savings.

For him, the concept of trading is indeed a trial and error, especially if you are navigating on your own. In line with that, he even shares in most of his YouTube videos how he had to learn the hard way the importance of being persistent in one’s goal of achieving financial freedom.who is Ross CameronWith that being said, he established Warrior Trading with the hopes of educating a community of beginners on how they can trade effectively and with complete confidence.

He also structured his curriculum for complete beginners. He added lessons based on his experiences and tried-and-tested strategies, which is excellent, considering that it is best to learn from actual real-life examples.

The Warrior Trading community is growing in popularity by the minute as more people turn to stock investments to create passive income.

To this day, Warrior Trading is one of the largest communities for active traders and investors. One of the reasons for this is that Ross Cameron is actually an “authority” in the field.

Based on the company’s website, Ross’ goal for the community revolves around two things: (1) to provide a community where traders (beginners or professional) can come together and discuss their ideas in a moderated environment, and (2) to provide educational content for new traders.

As I was going through his videos, I can honestly say that he shows genuine sincerity for his followers. He seems very welcoming and even shows off his light personality by creating a pleasant learning atmosphere. 

His philosophy is out of this world, and it teaches his students and avid followers not to be satisfied if they ever happen to reach his level. Rather, he challenges them to become even more profitable by choosing their own paths based on what they have learned from him.


What is Warrior Trading?

In a nutshell, Warrior Trading is an on-demand educational platform that focuses on providing relevant information and honing the necessary skills in students to think and trade independently.

Ross highlights that the platform is not supposed to spoon-feed student’s trade for trade. Instead, Warrior Trading is being developed as a brand that provides ongoing support and ensures proper market education. 

It is in partnership with many established companies such as BloombergHuffPostInteractive BrokersBenzingaLightspeedeSignal, and Trade Ideas.

Those who are enrolled at the fundamental level will learn about proven trading strategies, which can also serve as a generic formula until they completely understands how the process goes.  WHAT IS WARRIOR TRADINGThe platform also equips learners with the relevant tools to become a more profitable trader, which is not that common nowadays. Ross’ Warrior Trading has been nominated more than once and was consistently featured in Benzinga, a popular financial media outlet.

As of writing, Warrior Trading is the top pick of Benzinga when it comes to the best online day trading courses due to its comprehensive course packages that are considered a perfect choice for newbies and advanced students as well. 

I’m not sure if you knew, but Warrior Trading was nominated three times as the best trading educator back in 2016, 2017, and 2018. And honestly, achievements like these definitely highlight that it is indeed an industry leader in trading education.

For you to learn more, Warrior Trading prides itself with four principal mentors who can provide you with their perspective. We already know who Ross is, but what do we know about Mike, Arsh, and Roberto?Is Warrior Trading a ScamAside from being a mentor, Mike Herman is also Warrior Tradings’ Director of Education. His day trading views are deeply rooted in the analysis of support and resistance level, making him a technical trader.

On the other hand, before becoming a full-time mentor, Arsh was also a Warrior Trading student. He actively chimes in the chat room as an active community mentor.

To complete the team, Roberto Barbaro officially joined it as a mentor and started teaching his strategies through the weekly mentor sessions. Oh, and did you know that he used to be a student of Warrior Trading like Arsh?


What is Warrior Trading’s Product Line?

What notably sets the Warrior Trading offering apart is that it features intensive content, from basic terminologies to the most technical ones.

There is also a supplementary video and quiz (you may or may not take) for each section, which helps beginners and professionals understand the concepts better.

The platform offers three major courses: The free intro course, the Warrior Starter one, and their top of the line… Warrior Pro.


Product 1: How to Day Trade

Signing up for their free course enables you two things: (1) to join the course, (2) take a peek of the trader’s chat room. Once you subscribe to their email list, they will give a heads up when the chatroom is available for viewing.

The free training also comes with Ross Cameron’s How To Day Trade e-book as long as you finish the course until the end.

Upon checking Amazon, the Kindle version of the e-book costs around $3.99 and a whopping $79.99 if in paperback. The fact that as long as you attend consistently, you get this for free! 👍

The training session mainly focuses on the foundation of day trading by expounding on three simple day trading strategies: trade probability, finding appropriate stocks, and the basics of building a trading strategy.

Honestly, the course is perfect for beginners, but I feel like it is more of an extended pitch to enroll for the full-fledged program.

Regardless, total beginners will understand how to navigate the day trading arena, at least on a surface level. If you want to learn more, though, I suggest that you visit their YouTube site instead…


Product 2: Warrior Starter

This program comes with a 15-chapter content regarding day trading-history foundations, how to become a day trader, all types of analysis, positioning, etc.

