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Can You Use Leadpages for CPA Offers?

So you started running CPA campaigns, and you’re wondering if you can use Leadpages as a page builder for your offers. I’d be happy to water down your curiosity by answering your question and pointing you in the right direction. 

I’d say I’m qualified to answer this question because I made my first dollar online through cost per action marketing, so it’s fair to say that I have at least some knowledge on how things work in that sphere of the make money online niche. 


All you need to do is sit still and enjoy what I have scraped together for you. 

Leadpages is undoubtedly one of the best page builders in the industry and has helped many small businesses to collect leads and close sales more quickly. It has done wonders for others, but the real question is – is it the right pick for you

Having a functional page builder is especially helpful when you’re trying to succeed with CPA Marketing. Studies have shown that the conversion rates are significantly higher if you send traffic to a dedicated landing page instead of direct linking to the offer.

Times have changed, and luckily for both of us have gotten more manageable too. Back in the day, you had to hire a developer to get a single sales page to function as it should, and nowadays, you can get one up and running with less than ten clicks. leadpages cpa offersWe’re lucky to live in such times where we have access to different tools that can help us manage our campaigns more efficiently. You have to understand how easier it has become to build your websites, the landing pages, alert bars, and beyond.

And when we’re talking about ease of use, Leadpages is worth mentioning. I’m pretty sure the page builder is more than enough to help you build a flawless bridge page and establish your presence in the online world. 

With tools such as Leadpages at your disposal, you can get a professional look for your brand and get an optimized performance for your business growth online. 


Please Note: Leadpages works excellent if you have to deal with free traffic. So if you’re a beginner CPA marketer and you’re doing basic stuff like posting in Facebook groups, following-unfollowing Instagram account, posting on Craigslist, then Leadpages is the way to go. 

But if you’re a seasoned CPA marketer and you want to run paid ads, then you might consider using a more advanced tool like Get Response or Clickfunnels

Please Note: There’s a huge possibility that if you are reading this post that you’re into CPA Marketing. Don’t get me wrong; I think that CPA is a phenomenal way to get started online, but if you’re serious about creating a long-lasting business, I suggest you take a look at my number one recommendation for making money online. 



Understanding what CPA offers are is a crucial piece of the puzzle. The full form of CPA is Cost per Action. This action can take the form of a sale (also known as CPS), conversion, or a lead (also known as CPL). 

It’s a crazy cowboy space subset within affiliate marketing that allows you to promote somebody else’s product and get a commission for doing so. Most traditional affiliate programs pay a percentage of the revenue that you get from the customer, while others pay a fixed commission for bringing in a lead or making a sale. 

It’s funny how nostalgic I feel when I write about this topic. I started with CPA offers for a not-so-obvious reason, there’s big money to be made fast, but you need to bear in mind that CPA is a very competitive and crowded space, especially if you don’t have a clue what you’re doing. 

For that reason, I want to invite you to join me in this platform where you’ll learn how to promote CPA offers (or any other product) from a certain angle and avoid getting stuck in saturated niches. 

I’ve been a member of this community for quite some time now. I must express my gratitude toward them because they have helped me to take my affiliate marketing game to the next level and establish myself as a legitimate internet marketer. 

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Why should you use Leadpages? 

Why should you use Leadpages, and what makes it so great for running CPA offers? 

Leadpages offers several benefits to you when you use it, and the most important one is how it connects to people who are like you. You can join more than forty thousand businesses that perhaps have the same goals as you. 

You can also engage with your audience from the first click to your final sale. All you have to use is the conversion toolkit. You can also publish your content to showcase your business.


High Converting Landing Page Builder 

Do you often need help with your landing pages? You can use Leadpages to publish your first or next web page fairly quickly and with ease. You can take advantage of the optimized templates that are both responsive on mobile and desktop as well. 

Launching a Cost per Action campaign with Leadpages is an excellent way to start. You can have a fully functional and professional landing page up and running in less than ten minutes, and you can do it at an affordable price. 


What makes Leadpages effective?

1.    Unlimited Landing Pages: There are a couple of benefits that set Leadpages apart, and they include the unlimited number of landing pages you can use. The servers of Leadpages let you create any web page you like and have it available directly on your own hosted website. The conversion rates are one of the highest you will find, especially with the large range of templates for the landing pages. 

2.    More Email service providers: The web pages that you create with Leadpages can be integrated with all the notorious email service providers out there. This includes Get Response, and this is the option that I use and recommend as well.

3.    Proper and automatic redirection: If you wish to know what makes Leadpages as popular as it is, this will be the answer. Your traffic can be easily redirected from your old landing pages to your new ones. A 404 Error page can also be displayed. Trust me, redirecting your traffic correctly can save you a shitload of money (by not wasting it). 

4.    Compatible and improved appearance: The final designs for the landing pages you create with Leadpages are more responsive to mobile devices as well. Their appearance is smooth, along with all the necessary tweaks on the interface. The landing page is also easily compatible with Facebook (suitable for posting in Facebook groups). 

 If that isn’t enough to sway you, then there is the presence of a built-in split testing capability. This monitor which of the opt-in pages are ideal for your website. 

5.    Helpful Customer Service: If you face any issues with Leadpages, the customer service is often very responsive. I always try to use tools that provide me with great support since you don’t know when you might get stuck. 



There are many options to look at when you’re trying to find the ideal page builder for CPA offers. I personally recommend and use Get Response, but I’ve also had a chance to test out Weebly and Wix in the past and both of them worked great for me.


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