What Is Adsterra? Can You Make $5,000 Per Month With It? 

Blogging has been a dream job for many people for quite some time now, and there’s a good reason for that. It enables you to reach millions of people and offers many ways to make money from each visitor that lands on your site.

You can make money by selling info products, writing guest posts, adding promotional banners, through affiliate marketing or by joining an advertising network like Adsterra and placing ads on your site.

Adsterra has proven to be a great AdSense alternative and can be one of the ways that you monetize your web traffic.

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It will give you a firm grasp on how the entire making online money scheme works and how you can make a full-time income building simple blogs like the one you’re on now.


What is Adsterra?

Adsterra is one of the many advertising networks that allows website owners to place ads on their sites and make money by displaying them to their readers.

It’s also a premium advertising network that allows companies to expose their products and services to wider audiences by enabling them to run ads through their system and displaying them to online users worldwide.what is adsterra review It’s currently serving over 25 billion geo-targeted ad impressions per month and connects many companies to their audiences with the help of their smart advertising platform.

Their main goal is to improve their customers’ return on investment and provide them with the best results for the money spent. They are a reliable and innovative network, but do they have what it takes allure you to partner up with them, or should you look for another alternative instead?


How does it work for Publishers? 

There are hundreds of ad networks out there, and choosing the right one is essential for your growth and prosperity.

Adsterra’s smart advertising platform covers more than 190 countries, providing publishers with the highest CPM rates, secured ads for desktop or mobile traffic, and handpicked offers to monetize their digital content across all verticals.

Their professional multi-lingual managers will advise the best converting ad-formats and will support you twenty-four-seven.

Their ad formats include display banners, popunders, interstitials, banners, sliders, direct links, push up ads, and what not to be honest. The way it works is quite simple:

  1. Join Adsterra Publisher Network
  2. Copy a Code & Place It On Your Site
  3. Start to Earn Money 🤑

You need to take into account that not every person that applies will get approved and that there are a couple of requirements that you need to pass on to collaborate with this ad network.

•  Valid Website: This means that your site should not be empty and should have at least twenty pieces of content before applying. Don’t even waste your time if your website is brand new.
•  Apply From Anywhere: This means that you should not worry if your website is created in a second or third world country. It doesn’t have to be from an English speaking country, nor does it have to be written in English.
•  Advertisements Overload: If you want to get approved by Adsterra, than you shouldn’t have too many ads on your site, meaning that you should keep a reasonable number of banners and popups on it.
•  Small Sites Can Apply: This is one of their newest term policy updates, and it gives you the right to apply for Adsterra even if you’re not flooding your site with high amounts of traffic. You shouldn’t concern yourself about the amount of traffic you’re sending, rather than its quality.




Adsterra allows you to use different ad formats so you can earn more money from each visitor that lands on your site. The support most of the popular ones, both for mobile and desktop, and here are some of them:

Native Banners: These are banners that appear in specific areas on your website, and usually come in different shapes and sizes. Adsterra support the following ad sizes: 160×300, 160×600, 300×250, 320×50, 728×90, and 800×440.

Popunders: These types of ads are usually hidden behind the main browser and appear when the users decide to close their window. It’s a popular ad format that fills the entire page and works great both on mobile and desktop.

Video Pre-Rolls: The name of the ad format speaks for itself. It’s an ad that automatically plays before the start of a video. They usually don’t last longer than a minute and force the users to sit through a brief ad so they can see the hidden content behind the ad.

Web Push Ads: These types of ads are alert-style notifications, and they usually appear at the right bottom corner of your screen if you’re on a desktop or top of your screen if you’re viewing them on your mobile.



Another reason you would want to team up with Adsterra is that you’ll also be able to monetize your Facebook pages and not just your blog. Maybe you have an active Facebook page that gets tons of engagement, and you want to make some money from it.

The most straightforward approach for you to create a passive income with it is to join the Adsterra network, copy the code, and place it on the actual page or website.

You’ll have access to one of the highest CPM rates in the industry, and you’ll start earning money right from the get-go. And if you don’t know what a CPM rate is, I would be more than happy to explain it to you.

The term CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand Impressions or as some like to call it Cost Per Mile. For an advertiser’s perspective, CPM refers to the price they’re willing to pay to the website owner to serve 1000 impressions of their ad to the readers of his site.how to make money with adsterra

For example: 

Let’s say you get 5,000 visitors per day with an average of 10,000 page views. If you are getting a CPM rate of $2.5, then you could be earning around $25 per day, which adds up to $750 per month.

It may not seem like a lot at first, but you need to have in mind that this money comes from a single source, in this case, Adsterra. Your monthly salary will probably be higher than that because you’ll also promote other products.

And to answer the question that’s in the title, you can most definitely make $5000 per month and even more than that. It would be best if you focused on growing your traffic, and I promise that you’ll get there in no time.

The Math: 10,000/1000 = 10 CPM x $2.5 = $25 per day.



Keyword Targeting: If you’re an advertiser and want to show your ads to the most relevant audience, you can do so, given that Adsterra allows you to display advertisements on pages that match your keywords.

Day & Time Targeting: You can choose the exact time and days of the week that you wish you ads to appear on the publishers’ site. This ensures you get the best results for each campaign you create.

IP Targeting: If you want to get serious and make the most out of this platform, this is the feature you would want to use. It allows you to target users based on their physical location at any time of the day.

Blacklist Websites: This feature gives you full control and gives you the right to show your ads (or not to show them) only on websites that you think will provide you with the best results.

Device Formats & Vendors: When setting up a campaign, you have the option to target users based on what type of device they are using. You can include/exclude all sorts of devices such as laptops, smartwatches, tablets, PC’s, TV, PlayStation, etc.

Budget Caps: This feature can come in handy, especially if you’re running on a budget. You can set specific hourly, daily, and total campaign limits. It will help you to control your ad spend, so you don’t blow all of your money at once.



So, now once you know what is Adsterra, let’s see how you can earn some cash with it. You’re even given a chance to earn extra cash by joining the Adsterra Referral Program and inviting your friend to associate with the network.

All you need to do is sign up through this link and get the unique referral code that you can share with your friend afterwards. You’ll earn %5 of the revenue for each publisher that you refer to Adsterra.

There are many ways that you can promote your link online; you just need to get creative. If you own a blog, you can insert the referral link into some of your posts that talk about affiliate marketing, monetization, or similar topics.

You can even spread the word about the network to your colleagues and elaborate on how Adsterra can benefit them if they choose to partner up with it.

Explain to them that it’s one of the best ways to monetize their traffic and give them your referral code so they can join the network. Another method for promoting Adsterra is to be engaged in a community or a forum that is filled with likeminded people.



If you join the network as a publisher, you will get paid two times a month on a Net15 basis. If you wish to withdraw your money, you need to have a minimum of $5 for Paxum and WebMoney, $100 for PayPal and Bitcoin, and $1000 for a wire transfer.

All of the payments are automatically processed, so you won’t have to worry about doing it manually. You can just sit, relax, and watch the money roll in. You can find more information about the payments on their official website, so don’t hesitate to visit it if you wish to learn more about how it works.



Hopefully, this post explained what is Adsterra and how you can make money with it. It’s widely recognized as the top choice amongst advertisers who are looking to dominate with popunder ads, but this doesn’t mean that you should forget about the other ad formats.

It can be a great alternative to Google AdSense and know that you can sleep tight because you can rely on an advertising network that’s trustworthy, secure, and gives you the best results for your money spent.


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