Is World Wide Dream Builders a Scam? 3 Surprising Truths About this “Diamond” Led Business

Perhaps you landed on this post because you wanted to find out the answer to the question: 


Is World Wide Dream Builders a scam or a genuine income opportunity? 


If this is the real reason you’re here, congratulations because you came to the right pace. 

You have to admit that with everything that’s happening this 2020, the brand name “World Wide Dream Builders” is winning aspiring entrepreneurs’ attention. Not only does the name sounds memorable, but it also allows clients to know what they can expect from this company- a company that helps build dreams

Also, before we proceed, let me be completely transparent with you. I am not associated with World Wide Dream Builders in any way, shape, or form, so you can rest assured that I’m not writing this review just to pitch or sell you on something. 

As a matter of fact, I’m here to present the truths and nothing but the truths about this famous brand. So if you’re ready to begin, it would be my utmost pleasure to get the ball rolling by sharing a couple of pointers about what the company is about. 


What is World Wide Dream Builders?


So, what is World Wide Dream Builders about? 

Priding themselves with the concept of servant leadership, World Wide Dream Builders embody a corporate culture that seeks to empower aspiring entrepreneurs through education and innovative training.

Working as a line of affiliation company, World Wide Dream Builders (WWDB) provides targeted training for the multi-level marketing or MLM organization called Amway. 

It is commonly referred to as an Amway Motivational Organization. This means that this company is run by successful Amway distributors to provide mentorship services for the new breed of Amway members. 


In other words, if you’re serious in developing marketing strategies to sell Amway products, then WWDB can lend a helping hand.

It was initially founded in Michigan by the successful Amway distributor couple, Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear. Founded in 1978, they developed systematic marketing tools and courses with the primary objective of training and motivating new distributors into building a strong sales team of their own.

Ultimately, the couple also wanted to create a more systematic way of training Amway recruits until they become Diamond level distributors. At present, World Wide Dream Builders has grown into an accredited and approved training program and motivational group for Amyway.

It is touted as the best “family-owned” company with a legacy of building distributors’ entrepreneurial dreams and they have helped over 500 Amyway distributors achieve Diamond status.


But what exactly is Amyway?

The brand name came from the combination of the words American Way Association. History states that it was founded in 1959 by two high school friends – Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos. It is currently based in Michigan with its current CEO, Milind Pant.

If you have been on a constant search for the top-performing network marketing company with almost $9 billion yearly income, then I am pretty sure that this is not the first time you hear of this company.

It has been operating for more than 60 years now, making it one of the largest companies in direct selling for categories such as health, beauty, and home care products.

It boasts around a whooping three million distributors worldwide and has more than 750 physical locations in major cities set up around the world. Despite being established in the north, the company was able to break through the Asian markets such as Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and Malaysia.


As a word of precaution – you have to know that Amway has a history of lawsuits. 

The FTC fined them for exaggerating the potential income when the reality is that the average distributor made less than $100 per month working unsociable hours. This is the first alarming clue that got my attention and had me wondering if World Wide Dream Builders is a scam or a legit company that I can trust.

In a nutshell, World Wide Dream Builders is a community for Amway distributors.


How does World Wide Dream Builders Work?

Joining WWDB would entail payment for joining Amway as an independent business owner (IBO). This Amway registration costs $64 annually and would mean that you’re officially signed up as an IBO.

Once you have successfully joined Amyway, you can now pay your sign-up fee to join World Wide Dream Builders. 

The sign-up fee is for your Amway business starter kit, which gives you access to a massive library of online and offline motivational audio programs, recorded conferences and events, specific PDF’s, book recommendations, and stuff like that. 

Now that you’re set up with Amway, it’s time to join World Wide Dream Builders, and the first thing that they’ll suggest you sign up for is the premium membership of the World Wide Dream Builder app – Communikate

The app costs a staggering $54.95 per month, and you’ll also have to pay for The Standing Order that costs $25, which comes out to be a whopping monthly payment of $ 79.95(Ouch…) 😵

This payment will make sure you get access to a ton of unnecessary information like when the board meetings are held, where they’re at, and what time they begin. You’ll also get access to a bunch of crappy motivational audios that will praise you to keep on going until you succeed and become a Diamond yourself.


How to Join the World Wide Dream Builders?

Based on the company’s website, they don’t just offer an opportunity like no one else, but the support of a family-owned company that will help you reach your goals on top of that. 


If you are an Amway distributor, that re-assuring support may drive you to join them.

To join World Wide Dream Builders, you would have to pay a not-so-small membership fee. As advertised, you can choose between the basic and premium membership. If you choose the basic, you will have to pay $5 per month, and in contrast to that, the premium membership will cost you $49.95 per month.


You probably think that that is a reasonable price to pay. 

But take note that aside from buying Amway samples for marketing purposes worth $100, you are also expected to pay additional fees if you want the NECESSARY extras such as:

  1. Digital downloads for $25 (suitable for six audio files per month) and another $150 for materials such as CD’s
  2. Yearly seminars with a hefty price tag of $80
  3. Yearly subscription to printed books amounting to $120
  4. One-time 75$ payment for information systems

And you have to take note that the number of purchasable materials in the platform are endless. Basically, your annual costs are in the ballpark figure of about $3,000- $5,000 per year to start with World Wide Dream Builders. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend 3k somewhere else. 


The World Wide Dream Builders Product Line

To shed light on the answer to the question, “Is World Wide Dream Builders a scam?” we need to identify whether WWDB sells legitimate products.

The WWDB product line consists of motivational and transformation audios, reading materials, coaching seminars, live events, and the Communikate app. 

Aside from that, the organization has a couple of more products, but The Standing Order monthly subscription package is their main one. In here, you get about 6 CDs every month and other files that have relevant and motivational content. 

