Bookscouter Review

Bookscouter Review: Flipping Books for Profit Made Easy?

Have you ever wondered whether it’s possible to earn a few bucks out of the pieces you have lying around the house? 

If you have, this post is for you as I will be presenting here my exclusive Bookscouter review so that I can provide you with a balanced opinion on whether this is a platform that you should deal with.

The year 2020 has been such a powerful force that it has somehow changed people’s perceptions. With the global lockdowns and people forced to stay at home, we have found ourselves finally being able to do all the things that we didn’t have the time for before. 

This may be exercising, learning a new language, discovering talent, and maybe just the not-so-exciting household deep cleaning.

I, for one, have also found myself segregating a few things here and there as I realized that I never had the time to assess whether I am just hoarding stuff or not correctly. 

Oh, and boy, was I surprised by the amount of clutter and things I don’t need that are still lying around my house, which led me to wonder if there’s a way for me to sell these and earn a few extra bucks. 

Bookscouter ReviewLuckily for us, tons of platforms and companies are willing to buy our old stuff and help us dispose of our things. Or, as some would say, one man’s treasure is another man’s trash. 🏴‍☠️🗑️


What’s even better is that these companies are willing to pay some serious cash, especially if the items can be resold again!

A few of the top sites include Vintage Cash Cow (for antiques and collectible vintage pieces), VarageSale, eBaySwappa, and Amazon

These sites are great, and you can get the best prices for some of the most regular items like clothes, game consoles, tech gadgets, and even some handmade ones. 


However, you cannot get reasonable prices if you are selling books! 📚 

Suppose you are interested in dusting off your shelves and getting the most competitive prices out of your college textbooks or fiction novels. 

In that case, signing up with a book-related website should be your top priority. After all, your old college textbooks must have cost you almost about a few hundred to thousands, right?


It’s good that there are countless ways to resell your books at the best prices. 💰

You may choose to sell them to your schools’ bookstore (which is quite convenient since they’ll pay straight away) or even sell them to some underclassmen (especially if your books are as good as new). 

You can even auction them on eBay (if your book is popular enough) or simply key in the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and sell them through Bookscouter! 


Are you interested to know more about this platform? 😊

If you are, keep on reading as I present some of the information I found out about Bookscouter in my review down below.

Before we dive in, allow me to be completely transparent with you and let you know that I am not paid or sponsored to write this post. What you will read here is my honest opinion and nothing more.

At the end of this post, I will also share my most recommended way of earning online that can learn how to grow a profitable online business without having to own any of the items you’ll be selling.


Bookscouter Review

Bookscouter is a book-selling platform that has been around since 2007 and has been featured by various companies such as BuzzfeedAppAdviceThe BreezeEngadget, and ABC

It has a superb 3.8 rating on Trustpilot and a significant following of six thousand followers on Facebook and 427 on Twitter. 

The company has been consistently adding vendors to give customers more opportunities to sell off their books.


What do I mean by vendors? 

Well, you see, Bookscouter is NOT a website that directly buys and sells your books. Instead, it is a search engine like Google that gives you the most comprehensive list of prices to sell to companies willing to offer you good value for it! 

Traditionally, most of us would just sell our items via Amazon or eBay, thinking that we “deserve” a specific price. And most of the time, our prices are low!

To help you filter the buyback prices and get access to reviews of about 30+ book-buying websites, Bookscouter will ask you to key in the ISBN.

Simply hit on the search button, and you will instantly be greeted by a list of companies, vendor ratings, and prices.

easily the best way to make money online!

best way to make money online

However, please note that there is no guarantee that these sites will buy the books you’re offering, meaning that if you’re unlucky here, then it might be time to consider selling them in other ways. 

For instance, I just tried to find out if any vendors are buying Hunger Games, but after the search, I found out that no one is willing to purchase this title at the moment.

On my second try, I keyed in the ISBN for the book Social Media Marketing by Tuten and Solomon (originally priced at $79) and found out that the company called the highest buyback price at around $18.12 by SellBackYourBook based on Bookscouter.


To check if that’s competitive, I checked the prices from: 👇

•  Chegg (sell back value is at $10.13)

•  BooksRun (buying it at $13.87)

•  TextbookSolutions (offer is at $1.00) 

•  ValoreBooks (valued at $10.68) 

•  Powell’s (offer priced at $5.25). 


I think it is a no-brainer that the clear winner here is BookScouter. 🏆

Besides the fact that they provide you with the most competitive offers in the market, they also offer free shipping, and you can get paid in multiple ways, including cash, check, or through PayPal. 

Please note that the payments are not handled by BookScouter but by the vendor who will buy your book. To ensure you are dealing with a good vendor, the BookScouter platform also features a rating chart!

From this chart, you can already see the comments from previous sellers and get honest feedback. 

Upon checking, I realized that these feedbacks are comprehensive since some are even rating the vendors 1-2 stars because of their horrible experiences despite being offered a high buyback value. 

A few are also porting that they did not get the amount initially offered because they found a few notes and highlights on the book itself.

Is Bookscouter a scam I like this company because you do not need to pay them for membership, or do you have to pay to get a listing. After all, here, the process is easy: search, ship, and get paid! 💸


So as long as your book has an intact ISBN or at least a bar code, you can take your chances and see if you can get a reasonable price for it. However, please note that most vendors do not buy old books unless they are prevalent. 

If your book is a hand-me-down or has been published before 1970, then you might have to sell at other places or online and maybe even find a collector who might be interested. 

The vendors associated with BookScouter are just buying books published in the last 20 years.

Additionally, it is not just for selling books! You can also have it rented by other people or buy your textbooks at the lowest prices too! 

