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Hi, and welcome to my Scratch Cash review!


So, not long ago, I stumbled upon a scratch card game promising easy money. Naturally, being the curious cat I am, I just had to download Scratch Cash and check it out. You probably found my site because you’re interested in it too. In this review, I’ll tell you all you need to know about this money-making app.

Aside from that, I’ll introduce you to two better ways to make money that might be just what you need to bump your income. If you’re looking for more reliable ways to earn, stick around until the end of this review. These methods are legit and secure, allowing you to work at your own convenience.



So, you want to know whether Scratch Cash is a scam?  🤔

Scratch card games have been around forever, potentially providing an easy and exciting way to win cash. Whether playing with a physical scratch-off ticket or a digital game, the thrill of scratching off the surface and instant gratification is hard to resist. And now, with the rise of scratch card money-making games, it’s easier than ever to try your luck without having to step foot in a casino!


With so many options, knowing which ones are worth trying out can be tough.

You’re certainly not alone in that dilemma. But don’t fret because that’s where my blog comes in, so I assure you you’re in the right spot! I’ve made it my mission to research and test out various money-making opportunities so you don’t have to, ultimately helping you determine which ones are legit and worth it and which are just out there to get you and waste your precious time, or even worse…


…trick you out of your money.

Hey there, Gorjan here, and in today’s impartial review, I’ll talk about Scratch Cash, a scratch card game that claims to be the best in the market. As its name implies, the app is simple and easy to play. In addition, it offers various ways to earn prizes, such as through Mystery Cards, Slots, or Spinning Wheel.

The more you play, the more you can win. The best part about Scratch Cash? You don’t have to pay a single dime to play. It’s an enticing offer, but it’s important to remember that there’s always a catch when it comes to these types of apps.

You’re probably wondering how a free app that claims to make you money can afford to pay out its users. It’s a valid concern, and I’m here to shed some light on it. When a money-making app is offered for free, it’s safe to assume that ads will be involved, some lengthier and more painful to watch than others. These ads generate revenue for the developers, which they can use to pay out their users.

In other words, the app acts as a platform connecting advertisers with potential customers. The app developers get paid for every ad view or click.

Now that we’ve established that Scratch Cash sustains itself through ad revenues, this brings us to the question of how profitable the game truly is for the users.

To answer that, I’ll give you a comprehensive breakdown of what this app offers. I want to help you decide if it’s worth your time and effort by sharing everything you need to know about it. By the end of this Scratch Cash review, you’ll clearly understand the app’s features and if it’s a legit way to earn some extra cash.


Scratch Cash review Aside from that, I’ll also let you in on two, which I believe are far better ways to make money online. These methods are perfect for anyone looking to add a little extra something to their income or build a full-time online business.



The first option is a flexible and straightforward way to earn some extra money with minimal effort and is ideal for those who want to make a little bit of extra cash on the side without having to invest too much time and effort.

However, if you’re looking for a more scalable and reliable source of income, then my second recommendation is the one you should be checking out. It’s the same step-by-step program that taught me how to earn a full-time income online, and if you don’t shy away from hard work, it’s worth giving a chance.

I earn anywhere from 5k to 7k a month thanks to what these guys have taught me, but please understand that results like mine aren’t guaranteed, and how much or how little you achieve depends entirely on your work ethic.


You will be provided with…

…all the training, tools, and support, but as with all legit opportunities, you need to do all the work. To achieve results like mine, you need to get trained, and that’s where the premium membership comes in. However, there’s also a free starter plan, which gives you access to the first few lessons, meaning you can test-drive the training to see if it’s a good fit and then take things from there.


Again, money isn’t just handed out to you on a silver platter!

To succeed in any endeavor, you must set clear goals, develop a plan, and be consistent, even when things aren’t working out in your favor.


A well-thought-out plan is crucial, but it’s only the first step.

Without taking action, your plan is essentially useless. So the payoff can be massive, but only if you’re willing to put in maximum effort. Whether you’re looking for a side hustle to help supplement your income or hoping to turn your side gig into a full-time job eventually, I’ve got you covered.



Hi, my name is Gorjan, and I’m making a full-time income working from home. Feel free to read my about page if you wish to learn more about my story, past experiences, and how I can help you set up your 1st passive revenue source.