Other products include the annual motivational event that is known as The Dream Night, where you listen to talks given by some successful Diamond distributors. You get access to a toll-free, personal virtual assistant that allows you to handle various communications and scheduling tasks.

Below are products that are associated with being a member:

• Motivational videos and audio files

• Reading materials

• CDs

• Training seminars (online and live)

• Conferences and training events


How to Make Money with World Wide Dream Builders

Members of the World Wide Dream Builders organization will be using Amway’s compensation package. Like typical MLM companies, members are expected to generate a minimum monthly “PV” (personal volume) before they qualify for commissions. 

For example, If you could hit the minimum PV of 100 a month from direct selling, you will receive a 3% commission.


But that’s not all. 

Members are also expected to recruit other Amway representatives, and if each one of them garners at least 100 PV a month, it can boost your commission rate up to 25%. This compensation plan suggests that success comes down to building a vast distributor team, or as some like to call it – recruiting.

To summarize, the compensation plan is structured in a way where the more you sell, the more you can earn. You can learn more about this by checking out their actual explanation in the video below.



World Wide Dream Builders Ugly Truths Revealed

To summarize what WWDB is about, it practically sells the dream of striking it rich with Amway. They do this by selling training and mentoring in various formats – eBooks, audio files, CDs, live sessions, and presentations.


Truth #1 

Amway Products are not FDA approved. ❌❌❌

The truth is, you may have a solid marketing plan set for the products, but if the products don’t work, your effort will go down the drain. Amway products are readily available on Amazon, meaning that you should skip buying them from Amway distributors when you can get them much cheaper on Amazon.


Truth #2

Too much stuff they don’t tell you about. ❌❌❌ 

The WWDB organization is filled with high hidden costs. Going back to the list of necessary payments when placing an order as a distributor, you have to pay additional shipping charges, and this is only one of the many hidden costs that they try to hide from you. 


Truth #3

It is an MLM inside an MLM. ❌❌❌

MLM opportunities are notoriously known for the idea that for beginners, it is difficult to succeed.


What I Like About World Wide Dream Builders

Honestly, there isn’t too much stuff that I like about WWDB, except for the training courses you get from the additional payments. The courses are filled with a wide range of training modules from business essentials, product knowledge, making money, and selling.

Aside from the readily available materials, their in-person training during primary functions will actually help beginners in grasping the concepts of marketing and business development.


Is World Wide Dream Builders a Scam?

I know how hard it is to invest your time and money without determining whether the company you are choosing is a scam or legit. In essence, World Wide Dream Builders may not be a scam, but in all honesty, I believe that this is not an opportunity in which you should invest your hard earned dough. 


Is there a better alternative instead? Of course there is. 

If you are interested in earning commission by selling products, then affiliate marketing is the best option to consider. It’s cost-effective, begginer-friendly, and it doesn’t require you to have a sales degree to start with. 

Whether you’re starting a new business from scratch or trying to build up your existing one, affiliate marketing is a good form of generating passive income online. 

It’s quite simple as a business model considering that all you hade to do is recommend relevant products or services to your audience and get paid once someone decides to buy trough one of your affiliate links. 

There are many benefits that come along, but the ones that I like the most are the following: 

•  Low investment costs 

• Becomes passive overtime 

• Works great for beginners 

• Flexible working schedule 

• No refunds, No customer service, and sales process handling. 

• You don’t own the products you’re promoting 

• You can make money while you’re asleep. 

Affiliate marketing is not hard, but in order to succeed, you need to get started and continue to learn new tips and tricks along the way so you don’t become stagnant. Affiliate marketing is far from being a quick rich scheme and it’s one of the most common ways that people make money online. 


How I Make Money Online (and how you can too) 🤑

As we all know, making money both online and offline takes more than just a few paid investments. It takes hard work, dedication, and persistence to get the best results. 

Having that said, marketers in this age should also know that the business of MLM is a full-time lifestyle and it’s not something that part-time dabblers should consider doing. 

Unlike MLM, where your success depends on the success of others, affiliate marketing is a time-proven method that is legit in every sense possible. It is a surefire way by why which you can earn a great deal of money online, but it all depends on the work you are willing to put in. 


So, where’s the best place to start? 

I’ve wasted a ton of money over the years and I want to save you from making the same mistake. There are many legit income opportunities online, but it’s very hard to find them because there are even more scams that you should beware of. 

That’s why I want to invite you to join me inside a caring community that will help you learn the ins-and-outs of affiliate marketing from some of the most skilled affiliate marketers in the world. 

What sets it apart from the World Wide Dream Builders is that it’s free to join and you’re not faced with the burden of paying upfront for services that you are not even sure will work. Oh, and did I mention that you’ll getting 24/7 support from all the members of this close-knit community? 


Same as you, I was once a begginer. 

By joining the Wealthy Affiliate community ( see review ) I was able to get trained in areas that were new to me at that time. I learned a lot of new things like how to set up this website to the actual process of earning and generating sales. 

With all honesty, I can say that I was very fortunate to stumble upon this platform as it has allowed me to quit my not-so-loving job and permanently escape the 9-5 rat race. 

At the end of the day, the platform is free to sign-up with and there aren’t any hidden costs that might surprise you. In this aspect, I’m encouraging you to read my journey here and see for yourself whether this community is what might actually help you as well. 

If there’s anything else you want to know or if you have any questions in general, please feel free to leave a comment down below and I’ll make sure to get back to you in a heartbeat. 

I sincerely hope that what I shared with you in relevance to the question, “is World Wide Dream Builders a scam?“, has helped you to make a more informed decision. If there’s something else you want to know or you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll get back to you in a heartbeat 👋 😊 



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