The list of topics to be covered is actually comprehensive and can really help build any trader’s knowledge and confidence. I also love this offering because it comes with a real-time trading simulator that can help learners complete a successful trade.

As a quick tip, Ross states that you should take your time testing the waters through the simulator first than going all out right away.

Additionally, members can put their theories up to discussion by using the live trading chat room. The chat room is supposed to provide support and trade ideas among members.


Product 3: Warrior Pro Program

If you are itching to jump-start your career in day trading right away, you may want to avail the Warrior Pro Program as this includes all the chapters from the starter course (that’s the first part) and the advanced trading lessons (part 2).

The masterclass course is packed with 15 chapters and comes with mentoring session access as well as the simulator and chatroom.

Ross and Mike teach this one since the course’s focus is actually on a bigger perspective. Ross handles the discussion on the small-cap day trading while Mike handles the large-cap stock’s course.


Other Products: Swing trading, Options trading, and Cryptocurrency trading, Day Trading in an IRA

Although it is not found explicitly on the list of courses in the tabs on their main website, the updated support section shows that you may also take these four courses if you reach out to their support team. But from the way I see it, they are primarily focusing on products 1-3.


Is Warrior Trading a Scam?

As I have promised you earlier on, I will reveal the brutal truths about this educational platform and ultimately answer the question – is Warrior Trading a scam? 


Truth #1: The platform actually has good reviews ⭐

The thing about scams is that you can usually smell them from a mile away. The stench a scam leaves can be traced through the many reviews online. 

Speaking of them, Warrior Trading is undoubtedly a crowd-pleaser with its 4.7 our 5 ratings from Trustpilot. If you visit their reviews section, you can see that the rating is actually linked to Trustpilot’s actual site.

And honestly, for me, the fact that Warrior Trading is confident about the reviews found on a website that they cannot manipulate says a lot. Also, the number of followers on social media significantly boosts its overall authenticity.


Truth #2: Investing in yourself is better than investing right away! 💸

Let’s get this straight – the stock market is not for the faint-hearted. While it is true that you can earn a jackpot in a day, your earnings highly depend on your calculated move as a trader. 

If you are keen on trading, then I highly suggest that you enroll yourself in educational platforms like Warrior Trading so that you won’t lose a lot of money while testing the waters on LIVE trades!

Also, the fact that Warrior Trading has its own simulator ensures that the students can play around their strategies first instead of crushing their existing accounts.


Truth #3: The courses are quite expensive 💲💲💲

Well, I have to be honest with you on this one. The classes are a bit heavy on the wallet. For instance, the Warrior Starter course bundle is worth $997.00, while the pro version comes in different deals.

Deal 1 of the Warrior Pro bundle with 1-year access amounts to $5,997.00, while the 90-day access is worth $4,297. The 90-day access can also be paid in 3 months for $1,497 per month.


So, is Warrior Trading a scam?

Let me tell you this – it is far from a scam. What I love about it is that it tells you right away that its main goal is to teach and not to have people rely on them for profits.

Their courses and tools are well thought of and are beneficial for those who aspire to earn from trading.

The downside for me is that joining their community comes with an expensive price-tag. So, if you are on the lookout for something that is more pocket-friendly, this might not be the one for you.



The chance of you striking it big and becoming an overnight success is slim, but I promise that if you put in the time and effort to build your own stream of passive income, success will follow. 

Take it from me; this is not your average day trader job. Take away the stress and add in some extra initiative, and you have affiliate marketing. 

My affiliate marketing journey is far from what an average day trader experiences every day, and I can comfortably say that this type of earning is perfect for anyone who aspires to build a business with smaller startup costs.

 Here are some of the benefits of affiliate marketing: 

•  Beginner-friendly ✔️

•  Flexible working schedule ✔️

•  You can earn while you sleep! ✔️

•  It becomes passive as time passes by. ✔️


It’s one of the most common ways people make money online, and it is what has helped many everyday people to earn four figures passively in their first year of starting. 

Similarly to online trading, you must make an initial investment in an online training course, and the one I recommend the most is undoubted – Wealthy Affiliate. wealthy affiliate results This platform will give you access to all the training and tools you need to thrive as an affiliate marketer. You’ll also be taught many cool things, such as creating a website, getting traffic to it, and my favorite module of them all – understanding how to make money online.  

I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and my knowledge of building and growing sites is what got you on this page, which is a clear indication that the training works. 

I sincerely hope that this article helped you and made it clear whether Warrior Trading is a scam and has helped you make a more informed decision about day trading. 

If there’s something else you want to know or have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll make sure to get back to you in a timely manner. 

As always, all the best to you. 😊👋😎



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