Scratch Cash Review

Scratch card games offer a fun and simple way to win cash prizes. They are easy to play and can be played anytime, as long as you have an internet connection and a compatible device. However, there is a price to pay for convenience. These apps can be addictive, and people may be tempted to keep playing in the hopes of winning big, even if they are losing something much more valuable — time.

While making money with these apps is possible, setting realistic expectations is important. Rewards apps cannot replace your full-time income, not even in a million years. At best, they can cover small costs, like subscriptions.

I want to emphasize that the amount of money you can make with these apps is limited. Earning a modest amount of cash with them often takes time and effort.

That said, let’s proceed with this Scratch Cash review to discover what all the buzz is about and how much you can really earn with this scratch card game.



What Is Scratch Cash?

Scratch Cash is a scratch card game available for download on the Google Play Store. Developed by Mega WorldWide, this app has been downloaded over 100,000 times since its release in July 2022 and has an average rating of 3.7 stars.


Is the Scratch Cash app legit At first glance, Scratch Cash may seem like any other scratch card game, but it offers more than just free scratch cards to win easy money. In fact, scratchers are only a secondary feature of the game. The real action comes from downloading and playing sponsored games for vouchers.



How Does Scratch Cash Work?

Scratch Cash follows a mission-based system that allows you to earn three kinds of in-game currencies by scratching cards: coins, keys, and vouchers.

Currently, vouchers are the only in-game currency with real-life money value. But that isn’t to say that coins and keys are entirely useless. For example, keys can be used to access a vault from which you can earn coins and vouchers.

At the same time, coins are used to unlock vouchers.


How To Get Started

The first time you launch Scratch Cash, you must go through a few steps before you can start earning actual money. Step #1 involves scratching 3 cards to unlock the first 0.35 coins. Then, go to the Payout section of the app to see your 0.35 prize. By tapping on the “Earn” button, you’ll be prompted to allow usage tracking, which lets the app monitor your gameplay and offers you a list of games to play.


Earning Opportunities

As previously mentioned, three kinds of currencies circulate within Scratch Cash.


The main earning opportunity is to play games.

Scratch Cash has partnered with Adjoe to provide a list of game offers. Each game has a maximum number of vouchers you can earn, which can later be exchanged for PayPal cash after you reach the minimum cashout requirement.

For example, the game Tile Garden pays out 820 vouchers per completed level. To start earning, tap on the “Play Now” button, which will take you to the game’s page on the Play Store. Once you’ve installed the game, open it through the “Your Apps” tab on Scratch Cash to ensure your playtime is correctly tracked.


Essentially, the more games you play, the more vouchers you earn.

You’re also given a limited amount of cards per day, usually around 100, to scratch through. By scratching the cards, you’ll be rewarded with either coins or keys. However, you’ll be prompted to watch an ad for every 10 cards you scratch.

Again, you can convert coins to vouchers, spin a prize wheel, and use a slot machine. The keys you get from scratching cards will allow you to access a vault, which usually rewards coins. While it may be possible to get vouchers, I personally haven’t gotten them yet, nor do I plan to stick long enough to see if I will.



Give Branded Surveys a try if you’re determined to make some easy money fast. Compared to its rivals, it pays generously and is incredibly user-friendly and convenient. Additionally, your earnings will grow over time in direct proportion to how active you are. It also has one of the best customer service teams ever.



Payment Method

Suppose you plan to cash out your earnings from Scratch Cash. In that case, you must have a verified PayPal account and provide an associated email address to receive your payout. The first payout of $0.35 requires you to accumulate 34,425 vouchers, which is achievable since the games have a generous payout.

However, the app has a unique withdrawal process where you must claim the previous prize before seeing the next one available. This is unusual, as most apps allow users to see all available rewards simultaneously. Moreover, Scratch Cash requires facial recognition to proceed with the payment process, which is a cause for concern. – I’ll elaborate more on why that is later in this review.


Pros and Cons

I’ve had the opportunity to test Scratch Cash for a few days, and honestly, I don’t see anything good with the app, so I’ll list down the cons below:

  1. Unnecessary multi-currency system
  2. Multiple complaints on the Play Store
  3. The risk of payment not being received due to cash-out issues. 
  4. Lack of response to address complaints and support issues
  5. Potential privacy risk with using facial recognition 



Is Scratch Cash Legit?

