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Hi, and welcome to my Omega Pro review. 🙂


You’re probably researching for further confirmation if Omega Pro is a scam. 

Gorjan here, and in today’s review, we will further look into the details of Omega Pro. I’ll not only provide you with all the information you need about this marketing platform to decide whether this is a suitable option for you but also introduce you to a much better, more reliable community that happens to be the same one that taught me how to make money online. 

I believe we can both agree “make money online” (MMO) market is rife with scammers and unreliable dealers offering worthless items and services. I have memorized all the “red flags” of soundly promising yet online scam services.


Let’s find out if Omega Pro raises the green or red flag.



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Omega Pro World Review

A brokerage firm, OmegaPro claims to be situated in the United Kingdom and offers to trade in forex, commodities, equities, and indices. Dilawar Singh co-founded the firm and anticipated bringing in $25 million in yearly revenue by 2020.

Several investment options, each with the potential to yield substantial returns, are made available to you by Omega Pro. As an investor, you can put in as little as $100, but you can put in as much as $15,000 with this broker.


When I first checked their site, it was different from MetaTrader 4.

It also needed clearer trading restrictions and had a troubling lack of information on the brokerage’s website. There are a variety of investment plans available through Omegapro, with returns of up to 300% after 16 months.

Withdrawals are permitted daily, and payment plans begin at $150. Also, all new customers must pay a one-time registration charge of $29.

The highlight was the big “NO REFUND” explicitly declared on their site. The fact that OmegaPro states on its website that refunds are not permitted is another blatant red flag. When I signed up, I was welcomed by “Coming Soon” on all features. I’m guessing they’re too tired to fake their site.

Omega Pro Review Their investment plans say that affiliates of Omega Pro are encouraged to invest in the company with the promise of a 200% return on their money in 16 months.



200% return is intense. Would you bite it?

Because for me, it’s too good to be true. When you’re on the brink of financial ruin, it’s only normal to feel hopeful about such big earnings. Here’s the catch: The guaranteed ROI of 120% after 12 months requires reinvestment of 30% of all ROI payments and commissions collected during that time.

It doesn’t sound reasonable to me. The scammers are so smart in securing that they can take your money back to back. Outsmart them by staying away.


Here’s a basic reminder when suspecting fraudulent money schemes.

I always check regulations before investing a single dollar in an online company. The Financial Conduct Authority is the government agency responsible for regulating brokerages in the United Kingdom. Sadly, I could not locate the company in the list of licensed businesses maintained by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) via its online registry. (another red flag) 


To my surprise…

…I found an official warning issued by the Spanish financial authority CNMV blacklisting the brokerage. Omega Pro is suspected of offering financial services without being authorized to do so and of being involved in scam operations. 

I already became highly suspicious and searched for their strict financial regulation. Nowhere else on the web can you find the company registration number 25857BC2020, which is featured on the Omegapro website.

Search it to believe it. I tried it countless times. Thus, Omegapro is nothing more than a fraud perpetrated by anonymous scammers.


Is there real trading happening?

The AI-powered trading algorithms powering OmegaPro are supposed to be key to the company’s profitability. I didn’t locate any trading platform because the control panel does not list any such option. – there is no actual trade operating. 


Omegapro is running a fraudulent investment scheme.

The scammers who manage the system will exploit your money and not utilize it to trade on the real financial markets. The platform does not provide the investor with any verification of the authenticity of completed trade transactions. 


“Become a member and retailer” was very intriguing for me.

The brokerage even goes so far as to say that inviting members are encouraged and, of course, will be rewarded for doing so. This is where I stopped and considered whether it might really be a ploy to rope me into an MLM. 

The Omega Pro trading platform does not provide its clients with any retail merchandise or services. Affiliate membership promotion is the only revenue stream available. When you bite on their investment plans, it only entitles you to affiliate membership and trade privileges. No wonder the compensation plan depends heavily on new members. Quite frankly, it reeks like an MLM to me. 


Search warrants are issued. 

Congolese authorities declared Omega Pro a Ponzi scheme in April of 2022. Search warrants were issued for two Omegapro officials as part of the ongoing effort to shut down the company. 


Is Omega Pro a Scam?


Omega Pro is a SCAM. 

By now, you are probably convinced that Omega Pro is an MLM and a Ponzi scheme. It does not provide any proof that trading does place or that affiliates earn any money as a result of trade. Therefore, the broker is a multi-level marketing scheme (MLM) rather than a legitimate forex trading organization. 

is Omega Pro a scam It also requires deposits by pretending to engage in legitimate trading activities, but in reality, all they do is gamble your money. I suggest avoiding it. 


The company will not compensate you if you suffer a total loss of investment capital, as stated in its “Risk Disclosures” document, and from what I was able to tell his organization has all the hallmarks of a sophisticated scam. Ridiculously high promised returns, compounded gains, absurd withdrawal rules, a trading platform consistently listed as inactive or “coming soon.” and more. 

After being scammed multiple times for seven years, Omega Pro has all the warning signs you can spot to confirm that it’s not a safe investment. Given these warning signs, I highly suggest not to invest your hard earned money here!


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