Depending on the vendor, they can ship all over the world and have your book delivered right to your doorstep instantly. The company also provides a $500 scholarship that you can use to buy textbooks from the site too!


See a detailed explanation of how Bookscouter works. 👈


The Bookscouter App

Of course, not all of us are interested in using a desktop computer or a laptop. 🖥️

So, suppose you are interested in just scanning the barcode of a book. In that case, you can do so by installing the official Bookscouter application that is available on PlayStore and Apple Store

This is a handy device that works just like the traditional website except for scanning the code.

A few years back, before the update on this app, the BookScouter used to have a pro book flippers membership.

These customers are those interested in selling bulk books, and this app pretty much adds everything in one cart as you scan the codes. However, the membership has been removed from the site.


See how the Bookscouter App works! 👈


Is Bookscouter A Scam?

I believe that Bookscouter is not a scam. ✅

It is a legitimate business, and it has allowed people from all walks of life to sell their books at a reasonable price. Add to that because they handle the shipping fee, which makes it a great company on its own.

I checked everything about their company, and it seems that they are clean and free from any scandals, scams, or anything terrible.

The only negatives I found on the internet are not really about them but regarding vendors (and cases like that are between the customer and the vendor).

Is Bookscouter a good App If only I had a few academic books lying around here, I would be glad to sell them all using this website. I believe that there is a real market for selling books, but it is not as profitable as it once was. 📉


With many websites selling eBooks and pirated ones out on the internet, finding someone interested in buying one can be a bit hard.

You can earn from Bookscouter but do not expect to gain considerable profits out of this opportunity.

If you are hell-bent on the idea of earning online and creating a digital business, then I might have something for you that is more profitable and can give you a consistent amount of money in the long run.

This is what I do, and hopefully, you get to like it too! 🙂


How I Make A Living Online!

Now, suppose you’re interested in making money for real, and you don’t want to depend on the buyback offers available online. 

In that case, I think that my most recommended way of earning legitimately online might suit you well. 

This opportunity allows you to sell things without actually owning the product, making it ideal for those looking to get started online with not a lot of money. 

Your first thought might have been – “oh, he’s talking about dropshipping” – but no, I’m not. I’ll share with you a different type of business model (which you may have heard of) called affiliate marketing

It’s a unique business model in which you get paid to promote and sell other people’s products or services (or both) in exchange for, most often than not, hefty commission. 

The commissions can range anywhere between 7% – 100%, meaning that you get to bring home half, if not all, of the profits with you. 

I know it may seem too good to be true, but cases where you get to take all of the profits are not that common, but still, it’s good to know they exist. 

Please don’t get fooled and start to think that I’m talking about some get-rich-quick type of scheme. AM works just fine, but like any other business, it requires a lot of dedication, perseverance, and hard work. 

The site you’re currently on comfortably earns me over well over four grand a month, and it’s a perfect example of a successful affiliate marketing website. 

As you might have guessed, I’m an affiliate myself, and here are my top ten reasons why I think you should consider becoming one too: 

  1. It’s one of the most beginner-friendly business models out there. 
  2. Compared to other business models, it significantly less risky. 
  3. It has a relatively low startup cost. 
  4. 7 out of 10 online earners are affiliates. 
  5. Nearly two-thirds of the sites you’ve landed on are affiliate sites. 
  6. You don’t deal with customer support and all that “fun” stuff. 
  7. AM is a business model that lets you express your creativity. 
  8. The passiveness behind it is unlike anything you’ve seen before. 
  9. It doesn’t require any previous expertise or knowledge. 
  10. If I and thousands of others are doing it, so can you! 


Before I introduce you to the same platform I got started with, I want to reinforce my last statement by sharing my favorite success stories list

Inside it, you’ll find tales from people from all walks of life and their experiences on how they managed to build successful online businesses with the help of the platform that I’ll be sharing with you today. 


They are not special somebody. 😋

Just like ourselves, all of them are average Joe’s who happened to come across a legitimate online platform and worked their butts off to get to where they are now. 

In the past decade or so, Wealthy Affiliate has been the leading educational center for anyone interested in learning the business model’s ins and outs. 

It’s an all-in-one package for those who want to get started with affiliate marketing and gain access to a myriad of people with all kinds of expertise. 

WA is truly a one-of-a-kind platform, and the fact that it has nearly two million active members on it speaks for itself. 

I’ve been a premium member for some time now, and without the continuous support that I’ve gotten throughout the years, I wouldn’t have reached my goals, nor would I have acquired the knowledge to get you on this page and have you read my Bookscouter review.  

Bookscouter reviewThe community representing WA is one that genuinely cares about its newcomers, as seen by the numerous training modules, live weekly classes, and abundance of teachers willing to lend a helping hand at any time of the day. 👍


I can go on and on for days to try and get you to understand how beneficial this platform can be, but it might be best if I saved us both some time and have you create a free starter account instead. 

WA’s freemium membership model is truly one of a kind as it will give you access to the platforms’ first few lessons and some of the tools it offers. 

At least you can do yourself a favor and join the platform to see whether you like it or not. I’d be happy to personally welcome you inside and even introduce you to its owners, Kyle and Carson. 

It’s time for me to end this review, so hopefully, I was able to give you an appropriate response on whether Bookscouter is a scam and a complete waste of time or not. 

If you have any questions or want to share your opinion with me on some of the platforms I discussed, you can do so by leaving a comment down below, and I promise to give my best to reply to it promptly. 

If you enjoyed this post, I would appreciate it if you could please share it on social media and help me spread the truth about this company. 

As for last, it was nice hanging with you, and I hope we can do it once again real soon. 👋



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