I can’t guarantee that you will receive any payment from Scratch Cash. In fact, there is a big chance you won’t. While a few have successfully withdrawn money from the app, many have complained about errors while trying to cash out.

Unfortunately, Scratch Cash hasn’t replied to these concerns, at least not on the Play Store. I didn’t stick around to see if they would, but if you’re curious, go ahead, scratch a few cards, and let me know if anything happens!


It’s worth noting that many users…

…have voiced their concerns over the legitimacy of Scratch Cash, petitioning for its removal from the Play Store. For instance, one user left a review on December 28, 2021, accusing the app of being a scam and requesting its removal. However, according to the Terms of Service, Google cannot be held responsible for any content from third-party sources on its platform. Therefore, if the app’s developers are unresponsive to online feedback, it’s possible that their support team might not be of much help in case of payment issues or other problems.


Is the Scratch Cash app a scam In fact, one user reported that they were prompted to enter their PayPal password to complete a cash-out and ended up receiving a warning email from PayPal about unusual account activity just ten minutes later.



Moreover, I noticed something strange: most positive reviews were copied and pasted, so either they paid for these “reviews,” or bots did them.

As for my personal experience with Scratch Cash, it was initially straightforward. I used it for a few days and scratched as many cards as possible. Unfortunately, I couldn’t cash out because the face verification process was pending for over an hour. I didn’t want to waste more time, so I deleted the app shortly after.

If you’re looking for an honest way to earn money online, I wouldn’t recommend Scratch Cash, not even the slightest. Essentially, it’s a lose-lose situation for users. You’re playing games and giving your time and effort to earn money, but there’s no assurance that you’ll receive anything in return.




How I Make a Living Online

Rewards apps like Scratch Cash can be a fun way to pass the time, especially if you enjoy playing the games that come with them. However, if you’re hoping to make significant money from these apps, you’ll only be disappointed.

One of the biggest flaws of rewards apps is that they typically don’t pay very well. Moreover, there may only be a limited number of tasks available, which impacts your earning opportunity, which, I suppose, is not what you’re looking for.

In addition to being unprofitable, rewards apps can also be time-consuming. If you’re spending hours on these apps, you may not have time for other more productive activities, such as working on personal or professional development.

Suppose you’re looking for an alternative to Scratch Cash that will allow you to build and scale a successful online business. In that case, I suggest checking out the same step-by-step program that taught me how to make money online, which has been tried and tested by nearly two million users and has existed for more than 17 years now. – it offers a free membership, so there’s no risk involved.


Is Scratch Cash legit Consider this a friendly reminder that success with the business model these guys teach is not achieved overnight, nor is it a result of some magical one-button system. Rather, as with any other legit opportunity, it requires hard work, time, dedication, and a willingness to persevere through challenges.



The more effort you put into your goals, the greater your chances of success. And when obstacles arise (as they inevitably will), your determination to push through them will make all the difference. So keep in mind that there’s no shortcut to success, and it takes time and effort to achieve your goals and results like mine.

It’s important to understand that your achievements are directly related to your work ethic and the grit you show, so even if you’re an extremely hardworking individual, don’t expect to buy a Lambo by the end of next month, okay?

I can sit around all day here talking about the many benefits of this program and what it has done for me. However, that would be pointless, considering there’s a free membership option that allows you to experience the platform first-hand.

The training and resources available during the free trial are top-notch and more than enough to help you decide whether to follow in my footsteps or stick with whatever you were doing in the first place prior to discovering my blog.

To be honest, it took me a bit to get going, but once I saw some progress, everything just kinda fell into place. Of course, everyone’s journey is different.

I’ve got friends who’ve been at it way longer than me but still have yet to see results, and others who’ve crushed it in way less time. So yeah, you’re given all the tools, training, and support you need, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you to make it happen. You could totally kill it or mess it up – it’s all in your hands!


I guess this is where I end my Scratch Cash review.

I hope my insights have helped you make a more informed decision about whether this money-promising app is worth it. If you have any questions, please leave them below, and I’ll do my best to respond within 24 hours.





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